Critical Speaking Usage

New Vocabulary:
1. Urgent (acil)
a. Hurry. Take me to the hospital. This is urgent. I think I broke my arm.
2. Engaged (ni!anlı)
a. Ali Yusuf was engaged for 3 months when his fiancée left him. !
3. Informal (iesmi olmayan)
a. Bey, what's up. That's an infoimal gieeting in Ameiica.
4. Famous (me,hui)
a. Cappauocia is famous foi its faiiy chimneys.
5. !"#$%&'() ¡ *&+,"#$%&'() (uüzenli)
a. Ny apaitment is so uisoiganizeu. I have to huiiy up anu clean up befoie my paients aiiive.
6. -."&,.+/(meiakli)
a. Teachei, I'm cuiious. Bave you been to }apan.
7. 0$1&(%1/2/345$1&(%1/(sabiili)
a. Slow uown, Will Smith. Be patient, we'll get to the 0scais on time. }ust ielax anu take it easy.
8. Rude (kaba)
a. Shut up anu sit you” !""#uown is veiy ".)( anu impolite. It's nicei to say, "Please sit uown."
9. Attractive (çekici)
a. Wow,
10. Spectacular (spectacular)
a. Incredible. That goal by Emmanuel Eboue last night was absolutely spectacular!

Match with the words above:
1. We were _________ for 9 months before we got married.
2. Don’t yell at your parents. It’s very _______________.
3. Hurry up. I can’t wait. I’m so _____________________.
4. Sema, you look very _____________ in that dress.
5. The panoramic view from Uçhisar is _____________. You can see all of Cappadocia from this view.
6. Naber is an ___________ way of saying ne haber.
7. Teacher, I’m _____________ do you have a girlfriend?
8. Kayseri is __________ for its Manti.
9. This is _____________. I need to see the doctor immediately.
10. My sister is so _______________. Her room is a mess all the time.

Critical Speaking Usage
New Vocabulary:

1. You can run, but you can’t hide.
2. This makes my day.
o You just made my day.
o This class makes my day.
3. I’m going to (fiil / verb) __________________.
4. Is there anything else I can help you with?
5. ASAP: As Soon As Possible

1. Worried (dü!ünceli)
a. Last night, I was so worried about my baby that I didn’t sleep at all.
2. Depressed (morali bozuk)
a. After his father passed away (died), Mehmet has been very depressed and sad. What can we do to cheer
him up?
3. Surprised
a. My husband surprised me for my birthday and came to my work with a bouquet of flowers.
4. Shocked (!oklanmı!)
a. I didn’t get a chance to watch the match. I was shocked to hear that Fenerbahçe lost 3-1.
5. Confused (kafası karı!mı!)
a. Melissa, I don’t understand Professor Walker. He speaks so fast that I can’t understand anything at all.
6. Worthwhile (faydalı)
a. I’m so tired. Is it worthwhile to go the çi!köfte party? Yes, it’s worth going. There will be amazing
7. Tricked me …into / Cheated me (kandırılmı!)
a. The students tricked the teacher into thinking they had work, but in reality they left early to go to watch
the Mustafa !"#$%$&concert in Kayseri.
8. Looking forward to (bekliyorum)
a. I’m looking forward to seeing my family next week.
b. I’m not looking forward to the exam next month. I haven’t studied anything at all.
9. Bored Out of Our Minds / to Death (çok sıkılmı!)
a. I have been waiting at the Nev"ehir bus station for the past 8 hours. I’m bored out of my minds. I have
nothing to do.
10. Awesome (müthis)
a. Awesome job, Tu!çe. Great job on the presentation.
11. A Couch Potato (hiç bir i! yapmayıp sürekli televizyon izleyen tip)
a. My husband is a couch potato. He never does anything except watch Valley of the Wolves.

Fill in the blank:

1. Is there something wrong with Sevda. She looks so sad and ___________. She isn’t herself. What’s wrong with
2. A Turkish man __________ a group of tourist into paying $400 for a tour of Cappadocia. All he did was give
them a tour of Nevsehir and its bus station.
3. I’m so ____________. I don’t know if I should marry Melthem. She is very sweet, but becomes angry quickly.
4. Relax, honey. Don’t be so _____________. I understand you lost your job, but everything will be alright.
5. Sema, ___________ goal. That was an incredible shot that you took.

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