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International Marketing

Program Credit : PGPM : 3 Class of Sessions : 2012 : 30

Course Code : SL MM 607

This course is designed for any student aspiring to develop a greater understanding of global markets, and the mindset of a global manager. The course focuses essentially upon (i) how to access and build stronger competitive advantage by participating in a dynamic global markets, and (ii), how to identify, build, and serve, strong global businesses. REFERENCE BOOKS International Marketing and export management Global Marketing Management International Marketing International Marketing : Analysis & Strategy, 3rd e Global marketing with a special Indian focus Global Marketing Strategy AUTHOR / PUBLICATION Gerald Albaum, Edwin Duerr, Pearson education 5 th edition Keegan, Warren J. 7th edition - Pearson Joshi, R M. Oxford University Press - 2005 Onkvisit, Sak. Prentice-Hall, India Svend Hollensen and Madhumita Banerjee. Douglas. Tata McGraw-Hill

Detailed Syllabus Introduction to Global Marketing: -what is Global marketing, -Importance of Global Marketing, Guiding Principles of Global Economy The International Environment: -Economic Forces, Export Behavior, International Trade theories, -Exporting and the network model. Social, Cultural, Political, and Regulatory Environment: -Basic Aspects of Society and Culture, Social and Cultural Environment, Impact of Marketing on b2B & B2C products, The Regulatory Environment in Global Business, Ethical issues in Global Business Global Customers: Regional Marketing characteristics, The Global Buyers: Transnational Economies, Global Marketing Plan

Global Marketing Research: -Sources of Market Information, Formal Market Research, Assessing Market Potential, Using Internet and email for data collection Marketing Plan Entry and Expansion Strategies: Marketing & Sourcing, Entry and Expansion Decision Model, Factors influencing choice of entry mode, managing the channel, selecting the entry mode Export Entry Modes: Indirect Export, Direct Export, The Internet and the e-commerce Non Export Entry Modes: Alternative modes of entry, Manufacturing facilities, Assembly operations, Strategic Alliances, Choosing between alternatives Product & Service Decisions : Basic Product Concepts, Extend, Adapt, & Create Strategic Alternatives in Global marketing, new products in global .

Pricing Decisions: Global Pricing objectives and strategies, Environmental Influences on Pricing Decisions, policy alternatives in global pricing, transfer pricing-Dumping Promotion and Marketing Communication: Creating Global Advertising, Advertising Agencies, Organizations and brands, Global media decisions, Public Relations and

publicity, Sales Promotion, personal selling, direct marketing communications, Event management The Export Order and Physical Distribution: Handling export order, physical distribution, structure of international physical distribution

Suggested Schedule of Session Topic Introduction to Global Marketing The International Environment The SLEPT Factors (Including case discussion) Global Customers Marketing Research Export & Non Export entry Modes Product & Service Decisions Pricing Strategies (Including case Discussion) Promotions & Marketing Communication The Export Order and Physical Distribution Export procedures and documentations and Export promotions Total 1 2 4 4 3 3 2 4 30 No. of Sessions 1 2 4