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Mayor Herrmann

of the Board of Trustees


Jen Gomez
Julie A. Tappendorf
Intergovernmental January 10, 2012

Agreement (Grand Illinois Trail/Island

Lake Segment)

On April 26, 2007, the Village Board of Trustees of Island Lake approved an intergovernmental agreement with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) concerning the creation of Grand Illinois Trail. A copy of the IGA is attached as Exhibit A and a copy of the minutes of the meeting where the IGA was approved are attached to this memorandum as Exhibit B. Under the IGA, the Village agreed to cooperate with IDNR on the construction of the proposed trail within the Village's borders and to include certain construction obligations in its agreement with Walnut Glen subdivision, which the Village did when it approved the Walnut Glen development approvals.

We were recently contacted by the IDNR for a copy of the signed IGA which they need for their records. Unfortunately, the Village was unable to locate a signed copy of the IGA in its files. Although the Village Clerk provided a signed certification to the IDNR that the IGA was approved by the Village Board (Exhibit C), the IDNR requires that the IGA be signed by the Mayor and Clerk. Because neither the Mayor nor the Clerk served in those roles at the time the IGA was approved in 2007, we have recommended that the current Village Board formally authorize them to sign the IGA. The proposed action does not "reapprove" the IGA since it was validly approved in 2007; instead, this action merely authorizes the current Mayor and Clerk to sign the IGA in the form approved in 2007.

I will be at the meeting on January

12th to answer questions

about this issue.







Agreement made tlzis 200 day between the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, herein after referred to as IDNR, and the Village of Island Lalce, herein after referred to as Village, an Hltnais Municipal Corporation.


%HEREAS, the continued development of the
Grand Illinois Trail, a. 500 mile trail initiative in zzartlzerzz Illuzois, is a priority af the Governor and the IDNR, and includes those identified local tz'ail initiatives wluclz comprise the whole; and

7/HEREAS, Article X of the Constitution of the State of Illinois authorizes and encourages units of local government to contract ar otherwise associate among themselves and with the State to abt'ain or slzare services and to exercise, combine
or tzansfer any power

function; and

%HEREAS, The Intergovernmental

Coaperation Act, 5 ILCS 220/l et seq authorizes and encourages cooperative agreements between units of Illinois'tate and local governnzent; and

%HEREAS, the IDNR is authorized to participate in the development of

recreational areas pursuant to 20 ILCS 805/18, and,

VYHEREAS, the Village is autlzorized ta participate in the development of'he Walnut Glen Subdivision and execute this Intergovernmental Agreement by act of their duly constituted Board; and
the Village owns the land where a proposed development af a recreational trail, now a recognized portion of the Grand Illizzois Trail azzd future extension of the Moraine HiUs State Parle Trail, will be constructed by way of dedication tlzrough annexation of the Walnut Glen Subdivision; and


V/XKiREAS, future development of the Moraine Hills Grand Illinois Trail will extend west to cozzzzect witlz existing portions a$ the Moraine I&is River Road Trail, therefore land creating this trail is arz identified critical segnzent af the Grand Illinois Trail, a 500 nzile trail initiative in norther Illinois nzanaged by IDNR., and;


WHEREAS, the IDNR has applied for and received Pederal Enhancement funding administ:ered by the Illinois Department of Transportation for the design and construction of pedestrtan structures and trai1 far Moraine 1411s State Park;

WIIEREAS, the purpose of this Intergovernmental Agreement is limited solely ta the Operation and. limited. maintenance of the Valnut Glen Subdivision Open
Space and

Tel segment;

NO'N, THER'&'ORE&, in. cansideratian of'the mutual promises, terms cooperation, and conditions set forth herein, and in the spirit af intergovenunental 1DNR and the Village agree as follows;


of I'reambles. The preamble set forth abave are

incorporated herein aud made a part thereof,

Establishment of Grand Illinois Trail/ Island Lake. In accordance with tl&e intent of IDNR and the to create the Grand. Illinois Trail, in accordance with prepared p1 ans and specifications lazo wn as Walnut Glen Subdivision the Village agrees ta include their interests in parcels of land, presently owned or to be acquired in the future, within the geographic boundaries of'the trail and open space, as is necessmy.

Lead ALencv. IDNH. designates the Village as the lead Agency for the construction af the TraB. In its capacity as the lead Agency, the Village shall be responsible for procuring and coordinating all aspects of the
construction services, including construction. engineering development of the Trail.

services in


Financial Resnonsibilitv,
any IDNB. finds.

The Village, through its agreements with the owner and builder will complete the trail and open space project without


operation and maintenance of the Trail, and will have authorized access to the trail and open space upon transfer of responsibility to IDNR.

Access, The Village will coordinate and provide access related to


Upon campletion of the Walnut Glen Subdivision Trail IDNR and Open Space,, and upon. inspection of the completed. facilities by for limited maintenance StaK, the IDNR wi11 assume full responsibility and operation of said Trail.

or the Village has reason ta believe that a violation written natice thereaf specifying in detail the violation and. the facts supporting the claim shall be served upon the Agency that allegedly committed or is permitting such vial ation to occur. The IDNR and the Village agree to act m good faith and ta ca operate with each other to resolve any disputes which may arise in the performance of this Agreement, IDNR or the Village may use any legal action or proceeding, whether at law or in equity, ta enfarce any provision of tins Agreement and ta recover any damages including, but not limited to, reasonable attorney fees.



of tlus Agreement has occurred or is occurring,

Transfers. Neither Agency shall sell, assign ar otherwise transfer its

interest under this Agreement without the written approval of the other Agency. The pzavisians set forth in this Agreement shall be bindi ng upon and inru'e to the benefit af the approved successors and assigns af IDNR and the Village,

Notices. All notices given under tliis Agreement shall be in writing and shall be either {a) served personally during regular business hours; (b)
served by facsimile transznission during regular business hours coupled with the mailing af the original in. the U.S. Mail on the same day, postage prepaid, or (c) served by certifLed or registered mail, retttrn receipt requested, properly addressed. with postage prepaid and deposited in the United States Mail. Notices servedpersonally or by facsinule transntission shall be effective upon receipt, and notices served by mail shall be effective upon receipt as verified by the United State Postal Service. Notices shall be setved at the fallowing addresses:

Villa,ge of Island Lake Attn; ThaI11as P. Hyde

3720 Greenleaf Avenue Island Laic, IL 60042 Tel.(847) 526-8764 7'BX.(847) 526-1534
Hlinais Department of Natural Resaurces Attn: George B. Bellovics 2317 East Lincolnway Suite A

Sterling, Illinois 61081

Tel (815) 625-2968 I"ax (815) 6~5-0706


Execution. IDNR and. the Village shall approve tliis Agreement by the execution of a separate signature page and shall send the original page to IDNR, After bath original signature pages have been received, IDNR shall
provide the Village with

a fully executed


of tlus Agreemant.



The provisions set forth herein represent tlie entire agreement between tbe IDNR and the Village and supercede any previous oral or written. agreements, as it is tha intent of IDNR and tlie Village ta provide for integration within the terms of tliis Agreement. No provision may be niodified in any respect unless such modification is in writing and signed by each agency.
The Village of Island Lalce and Department agree that each wi11 accept responsibility far losses or injury clanns that arise liam the acts or. aniissions of their respective employees agents and contractors. I'urthez, the Department and tlM Village will to the best of their ability and to the extent possible inc]ude the other party as an additional insiired when contractors are retained to perform worlc on the Islancl Lalce Trail Segment of the Grand Illinois Trail.



The Village as the property owner, authorizes and agrees to cooperate with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources in the operation of the Island. Lalce Trail Segment of the Grand Illinois Trail on property owned and contralled by the Village. Subject to authority granted to the Department in. state law and. pursuant ta the provisions of the Intergovernmental Cooperation Act, the Deparhnent &vill be responsible for lasses and injinies that niay arise froru the authorized recreational use of the Island Lalce Trail Segment of the Grand. Illinois Trail, In the event af loss or injury the Villag~ and the Department agree to cooperate in tbe resolution., settlanient or defense of any and all such claims. The Deparlcnent will talce the lead in such inatters includirig litigatian if necessary and will involve the Office of the Illinois Attorney General in such niatters as is no~mal and customary for the Department. If a clainis arising from the recreational use af the trail sinuses, tha Department will be responsib)e for all costs incurred. by the Ofsce of the Illinois Attorney General.

IN AVITNESS THEREOF, the parties have entered into tliis Agreement as of the


,200 .









Mayor Thomas

P. Hyde called

the meeting to order at 7&30 pm,


ROLL CALL Roll call indicated the following present; Trustees Eberhard Becker, Greg Guido, Deborah Herrrnann, Huff, Dan Schmidt and Steve Stiller.
Also ln attendance Lake Management

was: Village Attorney Margaret Kostopoious, Ance/, Committee and John Little, Finance Director.


Police Chief John Fellmann; Bob Carpenter,

1. Ceil to order

2. Approval of Island Lake Lionesses Caramel Pop Day May 4+ and 5'" and approvai to stand outside island True Value and Island Lake Post Office

of Island


Motion by Trustee Huff, properly seconded to approve Island Lake Lionesses Caramel Pop Day May 4lh and approval to stand outside of Island Foods, Island True Value and /a/and Lake Post Office

5" and

Upon roll call, Trustees voted


as follows:
Huff, Schmidt


Trustees Backer, Guido, Herrmann,

Mone Mone None

and Stiller


Ma/ion was

declared carried.


Approval of perrnitand waiving ofthe permif fee forthe Island Lake Lions Club beer tent Carnival May 18'", 19"'nd 20'"

at the island Lake Chamber

Motion by Trusfee Huff, properly seconded fo approve permit and waiving of fhe permit fee for the Island Lal&e L/ans Club beer tent at the island Lake Chamber Carnival May 18'", 19"'nd 20'"

Trustee Herrmann commented that she has no trouble waiving a permit fee for the Lions Club; however, she is nof in favor of a beer tent at fhis particular event due to the clientele that aftends this event. Trustee Guido questioned lf there were any problems last year at the evenf. The Lions Club replied that there was nof and thatis why they are asl&ing to ba part of/his event once again. Mayor Hyde asked to include in the mofion also fhe ofher 2 events that the Lians Club wi/I be holding this year and needs approval of a beer tent and a permit. Attorney Kostopolaus stated that fhe agenda can not be changed. TITis topic can be discussed; however, the agenda can't be altered, This would have to be voted on af another meeting.
Upon roll cail, Trustees vofed




Mat/on was

Trustees Becl&er, Guido, Huff, Schmidt and Stiller Trustee Herrmann

Nona None

declared canied.
Grand Illinois Traillis/and

4. Approval of/ntergovemmental
Motion by Trustee Herrmann,

Grand illinois Trail/la/and

properly seconded fo approve Intergovernmental



Trustee Schmidt reported that Attamey Scott Puma has reviewed this document and has approved the document. /DNR has agreed fo accept responsibility of injury claims. The (DNR will fake the leadin claims.


Special Voting Committee Meeting

April 26, 2007 page 2 of 5


Upcn roll call, Trustees voted

as follows;
Huff, Schmidt and Stiller


Trustees Backer, Guido, Herrmann,

None Norie None

Motion was declared carried.

5. Approval of Peace OiFicer Memorial Resolution for May 15~ as well as fhe flag fo be lowered on May 15fh
Motion by Trustee Guida, properly

to be lawered on May 15th

seconded to approve Peace Officer Memariai Resolution for May

15"'s well


/he tlag

Upon roll cail, Trustees vated

as follows;
Huff, Schmidt


Motion was

Trustees Backer, Guido, Herrmann,


and Stiller

None None

declared carried.

6. Approval of intergovernmental agreement befween the Vil(age of/eland Lake and the County of Lake far the funding af enhanced 9-1-1 wireless emergency felephone call taking service
Mot(on by Trustee Huff, properly seconded to approve intergovernmental Agreemanf befween the Village and the County of Lake for the funding of enhanced 9-1-1 wireless emergency telephone ca(l taking service

of island


Upon rail call, Trustees



Trustees Backer, Guido, Herrmann,


Huff, Schmidt

and Stiller




Motion wes declared carried.

7. Approval of ordinance 1311-07setfing fhe salary and general terms af employment af theinterim police chief
Trustee Guido reported that the Board worked as a whole on this ordinance and it reflect the contracf that the Board has passed already previously on April 5" for the interim Police Chief, The canfract was rejected by Mr, Fellmann, The Attorney requested that this contract be put into ordinance form and that's whaf's being presented this evening. It sets the salary and requirements for the interim Police Chief There is na term within the ordinance.
Motion by Trustee Guido, properly seconded to approve employment of the interim police chief.


1311-07 seffing

fhe salary and general femss of

as he became Mayor, same said ta him that he is very fortunate ta be able fo choose the majorify that theMayor MayorHydesaidthatsomepeopleevensalcf Itwasadlfficultsituatlan. offhe Trusteesthatheworkswifh. chose yes people, When the Mayor chose Trustees, he looked for experience and he asked for a commitmenf fa the Village and fo vote far yourconsciousness. Mayor Hyde asked these Trustees to closely evaluate decisions and to make decisions based on the bestinterests of the community. Mayor Hyde stated that there's no question, one Trusfee has strong, negative feelings towards fhe Police Chief andif's been placedin front af everyone. Mayor Hyde presented some Special Voting Cammittee Meeting Apri/26, 2007- page 3 of 5
Mayor Hyde stated fhaf

facls and thoughts ior considerefian before the Board votes on this ordinance. He stafed fhat as you look at all the employees in the Village, including the Department Heads, Clerical, Wafer Dept., Public Works, Police Department, etc., our Police Chief wi(i be the only personnel in the Village naf to receive a raise this year. The only personnel in the Village. Mayor Hyde said thaf as the Board looks back, there were some different peaple up here; however, the same situation came

aur Public Works Director. He was the only person not to receive a pay raise. At that point and time, it wes vetoed, the budget, and carried baclr and fhe Board approved a raise for that employee. Mayor Hyde said, as you look al the Department Heads this year, they will receive a 6-7% pay raise which is in!ine. Our Police Chief will be making less than the subordinates that he is working with. That generally doesn't fit. Mayar Hyde said thaf he daesn't know of any alber PolIce Chief fhat he can find that is working without insurance covered. He reported fhaf he made quite a few calls today asking that question. Mayor Hyde said our Police Chief does not have health insurance coverage which equates to a $ 13,000 to $14,000 expense. Mayor Hyde passed aut an updafed study. The last time the Board saw this study, it's been updated since then, there are some changes. Mayor Hyde said that this sfudy is a Nldeer municipal survey. There are 18 communities most like island Lake on fhe study. Mayor Hyde said that larger communifies do pay higher salaries. Island Lake would not pay a salary obviously like Arlington Height or Scheumburg or fhe li/&e. He said if yau look at population, Island Lake is tl&e fauifh largest in the survey. When you looir at the salary, Island La/(e is at the boftom af the survey, the second to the bottom. The anly community lower than island Lakeis Sleepy Hollow. As you look at the service calls, Island Lake is the second from the highest and again on the bottom for salary. When you look at personnel, Island Laice is third from the highest and again on fhe baftom for salary. Mayor Hyde stated that the vacation schedule, he can naf find a Police Chief that is on a one year staifing employee vacation. When's hired as a Police Chief, you'e a Senior employee, hired because of your experience and background andin many circumstances, one probably comes from an extensive employment somewhere else such as our Police Chief did. He said you'e coming in as a Senior employee and as a senior employee, you don' stan out with ane week of vacation. Mayor Hyde said it's different when you'e walking in wifh 30 some years of Police force experience. He said one wouid normally nat accept a one week vacatian in a contract. He said that the ordinance also takes away the vehicle. The 18 communities an the survey, in 17 of them, the Police Chief takes home a vehicle. Mayor Hyde said that what fhe Boardis looking at doing here, they are 100% wrong. He said that communication is strong and important. In the first year of Chief Fe//mann's hiring, the Police Committee had two meetingsin a year. He feels that it is not righf that the Chief did not receive an invitation fo those meetings. The communication back and forth, between the Board and the Chief, end the Chlefback to the Board, don't match at all, the Mayor repoiter. Mayor Hyde said fhat communication fram the Chief baclr fo fhe Board is daily as well as is extensive. Mayor Hyde said that when the Board asked far more feedback fhey received itinstantly on every area that fhey asked for. Mayor Hyde said that Monday of this week, Trustee Guida asked to negotiate with the Police Chief. if the Mayor said, there were no negotiations, he thin/cs each Board Member wauld know what he ls say(ng. It was put on the table and said "that's it". He does not believe that' appropriate at all. Mayor Hyde stated that he is ask!ng the Board to sit down with the Police Chief, an execuflve meeting among the Board, to iron out and take a look at the specifics of the negativity that's been alleged against fhe Police Chief. He said thaf in our Country, we are guaranteed the right to a free trial, a prior trail, a fair trial and he feels that nothing has been fairin the communication back and forthin fatal of this Board. He said evenin fhe execufive meeting that the Baard held, to review this matter, on a Saturday, the Pa/ice Chief was notinvifed to the meet/ng to review concerns. He said there Mayor Hyde is asking the Board tonight, before they vote, ta fake a look at has nat been that overall communication. He said fo the Board thaf fhey've gof the time, to take an evening next week, bring fhe Boar d together, pick consideration. aut those elements that the Board has concerns with and allow the Police Chief fo address those concerns. Mayor Hyde said that there isn't one bit of statisfics that says that this ls righf, The salary Isn't right. The car isn't rig/it. The vacation isn't right. There's nothing right with this. Mayor Hyde said that as you step back and take a look at politics, unfortunately himself that word has been stepped on he beiieves. He hapes the Board will give the Police Chief the opportunity to a/law Members. If the Board decides then after that, that this is the only wey to go and right to review these areas with the Board matters that they have way to go, at least he'l feel that fhe Board has given the Chief fair and proper attention to the concerns with. To this poinf, this has not been done.
up with relation fo

fram the Trustee Becker stated that with regard to the handout fhis evening, he received the same handauf two weeks ago He said this did nof get the same handout. Mayor and yet the figures are different. Mayor Hyde replied that the Board stated that fhis handout has been updated. Trustee Beaker questioned some af the figured on the study and Mayor Hyde 1". Mayor Hyde repaifed that fhe numbers were fram almost twa years aga. Chief Eel/mann study was updated as of May the salaries were spoke up and said that the study was dane lasf year actually. Trustee Backer said that how come only updated page 4 af 5 April 26, 2007 Special Voting Committee Meeting

rest of the survey. Nothing changed but fhe salaries. Mayor Hyde said that's because he was only lacking the fact that the salaryis on at the salaries when I&e completed this. That was the focus of why he did this. He was relafing could be worked on. Trusfee Beaker the bottom. If Trustee Becker would I!ke everything updated, Mayor Hyde said that Hyde replied that he said thatin his opinion, if one was going to do this, that eveiythlng would have been updated. Mayor
then and nat the
did not do fhat.

to negotiate. He Trustee Guido said that he had canversafion with the Chief. He did tell the Chief that they were going and tall(ed to fhem. He reached four of the Trustees. 3 of the Trustees reported that they reached out to the Trustees Guida also had conversation wished nat to negotiate and wanted to move forward on the terms of the agreeinenf. Trustee ordinance form. He spol&e ta his Senior partner, Attorney with Attorney Puma and he said that the Board has to put thIs inta Board has had numerous Diamond, and he tao recommended that this be In ordinance form. Trustee Guido stated that fhe

meetings on this matter, there's been numeraus things the Board has asked fhe Mayor nat fa do regarding this matter, and the Mayor wenf ahead and didit anyway. He added that there were many conversafions between the Chief and the Mayor, the Board has spoken numerous times wifh regard to this matter and there's been many different issues talked about, and the Board has been dealing with this since January. Numerous Trusfees have worl&ed an the confract separately ta try to get ibis in a form that everyone was comfortable wifh.
Upon roll call, Trustees voted

as follows:


Trustees Backer, Guido, Hemnann and Schmidt Trustees Huff and Stiller
None None


Molion was declared carried.


items from the Clerk, Trusfees and Department Heads




at?:30 pm.

Kaczmarek reminded the Board that the Appropriation


is next Thursday as part af the meeting.

Trustee Beckerinvited Debbie Meyers of the Island Lake Chamber regarding the carnival. Ms. Meyers presented the insurance papers from fhe Chamber far the event to Clerk Kaczmarek. Trusfee Herrmann expressed concern wifhinsurance covered especially when serving alcahol at an event. She stated fhai the Board approved lhe carnival originally under the assumption that fhe event was wifhout alcohol. She saidit's a family event and alcohol can change the time, She would like, in the future, more notice from fhe Chamber sa that events such as these can be more thoroughly discussed. Trustee Schmidt reported that the Mother/Son Bowling eventis this Saturday from f2 to 4 pm. They are look3 ing for one more volunteer. Trustee Schmidt thanked Clerk Kaczmarek and Karen Luebbers for putfing together fhe Kite Fly for Saturday, May 5"'in Converse Park. Fire 8 Ice, professional kite flyers, will be there. He thanked Don Verslgllo, Fran Sadaski and Clerk Kaczmarek for running the event. Trustee Stiller reported that the Board approved a boat lift and pier last week for the Eastway Park. Mr. Koot2 stra did some ciouble checking with the Sfate due fo the fact tlzat the pari& was purchased with grant money. The Village has received approval from the Stale far this pier and boat lift. Trustee Stiller stated that last Eall he discussed with the Chief the stray cat and dog problenzs within our Vil3 lage. They are using aur Village beaches as litter boxes. It's been 6 months and Trustee Sfiller has heard nothing back from the Ghief. Chief Fellmenn reported fhaf McHenry County was considering for some fime licenses. They decided not fo go fhis route. The Chief reported fhat himself and Frank DeSort will be working an this maffer in the iutvre. He added that maybe an Environment Officer would be an option. He/She could be trained to handle animal compiaints as well as work an ardinances and ardinance violations. Willie Kootsfra reported that fhe 200? MFT bid open was today. The nvmbers came in low so that's good. The Board will need to vote on this in the nearfufure. He reported that Walnut Glen is moving along on their raads, The gravel is down and the curves are goingin shortly,

Items from the Mayor


Mayor Hyde reporteci fhat he sent an email to the Board with regarding Rimas Lodge. April 25, 2007- page 5 of 5 Special Voting Commitfee Meeting

He reported that the Lake Covnfy Municipal League handed out this weekinfarmatlon on gross receipfs tax. Mayor Hyde attended the Northwest Illinais Planning Water Committee. He asked for the Board to vote on a $200 donation to the Waucanda Memorial Day Parade. disMayor Hyde announced that he offered the new Trustees a meeting for sometime next week with open 0'". His expectation is that the cussion covering many different areas and he believes they likely be sworn in on May $ the May 10"'eeting, fhe current Board will go through that May 70'" meeting and then at the end of fhat meeting, new Trustees would be sworn in.

Trustee Herrmann reported that she received a call regarding Prairie Woods construction. The canstrvction is being used for traffic. The gate has been broken, it appears to always be open and new residents on Spruce have road some children piaying in the road. Mr. Kootstra replied that the gates are damaged, He said it hed to be removed so yes, matter over fo fhe McHenry Township ta decide on an acceptcars are gaing down there now. Mr. Kootstra handed this that she looked able gate. He said that this was svpposed fo be an emergency access road only. Trustee Henmann said Spruce was part of at the annexation agr cement and she does nof believe that the no constrvction traffic on the ariginal

the annexation agreement and she is not sure exactly where thatis and she will continue ta lookinto it. Trustee Herrmann asked the Chief for comments and the Chief reported that they have responded ta complaints. They set up a radarin that area and there was little activity. Trustee Herrmann stated that this was supposed to be a walking path.


Motion by Trustee Schmidt, properly seconded to open the meeting to the floor. Upon voice vote, motion was

declared carried.
bio public comment this evening.

6 7 8

Motian by Trustee Henmann, properly seconded to bring the meeting back to the board. motion was unanimously declared carried.

Upon voice vate,

Motion by Trustee Herrmann, properly seconded ta go into Executive Session for collective bargaining, sonnel and land acquisition. Upon voice vote, motion was unanimausly declared carried.

10 11


12 13

All in


Motion by Trustee Stiller to come out 14 ing, properly secanded. Ail in favor.

of Executive Session and

return to the special voting committee meet-

Motion by Trustee Herrmann,

properly seconded to adjourn the special voting committee meeting. business was discussed, the meeting adjourned at 9:45 pm. All in favor.

Being that no further

Christine Kaczmarek,

Village Clerk


3720 CREENLEAE AVENUE ISLAND LAKE, ILI INOIS 60{I42 {817)926-876 I ~ FAX (847)526-IS3I
ivw w.viltngnofistnnd
tn Ice.eom

I, .Jen Gomez, ala the cluly appointecl ancl acting Village Clerk of the Village of Islanc'I Lake Attached hereto as Exhibit A are lhe minutes ol the April 26, 2007 special voting meeting ol'lhe Village Board of thc Village of Island Lalce. These minutes are hue and correct to thc best of any Icnowvleclge, Attached hereto as Exhibit 8 is lhe 'Intergovernmenlal Agveemenl C~rancl illinois Tl ail / Island l.,akc Scgn1cnt, Is]ancl L'akc, IL". Upon information and belief this is thc 1ntergovcr(M1cutal Ag&reen1ent xvhich divas approved by the Island Lalce V ill tlge Board on Apl'll (6! 7007. I have conducted a diligent search ol the records ol the Village and have been unable [o locate a signed copy of the saicl Intcrgovcrnmcntal Agrcctnent, Both the I)j'Iayor, "1homas1. l-l l l V'Ila c Clcrlc. C11ristv l~aczmnrek, who weve in office on April 26, 2007, are no lol'lgcl'n Office, To )TJy IUJojjvleclge the Village 13oarcl ll!Li lalcen no slePs since Pl) o 1.
l'epcal the llltel'gove111nlenlul

Agl e( nlel'll.

.1cn 4on1eFE
L{),l I7

llagc Clef lc





sj EEL-

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12+ 1, r'2,