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Credits go to Crazy51 for creating the first version of the Soshictionary for their 3rd anniversary!

the Soshictionary 2nd Edition This dictionary is essential for understanding the terms in the Soshi World. This is a place where the word mushroom is no longer merely a type of fungus, or where the word genie is not the magical spirit who grants wishes of its beholder? All these words have different meanings in the SoShi world. In the spirit of SNSDs 4th anniversary which only couple days away, we tried to compile these words into a SoShi-dictionary! Reminder: The Soshictionary will continue to evolve over time. If you see certain terms missing feel free to contribute by posting the word and a short definition in the comments below. You may find your submission a part of the Soshictionary! This is the more permanent version for the website, and in a way you can call it

Ace Family a group comprised of the OTPs: JeTi, YoonYul, SunYeon, HyoYoung, (YongSeo/SeOT9). The name was established in an episode of KBS2s Entertainment Relay Guerrilla Date featuring SNSD.

JeTi/YoonYul team

Reporter: How do you think the teams were divided? Jessica: Were the aces. Were the best ones. /does peace gang sign Reporter: In looks? Jessica: In looks and talent. Tiffany, Yoona, Yuri: Weve got it all.

Across the street HyoYoung/SunYeon/Maknae Reporter: How do you think the teams were divided? What do you think? HyoYeon: Were prettier. /chuckles TaeYeon: Were the aces. /smirks


row: YoonYul,

JeTi; Front Row: HyoYoung,


SeoHyun surrounded by love <3, SunYeon

The maknae may/may not be included in this family because she receives love equally from all of her unnies and/or from her goguma husband YongHwa. See also: JeTi, YoonYul, HyoYoung, SunYeon, Sweet Potato Couple

Aegyo [] Acting overly cute. There are two general forms of aegyo:

Voice characterised by whining and baby-like sounds.

Body peace signs, head tilts, pouting, winking etc When the two forms are put together, aegyo can manifest in either one of three ways: 1) Sunny So cute that you want to hug or punch her affectionately (?). See Also: JuBuAe

2) Yoona Upgraded aegyo: the crying choding. The girls have said that it sounds like a crying elementary school student, which isnt exactly cute in a traditional sense: When it keeps getting repeated, it starts to kind of grate against your eardrums. Even Sunny, SNSDs Aegyo Queen, hates it so much that she would push Yoona down the stairs. See also: Unnie

3) Sooyoung - Aegyo for special people, need we say more?

Ahjumma [ ] Middle aged woman. See Also: JummaTaeng








Generation-"Paradise in Phuket"] DVD set. A DVD collection of

everything related to SNSD, including their recent vacation to Phuket, Thailand. A must-have item on every SONEs wishlist.

Alligator [ Korean: ahgeo ] a large, hard-skinned reptile that can open its mouth as wide as Im Yoona when she laughs.

Yoona's alligator laugh

Amajjing Variant of Amazing, the word that Kim Taeyeon uses to express her amazement.

Arrow Dance - The very popular archery like dance from the song Hoot. The girls shoot viewers with an arrow, captivating their hearts! The dance move is rather simple, all you do is imitate an archer pulling back for a shot. Everytime you pull back, you also have to spread your legs apart. When loading your arrow simply close your legs together, and be ready to spread them again when you reload.

BK Yuri - Refers to Yuris athletic alter ego.


Professional baseball player nicknamed BK (Kim Byunghun) was impressed after seeing her throw an opening pitch at a

Doosan Bears baseball game where she displayed top-notch form and a surprisingly powerful (and high) leg kick. BK then gave her the nickname BK Yul and it has become a famous talent that Korean fans like to see.

Black Pearl [Korean: heukjinjoo

] Kwon Yuris

nickname due to her slightly tanned skin.

Non-SNE: Hey do you know Black Pearl is making a comeback after the long hiatus? SNE: What? But Kwon Yuri never leaves Non-SNE: Gee, youre such a SNE! Im talking about the 4-member girl group Black Pearl who also debuted in 2007!

Black Soshi A new bold and darker Soshi concept that was created for their Run Devil Run promotions.

Bug [Korean: bulle

] Tiffany Hwangs greatest

fear/enemies, hence Operation SUBSTRACT.

Byuntae [ ] Korean for pervert, its not a coincidence that the word is highly associated with the acclaimed pervert Kim Taeyeon, thus coined the term ByunTaeng. The word byuntae is also often associated with the other SNSD members for their highly suspicious actions.

Butt [Korean: eongdungee

] Kim Taeyeons

favourite body part. See Also: Byuntae

Cabi Short for Caribbean Bay, a Water Park that SNSD and 2PM promoted for in 2010.

Catch-Me-If-You-Can Dance - The famous Running/Conga Line choreography of the performance for Run Devil Run. The girls perform this in unison, either in a line holding onto each others shoulders or individually. The dance itself is not too difficult. Start with your side facing forward/audience. Slide your right foot back, and bring your leg up off the ground as if you were running full speed. At the same time bring your right hand forward gracefully and bring it slowly back, so that your hand grazes your butt and lower back. Repeat with the left side.

Chin-dongsaeng [ ] Blood related younger sibling. eg Krystal is Jessicas chin-dongsaeng. See also: Jung sisters, Dongsaeng

Chocolate [] - Yummy brown stuff. Also: 1) A type of love. 2) KJEs Chocolate A show that has captured many important Soshibond moments.

Choding [] Korean slang for elementary-school kid. 1) Behavioural - Kim Hyoyeon and Im Yoona. 2) Physical - Kim Taeyeon and Lee Soonkyu

Cold City Girl Dance - Another dance from Hoot, and considered to be one of the more sexy Soshi moves. You first start with your hands on your hips, with your arms slightly bent. Imagine holding yourself by the hips. Elbows out to the side. Its important for the fingers to overlap a little You pull your chest inwards. You strut across the stomach.

forward with your right leg, and rotate your left shoulder in the same direction. When you strut your left leg forward, you pull your left shoulder back, accentuating your right shoulder. You follow this with a right leg strut, and then you also pull your right shoulder backwards to bring your left shoulder forward.

Cow Herding Dance - Starts right after the part in Oh! where they all surround Jessica. They immediately start lassoing an invisible rope, and move closer towards the audience as they do it. It starts off with their knees being

slightly bent depending on their position. lasso.

Then they rotate

their arms clockwise 4 times, moving forward each time they

Crab Leg Dance - Arguably SNSDs most famous dance move. The girls place their hands at the back of their hips with their knees slightly bent inwards toward their bodies. original stance. They jive their bodies towards the left and bring it back to the They proceed to shake their hips and then Which involves moving transition to their crab leg motion.

their knees inwards and outwards while moving in a particular direction. They slide their feet as they move. (see Gee)

Cucumber [Korean: oh-ee against it.

] a long, thin, green

vegetable which Jessica Jung despises; thus the war declared

Dancing Queen Kim Hyoyeon. Regarded as the best dancer of SNSD, she is very passionate about dancing and specializes in popping, locking and hip hop.

Danshin [ ] The vertically challenged; namely Lee Soonkyu, Kim Taeyeon, Kim Hyoyeon, Jessica Jung and sometimes Tiffany Hwang. People who are labeled short just

because others are abnormally taller. DdilFany [ ] Tiffany Hwangs nickname, literally Clumsy Tiffany. The nickname was first given after her famous mistake during one of SNSDs first performances of Into the New World and also for her innate talent to unintentionally bring physical harm to herself. DdilFany in action: Deer/Doe A term of endearment used to describe Im Yoona.

Devil 1) The one that better run run run for messing with the girls. 2) Super playboy that fools around. DJ Soon - Short for DJ Soonkyu aka DJ Sunny.

Dolphin Scream Jessica Jungs high-pitched scream that sounds almost identical to a dolphins screech.

Dongsaeng [] Younger sibling, but generally used to refer to anyone younger. eg SNSD are Super Juniors dongsaengs, f(x) are SNSDs dongsaengs. See also: Chindongsaeng.

Don Jess - Refers to Jessica as the Don or leader of the Kkangpaeshidae mafia family (see Kkangpaeshidae ). More frightening than the Godfather, Vito Corleone, but 100 times

more Gorgeous (see Gorjess).

Eye Smile Tiffanys ability to melt your heart. Other members with high proficiency in this skill: Sunny.

Echo Echo.. Echo.. Echo..

Fanfics Stories written by SONEs that revolve around and incorporate the 9 members of SNSD and, sometimes, other members of the K-Pop community. It can be gender-bender in nature and may involve some risque behaviour between our 9 ladies. OTPs features heavily in the story lines, although fantasy and horror based themes have on occasion been introduced.

Fanart Illustrations of our 9 favourite ladies by talented SONEs. Many themes are featured in these depictions of our beautiful girls.

Fan-sign An organized session whereby fans (see SONEs) are given the opportunity to get up-close and personal with their favourite earthly angel among the 9 ladies. Another must-do item on every SONEs wishlist.

Fany - Another name for Tiffany, our favourite eye smile girl. See also: Eye Smile

Forever [Korean: yeongwonhee ] 1) The word that comes up every time the girls are asked about how long they think SNSD will last. 2) The title of a ballad track from SNSDs Oh! album.

Flounder [Korean: neobchi ] - A term associated with Im Yoona due to her amazing ability to impersonate a flounder.

Gee 1) The title of SNSDs epic mega-hit song from their 1st mini-album which holds the record for being the longest running No.1 song on KBSs Music Bank for 9 consecutive weeks.








colourful), vintage t-shirts and deafening fan chants. 3) The South Korean Armys favourite word.

Genie 1) The blue dude that comes out of Aladdins lamp. 2) Alternate/English title for SNSDs 2nd mini album (Tell Me Your Wish) which contained the lead single of the same title. 3) Often associated with military-themed outfits, nine pairs of flawless legs and SNSDs famous Hacky sack dance.

Girls Generation 1) English/international name for nine-member Korean girl-group, So Nyuh Shi Dae (SNSD). [So-nyuh = girls, Shi-dae = generation]. See also: So Nyuh Shi Dae 2) The title of SNSDs first studio album and lead single which was a remake of Lee Seung Cheols 1989 song.

Goguma [] 1) Maknae Seohyuns favourite food, Sweet Potato! Her love for this particular root vegetable has even led her unnies to say that Seohyun found sweet potatoes more interesting than boys.

2) The positive side of the secret code/ranking system devised by Tiffany, Taeyeon and Seohyun on MBCs We Got Married as an indication of Seohyuns attraction towards her then virtual husband, Jung Yonghwa. See also: Goguma Couple, We Got Married, Hamburger (2)

Goguma Couple See: Sweet Potato Couple.

Gorjess A play on the words gorgeous and Jessica to describe the beauty and attractiveness of Jessica Jung.

Hamburger [] 1) Sunnys best friend and Seohyuns mortal enemy. 2) The negative side of the secret code/ranking system devised by Tiffany, Taeyeon and Seohyun on MBCs We Got Married as an indication of Seohyuns attraction towards her then virtual husband, Jung Yonghwa. See also: Goguma Couple, We Got Married, Goguma

Hacky Sack Dance - Popular dance move from Tell Me Your Wish/ Genie, which is easy for all fans to do. Start with your hands behind your back, left leg forward, right leg angled behind it. Bring the right leg forward and kick it to the side,

above your left knee. Bring the right leg down so it is forward in front of your left leg and use it like a pivot to do the same move with your left leg.

Hello Baby [ ] - A reality TV series that aired in 2009 starring SNSD. The girls got a taste of motherhood by taking care of a baby boy for months. Filled with many epic Soshi moments, Hello Baby is a definite must see for all SONEs. See also: Kyungsan.

Hoobae [] A junior colleague/classmate. eg SNSD are Super Junior and DBSKs hoobaes while SHINee and f(x) are SNSDs hoobaes. Opposite of hoobae (see Sunbae)

Hoot [ ] SNSDs 3rd mini album released in October 2010 with the title track of the same name. Easily identifiable for its retro spy/cowgirl/70s show girl concept, the girls created yet another dance trend with their arrow shooting dance.

Hwaitaeng - Taengoos version of Hwaiting!

Hyoraengi/Horangi [ ] which means tiger; it is one of Hyoyeons nicknames.

HyoYoung - the OTP of HyoYeon and SooYoung. Like SooRi, HyoYoung is a gag couple but often times exhibit more violence than kkab. While these two are quite possibly the most underrated members of SNSD, their gifts of gab and randomness are indisputably uncontested, especially in the form of dance.

See also: Ace family. I

Ice Princess [Korean: eoreum gongju ]


Jessica Jung. The nickname was given to Jessica for her sometimes cold demeanor and straightforward personality. Although according to Kwon Yuri, the ice princess is now warm, or you could say that the ice has melted.

Indigo Pearl A private resort in Phuket, Thailand, where our angelic 9 ladies had a fun-filled vacation of sorts (documented in their Paradise In Phuket DVD series). See also: AAGG PiP

Insole [Korean: kkalchang ]. The best friend of the vertically challenged, an insole is a piece of material that is put into a shoe to help Danshins (namely Sunny, Taeyeon, Jessica, Hyoyeon, and often Tiffany) create the impression of being taller than they actually are. Alternatively, blocks may

be used, but are less convenient as they hinder movement.

Invincible Youth [Korean: cheongchunbulpae ] - A popular South Korean variety show that aired on the Cable Channel KBS2. The show featured 7 female KPop idols (collectively known as the G7) where the girls experienced life in rural Korea first hand. Our very own Sunny and Yuri took part in 32 episodes of the show and each made cameos after they departed. Hyoyeon and Sooyoung have also made guest appearances on the show. J

Jangshin [ ] Vertically gifted people born with long, slender legs; namely Kwon Yuri, Choi Sooyoung, Im Yoona, and Seo Joohyun. Responsible for bringing up the average height of SNSD.

Jelly Nickname given to Taeyeon during her stint on the popular reality TV show We Got Married by her then fake husband, Jung Hyung Don. This is due to her love of anything with lots of sugar, mainly gummy worms.

JeTi/JeNy [ ] shortened for the Jessica and Tiffany couple. Other names include: the Opposites Couple, Strawberry and Banana Couple, The American/California Girls. There are over 9,000 names. Their relationship is often

love and hate and have garnered the term frenemies due to their contrasting personalities.


Facts: 1) Both were born in the same California hospital 2) They attended Korea Kent Foreign High School

together pre-debut 3) Have an official duet called Caramel Coffee/ (Talk To Me) on the Oh! Album 4) Are fluent in sexy English

Sometimes considered JetiHyun, with the addition of SeoHyun as their love child. For diehard fans of this OTP read Pooltides Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered. See also: Ace Family

JuBuAe [..] Aegyo that calls for a punch. Shortened from . See Also: Aegyo-Sunny

JummaTaeng [] - Another side of Taeyeon that SNSD members and fans have noticed. This stems from her ahjumma habits and tendencies. For example, she has been

known to take food from shoots or sets and to store it away for later. She also has a great knowledge of traditional Korean Other ahjumma tendencies: songs despite her young age.

laugh/chuckle, and the way she speaks.

Jung Sisters/Jungcest Refers to the lovely and talented sisters, Jessica of SNSD love & and Krystal support of f(x). one They have by consistently shown for other

attending each others performances and events. The Jung Sisters performed Tik Tok by Ke$ha as a part of the SM Town10 tour. Jessica has be known to bully Krystal, but its normal for the Ice Princess/Don to push around her underlings.

Kim Yeolsal [ ] - Literally 10 year old Kim. A nickname given to Kim Hyoyeon by the other SNSD members for her chodingness. See also: Choding. For example, when shes in a good mood, Hyoyeon has been known to wave her hands in the air or do a funny dance.

Kkab The word


Korean stems

slang the




energetic/playful and overreacting in a silly/annoying manner. Kkab from phrase (kkabchineun). Often associated with Kwon Yuri. See also: KkabYul

KkabYul [ ] Kwon Yuris Kkab alter ego. Hidden beneath the usual poise, elegance and glamour, KkabYul usually makes her appearance in SNSDs dorm, when Yuri thinks no one is looking or on variety shows (although now less frequently shown). See also: KKab

Kkangpaeshidae [ ] - Gangster generation, the name given to the mafia family consisting of our 9 gorgeous ladies. See also: Dis is Surrious Bidnezz, Don Jess

Kko kko ma [ ] - Little kid in Korean. Kko ma alone means little kid, while the extra kko is added to make it sound cute. Although an ahjumma at heart, it is often used as a reference to Kim Taeyeon for her childlike features, earning her the nickname of SNSDs Kko kko ma leader aka kid leader.

Kwon Seobang [ ] Literally meaning Husband Kwon, referring to Kwon Yuri. Seobang is an old fashioned way of referring to ones husband and is now often used in a humorous context. This particular nickname is most commonly used relative to the YulSic pairing. See also: YulSic

Kyungsan [] - On the show Hello Baby, Kyungsan was the lucky baby who had the privilege of being looked after by

the 9 members of SNSD. See also: Hello Baby

Lee Soo Man [] The founder of SM Entertainment, SNSDs management company; also recognized as Sunnys uncle.

#lifeofasone A common hashtag amongst SONEs on twitter; refers to various habits that would only occur in the #lifeofasone. Locksmiths - Another term used to describe the exclusive OTP between Taeyeon and Tiffany. Refers to the matching necklace pendants worn by both parties, one of which depicts a lock, and, the other, a key design. See also: TaeNy

Maknae [ ] -

Refers to the youngest member of a For more information

group, and in Soshis case, Seohyun. see, The Definitive Maknae

Mistake [Korean: Nae Jalmot-ijyo ] - a track off their 3rd mini album Hoot. Lyrics were penned by Kwon Yuri herself! FMV below.

Mom [Korean: umma ] 1) The people who gave birth to and nurtured each of our 9 earthly angels to adulthood. 2) The theme of one of the most touching songs from SNSD (Dear Mom). 3) Woongjin Coways tagline idea for their water purifiers (endorsed by our 9 ladies).

Music Bank [ ] - A KBS music show that runs on a weekly basis. Points are calculated by combining scores from Digital Music Sales, Album Sales, TV/Radio broadcasts and Viewers Choice. The songs are then charted on Music Banks countdown chart (K-chart) and the #1 song is then given an award. SNSD currently holds the record for the most #1 wins, most #1 consecutive wins (nine) as well as the highest scores on all 3 chart calculation systems to date. Mushroom Fany A nickname for Tiffany stemming from the time SNSD first debuted and Tiffany was not entirely fluent in Korean. She mispronounced the word boseok (gems) as beoseot (mushrooms), resulting in her introductory phrase becoming (brighter than mushrooms, Tiffany) as opposed to (brighter than gems, Tiffany). N

Naengmyun/Naengmyeon []1) Cold-Noodles, a yummy and healthy Korean dish. 2) The title of a special duet song first performed by Park Myung Soo and SNSDs Jessica for the popular variety show Infinity Challenge. SNSD has also performed the song several times during their concerts.

Oh! The second full-length album by Girls Generation. It was released on January 28, 2010 in Korea and features the popular title song of the same name. This album was rereleased as Run Devil Run Repackaged and also holds special meaning for being the album that helped them win their first Disk Daesang at the prestigious Golden Disk Awards. Oppa [] 1) A respectful term that females use to address older males such as older male friends or older male siblings. 2) The most common manifestation of a Kpop fangirls ear piercing shriek. Oppaaaaaa!!!!

OTP - The abbreviation for One True Pairing. Used by SONEs to support their favourite Soshi pairings. P

Pink Ocean Refers to the pink sea formed by SONEs holding up pink glow sticks, lightsabers or balloons at concerts and performances in support of SNSD.

Power of Nine Refers to the almost mystical bond between the 9 members of SNSD that allows them to overcome all odds (like fatigue, stress, injury,sickness) to achieve the impossible in their musical careers to date. See also: Soshi Bond

Princess Fiona - Hyoyeons nickname after she came back from studying in China. During her stay, she had gained weight and Sooyoung noted this by calling her Princess Fiona. At the time, Hyoyeon was happy to be called a princess, until she learned who Fiona was (from Shrek). Q

Rapper Hwang Tiffany is the pseudo rapper of the group as demonstrated during their first Japan tour.

Royal Family Yulsic pairing and their shippers. See also: Yulsic.

Run Devil Run 1) The lead single from the repackaged version of SNSDs 2nd album, Oh!. 2) Friendly advice given to the super playboy (see Devil) to beat a hasty retreat as a fate worse than death awaits him if he stays.

Rocker Taeng One of Taeyeons personas; a fierce and powerful aura underneath the dorky and adorable kid leaders usual appearance.

S-Line Voluptuous curves like an hour glass! Kwon Yuri arguably has the best S-line in SNSD. Saebyuk [ ] - Jang Saebyuk is the name of the character that Yoona played in her first leading role as an actress in the popular Korean drama, You Are My Destiny. The television show itself was well received causing Yoona to receive many news fans as an actress. Some of these fans would refer to Yoona as Saebyuk.

Secretary Hwang A nickname given to Tiffany by Comedian Kim Shinyoung. The backstory behind it involves









expressing her content to Shinyoung. While she was entering the number for Avatar into the television, she accidentally flipped to The Female Secretary, a movie from a much different genre. *coughs*

Seobaby Nickname of Seohyun, the maknae of the group (see Maknae). She is called Seobaby because she is the baby of the group, as well as possessing cute natural features and charms.

Sergeant Sica Sooyoung on Intimate Note once talked about Jessica and said when you look at her from behind, she looks like a guy. She has the air of an army sergeant when she walks; she walks with her feet turned out. This is where the nickname Sergeant Sica for Jessica came about.

Shikshin [] - A nickname for Sooyoung who is famous for enjoying food (even her mother said so). It is derived from Shik ( ) and Shin ( ) which mean eat and god respectively. Together it basically means god of eating and other members have been known to be Shikshins as well. Shjo Jidai [ ] - The Japanese translation for So Nyuh Shi Dae, and what many Japanese fans will refer to them as.

Show! Music Core [Korean: Syo! Eumakjungshim ! ] - An MBC music program that was MCd by our very own Yuri and Tiffany from April 4, 2009 to July 31, 2010 with occasional guest MC appearances for special events.

Sica SNSD Jessicas nickname, derived from the Sica in Jessica. She got the nickname because a lot of Koreans found it easier to call Jessica, Shi-ca instead of using the english pronounciation. It is now very common to hear people refer to her as Sica.

Sica Effect A certain type of awkward atmosphere that only Jessica can create. Whenever everyone is in a good mood, Jessica can make a joke or a comment that will completely nullify it. The members of SNSD call this the Sica Effect.

SM Entertainment The media and music company that manages and trains various artists including our very own SNSD.

SM Family The name of all the artists under the SM Entertainment label.

SM Town The name of the compilation albums of SM Entertainment artists, as well as the name of the concert that

features the SM Family.

SNSD Korean - The largest international blog for SNSD, where SONEs from around the world get to satisfy their Soshi addiction.

SooRi [ ] The OTP for Sooyoung and Yuri, the most kkab couple in the entire fandom. These two will go to extreme lengths to make you laugh without any regards to their image. They also had re-occurring roles together in a Korean Romantic drama called Unstoppable Marriage.

SooSica [] The OTP for Sooyoung and Jessica. 1) Currently roommates 2) Trained the longest (alongside HyoYeon) in SM, met in elementary school 3) For no other reason, the most epic fanservice ever in a Soshi OTP (even if it is fake!):

SooSun [ ] The OTP for Sooyoung and Sunny the giant and the small fry, respectively. Individually, the two are among the best of the group in variety show talent but together, their witty personalities seem to clash and often end up in a love/hate relationship.

SoShi [ ] - A shorter and simplified term that that refers to So Nyuh Shi Dae ().

Soshified The largest international community forum for SNSD, Soshified is the Mecca for many SONEs.

Soshi Bond The special close emotional and physical relationships shared by the 9 ladies of SNSD that allows them to overcome all obstacles (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) placed in their collective paths. See also: Power of Nine

Soshi Pairings This refers to the special exclusive relationships enjoyed by our 9 ladies. The permutations are almost endless and the relationships are all real ! See also: TaeNy, Yulti, etc

SNE/SONE - Pronounced so-one/ ; means wish in Korean. This is the official name of the fanclub for Girls Generation! SONE is derived from So (in So Nyuh Shi Dae) and one, and is meant to symbolize the important relationship between the fans and the girls. which was later retitled Honey. Hence So-One, Sone, SNE. (Perfect for You) is also a song on their first single,

Soonkyu [] - Sunnys birth name Lee Soonkyu (

). Deemed an old fashioned name, the other SNSD members often tease Sunny by mentioning her real name in public. However, her name is particularly fitting as it fits Sunny in her purest and natural form (Super Sunny!), she really does have the ability to do nearly anything! (Including catching chickens with her own two hands, LIKE A BOSS)

So Nyuh Shi Dae [ ] - The name for Girls Generation in Korea. This is where SNSD is derived from.

SPAO - A Korean clothing brand marketed by the E. Land Group that features SM Entertainment artists SNSD and Super Junior as their brand ambassadors.

Star Call Star Calls are celebrity video messages that are done for the fans, via the Star Call website. Fans can pay a small fee to encourage a Star Call from their favourite artists. Soshi has participated in several Star Calls since debut, including this one from SMTown Paris

Steering Wheel Dance - A fan favourite in Japan, this dance was choreographed for SNSDs Japanese single, Mr.Taxi. Start with your hands holding an imaginary

steering wheel, at the 3 and 6 oclock position with knees slightly bent. You start off by steering your wheel to the right, and swaying your hip to the right as well. Then you steer to the left, and move your hips to the left as well. Repeat these

two actions again.

Right after, you straighten your legs and They steer

steer the imaginary wheel in 3 directions, starting from the left, moving to the center, then to the right. they are going left-to-right. towards the right when they do this part of the dance because

SuByung /SunByung [ ] - Sunnys Folding Screen, aka the name given for the Hyomin (T-ara) and Sunny pairing from Invincible Youth. The name came about by making a pun on Sunny and Hyomins nickname on the show, ByungPoong (Folding screen). The two have had many hilarious moments on screen, and definitely are one of the most popular non-soshi pairings.

Sunbae [ ] A senior colleague/classmate. eg DBSK and Super Junior are SNSDs sunbaes while SNSD are SHINee and f(x)s sunbaes. Opposite of sunbae (see Hoobae)







adorable Lee Soonkyu given by her fans, the Sunshiners. It is used because Sunnys persona is brighter than the Sun itself and she always lightens up any situation that she is present in.

SunYeon OTP consisting of Sunny and TaeYeon. This dorky couple is also known as Dandyu or Danshin Couple for their fun-sized heights. One the master of aegyo and the other, the hater-of-all-things aegyo, these two shorties share

deeper secrets in the confines of their shared room that all S<3nes wish they knew.

If TaeYeon is the head of the group then Sunny is the neck always providing foundation and support to the head. Commonalities between them include: height, age, butt perversion, and radio djing. See also: Ace family.

Sweet Potato Couple Refers to the famous and now very popular We Got Married couple that involved Seohyun and Jung Yonghwa (CN Blue). They were given the nickname Sweet Potato couple by the viewers mostly due to Seohyuns love for the vegetable. Yonghwa even purchased a sweet potato field for her birthday (which she loved). You can read more about the Sweet Potato couple here.

T Taeng DJ Taeyeons DJ nickname for her long stint as a DJ on Good Friend Radio/Chinhan Chingu Radio (more commonly known as Chin Chin Radio). She was an extremely popular radio personality and even won an individual award as Rookie of the Year at the 2009 MBC Drama Awards Taengoo [] - A fun nickname that Taeyeon created for herself. Whats the meaning behind it? Were not sure ourselves. TaeNy The OTP of Taeyeon and Tiffany (its real !)

TaeSica [] The OTP of TaeYeon and Jessica, SNSDs two eldest members. The lead singer and main singer have adlibs on all the girls tracks for days. musicals Midnight Sun and Legally Blonde. Both are certified Byuntaes of the group and have starred in the lead roles of the

Ti-Manager/Manager Hwang - The managerial side of our favourite eye-smiles girl (see eye smile). Nobody can say no to her requests, unless they have a heart of stone.

Tongue-in-Cheek A particular facial expression that SNSDs Sunny is known for. Whenever she gets upset she pokes her tongue on the inside of her cheeks.

Tour Something that every SONE wishes to happen in his/her country, where our 9 ladies pay a visit to do a full SNSD concert performance.

Triplets A term of endearment that refers to 3 of the jangshins of SNSD, Yuri, Yoona and Seohyun, due to their similarity in appearance (especially to new SONEs).

U Unnie/eonni [] 1) A respectful term that females use to address older

friends or siblings of the same gender. (Similar to Oppa, but for females) 2) Yoonas aegyo filled secret (see weapon of mass Other




members that have been known to utilise the same method: Hyoyeon, Sooyoung

V Variety-dol Variety + Idol. Nickname given to Kpop idols that are recognised for their variety talents.

W We Got Married (WGM) [Korean: Woori Kyeoreunhaeseoyo ] - another popular Korean Variety Show that first aired in 2008. It pairs up famous Korean celebrities to show viewers what itd be like for them to be married. Taeyeon and Seohyun have both been main casts on the show while the other SNSD members have all made guest appearances. See also: Sweet Potato Couple Wink A gesture that SNSD commonly uses to attract and play with the heart of fans! Who doesnt love Taeyeons wink from the Run Devil Run performances! Or Tiffanys cute wink, shoulder tilt and smile combination? How about Sicas wink to Jay Park? Sunnys super cute wink? Sooyoungs classy wink, or Hyoyeons fun wink. as well! Lets not forget Seobabys fail winks

Y YoonYul [] the OTP between Yoona and Yuri. Most of their prankster couple antics were documented in the SNSD show Hello Baby where the two officially dubbed themselves YoonYul.

The two were often mistaken for twins at the height of their debut due to their similar looks and laid-back personalities. YoonYul (along with fellow Ace Family OTP

SunYeon) are currently roommates. This couple (alongside JeTi) has reached epic status in Darkaslays Who I Was From the Start. See also: Ace Family.

Yulsic 1) An OTP between Yuri and Jessica. 2) The Royal couple. See also: Royal Family 3) FrozenArctics lingering bias. Yulti - Another OTP between Yuri and Tiffany (its real too !)

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