Visiting Vancouver Firstly, not to scare anyone but there will be lots of interesting characters downtown and throughout

Van. Don't be alarmed they won't touch you. Just tell them to go away and they will leave you alone and never give them money. There is an area / street in Vancouver called Hastings and it highly populated with homeless it is the worst area in all of Canada for alcohol and drug addiction. Also, everyone smokes weed in Vancouver! There is little old grannies growing weed out their back gardens... It is illegal but the cops look the other way. Secondly, Eating out or going to a pub is very formal... More than likely you will have to wait to be seated and a waiter or waitress will take your order. Some bars require you to purchase food before you can order a drink. If you are drinking beer ask what the specials are and get a pitcher, it's cheaper. You are required to tip 15% on top of your bill. It's frowned upon if you don't! You have to tip for everything the only time you don't tip is when you buy something in a shop. Thirdly, if you are going out for a drink and dinner bring some form of ID they ask everyone regardless of their age and are prepared to wait in line for sometime (unless you want to "grease" the bouncer to get in but its never worth it) in some bars. If you are going from a Sunday to a Friday you should be fine but more often than not the bouncers keep people outside to make the bar look busy! Transport There is little or no need for Taxis in Vancouver as public transport is excellent in getting around. Translink operate public buses, skytrains and sea buses all for $2.50 anywhere within zone 1 and $3.75 in zone 2. If you purchase a ticket from any of the three modes of transport you can use that ticket again and again within 90 minutes from original purchase. That means if you buy a ticket at the skytrain you can you it for the bus and vice versa. Once you get there you should buy a "book of tickets" for $20 saving you a couple of dollars you get 10 tickets and you can use them individually for everything and for 90 minutes after they are initially scanned. There are 3 skytrain routes The Canada Line Operates from YVR Airport and brings you right down to Waterfront (2 minute walk from the new convention centre). The cost of a skytrain ticket from the airport to downtown costs $6. A taxi from the airport could cost from $50 to $60 depending The Expo Line Operates from Waterfront (downtown Vancouver) out to Burnaby, New Westminster and Surrey. The Millennium Line Operates nearly the exact same, as the Expo Line except it does not go to Surrey. Shopping the main areas for shopping are Robson St. (Downtown Vancouver), Pacific Centre (Downtown Vancouver), Metrotown Mall (Burnaby - accessed by Skytrain). There are others areas but these 3 are the main attractions... Robson St. Is the most famous shopping district in Vancouver with lots of shops and restaurants to eat out. From Hornby to Bute Street there's about 3 blocks of intense shopping. Pacific Centre is a four block underground shopping mall. It can be accessed from a Canada Line Skytrain stop (VCC Station) or through Sears on Granville and Robson or West Georgia. You can't miss it

The Bourbon and The Cambie Bar and Hostel. I stayed in the Cambie Hostel for 7 weeks it an experience to say the least and always busy with tourists and has cheap drink.metropolisatmetrotown. Also. Also check out Granville Island under Granville Bridge and stop off at Bridges Bar for a mojito. It will cost $3. nightclubs and restaurants its a little pricy but worth a walk around at night or during the day. each time better than the last. There is an area / street in Vancouver called Hastings and it highly populated with homeless it is the worst area in all of Canada for alcohol and drug addiction. Also. There are some great bars down there such as The Lamplighter. The Irish Heather (someone from Castletroy owns this bar).75 because its in zone 2. and head for a cycle around Stanley Park. boutiques and restaurants.. It is highly recommended I did it several times. not to scare anyone but there will be lots of interesting characters downtown and throughout Van.. It is illegal but the cops look the other way. Yaletown Brewery is a great place to go for a drink and get some food. there are a number of shops like Urban Outfitters and Aldo Shoes but its mostly occupied by bars. Firstly. Apparently they are famous for their mojitos.. There have been several movies made in Stanley Park such as Happy Gilmore and Good Luck Chuck! There is also an Aquarium in Stanley park but I never went so I have no idea what that is like! West End (Gay district and one of the nicest places to live!) Check out Davie St and Denman St. nightclubs and restaurants. I lived in Kits its near the university and full of young people there is a great Mexican on 4th and Maple called Las Margaritas Mexican Restaurant it was voted #1 Best Mexican Restaurant in Vancouver. Downtown (Touristy Stuff) Downtown Vancouver is unofficially split into 4 quadrants Coal Harbour & Stanley Park (Around the convention Centre) Rent bikes from spokes bicycles on Denman and Georgia St. Out of the 3 Earls would be my favorite and they are all over Vancouver you can't miss them! I think that's it if I can think of anything else I'll forward it on! . Gastown Is very pretty at night when the lights are turned lots of bars. West 4th Avenue (Kitsilano) is great for shopping you have to head south over the Granville Bridge and take a right on 4th you should walk from Burrard and 4th to Yew and 4th. Don't be alarmed they won't touch you. Lots of interesting restaurants and bars.. http://www...Metrotown Sopping Mall (over 450 shops) Jump on the skytrain at waterfront station and get off at metrotown stop 15 / 18 minutes from downtown. everyone smokes weed in Vancouver! There is little old grannies growing weed out their back gardens. Eating Out Las Margaritas Mexican Restaurant on 4th highly recommended Yaletown Brewery in Yaletown Earls. Head out early you can spend the entire day there loads of shops and restaurants.. Just tell them to go away and they will leave you alone and never give them money. Joeys and The Cactus Club are medium to high-end franchise restaurants. Yaletown Is a new development in Vancouver full of young people and there are some great bars. Kitsilano & Commercial Drive are two other areas worth a Granville is the main drag. It's a very old part of Vancouver and it is currently being rehabilitated......

If you want to stay at the Cambie get off at the last stop (Waterfront) and take a left at the front door walk 2 blocks your left and you will see the Cambie on the corner of Hastings and Cambie. . NB: If you don't have a credit card prior to leaving get one as they come in handy for setting TV & BB. You will either need credit card and passport or ($300 deposit and passport) to sign up for a phone. Landlords will request previous landlord references. It's extremely difficult to get a credit card over because the banks require your credit history. It's a very vibrant and phunky part of Vancouver. You can buy zone 1 bus passes in any Safeway or London Drugs We only spent money on a frying pan and I had to buy my bed and bedding which cost $200 we received everything else for free from either craigs list our or landlord..e.Moving to Vancouver Hostels: The Cambie Hostel is something to experience I stayed there for 5 weeks and had great fun. He could get work and a place to live here or near by. Also. http://www. Gas & Hydro (electricity) as I said they don't charge your credit card they just keep your details for 3 months as a form of http://samesun. if Jack is looking for a job in tattooing or whatever.. Apartments and Houses are all unfurnished unless you want to pay extra for a furnished place.. It is cheaper to sign up for a month-to-month contract it works out cheaper than pay as you go. which is great for meeting other travelers along with the local Canadians. my apartment and furniture from CL. It's rough around the edges and is about a 5-minute walk from downtown but well worth the stay. which you won't have so be prepared to spoof! NB: I cannot stress the importance of Craigs List . http://www.craigslist. I got my job. Banks: TD Canada Trust is the one I used they did not require any proof of address before we had a place sorted as long as you go to the Swap induction course. There is a bar attached to hostel.aspx Travel: You should get a bus pass at least for the first month until you figure out where you are living. Another alternative is the Samesun on Granville St. You will get everything on CL. Areas to Live: I lived in an area called Kits (Kitsillano) I was only 8 blocks from the beach and $15 included tip for a cab home after a night out! I know people who had to pay $50 for a cab home and others had to stay up all night to wait for the trains to start up again to get home.swap. If you decide on the Samesun get off at VCC stop. Also you will need to travel around to view apartments and go for job interviews. book flights it’s all online and you will require a credit card. They don't charge your credit card it's just used as There is a London drugs store on West Georgia and Granville you can't miss it once you are downtown it’s opposite the VCC skytrain station. The Swap office will also sort out your SIN (social insurance number) you will need to email them to book into a induction course once you arrive. if you want to travel i. They give some documentation to advise the bank to just arrived and they will be your guarantors. Condo' another central location outside downtown I would recommend Commercial Drive.. There are other areas but I would only recommend both. which is very central and cheap.thecambie. I wouldn't you can pick stuff up for free on www. which you cannot provide! Accommodation: Flats. The monthly bus passes cover every form of public transport including skytrains and bus ferries across to north van. Phone Networks: All networks are gangster there is an added charge for everything Fido is probably the best out of a bad bunch. However.htm If arriving from YVR Airport (Vancouver) you can take the Canada Line Skytrain to both hostels.. Richmond ($600 .downtownaccommodations.Getting familiar with Vancouver.asp Places to rent (preference to your suitability): (but I’ll indicate the viable areas on a map for you when we meet) 1) Kitsilano (large student/irish population) 2) Vancouver 3) Burnaby (would require a longer commute) 4) West Vancouver (would require a longer commute) 5) North Vancouver (would require a longer commute) Beaches: English Bay (nearby Kitsilano) Parks: Stanley Park Restaurants: Sushi restaurants are very popular (extremely large Asian influence/population in Vancouver) Robson Street (popular street for different types of cuisine) . here are a few good ones.$900 per month) Check out as many websites as www.tourismvancouver.rentbc. British Columbia Renting Prices: will vary depending on location/type of property (rent normally taken at end of each month) Notice: most landlords require a contract/tenancy agreement to be signed – normally requires 1 mths notice (read carefully)! Furnished: works out more expensive on rent Unfurnished: cheaper on rent but you have to furnish yourself – IKEA.htm www. www.

Camera security in each cab http://foundlocally. Debit (laser) cards: almost everywhere takes debit as opposed to cash . otherwise they accept cash.html Vancouver Black Top & Checker Cabs 777 Pacific St. downtown (gay friendly society) – brings you onto English Bay Canada Place.greater Vancouver Local cab companies: always carry a few numbers with you Cabs accept visa/debit card (laser) but must acknowledge before journey begins. (604) 681-2181 Burnaby Select Taxi Ltd Vancouver. Vancouver.english-vancouver. Vancouver. 1441 Clark. (604) 683-6666 Vancouver Taxi Ltd Vancouver. easy to find your way around) http://www. Blackcomb) Victoria (By ferry) MAP OF DOWNTOWN VANCOUVER / VANCOUVER AREA (everything is crossing in grids. (604) 433-4466 Maclure's Cabs (1984) Ltd 1510 W 3rd.pdf .tourismvancouver. downtown Chinatown (warning – quite dangerous at night – next to local food banks for the homeless) Whistler Ski Resort (Grouse Mountain.Places you MUST visit: Vancouver: Granville Island Davie Vancouver http://www. (604) 871-1111 Yellow Cab Co Ltd. (604) 681-1111 Employment Agencies: Search relevant agencies – sign up with all of them! Mobile phones: reasonable enough in price Call cards: $20 call card (save on further expenses) can be purchased from any 7/11 store Recommend: HSBC Bank or CIBC Bank (located throughout mainland Vancouver) Tax: everything has tax added onto its original price so be aware ofthis before buying.

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