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Simple Skirmish System S

Rev 1.1

Simple Skirmish System is a simple set of rules that allow skirmish battles to be fought out on a table top with model soldiers. It can accommodate model sizes from 6mmm to heroic 32mm sized figures. As the name suggests it is a simple set of rules that allows for quick games using any type of miniatures you have in your collection. It uses an interactive turn sequence which means both players get to act and react in a given turn. Items needed for play, normal 6 sided dice (D6), metric tape measure or rule, miniatures, gaming surface any size will do, plenty of scenery. Turn Sequence The turn sequence consists of the following phases, and continues until one side is either destroyed, withdrawals or the scenario objectives have been achieved. Before play begins both players roll 1D6, the highest roll takes the initial initiative. Reroll any ties. In your turn you may:

Rally You may move either one figure or a group that includes a leader. The entire group must be within effective leadership range of the leader and in view of the leader model. If you moved and none of your figures was hit, or you shot and you hit someone, or you rallied everyone you tried to rally, you may have another turn, otherwise it is your opponent's turn. Play carries on alternating until the scenario conditions have been met or your opponent withdrawls. Movement Move all of the figures in your group in a straight line in any one direction until you reach a wall, woods, stream, or other obstacle. Figures that have been hit may not move. You can move as far as you like in your turn per action but you can only move in STRAIGHT lines. Your opponent may now shoot at any or all of the figures that you moved (see Shooting). If your opponent hits one of your figures, place it where it was shot and mark it as hit. Group Moves if a group has a leader you move the leader model first then position the rest of the squad with in leadership range and they all move at the same time. Combat - Shooting / Melee Shoot at any figures that your group can see in front of them. Figures that have been hit may not shoot. Roll the number of dice as shown in the weapons table for each target. (See below) You need to score a 5 or 6 to hit a figure, unless it is behind a wall or in a trench, when you need a 6, unless the weapon special rule states otherwise. You cannot hit a figure that has already been hit. Melee is performed the same as shooting but both sides roll 1 dice per figure in base to base combat, the highest being the winner, the looser is removed as a casualty. If a draw occurs re-roll until one side wins. Range Ranges of weapons are based on two measurement values. The first, effective range, is a short close range that many pistols and flame weapons fall in to. Extreme range, as the name suggests is the maximum range that a weapon can hit and damage a target. Each weapon type will have a number of maximum effective ranges which it can hit a target. For example, SMG = 2x effective, Assault rifle = 6x effective. This means the effective range of a SMG in 6mm will be 100mm & 400mm for 25mm sized figures. Range (mm) Model Size Effective Extreme 6mm 50 500 10 -12mm 80 800 15 mm 120 1200 20 mm 160 1600 25mm 200 2000 >30mm 240 2400 Weapons Table: Description Pistol SMG Bolt Action Rifle Semi-auto Rifle Assault Rifle LMG HMG RPG/Rocket Launcher Flame Thrower Sniper rifle

Move and be shot at, Combat (Shoot / perform melee), or

Dice 1 4 2 3 3 4 5 4 5 3

Effective Range x1 x2 x5 x4 x6 x8 x10 x3 x1 x10

Special Rules

Reduce by 2 dice if only one crew Reduce by 2 dice if only one crew. Move or Shoot Ignores light cover Ignores ALL cover types May pick target and ignores ALL cover types

Dice modifiers: Dice modifiers are accumulated. Situation Target behind soft cover Target behind hard cover Engaging above maximum effective range Target Prone Target Moved more than twice this turn

Dice Modifiers -1 -2 -2 -1 -1

Hand-to-Hand For hand-to-hand combat, roll a dice each, highest score knocks out lowest. Figures that have been hit automatically lose hand-to-hand combat. Rallying Roll a die for each figure in your group that has been hit. If you roll 1, 2, 3, or 4, the figure rallies. Roll another die for any figure that rallies. If you roll a score of 1 or 2, the figure was knocked out and removed from play. Any other score and the figure just hid from the shooting and is now OK. Leaders Leaders allow group moves to be performed and are used to rally troops. Troops that are within the leaders command range can rally on a dice score of 1,2,3,4,5 Leader Quality Effective leadership range (mm) Raw 50 Green 100 Trained 150 Veteran 200