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January 6, 2012

Dear Friend in Christ, One of the most enjoyable aspects of my work as Africa Area Director is the opportunity I have to meet and to work with so many of Gods people. I hear their personal testimonies and I am truly amazed to see how God has moved in their lives to equip them for His work. It is with great joy that I take this opportunity to tell you how God has intervened in the lives of Damon and Miriam Ellis and brought them to serve with Wycliffe Associates (WA) in Kenya. Approximately a year ago, at the encouragement of family members who also work with WA, Damon agreed to bring his family to Kenya for a few months to fill in while the only I.T. Technician working with DOOR (Deaf Opportunities OutReach) International returned home to the United States. DOORs role as a partner with Wycliffe organizations provides leadership in the critical work of translating the Bible into sign language for the nearly 70 million deaf people who have never heard scripture in their unspoken language. Without a full-time I.T. Technician on site, computer-dependent sign language translation in Kenya would be forced to come to a screeching halt. As God is able to speak in any language, it didnt take the Ellis long to realize that He was telling them, This is where I want you. What was to be only an interim job soon turned into a full-time life commitment for the entire Ellis family. So urgently were they needed in the field that they left their jobs and friends, sold their belongings and arrived in Kenya in May, having raised just 30% of the financial support that they needed to live and work full-time in Africa. But Damon and Miriam are grateful for what that 30% represents to them: It is a testament to the power and provision of our Lord. In the few short months they have been at DOOR, Damon has begun the printing of the very first Bibles in Tanzanian and Ghanian Sign Language. During this time, portions of Bibles in Kenyan, Ethiopian, Burundi, Ugandan and Kerala (Indian) Sign Languages have been printed and distributed in their home countries. Their team of faithful supporters standing with them in this calling have made it possible for the Ellis to reach out and make a difference in the lives of countless non-hearing people in Africa and India. Damon and Miriam are back in the USA now to complete their preparations for returning to Kenya in March. They are committed to raising the additional $2,600.00 per month they must have to continue their work at DOOR. With Damons and Miriams permission, I ask you to search your heart and respond in the way God is leading you to support and encourage them as they make their plans for the future. Prayer is the most fundamental work we do for His kingdom. Will you commit to pray that they reach the full amount of support they need and, with prayers answered, they are ready to return to Africa in March? They are needed.

If you are already a faithful financial partner with Damon and Miriam, you have shown that you share their love for touching the lives of the most unreached people groups in the world. You have already made a difference in ways you may not yet realize. Could you possibly consider a small increase in your monthly gift to ensure that they are able to complete the work that is before them? If you have not yet made a decision about financial support for this couple, will you consider making that commitment now? Whether you pledge regular monthly support or a one-time gift of any amount God places on your heart, you will be walking alongside Damon and Miriam in the field as they carry out their important work for the unreached souls in Africa and India. At Wycliffe Associates, we believe that sending willing people like the Ellis to support the work being done in the field is one of the most strategic investments WA can make. Your gifts to the ministry of Damon and Miriam Ellis will be an investment in the salvation of lost people who have never before heard Gods message of grace and love. The personalized donation form included with this letter provides an opportunity for you to let Damon and Miriam know that you are a loyal member of their partnership team. Wont you please let them hear from you right away? You will be blessed.

Working together in Christ,

Eric Hagman, Africa Area Director

Learn more about the work of Damon and Miriam Ellis among the deaf in Africa and India on their website: