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Comba Digital Microwave System (DMS) is a point-to-point digital microwave solution providing a wireless radio links operating at microwave frequencies between two points. Where fiber/cable infrastructure cannot be built, Comba allows transmission links to be established rapidly to realize cost savings and enabling rapid networks rollouts. Consisting of Indoor Unit (IDU), Outdoor Unit (ODU) and Network Management System (NMS), Comba DMS supports data rates from 4Mbps to 155Mbps across 7GHz to 26GHz frequency ranges. The DMS product lines are comprised of IP, SDH and PDH equipment and include: * PDH (PDH Radio System) * Super PDH (TDM/IP Radio System) * SDH (STM-1 SDH Radio System) * IP (Native IP Radio System) Comba DMS provides the high reliability with more than 99.999% availability. It is easy to manage, and fully integrated into the Comba network management system. Applications The unique architecture of Comba DMS makes it ideal for deployments in a variety of applications such as mobile network backhaul applications and fixed services applications. Lower frequency coverage provides the ability to cover long distances over difficult terrain, and higher frequencies are suited to short-distance urbandeployments as a fiber/cable alternative for backbone or access traffic. * Mobile Communication Network For 2G and 2.5G backhaul, Comba PDH systems are used by carriers to interconnect base transceiver stations (BTS), and high-capacity SDH/SONET radios to interconnect base station controllers (BSC). For 3G backhaul, our low/medium-capacity PDH systems interconnect UMTS mobile base stations (Nodes B), while our high-capacity SDH systems interconnect UMTS radio node controllers (RNC). * Fixed Service Network Comba DMS supports IP network, LAN and WAN, with integrated voice and data transmissions over the same microwave link. A typical application would be for an enterprise with a branch office located at some distance from the main premise. * Private Communication Network Comba DMS is also used to provide communications links for private networks. For companies requiring frequent communications into areas without extensive telecommunications infrastructure or in areas where the cost of local access is high, installing and maintaining a Comba DMS can be very cost effective. * Backup Communication Network Microwave radio networks do not suffer from the long periods of outrage which often occurs when a fiber optic cable is cut. Comba DMS is a viable secure and reliable alternative to protect mission critical communication services. * Broadcast Contribution/Distribution Network

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1/11/2012 12:32 PM

Comba Telecom Products & Solutions Repeaters, Antennas, Passives...

With the implementation of terrestrial digital broadcast, Comba DMS is an excellent alternative for carrying both contribution and distribution services. Whether the network is PDH, SDH or IP-based, Comba DMS will provide reliable and high performance transmission of the DAB/DVB signals. Key Features and Highlights * Broad frequency coverage (all ITU frequency bands, from 7-26GHz) * E1, STM-1, Fast Ethernet tributary interface options * Data Compatibility With field-replaceable plug-in modules for IP interfaces, Super PDH provides extremely cost-effective 100 Base-T transport, with a duplex throughput of up to 100 Mbps, to provide superior error performance for the transport of data-orientated ATM or IP data. * Powerful Configuration Options Configuration options for high availability 1+1 hot standby, space and frequency diversity for protection of traffic over challenging paths. Choice of standard or high power options, with Automatic Transmit Power Control (ATPC). * Compact and split-mount architecture Lightweight and compact size simplifies site acquisition and installation. Small footprint avoids complicated cabling, as one indoor unit is capable of supporting several outdoor units. * Fully integrated into Comba network management system for end-to-end network visibility and system management * Cost Effective Deployment and Maintenance Features designed to enhance ease of use for installation, commissioning and maintenance, such as simple front-panel controls, advanced loopback options, SNMP Network Management, and performance monitoring to ITU-T Rec. G.821/826. l Complies with all relevant ITU-R, ITU-T, and ETSI standards ODU Product Line Frequency Band 6GHz 7 GHz 8GHz 13 GHz 15 GHz 18 GHz 23 GHz Frequency Range 2E1 5.925-7.110 7.10-7.9 12.80-13.20 14.50-15.30 Super PDH 17.70-19.70 21.20-23.60 24.20-23.60 PDH 4E1 8E1 16E1 16E1+Wayside E1 (ETH optional) 14E1+4ETH 32E1 32E1+4ETH (66Mbps) SDH STM-1 34Mbps 100Mbps Electrical Single-mode Optical IP:RJ45 E1:DB78 IP:RJ45 Balanced(RJ45) Unbalanced(BNC) IDU Capacity Interface


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1/11/2012 12:32 PM