Destiny forbidden

Wandering on the net one day I landed upon some beautiful paintings; paintings that were colourful, impressive and worked out to their minute details« as the net offers the option to trace the link to its source for the images« I went on to that source from where the image had actually originated from« The website bore a name as µfoot & mouth artists¶. Initially I thought that it was some sort of a circus trick where the acrobat practices unbelievable acts but the more I discovered the details the more I morphed as a dumb fold. The foot and mouth artists were people who for some reason and count« to infelicity lost their hands while suffering some accident. These words were enough at my end for an exhaustive probe into the lives of these people« and my quest furthered through web efforts and at physical ends too« After my assignment to understand about the lives of few such artists was done« then I started contemplating upon this subject from a different perspective. And my contemplation started right from the point that now the accident has occurred; why it happen? What was there fault? Was it some kind of Karmic settlement? Was it negligence on their part? Or was the negligence too preordained? Etc. etc. All of these question mentioned in the previous sentence were assigned to rest for the reason that a probe dating back to facts beyond ordinary human comprehension shall do less justice at this moment« it is more important to understand the worthiness at its play as of now« I thought that if what all happened it ascribed to the act of µdestiny¶ then in that case the destiny by its horrific dispensation had denied them the right to live an ordinary dignified life« forget about earning a livelihood« losing one hand itself jeopardizes the normal conduct of life whereas here we had people without either of them. Destiny had forbidden them of a normal happy life and the options before them were of infinitesimal scale. They all valid reason to make excuses for not being able to do anything in life« then I recalled people making, coining and manipulating en number of lame and false excuses for not doing tasks that held importance to their own selfish interests« and on the other hand we have a bundle of valid excuses before us in form of these artists.

By whatever inspiration they may have initiated into this skill of mastering painting by foot and mouth but it goes beyond appreciation that they came forward to attempt such endeavour. I kept on thinking; how much time would have taken for them to gulp the fact of painting with foot and mouth? How long would it have taken for them to initially hold the pencil or brush into their foot fingers? How could they maintain their balance while lifting their legs to paint? Was it someone else helping them with the intricacies of the shades of the painting? It is unbelievable to see it happening through foot or mouth« how? How? How? Could have it happen« how? So many how¶s left me quite shameful and i then had to practically see it happening before my eyes« and I saw it happening in its entirety, flawlessly the painter seamlessly surfed on the canvas with brush held in his right foot and two small supports to lean back while he would change, wash and act with his brush« no dearth of joy on his face, no remorse for the hardened destiny on his way for this entire life« he just went on creating another masterpiece of the art« I had no questions for him but mere observation. I had no appreciations for him but mere gratefulness for a lesson. I returned from his studio heavier than I would from any ordinary visit« and the first thought that emerged on my seat of understanding was that whether I am able to do some act or not but in any case I shall never ever easily side with a false excuse «. Rather any excuse. The destiny was forbidden by these artists to stretch the impact of its blow to any further distance in their lives. Whatever the destiny envisaged was halved by these brave hearts that had come out of all reservation or negativity or depression to throw colours on the blank canvas. How many of us utilize this learning as an inspiration to work more as a complete human being devoid of acting as a creeper seeking excuses and hide face. This learning was a question even to the creator who scripted the destiny; that destiny can be forbidden to act any further by those who take the charge of their own state of mind. Remember that it is easy for those to act brave who have no such accidents at their past; on the contrary those with such accidents are real heroes

for all of us to learn and come down sincerely upon our respective assignments. We easily make excuses but when with same ease our enterprising instinct takes over the steering to steer our life then the situations ahead however adverse create bye pass for our movement. Think this deeply before you go to bed today and get up as a different being tomorrow who is not a factory of excuses instead a factory of making endeavours and creating a way« sooner or later. dinesh kumar. Learning under discipline.

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