Low-Carb Shopping List for the menu found here (http://heartkeepercommonroom.blo gspot.

com/2012/01/low-carb-menu.html) Family menu for the family members who aren’t eating low carb found here: (http://heartkeepercommonroom.blogspot.com/2012/01/menu-for-rest-of-family-janua ry-9-14.html) This list is organized by where I would find these things in my grocery stores. It’s more than a shopping list. There are also tips on budget shopping and substit utes. You must read the menu list and recipes completely before you go shopping and pa y attention to sizes and amounts. It’s not a precise list. I haven’t done all the work for you, but it’s a start. I wish I could have done all the work, but I can’t. The exact amounts you will need will vary based on your family size, portion si zes (my slender Jenny would eat one taco at a meal, her scarecrow brother will e at 6), and what variations you need to make (if you are on a severe budget, you need to skip the almond pancakes and serve the family oatmeal, for instance). For instance, the quiche Lorraine makes one pie pan. For every additional pie p an (we’d need three for our family of seven at home), you’ll need five more eggs, 2 cups additional cheese, more cream, more spinach, etc. Read the recipes careful ly, writing notes as you go, making adjustments for your budget, family size, di etary needs, and local sales. Dairy: Eggs (35) This is for the lowcarb version for one which includes two eggs for br eakfast each day, as well as using eggs to make pumpkin muffins and mini meatloa ves to freeze for other meals. We buy ours from local backyard farmers, which is healthier than the conventional eggs at stores. If you need additional eggs for your family, you should calculate that amount a nd add it. For example, if you are making the almond coconut pancakes, you’ll want 6 more eggs for each batch. If you make the less expensive regular pancakes, yo u’ll need fewer, of course. You’ll want 2 eggs for a batch of potato pancakes, 2 eg gs for the crockpot mac n cheese, Milk (for the pancakes, for biscuits, for mac ‘n cheese, for drinking) Cream Cheese (Aldi and Save-A-Lot generally have this for less than other stores . This is for topping pumpkin muffins and celery snacks, so if you are the only one using it, one package will do. If your family will be sharing, calculate acc ordingly) Butter Block of Sharp cheddar cheese (don’t freeze this, some of it is for the ‘crackers’ and it needs to be sliced thinly) Mozzarella cheese (just enough for topping a couple of chicken thighs) Co-jack or Monterey jack cheese 4 cups grated cheese for the mac ‘n cheese (you will have leftovers of some of the above cheeses, so you can probably get by with just one 8 ounce block of cheese of your choice, but if you need more than one pan of quiche, you need more chee se) 1 ½ cups of heavy whipping cream (for one pie pan of quiche Lorraine) Produce Raw spinach (for snacks, smoothies, quiche, and salads. Line the container with a paper towel) Bok Choy or Chinese Celery (or just use regular celery for your chicken salad if you like) Cabbage Carrots (for soup and for snacks for the family) 5 Onions 2 shallots OR a leek OR get an extra onion (this is for potato salad) Leeks (you need 3 for the rainbow salad) Red onion (optional, for rainbow salad) Green onions Avocado (1) Celery

Green salad- either go easy on yourself and get the green salad in a bag, artisa n, baby leaf salads preferred, or go easy on the budget and make a green salad f rom the romaine lettuce and raw spinach, store in a ziplock bag lined with a pap er towel to keep crisp. Add some grated cauliflower. Grate a sweet potato, toss in oil and roast until crisp for a salad topping. Add grated carrot for the rest of the family) Sweet potatoes- if you are using them for the muffins, get three, if you are not using them for muffins, just get one. If you are also using them for your famil y’s side dish, get a couple extras, about two for every five people Romaine Lettuce- for salads, snacks, and a bacon ‘sandwich’ 1 head cauliflower Additional leafy greens if you are doing green smoothies for your family (the ra tio is two parts fruit to one part greens) Fruit (fresh or frozen) for green smoothies if your family is having them this w eek, and for side dishes and snacks. Apples, bananas and oranges for side dishe s; berries and tropical fruits for smoothies. Potatoes for the rest of the family Canned goods: 1 can pumpkin or two sweet potatoes or a butternut squash (or one bag frozen but ternut squash) tomato basil pesto (read your labels and make sure to get one with no sugar add ed) Marinated artichoke hearts, 1 jar 2 8 ounce cans of tomato sauce Apple cider vinegar or red wine vinegar (for the mayonnaise, so if you are going to use prepared mayo, you can skip this unless you also want to make your own s alad dressing) 1 can of salmon Parmesan cheese (read your labels. The off brands usually have added fillers, or you can buy fresh, and grate it yourself) Coconut Manna (Low carb snack item, optional, look online, at the local natural food store) Your preferred topping for your family’s pancakes- syrup, jam, fruit, nut butters? Pasta; grains; legumes; condiments Mayonnaise (read your labels, most have added sugars), or make your own (ingredi ents for this are included in the shopping list) Mustard, yellow and brown or dijon Lentils (you need 2 cups for every five servings of lentil soup) ½ pound of elbow macaroni for mac n’ cheese (or the pasta of your choice) Salad dressings- read your labels and watch for added sugar. Try bleu cheese, g reen goddess, Annie’s brand Goddess dressing, or make your own oil and vinegar dre ssing- the ingredients you already are using for other recipes work for an oil a nd vinegar dressing as well. Pickles, read labels, probably garlic dill is your best bet (Low carb snack item , optional, except you need dill pickles for the potato salad) Olives, (Low carb snack item, optional) Quinoa Ethnic Aisle Seaweed, (Low carb snack item, optional) Tofu, (Low carb snack item, optional) Nopalitoes (these are in the ethnic section. You can skip this and just have gre en beans) Salsa (optional- read your labels) Coconut milk (try the ethnic section of your grocery store) 1 can diced jalapeño chilies Miso (try the health food store, too)

Check for spices here, too Soy Sauce (I don’t buy this. I use Bragg’s Liquid Amino Acids because it’s wheat and g luten free) Refried beans Other: Pork rinds (check your dollar store, and discount grocery stores. Prices vary on these) Baking Section pumpkin pie spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, allspice) Thyme Marjoram Parsley (or buy fresh) Garlic powder Garlic salt Onion powder Cumin (I buy seeds and grind it fresh in the coffee mill) Oregano Dill weed Mace (optional, you only need a pinch for the colcannon, and it will be okay wit hout it) Chili powder or chile powder flax seeds or chia seeds beef broth (Read the label. This is a Low carb snack item, optional, but if you get head-aches when you go low-carb, you should try about a cup of broth a day) Almonds or sunflower seeds (or whatever you are using for the pumpkin muffins; you also need a little under ½ a cup for each batch of almond coconut pancakes you’l l make) Coconut (under half a cup for each bag of almond coconut pancakes. It’s also a gre at snack for kids, if you get it unsweetened- mix with nutbutters or sprinkle on cinnamon toast) Baking powder Flour for the rest of the family’s meals, or whole grains if you grind your own. Y ou will want ten cups for the biscuit mix if you are making biscuit mix. cream of tartar (for the biscuit mix, although it works without it) dry milk powder (for the biscuit mix, although it works without it) 2 cups shortening, lard, or fat that does not require refrigeration for the bisc uit mix A sweetener for the almond pancakes- raw sugar, coconut sugar, table sugar, hone y, jam, maple syrup- your family’s preferred sweetener. You also want a small amou nt of a dry sweetener for the biscuit mix Sea salt (or regular salt) Pepper Dry mustard (for the mayo, if using prepared mayo, you do not need this) Oil (for the mayo you will need two to three cups, and then you need more for ot her recipes. I use sunflower. You can use any kind. You will also want some fat to sauté vegetables in. Use fat from your cooking or coconut oil) Lemon juice (for adding to your water, and for your salmon croquettes) Liquid Orange Stevia (try Amazon, the diet section, or your natural foods stor e) Frozen 1 bag butternut squash IF you are not using pumpkin, or fresh sweet potatoes or squash for the muffins Frozen mixed peppers, 2 bags (you will also use this any time peppers are called for, even if the recipe calls for green peppers) Artichoke hearts, one bag (optional, a low carb snack item) Broccoli, 2 bags Frozen mixed vegetables for a side dish for the fam Peas (for rainbow salad)

Green beans, side dish for the fam (the low carber can eat some , too) Fruit for green smoothies if your family wants them Orange juice if you use this in green smoothies. Do not reconstitute it- just ta ke a small spoonful of concentrate out and add to the blender. Meats Bacon (try to find sugar and nitrate free. Corn King has a sugar free brand, but it is not nitrate free. Trader Joe’s should have a good brand) Sausage (I would use about 1 one pound polish sausage- this is for a meal with p otato pancakes for the rest of the family. You could just use the bacon for your low-carb lunch and their pancake accompaniment) Shrimp (price check to determine what kind. I used medium shrimp because it was on sale. If shrimp is outside the budget, see what other fish is affordable. Tun a mixed with basil mayonnaise is delicious) 1 1/2 pounds ground beef (our beef is grassfed from our own pasture, and grasssf ed is preferred) 1 beef tongue (I am able to get beef tongue for a reasonable price, and it’s grass fed. If you can’t, make the same Mexican dish the tongue is for, but use ground be ef or whatever cut of beef or pork is on sale) Chicken thighs (you are making three meals with this, the third will be somethin g you can freeze for next week or share with the non low carbers. You’re going to need 4 cups cooked for the freezer meal, and 4-6 pieces total for the other mea ls. Yes, you can use chicken breasts if you prefer. I just prefer the moister th ighs). Beverages: apple cinnamon tea or other teas you enjoy coffee (not generally recommended on a low-carb diet, but what can I say?) White wine for the potato salad