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1st Body paragraph: Imagery


Example and Explanation Sonnet 116:

He depicts the power of true love and the fact that true love never diminishes, despite the challenges it may face, or with the passage of time. Shakespeare suggests is an ever-fixed mark, that is unchanged by circumstances it is the star to every wandering bark comparing love to a star, specifically the North Star, which never changes position. that looks on tempests and is never shaken.The tempests are a metaphor for the challenges a relationship may face, such as changes in fortune, appearance and character. personifies wandering bark as the lost ship, giving the audience a feeling that it is lost and is looking for something, relating wandering bark to person who is not in love, is in a search for true love; this is used to elucidate Shakespeares meaning of true love. Love and Time, Love is not Times fool though rosy lips and cheeks /within his bending sickles compass come, claiming that Love is not just a court jester at the beck and call of Time; this indicates that appearances may change but love remains the same

Extended Metaphor



Do not go gentle into that good night first two lines in which night represents Extended Metaphor death, and sun represents life, the whole
poem is based on contrasts between death and life, light and darkness and attitudes of various men Old rage to a person, he thinks that the old person should fight death with all his strength oxymoron, good night, good night can be considered an oxymoron as many people dont consider death as good. simile, blind eyes could blaze like meteors is particularly effective; he compares blind eyes to meteors which suggests that old men should be fierce even when they are dying and not go gently.

Personification Oxymoron Simile

Poem at 39 Personification Simile Metaphor

personification, Many of my truths might have grieved him. simile, He cooked like a person dancing in a yoga meditation, this simile is used to reflect the joy and passion her father felt whilst doing simple tasks. metaphor, Seasoning none of my life the same way twice, this is used to show that her made her life richly different and exciting.

Body paragraph 2: Sounds Technique Alliteration Rhyme scheme Example/ Explanation Sonnet 116
alliteration,sickles compass come, is used to display the idea of passing time; the c sound imitates the ticking of a clock in an onomatopoeic way The whole poem follows the rhyme scheme A-B-A-B/ C-D-C-D/ E-F-E-F.

Do not go gentle into that good night alliteration of the n sounds at the Alliteration beginning of not and night and also the
g sounds at the beginning of go and good. Blind eyes could blaze like meteors be gay,/ Rage, rage against the dying of the light, the images surrounding it are emphasized by more over-the-top alliteration: "blinding," "blind," "blaze," and "be." assonance with the sound of n in between gentle and into. sibilant. Curse, bless me now with your fierce tears I pray This line is also one of the only soft-sounding lines in the poem, due to the sibilance

Assonance Sibilant

Poem at 39 Alliteration
alliteration, he taught me telling the truth, and there is use of alliteration here as it makes a t sound, which fits in well with the context of the lessons that are learnt by the speaker.

Body Paragraph 3: Structure

Sonnet 116 Volta

The turn occurs at "Loves not Times fool" where the image of love as a guiding star is suddenly replaced by a personification of love as an eternal, everlasting force that resists death, introducing the idea of the immortality of love.

Do not go gentle into that good night The effect the villanelle has in putting Villanelle across the poets message to the audience
in an organized way. As, the first stanza, introduces the poets message; the second to fifth stanza give examples of what he is explaining and lastly the sixth stanza presents to us his personal speech about his father.

Poem at 39 Free verse

free verse structured poem as it does not have a rhyme scheme or a consistent level of syllables in each line. The poem also consists of short lines, which increase the pace.