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THIRD EDITION ac a architecture AND ORDER a cee FORM, INCLUDES CD-ROM e@ FRANCIS D.K. CHING 4 Organization ~.Agood house sa single hing, a well asa collection of may, and ‘tomake it requires a conceptual lap from theInlvidual components toavision of the whl. The choices... represent ways of assembling the part, _ the basic parts of a house canbe put together to make more than Just basic parts: They can also make space, patter, and outside domains. They dramatize the most elementary act which architecture has to perform. To make oe plus one equal more than two, you must in doing anyone thing you think important (making rooms, putting them tagether, or iting them tothe land) do something ese that you think important aswel (make spaces tolv, establish a meaningful pattern inside, or claim other eas outside)” Charles Moore, Gerald Allen, Donlyn Lyndon The Place of Houses 1974 _ SPATIAL RELATIONSHIPS Two spaces maybe lated to each other n several fundamental ways Spoce within a Space ‘Aspace may be contained within the volume of alarger space. Interlocking Spaces The il of space may overlap the volume of another space. ‘Adjacent Spaces “Two spacesmay abut each other or share a common border. Spaces Linked by a Common Space Two spaces may rey nan intermediary spacefor their relationship. ORGANIZATION / 185