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AnnuAl RepoRt 2010

A Report to the Community from Court Appointed Special Advocates of St. Louis County

DemogRAphiCs of ChilDRen seRveD By CAsA in 2010:


ChARting the CouRse foR the futuRe:

A Letter From the executive Director
CASA of St. Louis County experienced a groundbreaking year. Staying focused on improving outcomes for area children in foster care, CASA sustained its service levels despite the ongoing challenging environment. Paramount to increasing positive results for CASAs children is the work of volunteers. These efforts are the foundation for which the CASA program is established, and it drives our ability to expand our programs reach in ways that could never happen without their engagement. The commitment of child advocates, Board members and Friends of CASA to our communitys most vulnerable children was incredible. Looking longer term, however, we know that our current success is not enough to carry us into a future that includes serving all children in St. Louis County foster care in an acceptable timeframe. Various projections have shown that it could take close to 20 years to accomplish this. Taking into consideration independent research about the effectiveness of CASA volunteers and the overall well-being of children in foster care, the thought of so many children living in unstable and unsafe environments inspired us to ask, What if?







4.3% 0.4%
African American Ages 3 & under Ages 16-18



Ages 13-15

12.7% 13.5%

15.9% 11.6%
Ages 7-9 Ages 4-6

Ages 10-12

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AdvocAcy ServiceS StAtiSticS: The Family Court of St. Louis County had an average of 791 children under its jurisdiction in 2010. CASA volunteers were appointed to about 38.4% of these children. CASA served 465 children through the advocacy of 301 volunteers and swore in 93 new volunteers. In 2011, we aim to serve 525 children through the work of 350 volunteers.

ChARting the CouRse foR the futuRe, ContinueD

As a result, we spent the majority of 2010 examining the possibilities in the form of a merger exploration with our sister program in St. Louis City, Voices for Children. In late September, the two Boards of Directors came to the same conclusion that the potential from joining the forces of two independently established agencies was too much to ignore, particularly when the Boards added how the nonprofit landscape is changing and what it will take to continue to earn the investments of the community. Since the two CASA programs have been collaborating since 2008, the decision made sense on many levels. Work groups that involve both agencies Board, staff and CASA volunteers have formed, and integration planning is taking place. A merger agreement will be presented to the two Boards in 2011, and if it is accepted, a new organization that continues to utilize the CASA model will be formed. Through a process that is judicious, equitable and reasonable, a strategy will emerge that encompasses sustainability and growth to help the blended entity introduce an even greater number of kids to CASA for the very first time. Thank you for your past involvement with CASA of St. Louis County. Without you, we would not be in such a strong position to consider this bold step. I hope you will continue to support us as we chart our course for the future. We will provide updates on our progress throughout the year. In the meantime please do not hesitate to contact me at (314) 615-4508 or with questions or comments. Gratefully,

Allie Chang Ray, Executive Director

2010 finAnCiAl snApshot

Revenue Facility Donated
Donated Services (CASA Volunteers)

1% Other Income
State & Local Goverment (including St. Louis County Childrens Services Fund)

Capacity Building Grant Expenditures 7% Development 10% Administrative 4%



10% Individual Contributions 12% 5% 36%

United Way of Greater St. Louis

$1,091,487 revenue $1,086,915 expenses

Special Events



*unaudited figures

2010 event highlights

Thanks to all of our volunteers, supporters, sponsors and builders, our special events were a huge success! In February we held our 4th Annual Smartypants Trivia Night, this time with a Mardi Gras flair. We had over 400 people in attendance and brought in more than $33,000! A special thank you to Edward Jones for allowing us to use their fantastic space. Our 2010 playhouses were bigger than ever at the 3rd Annual CASAs for Kids Playhouse Event. The playhouses serve as tangible symbols of CASAs commitment to safe, happy homes for kids. We had seven playhouses on display at Ambassador Floor and another four at St. Louis Mills. To kick-off the event we celebrated with a western theme of playhouses at Ambassador Floor with a BBQ. Then Tim Ezell of Fox 2 News joined us at The Mills and introduced the playhouses to St. Louis on Fox 2 News in the morning. We raised over $30,000! Thank you to St. Louis Mills and Ambassador Floor for donating so much of their space and time for our signature event. Through our 9th Annual Giving Tree event, we were able to give all the CASA children we serve reading books and at least two presents each for the 2010 holiday. Thank you to Whole Foods Market and Barnes & Noble Bookstores for their support in the endeavor.

2010 heRo sAlute: thAnk you to All of ouR DonoRs AnD volunteeRs
Emerson Climate Technologies Employees Community Fund of Boeing St. Louis 84 Lumber Etzkorn, Pixie & Thomas ACME Construction Eureka Forge Adams, Bonnie & Donald Fedder, Jane Adams, David Fehlig Brothers Box & Lumber Agoras, James Feldman, Mark & Sharee Air Products Fenton Community AirTran Airways Charitable Association AJC Partners Fessler, Chandra Allen, Kathy Financial Technologies Allen Roofing & Siding Finger, Stanley & Wendy Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Fisher, James & Patricia Ambassador Floor Company Flett, Steven Anspach, Rick & Luann Fondell, Michael & Pamela AON Fondell, William J. ARCO Construction Fredericks, Maralin & James Artkras, Susan Freese, David Ashworth, Brian & Mignonne Freestone, Mark Associated General Contractors Garwood, Sarah & Jason Ball, Hal Kayser Ball, Inga Jean Gasko, Connie L. Ball, Roger W. & Joan The GE Foundation Ball, William & Patricia Gelb, Lawrence & Nancy Barnes & Noble Bookstores Gelzer, Randell & Maureen Bastien, Kevin General Electric Bates Electric Co. George, Elizabeth Beck, Carol Gifts & More Beneath the Bark Gillan, Len Berner, Howard Glaser, Lisa Bernstein, Elise H. & Lee Glastetter, Tim Beyers Lumber & Hardware Goldman, Rick & Sherri Biehle, Jane & Alan Good Shepherd Lutheran Biermann, Mike & Sondra Church Biggies Restaurant Graham, James Bill Ball Construction Great Central Lumber Co. Blaney, Sue & George Greaves, The Honorable Mary Blanton, Nola & John Boonshaft, Joyce & Benje Green, Teresa Born Electric, Inc. Greene, Susan Boxx, Sandra Greening, Lisa & Sam Blumoff Boyer, Jamie & Tim Grewe, Kathleen & Diana Boyer, Kenneth & Barbara Burnson Braeske, Christopher Groboski, Gail Breadsmith Gunby, Trish Brentwood High School Gursahani, Kamal Industrial Arts Hall, Crystal Brewer Quilt & Design Hampton Inn Gateway Arch Brinkman, Jason & Kelli Handi-Craft Corporation Brown, Christopher & Amy Hanneke Hardware Brown, Mary Daniels Diane Hansen of Decorative Bubenick, John Painting Interiors Buckhold, Sara Budrovich Crane & Excavating Hanson, Mary Hart, James & Angela Burke, Richard & Susan Harvey Kornblum Foundation Burnson, Diana L. Heath, William & Lisa Burpee, Dianne Hegger, James & Kathryn Burse, Rachel Heiling, Jane Burton, The Honorable Heller, Annette Michael Hibbs, Ken Byrne, Robert & Patricia Holt & Patterson, LLC Callahan, Christina Hoock, M.A. Carel, Ronald & Melinda Hopson Lumber Company Carol House Furniture, Inc Hornberger Carrollton Bank Husch Blackwell Sanders Carter Jr., Gary & Deborah Huskey, Timothy & Thy Carter, Rex Huson, Lynn & Robert Cash, Barbara HWP Rigging Cassidy Turley Imagine Nation Books Casteel Jr., Carroll Kent Imos Pizza Catani, Edward & Deborah Incarnate Word Foundation Chambers, Bill The Initial Design Chastain, Bob Chastain, Maryanne Jackson III, William & Chatman, Joseph & Jill Elizabeth Checcone, Mark & Sarah James, Sandra Chenot, Susan James Custom Sheet Metal Clifford, David & Judy James Hardie Building Coca-Cola Company Products, Inc. Covert, Kris & Suzy Janssen, Jeffrey & Barbie Cracker Barrel Jeff Day Architect Crate, Anthony & MaryAnn Jeff Melton Contracting Crawford, Nova C. Jefferson County Lumber Crawford Taylor Foundation Johannesen, Glenna Crooks, Ronald Johnson, Craig Custom Cuts/LookAfter Johnson, Ron & Ladonna Hair Company Johnson, Woody D. Jones, Ella Dadakis, Roberta Dana Brown Charitable Trust Joyner, Val Jura, Peggy & Dan Danziger, Warren & Sharon Just Dancing Darcy, Susan & Mike Just for Her Davis, Robert & Marilyn Deaconess Foundation Kalish, Ralph & Eleanor Deeken Properties III LLC Withers Diane Breckenridge Interiors Kappa Alpha Theta, St. Louis Dick Busch Architect Alumnae Chapter Dierdorf & Harts Steakhouse Karimi, Morvarid DiMattia, Tony Kastner, Nancy DiMercurio, Mary Kayser, Robert & Dirks, Tausha & Kurt Antoinette DNT, Inc. Kennelwood Pet Resorts Dodds, Jim & Carol Key, John Donahue Painting and Kick, Barb Refinishing Kimbrough, Vickie Jean Donna F. Boxx Architect Kinnikin, George Down by the Station Kirkou, Amy Drennan, Elizabeth Kirn, Lynn R. Drozda, Greg Kitt, Todd DUO Pension Services Klamer, Bruce Durlas, Krista Knapstein, Kristopher & Erika Knights of Columbus Ladies EarthWorks Auxiliary Edward Jones Edwards, Lawrence & Toyoko Kopytek, Inc. Korenblat, Debbie & Steven Egyptian Stationers Kornblum, Rachael Eiler, Eric & Carrie Kotva, Dawn Eisenberg, Patricia Kozeny & McCubbin, LC Eisenhauer, Mary Krause, Beth Elephant Bar Kuhn Construction Kuntz, Rich La Petite Spa LaBarge, Robert & Emily LakeSide Exteriors Landau, Roberta & William Lane, Thomas Larson, Scott & Michelle Latuda, Laurie Lauren Strutman Architects Lenac, Joe & Cheri Lenac, Norma Levin, Barbara Lieb, Dorothy Light Brite Distributing, Inc Llywelyns Pub Long, Joyce Lou Fusz Ford Lovett, Donna Lubiewski, Jane Lubiewski, Kurt & Nancy Lueders, Michael Luetkemeyer, Jodi & Scott Lutheran Foundation M&I Bank Mahler, Eric Marcantel, William Mark Lemp Footwear Martin, John Mathers, Susan Mattingly Lumber May, Barbara McClelland, Emmy McLarty, Peggy Melting Pot on Delmar Mercantile Bank Meredith, Michael & Susan MetLife Metro Artisans Guild Metro Electric Supply Meyers, Allan & Nancy Microsoft Midwest Business Appraisal Mikus, Norman Miller, J. Ben & Sherry Miller, Bob & Julie Mim Phillips Interiors Minorini, Paul A. Mississippi Lime Company Missouri CASA Association Missouri University of Science & Technology Monash, Debbie Monsanto Fund Morey, David & Jill Morrissey, J. Brian & Mary Ann Mueller, Nancy & Joel Nangle, Ellen National CASA Association Needleman, Philip & Sima Neu Construction Services Neuhoff, Veronica Neuhoff, Vickie Newman, George & Susan Newton, Deborah Nolbert, Richard & Chris Norrenberns Lumber Novack, Aaron & Nancy Novack, Neal Office Depot Foundation Onishile, Tunji Osterloh, Suzie Ottinger, Jacob Otto, Casey Otto, Kathy Ownbey, Kimberly Pacific Lumber The Pageant Panera Bread Parker, James Perko, Carol & Ken Peshkin, Julie Petruso, Frank & Sue Pfister, Julie & Michael Phillips, Jennifer Pitzer, Carole PlanNine Skate Park Porter, Joseph Porter, Paul The Herman T. & Phenie R. Pott Foundation Potthast, Rebecca Presberg, Judy & Edward Rassieur, Frank Ray, Allie & Tom Reardon, Michelle Rebman, Don & Neale Rebman, Greg & Kathy Red Bird Crane Rehwaldt, Tony & Judy Kay Reilly, Marjorie Reineke Decorating Centers Remming, Ricky & Lizabeth Remys Kitchen & Wine Bar Restore St. Louis Rhodes, Zack & Deanna Robben Contracting Robinson, Fred & Margaret Roesler, Paul & Stephanie Rogers, Amy Roofers Mart Roofing Supply Group Rosales, Jerry Ruocco, Candace Russell, Nancy T. Saigh Foundation Salzman, William & Susan Santanello, Mary L. Sartori, Richard & Suzanne Schaefer, Jeff & Angie Schaefer, Paul & Angela Schaeffer, Shannon Schmid, Jennifer Schneider, Gerald Schott, Robert Schuette, Sheila & Bob Schultz, Kelcey Scottrade Seabaugh, Scott & Rene Sedgwick, Mark & Allie Seidel, Patty & Don Shaffer, Mary Shakers Bath House Sherwin Williams Shreves, Kathleen Siegler, Sarah Sigma-Aldrich Foundation Six Flags Amusement Park Slavkin, David & Barbara Slavkin, Jon Smith, Danielle Snow, Dorothy Soebbing, Denise Soft Surroundings Solomon, William Soule, Gail Spector, Marc & Lvav Speidel, Christopher & Christine St. Louis County St. Louis County Childrens Services Fund St. Louis Homes & Lifestyles Magazine St. Louis Magazine St. Louis Mills Stern, Thomas & Karen Stinson Morrison Hecker Stoddard, Mark & Kathy Stoll, Shirley J. 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CASA Volunteers
Aden, Brad
Aden, Susann Allen, Keva Allison, Laurel Amrein, Tina Anderson, Ann Arango, Gustavo Archer, Kim Arnold, David Askew, Jon Atkins, LaWanda Atlee, Miriam Bahr, Amy Barber, Pat Barnett, Judy Barton, Michelle Baybo, Louis Beaver, Laura Beck, Carol Becker, Linda Bell, Mimi Bernstein, Julie Bernstein, Lise Biehle, Jane Blacksher, William Blustein, Susan Boone, Mary Bott, LuAnn Boyd, Louann Braby, Jeanne Breuer, Amy Brown, Barbara Brown, Kelly Bruce, Debbie Brueseke, Megan Bruno, Carolyn Bueltemeyer, Bridget Burkard, Diane Burnson, Diana Butler, Aimee Butler, Nancy Buxton, Larry Byrne, Mick Cage, Denise Callier, Sandra Campbell, Sally Cano, Stephan Carroll, Cecelia Carroll, Cynthia Casey, Teresa Chaney, Erica Checcone, Sarah Ciccolella, Sal Clark, Ben Clark, Lisa Cochran, Destry Cockrell, Candice Collins, Lauren Commens, Janice Cowhey, Casey Creer, Tracy Crowley, Amy Curtis, Deborah Cyr, Donna Dales, Bill Danziger, Warren Darcy, Sue Darris, Tanya Davidson, Linda Davis, Sarah Deck, Dayna Dellinger, Steve Devine, Christina Dumas-McKeever, Sarah Earickson, Judy Eisenberg, Pat Eisenstein, Ellen Elwood, Nathaniel Erickson, Kristen Etzkorn, Pixie Farris, Princess

In memory of Matt Bazonia Jacobson, Sydney In honor of Pixie Etzkorn Etzkorn, Megan In honor of Donna Fisher & Ken Schaefemeyer Altrudo, Maria Dawson, Joyce Janes, Lauren

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the above list. If there is an error, please call (314) 615-4456.

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ContACt CAsA

(314) 615-2908


Mark Your Calendars!

May 20th - June 5th
CASAs For Kids - Playhouse Drawing Hosted by: St. Louis Mills Winners drawn June 5th Honorary Chair: Tim Ezell, FOX 2 News Smartypants Trivia - Celebrating the 80s with A Totally Tubular Trivia Event At the Edward Jones Atrium (I-270 and Manchester Rd) Trivia Auctions Drawings


August 27th, 6pm

Missouri State Children in Crisis (CIC) tax credits apply to donations and sponsorships of $100 or more. Qualified donors may receive up to 50% of their contribution back in MO State tax credits. Donors out-of-pocket cost could be less than half of the original donation amount! Please call CASA for more details at (314) 615-2908. CASA of St. Louis County is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. Federal Tax ID available upon request.

missouRi CiC tAx CReDits

CASA advocates for abused and neglected children in need of safe, permanent homes through highly trained volunteers appointed by the Family Court of St. Louis County.


President Scott Larson, Carrollton Bank

BoARD of DiReCtoRs

Vice President Ron Johnson, The Boeing Company Secretary Jamie Boyer, J.D., Stinson Morrison Hecker LLP Treasurer Roger Ball, CFO Services Brian Ashworth, Edward Jones Rachel Burse, Save-A-Lot Mike Fondell, EHR Pathway Maralin Fredericks, Community Volunteer Sarah Garwood, M.D., St. Louis Childrens Hospital Phillice Gregory, Cassidy Turley John Haigler, Wells Fargo Advisors Greg Rebman, The OConnor Group Brian Ungles, Cassidy Turley Kirk Williams, Wells Fargo Advisors Sherry Williams, Wells Fargo Advisors Allie Chang Ray, Executive Director, Ex-officio

Chris Biby, Development & Communications/Program Assistant Claudine Chastain, Manager of Advocacy Services Jada Coleman, Case Advocacy Supervisor Shamele Hill, Case Advocacy Supervisor Emily Johnson, Case Advocacy Supervisor Cheri Lenac, Manager of Development & Communications Jodi Luetkemeyer, Administrative Coordinator Tammie Mullen, Case Advocacy Supervisor Veronica Neuhoff, Case Advocacy Supervisor Robin Roup, Development & Communications Assistant Patty Seidel, Case Advocacy Supervisor