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Web server resolution process ? 1.Client requesting( using Web browser. 2.Client gets resolved IP address from DNS via firewall. 3.With the valid IP address Client contacts the web server. What is virtual host how this works? The term Virtual Host refers to the practice of maintaining more than one server on one machine, as differentiated by their apparent hostname. For example, it is often desirable for companies sharing a web server to have their own domains, with web servers accessible as and, without requiring the user to know any extra path information. Virtual hosting to serve many web sites using one IP address. Add the below syntax on the httpd.conf to configure virtual host on your IHS webserver # Listen for virtual host requests on all IP addresses NameVirtualHost *:80 <VirtualHost *:80> DocumentRoot /www/example1 ServerName # Other directives here </VirtualHost> How to configure multiple web server instances? In IBM HTTP server we can create multiple web instances by coping the httpd.conf file .To start the instance use the –f option as below c:\program files\IBM http server\conf\apache.exe -k start -f opt/IBMIHS/conf/ins1.conf How SSL and HTTPS security mechanism works in Web server? End user authentication using HTTPS (HTTP over SSL) is a strong authentication mechanism. This mechanism requires the user to possess a Public Key Certificate (PKC). We have to install IBM HTTP Server, by using iKeyman tool we can create and use kdb file, SSL certificates, virtual host enable 443 ports, and then only HTTPS will work on. How can you provide security authentication for web server? rd eTrust SiteMinder tool, IBM Tivoli Access Manager WebSEAL, integrate with 3 party tool. LDAP authenticate SiteMinder application using authentication mechanism, configure only throw web agent. What are the main useful resources in Webserver? C:\IBM\IBM HTTP Server\conf\httpd.conf - Configuration files location. C:\IBM\IBM HTTP Server\htdocs\en_US - Static contents location. C:\IBM\IBM HTTP Server\logs\access.log - Log files can be seen.  Web server log HTTP Status Codes? Informational 1xx 100 Continue, 101 Switching Protocols Successful 2xx 200 OK, 201 Created, 202 Accepted, 204 No Content, 205 Reset Content, 206 Partial Content Redirection 3xx 300 Multiple Choices, 301 Moved Permanently, 302 Found, 304 Not Modified, 305 Use Proxy, 307 Temporary Redirect Client Error 4xx 400 Bad Request, 401 Unauthorized, 403 Forbidden, 404 Not Found, 405 Method Not Allowed, 406 Not Acceptable, 408 Request Timeout, 409 Conflict Server Error 5xx 500 Internal Server Error, 501 Not Implemented, 502 Bad Gateway, 503 Service Unavailable, 504 Gateway Timeout, 505 HTTP Version Not Supported



and the presence and level of each software prerequisite. forwards that response to the browser/client. If the request is looking for any static resources like HTML pages. if the request is looking for web resources.xml file. If the request is looking for any Data Base interaction at that movement it will take a data source name with JNDI registry and it will hit the DB. The responsibility of EJB container is to execute EJB resources like session beans entity beans and message driven beans. 6. 7. EJB container. property files. its configuration will be done in Httpd. Client  Firewall [80/443]  DNS Server  Load balancer  Web Server  App. 3. The Load balancer identifies to which web server the request have to be forwarded using Load balancing algorithm techniques (such as round robin. application URI and cluster information.e.xml file it identifies the application URI and server port number. What is the collector tool and how it works? The collector tool gathers information about your WebSphere Application Server installation and packages it in a Java archive (JAR) file that you can send to IBM Customer Support to assist in determining and analyzing your problem. Server  DB Browser  filtering  Internet HUB  BIG HA  Webserver plug-in  App. by gathering all the information about Application Server environment that request will be forwarded to the appropriate application server(based on Load balancing algorithms 1. Ex: empid Su wasuser(not root privileged user) Non-route user indukuriwas@googlemail. port number. 5. 2. operating system and Java data. when ever client makes a request for example www.round robin. Web container 2. once it identifies corresponding Webserver in the web server cluster. so that IHS Server come to know that what are the static files and what are the dynamic files. Server <<<<<<<<<<< IMP Port numbers >>>>>>>>>>>> Admin console port no: 9060 Admin console Secure port no: 9043 Http transport portno: 9080 Http transport Secure portno: 9443 SOAP port no: 8879 CSIv2 server autentication listener portno:9403 CSIv2 multi authentication listener port no:9402 High availability manager communication port no: 9352 Cell discovery port no: 7277 ORB listener port: 9100 SAS SSL Server Auth port: 9401 Boot strap port: 7809 Default port for SSH server? 22 LDAP port number: 389 or 636 Default port number for MQ Queue Manager: 1414 What is a PMR and explain your experience? A PMR (Problem Management Record) is an electronic representation of the problem that you contacted IBM about.xml file contains complete information about application server environment like that request will be forwards to that web server. 2.conf file under virtual host section we are going to specify the location of the installed application with the document root and static resources with directory index. 4.random. weight based). then the response will be return back to the web container. the Webserver it self generates response to that request. The 3.weight number based). Information in the JAR file includes logs. It allows IBM technical support to track information about your problem. If the request is looking for a dynamic resources like Servlets and JSP’s at that movement Webserver forwards your request to the application server through SrinivasaRaju 2/13 . 1. In Httpd.conf file under conf directory of IHS Server. and update this record electronically.Technical Preparator WebSphere Application Server WAS/Internet Technology? A) 1. the request will go to the DNS server via firewall. How will you login to solaris/ linux for installations? Normally we will use non-route privileged ID for installing/configuring was applications in Linux. The web container is responsible to execute web resources like Servlets and Jsp’s. The Application server mainly contains 2 containers. and host name of the server. then the request will forwarded to Load balancer (i. so that when ever the request enters into plug-in-cfg. Big IP). configuration files. context root  App. the web container it self generates the response to the Webserver. It should run out side WAS root.

Incident managent – like ask what is issue. 7. the change control should be attached with proper documents a. Service delivery.9. 8. (using Help Desk Ticket tracking number) 3. repeat 8. we have few techniques like hot' <wsadmin> $AdminControl invoke $objectName generateHeapDump $AdminControl invoke $jvm dumpThreads puts. Affected application and how long it will be affected (for business users) f. Release management – Version controlling. 7. Implementation plan d. to reduce the down time to make enough steam line. Change management. 2. it will be placed in non-secure zone. it also helps to take the requests and for Load Balancing. Use the 1. and change control management. AdminConfig. enough knoWLedge to redirect the request to correct team. back out plan (from DB/UNIX teams) e. Problem managent – issue is fixed. it will recide inside the web container of an application server. if everything fine. AdminControl 3. 5. If failed. Once the application is through from above two test the testing team has to give sign off for the EAR 3. close the change control. Embedded httpserver will not. indukuriwas@googlemail. revert back to older configuration . The WSADMIN tool utilizes a set of management objects which allow u to execute commands and command parameters to configure your environment. 12. support till the issue resolution. 6.Technical Preparator What is ITIL? Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Principles Guidelines of ITIL (ITIL 2. Application team will do technical check out 10. and some more doc's related to environment 5. then needed backup will be taken. The EAR should be well tested in UAT and Load Environments UAT test =Functionality test Laod = Stress test 2. http requests which are getting towards the application server. HTTP Server will just get the request and forward it to the web container. What is the Change management process? 1. AdminApp 4. 8.The application team has to request for a change control ticket 4. HIS Server process the static content. root cause analysis. wsadmin.11 How WSAdmin scripting functionality works? WSADMIN is a programming interface to the WebSphere Application Server runtime. What are the installation methods available in WAS? To deploy the application. business team will do bussiness check out 11.bat -lang jacl wsadmin -c "$AdminApp list" wsadmin -lang jython -f 'c:/temp/script/test1. st Like 1. Implement the change a b c execfile('c:/temp/script/testFunctions. Embedded Http server listens.bat -lang jython -user wsadmin -password wsadmin wsadmin. Availability management.0) principles for incident. because we don't have our Business Logic there. 2.10 . Continuity setup.set wsadmin -f test. 4. UAT sign off') What is diff between IHserver and embedded http sever? IHS Server Loadbalances. then this Change ticket should be approved by all managers and change managmant 6. Service desk – 1 level of SrinivasaRaju 3/13 . proper reason.and why this change is happening? b. why it is occurred. What change in application . using admin console. documentation. AdminTask and Help objects to perform administrative tasks. using JACL script and using WSAdmin. Then first monitoring tolls and alerting tools will be bring down.

2 and 6. which are part of the deployment manager cell. or some other server-side technology. While a Web server mainly deals with sending HTML for display in a Web browser.1 : SDK 1. such server-side programs generate a response.xml). In WebSphere you can add webserver as unmanaged node where as u cannnt do that in WebLogic. What is the difference between WAS 6. bug fix of WAS. an application server provides access to business logic for use by client application programs. To process a request. However. according to our definition. send a redirect.1 newly added.1 3.exe –options “c:\. possibly including HTTP. In WebLogic you can start the managed server without a Admin Server(using MSI-config. Application Server: As for the application server.1 5. such as sending back an HTML page.17 Fix or Interim Fix is a Emergency or temporary updates on a specific defect. it responds with an HTTP response. In WebSphere Application Server Version 6. the ND installer creates a deployment manager profile and a federated node profile.0. The application program can use this logic just as it would call a method on an object. Jakarta Tomcat is a Servlet container and a Web server.1 from WAS 6. When the Web server receives an HTTP request.. Introduction of Service Integration Bus (SIB) for messaging. Paper license is processor based (per processing) genuine. most often in HTML. file-based and LDAP repositories are supported by the administrative console. JBoss Is an Application Server that supports J2EE. Whatever their SrinivasaRaju 4/13 . Java version in 6.4.but in WebSphere you can. Profiles : cell profile added newly in 6.0? Base.1. Security: federated repository in 6. Web Server & container. the federated repositories functionality does not support local operating system implementations By default.1 What is WebSphere License? Using paper license. ASPs (Active Server Pages). and custom. Supports multiple types of repositories such as file-based. indukuriwas@googlemail. In WL all the configurations are stored in a single file called Config. What is the difference between WebSphere and WebLogic? 1. JSPs (JavaServer Pages). 3.0 : SDK 1. same in Unix by export Display. Simplified console in 6. Multiple Profile creations with a single installation (All profiles share same WebSphere binaries) 2. Difference between WebSphere Application Server v5 & v6? 1. Has some extra add-ons in the Admin console navigation tree What is the difference between Web Server and Application Server? Webserver: A Web server handles the HTTP protocol. In WebLogic u cant do clustering accros the domain. JACL has been deprecated in 6. Express Edition  Trail version. an application server exposes business logic to client applications through various protocols.xml .in WebSphere u can not start a node with out Dmgr. IBM WebSphere and BEA WL servers are a combination of Application Server. a Web server may respond with a static HTML page or image. LDAP. Silent – Response file install. 4. servlets.Technical Preparator What are the type of installable there in WAS 6. GUI : Windows normal installation. for viewing in a Web browser. server-side JavaScripts. 2. or delegate the dynamic response generation to some other program such as CGI scripts.5 supported 2. What is the Types of Installations available in WebSphere? 1.but in WebSphere its stored in a directory structure called CELL 3. WAS 6.path” –silent 3. using script or command based What is fix pack? It is like independent to every body.0 and 6. 2. 4. Community  Non-profitable business Network Deployment  Full licensed and functionality version.. database. Has default JMS providers 4. Supports mixed version nodes in a v6 ND Cell 5. Apache Sever is a Web server.0: 1.1? Some of the major changes for WAS 6.1.

log – Diagnostic log. DB.log/ Native_stdErr. profile sharing binaries of existing instance. basic configuration) l2 -back up who are senior staff (incident ticket handling/ trouble shooting) l3 –architects (designing / architect/ requirement (ram/box)) What is SLA how it works? Severity 1 issue – 15 mins resolution time. Download Upgrade Installer ( check the correct version of it ) basic level (monitoring. 3 types of profiles in 6. table or database level Ability to UNDROP a table from a recycle bin. Change/ incident management manager analyses the impact of the risk identified.DBMS_SCHEDULER Data Pump .0.1 : 1. How do you upgrade WAS? 1. ‘showlog’ command. dmgr. server profile) How to find what profiles you have? We can find in this configuration file. While creating server which file require? While creating server we need some resources files like. GC information. server. WAS 6. “C:\WebSphere\AppServer\properties\profileRegistry. Activity. Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) Flashback operations available on row.xml” indukuriwas@googlemail. simple loads the code.bat”.default. L3 in production support activities? l1. available in site ear. symptom DB.log – Service log “waslogbr.application server. details about WAS env. MQ etc.1 – Refresh pack (updates + defects). Automated Storage Management (ASM). readable format. severity 3 issue -1 day Start the issue: get the approval from change management/incident management.e. variables. general error information What is the difference between L1. 4. Ex: empid Su wasuser(not root privileged user) Non-route user What is meant by default bindings? It will bind the resources to connect….0 – con-call support with onsite team. transaction. WebSphere --> Appserver --> UpdateInstaller --> bin --> Update. What are the main useful log files? Trace.1 – Fix pack (defects) What are the differences between oracle 10g and oracle 9i? Oralce 10g is higher version of Oracle 9i.log/ SystemErr.0 : 1. What is meant by profile? How many types of profiles are there in Was SrinivasaRaju 5/13 . if any understating required then mail to concerned person. not in side time of startup Difference between Class Loaders and Shared Libraries? Class loaders: when ever JVM comes up.default 4 types of profiles in 6. WAS 6. dmgr. How will you login to solaris/ linux for installations? Normally we will use non-route privileged ID for installing/configuring was applications in Linux. And get the approval from related environment teams i. Install Upgrade Installer 4. SystemOut. then investigate the issue.log – JVM logs Native_stdOut. severity 2 issue – 4 hours time. 3. info about complete app .xml.e. 2. 2.faster data movement with expdp and impdp. serverindex.Technical Preparator What is patch? Patches to fix a particular issue for a particular in environment only not other. WAS 6.xml. not readable(binary format). Ability to rename table spaces Ability to transport tablespaces across machine types (i.application server. oracle 10g has added a following features Async commits. Windows to Unix) New 'drop database' statement New database scheduler . 3.0.xml. 3.1. it will load the class parent first and parent last. L2.log – Process logs.0? WebSphere application binary.cell profile(already federated app.server env.xml. Shared library: keep it as common resources. Download fix packs and refresh packs. UNIX. resources.

phd By using ‘kill -3 pid’ we can generate heap dumps. Thread dump relate to jvm thread usage. IBM thread analyzer.Technical Preparator How many types of installation profiles? We have GUI. Silent. Thread hung. If one of the cluster member is down then how would deployment manager know that the server is down? I think Dmgr with the help of node agent will ping the nodes whether they are up or not in a mentioned interval of time. requests from the same client always get routed back to same server. thread pool full. Database persistence (jdbc/sessions default JNDI name) Heartbeat mechanism work in a cluster. When a memory leak is detected and heap dumps are SrinivasaRaju 6/13 .HAmanger keeps on polling the cluster members. Clusters also enable enterprise applications to be highly available because requests are automatically routed to the running servers in the event of a failure. Plug-in will check whether app server is up or not.node=<nodename>.<timestamp><pid>. Round robin algorithm mostly used here. Command.*] <wsadmin> $AdminControl invoke $objectName generateHeapDump What is thread dump? The JVM creates a thread dump whenever an application server process spontaneously closes.than its vertical . if not responded then it takes the configuration using memory replication process then completes request. thread lock out. Using this we can identify which class takes more memory and memory leaks. samurai tools used for analysis. We can find heap dumps as follows : profile root\myprofile\heapdump. indukuriwas@googlemail.if cluster servers are installed in different machine than its horizontal. Replication domain is a component service. Configure session management though console. a heap dump can help us to track down the source of the problem. IBM heap analyzer tool. High Availability Manager will take care of the cluster members. Every session has a unique clone id. By using naming convention also we can differentiate. u must analyze heap dumps on a problem determination machine. and won’t send regarding to that app server. Which java object is consuming more memory we will give information to developer then they will work on that. member of the cluster identifies that the other server is not responding it checks 3 times for every 60 seconds. What is session? A session is defined as a server of related browser requests that come from the client during a certain time period What is session affinity? Session affinity is nothing but persistence. The servers that are members of a cluster can be on different host machines. if we have all the servers in same machine(Host) .process=<servername>.0 – Profilecreate. either in application/deployment descriptor 1.<date>. Heap dump relate to jvm memory usage. JVM which has been clustered. Memory to memory replication (replication domains need to create) 2. This eliminates the need to replicate session data like HTTP session or Stateful session Beans. the server is in production? What is session persistence? Session Persistence is used to permanently store the data from an HTTP Session object to enable failover and load balancing across clusters of WebSphere servers. . Installation verification tool is IVT (find in bin directory) In 6. Heap dump jmap used.bat. 6. Vertical Cluster? It has cluster members on the same node or physical machine. Horizontal Cluster? It has cluster members on multiple nodes across many machines in a cell. <wsadmin> set objectName [$AdminControl queryNames WebSphere:type=JVM. What is Heap Dump? If an application uses excessive memory until it throws an Out of Memory exception. Most servers use the term “Session Affinity” to indicate that with in a cluster of servers. What is a Cluster? These are sets of servers that are managed together and participate in workload management. or seems to be spending an excessive amount of time while doing garbage collection.1 – Manageprofile. we will trigger a head dump or thread dump unless the some problem we found.

This event is triggered if a thread that was previously reported as hung completes its work. It appears in the JVM thread dump TYPE_THREAD_MONITOR_THREAD_HUNG. is costly and wastes resources. max value. Type 3 Driver: Net-protocol/all-Java driver This driver is called as Protocal driver where Java-->JDBC statements-->SQLStatements--> databases. Tuning Applications. Connection pool min max values. it is bench mark.JDBC statements calls ODBC by using JDBC-ODBC bridge. after a connection is created. Create a JDBC provider resource. If all the connections are being SrinivasaRaju 7/13 . thread name and relevant information in Systemout. Tuning JVM. Connection pools are used to enhance the performance of executing commands on a database. The Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI) is an API for directory service that allows clients to discover and lookup data and objects via a name. Compare that output in different scenarios. Tuning operating systems.Technical Preparator What is Hung process/ threads? If resources not available to keep thread state as Hung thread. It wont convert to JDBC statement. This event is triggered by the detection of a (potentially) hung thread with thread id. What is rippleStart? Ripplestart is used to stop. decided by developer. Type 2 driver: Native-API/partly Java driver This driver is called as Native Driver where it requires the some native code to connect to the databases. it is placed in the pool and it is used over again so that a new connection does not have to be established. In dev we can exceed this value. What are the types of drivers you are using? Type 1 driver: JDBC-ODBC Bridge This driver called as JDBC-ODBC bridge.The Java Statements converts to JDBC statements. heap size min. I updated the new application but the user is getting the old application only? Need to Restart. Then they get the conclusion. TYPE_THREAD_MONITOR_THREAD_CLEAR. Opening and maintaining a database connection for each user. Connection pooling also cuts down on the amount of time a user must wait to establish a connection to the database. In 32 bit OS you can set Max heap to 2GB as there is limitation What all parameters did you tune in WAS (other than JDBC connection pool and heap sizes)? Tuning Application server. thread pool initial and max value timeout value. synch indukuriwas@googlemail. Type 4 Driver: This driver directly converts the java statements to SQl Statements which require to databases. 2. ODBC drivers convert into the requirements of databases. In connection pooling. servers? When the load test is happening we take thread/heap dump for continues time with simulated number of users. especially requests made to a dynamic database-driven website application. Create a data source resource.log file. Tuning Database. if u have MQ configure. other setting from the web server. Command used : $AdminControl invoke $cluster rippleStart Steps to Create Data Base Connection? The following steps are involved in creating a data source: 1. Tuning Web servers What is JNDI? JNDI provides the client-side access to naming and presents the programming model that application developers use. then start each server in the cluster without any downtime. Tuning JMS. How you tune the App. OR depends on OS. How much memory tuned for your application servers in your environment? Depend upon the application. What is meant by connection pooling? A connection pool is a cache of database connections maintained by the database so that the connections can be reused when the database receives future requests for data. a new connection is made and is added to the pool. Java--->JDBCStat-->JDBC-ODBC bridge-->ODBC-->Databases. Tuning security. The service is used to register resources hosted by the appserver. 1/2 of available physical ram can be allocated to WAS.

The WebSphere plug-in is developed using the native programming language C. Custom security(Application from DB) How do you provide Custom security? Developer will give the authorization from an application (may be user id/password from Oracle DB) What is SSL? How you configure SSL? It is Already been configured will use dummy. How do u configure SSO? • Click Security > Global security .xml  enable=false If you have to change the ports of a jvm manually without logging into the admin console which file would you edit? C:\IBMS\WebSphere\profiles\apps01\config\cells\DmgrCell\nodes\apps01\serverindex. rd Security availability: 1. Upto version 6. It provides mutual authentication when client authenticate the Client request.Extended Architecture) How to configure security and LDAP? Global security. an HTTP request from a Web browser enters the Web server and is then redirected to the application server. click Authentication mechanisms > LTPA.Technical Preparator What is rippleStart? Ripplestart is used to stop. certificate. • Under User registries. click Single sign-on (SSO). Enable global security How do u configure an LDAP? In the Admin console > Security > Global security. • Under Additional properties. • Enter the password of the user in the Server user password field. • Select the type of LDAP server to use from the Type list. What is Plug-in file? The primary responsibility of the plug-in is to forward HTTP requests from the Web server to the WebSphere Application SrinivasaRaju 8/13 . configure in that virtual host. The default value is 389. • Enter the fully qualified host name of the LDAP server in the Host field. Oblix – is Autentication identity for S/W designed to managed application especially in WAS. Command used : $AdminControl invoke $cluster rippleStart What kind of security mode you are using or JDBC connection? J2C Authentication (XA . • Enter a positive integer value in the Timeout field. • When the token expires. then start each server in the cluster without any downtime. How do you disable security for Deployment manager without logging into the console? C:\IBMS\WebSphere\profiles\Dmgr01\config\cells\DmgrCell\security . LDAP (3 party security) 3. OS security 2. • Enter the LDAP server port number in the Port field. web server part. • Under Authentication. • Enter the password and confirm it in the password fields. This password is used to encrypt and decrypt the LTPA keys when you export and import the keys.xml How do you enable global security in WAS? Configuring User Registry. click LDAP.0 only we have LTPA security. • Under Authentication. You can think of the WebSphere plug-in as an “agent” redirecting HTTP requests from the Web server to the application server using the HTTP protocol. click Authentication mechanisms > LTPA. the user is prompted to log in. What is LTPA? rd LTPA – Light weight 3 party Protocol Authentication. SWAM – Simple Web Authentication Mechanism How do u configure LTPA? Click Security > Global security . Configuring LTPA. • Enter a valid user name in the Server user ID field. • Click the Enabled option if SSO is disabled. indukuriwas@googlemail.

scalability and security are coming from Clustering (WLM). With out creating federation we can’t create clusters. After federation of an app. For ear file is context root is necessary? Hostname: 9089/appname . but it mandatory for WAR file. Dmgr is on both nodes? All my production Dmgr in a single box. server load balancer What is Work Load Management? Failover. then how do we handle the issue? In that case we need to wait till that problem gets resolved. What is the information in a plug-in config file? Information about VirtualHost. From the admin console. server different way.server with dmgr. In the admin console->servers->Webservers-> select the particular webserver and click generate plugin and after that propagate plugin. app. From the command.of hostname soap indukuriwas@googlemail. Note: if in case failure of DMGR node.Load Balancing .xml Role of Plugin-Cfg. BIGIP product hardware load balance. /> command <plug-ins_home>config\webserver1\plugin-cfg. Goto the dmgr profile bin and issue genplugincfg. server Admin console will be disabled. Generally start and stop server activities will do in application server node. but in production different machines. Is web server & application server should be installed in a single machine or different machines? We can do it. server configuration in this configuration file.minumum no. Cluster and Server. 1.URI How to generate and propagate plugin-cfg. For specify the weight of a cluster member we can modify and update it in this file. Unmanaged node we not control from console. it will display a path where your plugin created and copy this plugin and paste in the plugin installation directory config folder. Both nodes are running on Dmgr. Nodes will be across different boxes. High availability.? we can federate it from console. Federation is a kind of a process to manage the DMGR profile with app.  in GUI though DMGR console we will give app. for any configuration changes in the console.AffinityWebSphere WLM is offering these two features on different levels like Application/web Server Clustering How you federate a node from deployment manager? how you federate when global security is enabled. server and we will give DMGR port no. normally these web servers in DMZ . Webserver OS tuned in different way. need to select Node under system administration section. What is load balancing what are those? Edge component. Difference between managed node and unmanaged node? Managed have node agent. Webserver – to – app.context root not required. unmanaged SrinivasaRaju 9/13 .xml) contains routing information for all applications mapped to the Application server. 2. resources -> JMS -> Queues-> integrating with MQ.xml? When ever request comes to Webserver it identifies the app. Tell me about MQ Configuration with WAS? We will configure from console. the app.Technical Preparator What is the plug-in configuration file and where is it located? The plug-in configuration file (plugin-cfg. It will be connected to router and switches. server SOAP port no. we can regenerate the plugin config file in : bin>GenPluginCfg. Two main features are .xml file? Generating plug-in and propagating the plug-in can be done in two ways.  in CUI use it from app. When do you manually edit the plugin config file? When enabling SSL and enabling load balancing.Demilitarized Zone. this is called manual mapping of the plugin file. then select a new node button then provide required(soap port) data. server profile for Administration.

2) It also depends on the CPU utilization of the server. apart that they are from two different webservers IBMhttp server and Sunone webserver respectively? Httpd.conf and magnus.It includes all webserver directives and the server configuration in it. What is the meaning of application down? If the application is shut down or hung then we can say the application is down.Technical Preparator How to connect to WSAdmin Console through SOAP ? Generally we connect wsadmin console directly with soap port or rmi port. whether heap size is at min or max. Servlets. need to take necessary backups. The following is the command which we use to check whether a particular port is communicating or not.war files that’s why we need to specify context root for war files. Click on the server that is encountering the¬ "OutOfMemory" condition. Stop and restart the Application Server The verbose garbage collection output is written to either native_stderr or native_stdout. 1) In general any server can handle multiple applications. We can choose our own context root for . expand Java and Process Management. Select the Verbose garbage collection check box. expand Servers and then click on Application Servers. .war files and we don’t have any DD for . Ho to check GC is active or not. 3) Dew to internal network issue. At the top of the Administrative Client. httpd. schedule date from change control. Why we need to give Contex root in case of WAR files? for ear files context root is not required because it is defined in the application. so at the time of installing .xml and packed with ear file and we have Deploy descriptor for ear files so when updating an application it'll by default takes that DD. Due to which reasons an application will down? Application may go down dew to many reasons. When it comes to WAS we can deploy multiple applications on same server and each application can be independent of other. and for . Where as in case if EAR files. specially if we want to check whether a particular SOAP port of dmgr is working or not. Please find some of them. On the Configuration tab. Approval request. With out context root we can not access web applications like JSP.war file also has DD but context root is not specified in DD.conf file we can see commented(old) and uncommented(new) data. wsadmin -conntype SOAP -port 8879 wsadmin -conntype RMI -port 2809 -user u1 -password secret1 What are the measures you follow while deploying an application in production environment? We need to consider below steps. Raise a change request.conf file is the one and only configuration file for apache/IHS webserver's . Under the Additional Properties section. Obj.conf file the same.conf file is configuration file for Iplanet(SUN ONE) webserver Obj will have all the directives of webserver . this requisition we need whenever we are federating a node to a dmgr.war file we must specify context root. under Server¬ Infrastructure. it is not mandatory.conf and obj.log for the Application server verbosegc – Tells you what is being done. 2.ear file it has context root mentioned in its DD. application may go down. How do enable GC? In the Administrative Console. click Java Virtual¬ Machine. 4. and click Process Definition. Each application also has some threshold limit to handle file processing if it reaches that limit application may hang. 3. if you don't have? We can check in logs. indukuriwas@googlemail. Magnus will have all the configuration entry's for the sunone webserver which will be initiated only at the startup of the webserver so u need to restart the webserver whenever u edit the magnus. click Save to apply changes¬ to the master configuration. How to find Java full version? We can find by giving command in CMD prompt “c:\WebSphere\AppServer\bin> java -fullversion” How to identify old and new context roots? in SrinivasaRaju 10/13 .¬ Click¬ Apply. 1.

IT infrastructure monitoring & diagnostics solution : 4. What is Mbean and purpose of it? Mbeans. infinite loops. 2.1 Tivoli performance viewer (performence monitoring) : 6. Re-start the cluster members one bye one is called rolling restart.1 CA Siteminder (Security): 6.Technical Preparator For ear file is context root is necessary? Hostname: 9089/appname .0 Willy introscope (performence monitoring) : 6.0x.5. and 4.0 Apache Server (webserver) : 2.3 Linux : 5. performance monitoring 24/7 or not. How do you check the health of the app. has a nullary constructor.0) via a WebSphere Performance Servlet.Connection pool full 4. at the time of performance issue only we will do monitoring.1 MQ Server (messaging server): 6. insertion without deletion into collections. It directs a deployment tool to deploy a module or application with specific container options. Is web server & application server should be installed in a single machine or different machines? We can do it. so then that time memory out of exception occurs.0 indukuriwas@googlemail. L1 team using SiteScope: SiteScope WebSphere Performance Servlet Monitor to monitor the server statistics of IBM WebSphere Server (versions 3. server different SrinivasaRaju 11/13 . whenever that objects are not released properly after their usage.0 Big Brother® is a Web-based.5. then that objects will reside inside the memory. 2 types of monitoring: 1. The error and warning thresholds for the monitor can be set on as many as ten performance statistics.x. but it mandatory for WAR file. 3. server? Is there any tool is available with you? We have monitoring tools.Managed beans used to get the real time metrics from the application and monitor the same. normally these web servers in DMZ .1 Remedy tool (ticketing tool) : 6. it will creates some objects. at the time issue only. Webserver OS tuned in different way.Queue full For fixing all above issues do "rolling/ripple restart".context root not required. but in production different machines.0 AIX: 5. then take thread dump and analyze with development team. 3.Demilitarized Zone. What is the root cause of memory out of exception? whenever a class executed in a java program.1 Mercury transaction monitor (performence monitoring) :5.0 Oblix NetPoint (integration tool) : 6. What is JavaBean? A Java Bean is a Java Object that is serializable. and normally it is disabled. What are the Software’s used and what are its versions? Sun Solaris : 8. poorly written data structures and too many session objects are also cause memory out of exception.Thread pool full 3.1 Windows : NT WebSphere Application Server : 6.MQ Channel full 5. app. security settings and describes specific configuration requirements How to find Java full version? We can find by giving command in CMD prompt “c:\WebSphere\AppServer\bin> java -fullversion” How do you handle/resolve below issues? 1. Not only this. TPV (Tivoli Performance Viewer)/Willy Introscope. Out of memory 2.0 IBM Http Server(webserver) : 6.2 Tivoli Active Directory (LDAP authentication) : 6.0 iplanet Server(webserver) : 5. and allows access to properties using getter and setter methods What is DD/Deployment Descriptor? a deployment descriptor describes how a web application or enterprise application should be deployed. Availability.

That’s all about briefing my experience.0 and 6. and MQ channels.pks file was correptd. Solaris and windows. Jython. for configuring LDAP and WebSphere there is a option called need to enable security.0 to SrinivasaRaju 12/13 . What makes you to come here? It is a kind of diffract experience for me to work with <finance/insurance/banking/gamming> domain. nodes are not in synch. 6. Which kind of applications? Number of customers using your application per a day? Client Business: 1. load balancing. Provided 24x7 production support for the applications running in production. saved configuration restarted completely. JVM settings. security (Global. 3. Comfortable with MQ messaging for configuring MQ managers. security. My previous employer was XXXXX for XXXXX. actually this was not installed properly.that certificate should be given by ldap team to WebSphere. We have a production support team. We are having WAS 6. Mortgage 2. because of this the communication between LDAP and WebSphere was broken. SSL). Expertise at WSAdmin console as well as scripting languages such as JACL. Widely used ticketing tools: Remedy. All nodes are established in horizontal cluster (in different Linux/Solaris/AIX/HP-UX boxes).Trading applications and more than 1000 thousand users using. Configuration of the application and development teams raised tickets. 4. when i am login to the application. and Monitoring team. 2.xml disabled the global security there. then we informed the same to system infrastructure team they added SAN. when checked the node agent log it gave tthe ssl issue. Peregrine We have a development team: if they found any issues they will raise a ticket. Incident request: production support or monitoring team raised tickets such as up gradation. then after that i have changed the values of LDAP and configured the new certificate from LDAP. Each cell has 3 nodes under Dmgr. if they come across some thing is abnormal then they will raise a production support ticket. Change request: scheduled activities like new resources creation.Technical Preparator Introduce your self? I got 6 years of experience in WebSphere Administration. and re-deploying the applications. What is WAS Topology? In my production environment we are having 200 applications running across 70 physical boxes in 20 WebSphere cells. What are your day to day Activates? A) We have ticketing tools. All clusters will have 3 JVM’s run across the Physical boxes. Resources: 2 Onsite + 8 Off-shores Role hierarchy: Business head IT MGR Middleware MGR Off-shore Team lead  role L2 & L3 We did a migration from 6.xml. it synched because desable the security. so daily we are having configuration setups for migration.1. Real Time issues? 1. then after the i was able to login to the console.0 will be completely migrated by this year end. Sol: we identified that message receiver server not able to receive messages from MQ. deploying. I got experience in plug-in. HP open view. even though the problem not got resolved. 2. we have 2 Type of tickets: 1. did a restart every thing was fine. because of File storage failed.1.0 in 6. in my environment. some times working fine and some times showing the expired certificate. because of this i am not able to login to the console also. restarted completely then did a synch. Issue: we got responce from users saying that they are not able to receive messages from their application. In different boxes as new environment. Specific: I have a couple of specifics like installing. so i replaced the new certificate with the other webserver the issue was fixed. I went to security. indukuriwas@googlemail. then i did a restart every thing working fine. Where you most comfortably and interested to work? I love to work in any role of the administrative point of middleware. tuning. when i checked the webserver one the webserver updated with new certificate and another with old certificate.i did not synched because of the ssl issue. I started my carrier in XXXX year. problem at webserver. We desabled the global security from security. I worked for many companies as Administrator. if we enable security we have to give a certificate. during the synch the pks file was updated from the DMGR to the node so after that i enabled the globel security. Having extensive knoWLedge and experience in installing WebSphere application servers in different operating systems like Linux. and building the similar environment as 6.1. it was the issue with configuration of WebSphere with LDAP. so when i synched from dmgr.

Cluster is a combination of multiple app. Enable global security. We are facing DB connection failure error? Sol. Replace the dummy . It is an example of a trusted third party.Loadbalencer will know the which server is failed to process request then loadbalencer will not send further request to the server. a certificate authority or certification authority (CA) is an entity that issues digital certificates for use by other parties.servers running the same application.Technical Preparator I had generate CSR.jar) got corrupted it causes the issue. Step 2. Gskit : this is prerequisites for a ssl cert to work on a HIS. based on customer-defined business goals. while heap compaction it identifies heap min and max sizes.its nothing to do with Ikeyman Ikeyman : Ikeyman is IBM key management tool . Finally we found that there was one DB driver (ojdbc14. What is the main differences between Workload management and LoadBalancing? Clusters are used in WebSphere ND. To import signed cert. first we have to identify the problem if the problem is because of heap memory. so it gets some free space it tries for heap compaction. if both are same then the verbose GC wont perform well ..It has a routing table and managing the requests to the servers. For doing this an edge component is used for WLM is load balencer. which will help to restart you JVM first. its good to keep min and Max equals. Step 5. Application resources are allocated dynamically in response to changes in workload demand. when ever SAN got added at a time all the messages in MQ. What will happen in prod when we set the min heap=max heap? what are the default values? if we set minheap = maxheap. we will go for enabling verbose gc at that time the gc thread walks into heap memory and kills the nolonger referenced objects.Kdb file from cert location of WebSphere ( U can see this config under SSL and security) Step 4.1 provides a more flexible infrastructure for your service oriented architecture (SOA).So by using the cluster concept we are managing the workload. 5.. WebSphere Extended Deployment enables more efficient resource utilization as well as improved application performance and scalability. CAs are characteristic of many public key infrastructure (PKI) schemes. The Min generally used at start time and initialized the memory. a stand alone distributed cache was added to it under the performance header known as object grid WebSphere® Extended Deployment. After process all the requests we changed the transaction time out value back to 30. What is extended deployment? With the help of extended deployment the functionality of WebSphere can be improved in performance and manageability. Configure VHost in 443 port.Used to creat a KDB(Key database) file. if we get out of memory exception. Step 3. hit the server. then we increase the JTA transaction time out value from 30 to 100. Dynamic virtualization of servers is possible with the help of extended deployment. Version 6. to create Self signed certificates. So server is not able process that many number of requests at a time. Access the application using Https CA : In cryptography. indukuriwas@googlemail. Generate Personal cert or signed cert using Ikeyman SrinivasaRaju 13/13 . some transaction timeout errors in the logs:####<21-Jul-2009 16:18:23 o'clock BST> <Debug> <JTA> <21cnedc313> <managed2_ccmapper> <ExecuteThread: '7' for queue: 'Messaging' Issues: JMS transaction timeout messages Sol: there are bulk number of JMS messages stored in MQ Server. This will allow more time for transaction to complete. so it will affect verbose GC performance.0 & procedure to configure SSL? Step 1. your GC will reduced and might get good performance. How to configure SSL in WASv6.