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FILL IN THIS FORM DIGITALLY, SAVE A COPY TO YOUR COMPUTER, AND PRINT A COPY FOR SUBMISSION. Simon Fraser Universitys Africa Entrance Scholarship is for high school students graduating from a secondary educational institution in Africa with the highest academic performance. Canadian citizens, permanent residents or international students can be eligible for this award. One scholarship is awarded annually every Fall term. criteria Awards will be granted on the basis of demonstrated excellence in one or more of the following: academic achievement community service cultural contribution step 1 All applicants must apply for admission to SFU and pay the admission application fee in order to be considered. step 2 Mail this application and supporting documents to SFU at the address below. We must receive your package by April 30 in order for you to be considered for entry to the Fall term. send us these documents: this paper application form, original or photocopied, completed and signed. two reference letters. The referees should be able to base their references on direct knowledge about you. a one page summary of your achievements and activities. Provide clear and concise details about your volunteer work, school or community involvement, extracurricular activities, and artistic or athletics interests. In addition, describe in one paragraph your most important volunteer work or community involvement and why it was important to you. a 900 word essay on ONE of the following three Douglas Coupland quotes. (Douglas Coupland is an SFU honorary degree holder and is the author of such famous novels as Generation X and jPod.): (1) Destiny is what we work toward. The future doesnt exist yet. Fate is for losers. (Douglas Coupland in Girlfriend in a Coma). What are the relative roles of destiny and fate and how do they influence your goals? (2) So where do you start when you want to start your life again? (Douglas Coupland in Hey Nostradamus!) (3) Question: If there were two of you which one would win? (Douglas Coupland) a one page essay that outlines your interest in one or more of the programs at SFU, and why you would be a worthy recipient of this entrance scholarship. one copy of your most recent high school transcript showing your Grade 11 and 12 grades. We will accept midterm marks for courses in progress. All of the above documents must be fastened together and submitted in a single large envelope. Documents must not arrive separately. Mail your package to the address at the bottom of this form to reach SFU by April 30. Name: Family _______________________________________ First ___________________________ Middle __________________________ Address (suite number, street number, street name) _____________________________________________________________________________ City ___________________________________ Province/State _______________________ Postal/Zip Code ___________________________ Telephone ___________________________ Email __________________________________ Date of birth ______________________________ year month day Name of your high school ___________________________________________ School telephone # ____________________________________ Your SFU ID number _________________________ Your signature ______________________________ Date __________________________
freedom of information/protection of privacy The information on this form is collected under the authority of the University Act (RSBC 1996 c.468 s.27[4a]0), and is needed to process your application and decide your eligibility for an entrance scholarship. If you win an entrance scholarship, your name may be used for promotional purposes. If you have any questions about the collection and use of this information, contact the Director, Financial Aid and Awards, Student Services, Simon Fraser University, 778.782.4275.

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