Socionomy:The Social Physic of the Social Media

Asher Idan, Ph.D Tel Aviv University and Bar Ilan University

Chapter 1: Introduction The social networks have changed the social sciences forever. The social networks make to sociology, what the telescope did to astrology. 400 years ago, we moved from astrology to astronomy. Now we are moving from sociology to socionomy (or Collectonomy). Social networks are, at the same time, an experiment and an observation, an experiment and simulation. Socionomy is the general theory of collectives of physical particles, of biological genes, of Bacterias, of locusts, and of people. For all these 5 kinds of collectives, there are the same rules of action (1), (2), (3), (4). These are not rules of individual action, or of inter-individual action (electron and atom, individual and group), but of collective action. We propose a new science of Socionomy (or Collectonomy), that goes beyond the existing theories of collective action. We think that all the above 5 kinds of collectives obeys the physical laws of electro-magnetism.


Chapter 2: Social Optics. Social media as a microscope and a telescope, that reveals social phenomena that were unknown so far.

chapter 2 deals with social media as the telescope and microscope of the social sciences: economics, management, sociology, history, political science, communications and so on. In a similar way that a telescope enables us to see things never seen without it (mountains on the moon, moons of other planets), so the social media allows us to see things never seen without it (wisdom of the crowds, network forces, etc.). It was the same with the microscope without which we could not know about bacteria.


They were before the arrival of the social media.The observations and data of Tycho Brahe allowed Kepler to formulate new rules of movement of the stars. showed that like medicine cups of wind. such as gravitational law. one can understand in a new way phenomenon like bacteria. before the microscope. The same is true in economics and history. Observations on social media. the thinking in biology and medicine. 3 . diseases and drugs. as well as the kind of data analytics Google and Facebook. was a collection of prejudices and guesses that we used to believe. they allowed Newton to draft new laws in astronomy and physics. like "the leader" and "the genius" in history. in the absence of a better theory. a collection of prejudices. By the microscopic observations of Pasteur. Together with the observations of Galileo. and more. allow us to formulate new laws in the social sciences. and "the rational economic man" in economics. Discovery of bacteria through a microscope.

new economy.Social media creates a new sociology. new management theory. which can be compared to the 4 . new media theory and more. All these new sciences are based on the discovery of new kind of power: the Info-Social power. a new history.

Why social networks and other social phenomena such as swarms of locusts. information moves around a person. according to the Social Graph of Facebook. Conversely. a new theory emerge. Our InfoSocial theory now has eleven laws that are formulated mathematically. Chapter 3: Social Electro-Magnetism.Electro-Magnetic power. or FriendRank). can be described by mathematical formulas that are very similar to the mathematical formula of the electro- 5 . a movement of celebrity or a brand induces a movement of information (a social current. 11 basic formulas of the forces of the Info–Social power By using social media as an observatory tool (like a telescope. or Socionomy. "The Social Physic of the Social Media". According to this theory. or a microscope). makes him a celebrity or a brand (a social magnet. according to the PageRank of Google) even where no information has been there before.

Ampere law . Even if the similarity between the phenomena of electromagnetism and the phenomena of the info-social power.The rate of flow of the Info current is P=I /t. These biological magnets are behind the similarity between the Electro-Magnetic forces and Info-Social forces. generating electricity in their bodies. . Info-Social.2 6 .magnetic phenomena? There can be two reasons: A. Info-Static (like Electro-Static) 1. B. There are Info-Social forces in animals. are false. is F = I*i/r*r. and Info-Social thermodynamics A. The eleven formula of the Info-Social theory are divided into three domains: Info-Static. Coulomb Law. creating electro magnets. The information force between two MEMS (charges of knowledge). some of it flows in all kinds of biological nanowires. it does not preclude learning from the first to the second by analogy.

and . Info-Social The Conversion of info-power into social-power. The velocity v. and inversely proportional to the resistance R. the company's linking capital). Burt Law 7 . the company's bridging capital) divided by the density D. The Info current through network between the two sources of information. is directly proportional to the potential differences or "information voltage" V. F=MA or: F = (P+K)(aI+aS) C. (social cohesion. The force of a brand or an influencer is directly proportional to its "social Mass" and to its "social acceleration". v = E / D. Info-Social thermodynamics 6. Faraday Law 5. of the spread of information is a function of the square root of elasticity E. between them.vice versa. Ohm's Law B. I=V/R.4 . across the two points.3. (social openness.

through the organization's dissolution. 8 ." "There is a basic principle that distinguishes a hot medium like radio from a cool one like the telephone." 8. disintegration of the country.). depending on the number of participants in the wisdom of crowds (N squared / 2). A hot medium is one that extends one single sense in "high definition.' High definition is the state of being well-filled with data.the tribes. (heating or melting power of the Company. The transition rate of homogeneous populations of massproduction. is a function of the power before the start of a partial change in temperature T. The hot form excludes. . Hot media are low in participation. and the cool one includes. and that information between supply and demand? F=N*B*I/2. censorship). and cool media are high in participation or completion by the audience. and information flows between supply and demand. stepped distribution go wrong. . M = C*B/T. . or a hot medium like the movie from a cool one like TV. . etc. Is the opposite transition homogenous communities happens when a lot of small number of participants.7. . production companies and heterogeneity of the community . The intensity of social cohesion in situations of social or organizational change. McLuhan Law McLuhans write in "Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man" (1964): about the distinction between "hot media" and "cold media. effective methods of distribution (B bandwidth. .

Because the acceleration in bandwidth (Gilder Law). the computer breaks down into the cloud. oneway valve. because the collective was heated by hut media. A case study in social thermodynamics Deals with "the logic of the ant colony" that works on social networks. neural networks. scent marks of each ant) 9 . double the acceleration of processing power (Moore's Law). and evolution. and the part of the work W invested in monitoring. Because three previous laws. or of employees in the organization. (Info – social transistor). hives of bees. E = T*I/W 10. The social energy derived from information. the "the computer is the network. lower than management costs. flocks of birds. of the Long Tail 9. information (to identify and measure) I. Schmidt Law 11. 1.Anderson Law. Each random track leaves traces (pheromones. Chapter 4. social media makes collaboration costs of consumers in the industry. Shirky Law. measurement. The "atoms" (ants) of a collective move randomly. 2. is a function of temperature T.

etc' "This pheromone-driven behaviour means that although single ants are not clever. Such “swarm intelligence” is of huge interest to scientists and has already led to practical applications." http://www. creating optimized solution (a declining function of re-tweets or of responses to status update) 6. 5. "conspiracy". (Premise: There is communication between the "atoms") with power rating invented. for 10 . 4. "the leader". the rating is a number of responses or likes. Share on Facebook is a status update. Relatively rapid evaporation of the tracks. Sharing the discovery with the rest of the "atoms". has used a computer program based on swarm intelligence to organise movements between storage tanks. Creates collective wisdom from many small contributions. Random detection of resources are kept by the traces. "ideology". mixers and packing lines in one of its factories. Unilever.3. This is the basis for illusions like "the genius". collectively they are capable of complex tasks.

locusts 11 . leads to a random moveme nt Leaving traces Detection Sharing optimizat ion CI Neuro animal securitie ns s s Ants.The structure of collective action Social Phsica Ge Networ l ns ks particl es Heating.

The components of collective action Stock Gen Ants Physical exchang s and particles e locusts Density Density leads to smaller rate of change Smaller number s leads to faster change of directio n Magnetis m and super conductivi ty Social Network s Bridging and connectin g social capital Number Internalism Horizontalis 12 .Chapter 5.

m Chance Emergentis m Symmetry Breaking Ment Self Evoluti al referen on states ce Density Number Internalism Horizontali sm Chance Ecolo gy Self immunizati on 13 .

0 Woese focuses on evolution as a problem in non-equilibrium statistical mechanics of genes. Yet it is widely treated as a subset of population genetics. Computational biology. as evidenced by the plethora of mobile genetic elements whose role in shaping evolution has been revealed by modern genomics. 6.0 Evolution is the fundamental physical process that gives rise to biological phenomena. how it is related to ecology have not been Satisfactorily addressed and formulated. the evolutionary process has arguably retarded the development of: • Medicine (immunology. Biology 2. As a result. and single molecule biophysics cannot solve these problems 6.1 The problem: Evolution 1. phenotype. environment) • Global climate. B.2 The implications of the problem The lack of widespread appreciation for and understanding of. The central model here comes from theories 14 . key issues such as: A. ) • Ecology (genotype. how rapidly evolution occurs.Emergentis m Symmetry Breaking Chapter 6. where the key dynamical modes are collectives.0 6.3 The solution: Evolution 2. and thus its scope is artificially limited.

0 is the conventional. But because most of life is microbial. This is Evolution 2. eukaryote-centric framework of evolutionary theory.0.of condensed matter physics. we need a new microbecentric view of evolution. Evolution 1. 15 .

revealing principles of self-organization that seem absent in purely physical Processes 6. 4. condensed matter physics concepts might provide a useful perspective in evolutionary biology. 5. the quintessentially self-referential nature of evolutionary dynamics. Emergence of new species.4 The benefits of evolution 2. The decision on a particular search result on Google.6. or sociological division of labor. exchange genes (horizontal gene transfer)[4]. translocate collectively over surfaces (swarming motility)[6. 3. form biofilms 5. The decision of the direction of progress of the neuron or the root of a tree. Facebook member decision 16 . 6. communicate between cells (quorum sensing)[5]. the conceptual failings of the modern evolutionary synthesis. Formation of ants.0. cellular differentiation 7. cooperate against antagonists[8]. Segregation (Schelling's electrolysis).5 In Evolution 2. 7]. 4. the open-ended growth of complexity.0 1. extended multicellular colonie with coordinated division of labor. 3. 6. biology may extend the frontier of non-equilibrium physics.6 Examples of symmetry breaking (dynamic thermal explanation). 2. 2. microbes are able to: 1. Biological differentiation.

Axis of symmetry breaking choice is the choice of words. is not sufficient explanation for the relationship between a given genotype and environment (no mapping Ahah"a) C. but is also good for physics. the pace of evolution. Appropriate transfer of inherited (vertical transfer of genes).6. leading to a Nukelyaotid Luriabiliut single. not vice versa Axis selection (semantics. Amargnzia is symmetry breaking. and certainly not forecasting.0.Darwinism or modern synthesis. The gens are the only dynamic variable linear. a genetics Mendlian with Darwinism. is a unified theory of the various disciplines that were considered earlier. it defines and allows to measure the degree of adaptation. Evolution 1. But there are other dynamic variables: population size. 3.0 does not allow interaction between genes On. the dynamics between genes A. What word is selected) and axis combination (Sinatx. Methodological symmetry.7 Principles of symmetry breaking Evolution of phenotype evolution genotype Evolution was discovered by chance in the animal world. the environment. which is a synthesis (which occurred between 1930-1940). biology is a case of evolution. Axis of symmetry breaking combination is between the words chosen. Reduction is beyond May .symmetry symmetry. time evolution 17 . It is based on: 1. Evolution 1. Absorbed due to environmental changes. also called neo . linear dynamics of the genome 2.breaking the symmetry). Natural selection (Aslkcait appropriate) 4. Random mutations. does not allow an explanation to link the duration of the time evolution of the ecosystem for D. statistics. what order of appearance of words chosen).That is. does not allow an explanation. Stochastic processes are symmetry breaking the symmetry breaking (down .

ecosystem. There phenotypes (camels). evolution 2. and stabilizes genotype.0 on the other hand. a few exceptions Abznabon "outstanding" Ubznabon "worst"). Multiple mutations in parallel heating weakens relationships of genes. suddenly created an environment in which the low food disappeared. we have a phenomenon of the collectives. and therefore the phenomenon of dynamic thermal phase transitions. it's not by random mutation. is looking for dynamic relationships between genes. mind heating.0. Therefore. however. for example. Environment in the symmetry breaking that particular type of exceptions in A (with a long neck and die when you eat 18 . random mutations all the time (a bell curve. any choice between genes Marble positive interaction between a few donations but environmentally compatible. Also because of the connections between genes. 1. (Does this mean. leaving only food at over 2 meters eg leaves of tall trees have deep roots Marble reach underground water stores. Symmetry breaking allows the cooling performance of a new species and is also stable. increases Imganot. stabilizing genotype after selection. reinforces genetic relationships. 2. and because of the connections between genes on the one hand and the ecosystem on the other hand. Many cellular Abahed. relatively low. and shortens the life of the genotype. changes Asabeveabtiym) This symmetry breaking. Symmetry has mutations.Evolution 2. not due to an external event (cause Axterinsit) but Amaatrmodyneamika Vhalkterodenamika internal (reason Aenterinsit). download Imganot. around A camel population has enough food. Few mutations. and size of populations of phenotypes. fifth element should be added to the above four components of Evolution 1. Stabilization is accomplished by horizontal communication between the genes. but through communication between genes or phenotypes for dealing with threats (vaccines.0: 5.

19 . Represent symmetry symmetry back and this time they Ahgyraput. Two questions: A. or genes can create mutations of "recognition" of the new environment (through Aricombincia?)? In. is cutting Ahdianeaye.organisms (eg dog).Thai (eg bacteria) can rewrite the genotype. 3. and / or have horizontal gene transfer? Perhaps he thought it was wrong Shlmark phenotype genotype can rewrite the macro . is in step 1 above mutations are random. Is the number Danbarr also works in the media between genes? One of the shapes of the horizontal passage of genes. do step 3 above transfer of genes is only vertical. if this exception type breeds (vertical transmission. fit into without appropriate. to allow passage of DNA. becomes more appropriate (natural selection) to the environment in that only those with long necks are food for example. distribution). then his genotype reproduces this result reproduces the phenotype that cause dead camels are created as C Iraput culture. but right for the single phenotype . Else into it.grass and low). not the process of reproduction and distribution processes. Wrong suddenly came to 'become suitable.

if both twins were born today. Critical causality. הבאה בחשבון של‬ . According to the theory of relativity. What we superficially sudden. too. but the quantum theorydisrupt the the concepts of location (Locality) causality. exponentiall causality. causality can be understood in terms of critical . הסביבה. she finds out her twin sister has already become a 70 year old grandmother! But according to quantum theory the situation worse. and one travel week in neighboring galaxy at nearly the speed of light. The big advantage of the person standing on the wall is that he 20 . How the Soviet Union collapsed all of a sudden? How falling stock market all at once? It's usually not because of sudden external event. הבאה בחשבון‬ ‫רק של הגנוטיפ הפנוטיפ והסביבה.0 Reelativity theory disrupt concepts of time. הפנוטיפ של היד.exponentially. היא הסינתזה המודרנית‬ ‫שמשלבת בין אבולוציה לגנטיקה מנדליאנית. Needle tip causality.‫ארבעת הגורמים היא מהסוג של ווז. ואז נוצרים מעגלי משוב‬ ‫ותהליכים סטוכסטיים ותהליכים אופקיים‬ Chapter 7 Physics 2. driving twin week can also lead to her mother !.‫הגנוטיפ של היד. המעדר. הבאה בחשבון‬ ‫רק של הפנוטיפ והסביבה היא דרוויניזם ליניארי ואנכי.

.2. Equal pay a heavy price of instability and multiple choices. But its price is that you need to constantly keep my balance so as not to fall from the wall. Multiple choice is the central benefit of the critical causality. game theory. Asatgalnim opportunists..000 at the time exactly. Big disadvantage: a rational choice of individual actors often do not Mnbeah the stock market collapse. came a new theory of rational actors.9. What is the causal mechanism behind critical? The phenomenon of exponential (held)! Our intuition is not exponentially. or pre-network thinking. (Kahneman and Tversky. but Plevrlistem. or the needle tip. 21 .13 etc (jumps of 4)..While the darkness before the networks Higianu one to 100. but I held the line. 3 squared equals 9 . Theory of rational actors: the dominant economic theory during the 18-20 theory of causality stems from a combination of rational choices of many players..can at any moment to take sides and jump. But thinking we think not line my account. 100 square worth ten thousand. Who is on the tip of a needle can choose not only between the two sides of the wall like standing on the wall.. Arishtiym events are: 1. Schiller.. we think we got to 6 does not seem . socio physics. the Nash equilibrium. or 1.5.3. Our intuition arithmetic think columns: 1. as the two following examples: 2 squared equals 4. Alternative explanations for the critical causality exponentially. Above the surface. just in situations of changing environment. Theory of adaptive-opportunist players Towards the end of the 20th century. thinking we Rishtiat 1 to 10. etc. but he can jump in all directions at 360 degrees. it would be possible to always respond to last minute changes in the environment.. This is called intuition. 2..

such as electromagnetic power flowing. Marble clear connection between concepts and the concepts of temperature Abatrmodyneamika continued transfer of information electromagnetism electromagnetism. etc. bacteria. are using Atrmodyneamika Physical explanations. can be explained in terms of electrical and electromagnetic theory. it stops the mag References 22 . That if heat magnet above a critical temperature.magnetic organisms social networks. organizations. electro . entropy. B..Brian . Through concepts such as the . forces have electro . Electro-magnetic theory . critical. Thermodynamic theory . Explanation of this type can be two reasons: a. the electricity network. animal bands. temperature.lead.Dynamics of organic and social phenomena. equilibrium. 4. a compressed mode.Physical Dynamics is a good metaphor. neuron. explaining phenomena in the cell. body. but no organisms electromagnetic forces and social networks.the dynamics of organic and social phenomena.Arthur) 3. explaining such phenomena. social networks of people.

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A startup monitors the spread of information on Twitter to identify users with the most influence. The first demonstration of an information-heat engine could revolutionize the way nanomachines get their power. "4chan users seize Internet's power for mass disruptions". transforming Energy to Information.html . Magnets nlid=3578 "Physicists Convert Information into Energy".technologyreview.technologyreview. Socio-Electromagnetism http://www. Socio-Optics C. Laseres http://www.longtail. 2008 The LONG TAIL: WHY THE FUTURE IS SELLING LESS OF MORE . "Whose Tweets Matter Most?". 27 5.

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