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Dragons have forever been a part in mythology and folklore of several cultures and tradition. They are the mostly seen in three cultures such as the Eastern, Western and the Oriental. The tribal dragon tattoo styles are founded upon the symbolism of the dragons in these three different cultures. The symbolic meaning of dragon changes in every mythological story. There are mythological scriptures that illustrate the dragon as the creator of the world. They believed that rainbow dragon created the earth which includes the mountains, rivers, oceans and the human beings. Similarly, there is a legend of the dragon being the preserver and also the demolisher of the world. Another association given to the dragon is as a protector. In the Scandinavian legends, the dragon is related with death. They are considered as sentinels who guard and protect the dead and the graves. They were also said to have control over the elements of earth, water and fire. Then again, in Western tales, they are typecast as beings that protected treasures. They are perceived upon as benefactors of evil. The icon of the dragon is the long, fire breathing living thing which bring upon death and destruction in earth. These malevolent tempered beasts also represent greediness and love to captivate beautiful girls and steal riches. Several of the dragons that are found in the Eastern mythology and fables are kindhearted creatures who are thought of as symbols of good luck and security. However, in the imperial culture, the dragons are carriers of supremacy and knowledge. But in the Christian religion, dragons represent the devil. See the book: Because of the different connotations of the tribal, these tattoos have become the most popular in all other tribal tattoo designs. This type of tattoo can be made in assorted sizes, though people usually prefer to have it large in size covering their back, arms or legs. The Chinese dragon tattoo is one of the most well like among individuals. But before going for a tribal tattoo, you can do your research about its different styles and designs. It would be great if you can fashion a design that is different from others and stands out and also matches your individuality.

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