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com]On Behalf Of Kulnura Sent: Thursday, April 06, 2006 12:36 PM To: wheelsinthesky@yahoogroups.com Subject: [wheelsinthesky] Kronos time vs Kairos Time in Numerolgy. So much travel I'm going mad. "Kairos" I suggest this is worth looking into if you aren't already familiar with it. I'm no expert but was browsing a book in Borders near the magnificent mile in Chicago the other day. Of course I went straight to the metaphysical section in the far corner opposite the cafe. Acutually it was the store linked to the Starbucks next to De Paul University. My mind is a blur this week. Anyway, I think it intersting that "one of the fundamental distinctions and concepts of numerology" is Kairos. Sounds just like Cairo to me. All related to how we are living in a vortex of curved time. Kronos is like arithmetic longtitudinal type time, but Kairos is a more dynamic, geometric concept. Sorry if this sound weird I was just meditating in my hotel room here in San Diego before logging onto WITS via my Internet portal here in the Television. It's Atlantis revisited here in San Diego. Atlantis had Wi-Fi didn't you know... P.S. Another point which flashed to me during my meditation. I was reading Weingarten's investing by the stars in the Washigton Library in Chicago the the other day. Jove / Jupiter rules Kings and Masters Kronos / Saturn rules time. So Jupiter / Saturn is "Master Time". The Master Time Factor. Harmonics of ths Jupiter Saturn are key. As are chains of them.

the present and the future. and nine Jupiter / Saturn cycles ago? I wish I knew. Or both. A Daily. November 3.. Isn't Jupiter retrograding toward a square? So what happened when this was happening three. Or do Ashtange Yoga.. One day I want to learn more about Reiki. six.com Post subject: . Matt. Meditate if you get the chance. That was the first time I cried. Back to top » Guest Post Posted: Wed Apr 12. The St Georg Cross on the Enlish Flag is a red Cross.33 am in Sydney Australia. a negative. There is three in everything. but look at where Jupiter and Saturn are right now.? Or Rose Cross ? November 3. Matt. Maybe I am destined to pursue all things Red Cross.. So Rei Ki Master. a weekly and a monthly. I was only born in 1971. So what happened in 1946. Just ask Ouspensky..i. not those exact dates.. It definitely wasn't the last. and a neutral. Some good things come out of Reiki Masters. A proton. 1971 at 10. That combines Jupiter with Universal Energy eh ??? Matt. Have a nice day.e.. 2006 7:11 pm Reply with quote -----Original Message----From: wheelsinthesky@yahoogroups.. an electron and a neutron. and 1886? Or more importantly. A positive. 1971. St George Hospial... So put 3 Jupiter/Saturn 20 year periods together and you have the Great cycle that Gann talks about and you all know about. The past.

[mailto:wheelsinthesky@yahoogroups. 2006 7:04 PM To: wheelsinthesky@yahoogroups. 2006 4:42 AM To: wheelsinthesky@yahoogroups. April 07.com]On Behalf Of pmacel@tin.com]On Behalf Of ganndi1 Sent: Thursday.com Subject: Re: [wheelsinthesky] Kronos time vs Kairos Time in Numerolgy. As you see they are two aspects of the same entity: the time. Kronos is the process. It is similar to the Oratian (carpe diem): pick the escaping moment. and they made ready the Passover. Hi Matt. April 06. and say unto him. Through the greek word (Kairos) one means the propitious opportunity. (Kronos) it indicates the time meant like largeness that measure the becoming. Back to top » Guest Post Posted: Wed Apr 12.com [mailto:wheelsinthesky@yahoogroups. 2006 7:14 pm Post subject: Reply with quote -----Original Message----From: wheelsinthesky@yahoogroups. The Kairos is a moment in the process. The Master saith. So much travel I'm going mad. Matt find my Answer and thoughts on Kairos that come from the Book of Matthew (Matt) 26: verses 17 to 35 in the Bible it refers to the PASS OVER and also an Eclipse and it's timing in the heavens then couple this with your thoughts below in your post Kairos to me means "an opening in the dark" thus at Night or during an Eclipse 26:18 And he said. My time is at hand. I will keep the Passover at thy house with my disciples. Go into the city to such a man. Piero Back to top » .it Sent: Friday. 26:19 And the disciples did as Jesus had appointed them.com Subject: Re: [wheelsinthesky] Kronos time vs Kairos Time in Numerolgy.

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