What If You Could Reduce Economic & Environmental Costs Across the Entire Supply Chain


Not Just at One or Two Links?

Introducing the ITW Sustainable Packaging Group
Innovative Solutions that Reduce Your Economic and Ecologic Footprint
We are the only organization dedicated to increasing your profitability while decreasing your packaging and transportation waste... from raw material extraction to consumer use and disposal.

Find out how our 45 packaging companies, technology center, packaging laboratories, and program management capabilities work together to make your products and packaging the most sustainable in the industry.

ITW Sustainable Packaging Group


Innovative Solutions that Reduce For more information: Your Economic and Ecologic Footprint Phone: 1-248-850-2884 · Email: info@itw-spg.com www.itw-spg.com
Printed on recycled paper (minimum 10% post consumer recycled content) using low VOC vegetable based inks.

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