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September 23rd, 2011 Listing journal #2 Piece: hey soul sister Artist: John Burroughs Sound Sensations Genre:


The song begings with full force, all 45 girls start together in a stron allgero tempo. the song is in 4 part hormany and the harmony is counterpoint with saprano,alto tenor and bass, all done by girls. The sapranos are the manin melody with lyrics and are over powerd by the rest of the choir who were singing vocal oh, and different beats. There where no instruments used in the pice but the vocal ohs, and beats. The girls sounded like they were clashing and were struggling with bringing their pitch to a bass toneality. The dynamics were not very well done, they had no changes and where always loud. The song was bright and vivo with a major tonality, and it was preformed live in front of an audience, so no auto tune was used. When the song ends you are very lost in all the comoshion of the piece and it seems to be just a blurr.

This osng made me feel, happy and bright. The orginal did this too. I enjoyed the ways and the ideas the girls had for this song. I would have loved to of had them plan it out better and add more dynamics and not make the grils do bass, becsse it sounded like they where struggling. I likr that this song was arranged by highschool students like myself. I got to see what other people in an arts hightschool do, and that we are not allone in our art journy. The musical accompianment was a preferd way for me. I love when vocls creat sounds to use for instruments. The song overall ws very good but could have been done much better.

Stember 30th,2011 Listing journal #3 Piece: city called heaven Artist: toronto childrens choir Genre: jazz

The song starts with a piano intro, it is in a minor courd and is soft in mezzo piano. The children begin very sticato, they are also mezzo piano but with a cresndo they rise into fotre, and the sapronas are more pronounce. The choir calms down to mezzo piano and becaomes very sticato and will rise in cresndows to forte then decresndo back to mezzo piano, while a solo saprano female sings. The saprano steps down and the choir resomes in a high forte, and a new sapraon steps up. The choirs repets the same as they did with the first soloist. The choir stops and accapell the solist sings. She sings my home and steches out the home and the choir joins and in a large xcresendo the song is done. The song moves form 4/4,3/4, then back to 4/4 . the balance and belnd of the 4 part harmony was amazing no one is over powering and every can be heard expecially becsue there dictation was very clear. The use of slurs from the soloist, and the call and response I the end was very well done. The song was choppy but easy to fallow. The song was counterpoint overall but at the chorus it was polly fonic. The song was arranged very well. The song made me feel, warm and cozy but with a hint of fear. It was ike watching a horror movie under the covers with a friend. It was scary but you enjoyed it. The musical accompiamnet was amzing, even though it was only one piano it roared with power. I very much enjoyed the song. These children where very good at showing there voices, and were very powerfull. I would have and will change nothing to this song. The style of this music was very good, it was a dark jazz piece, and I enjoyed how it had the elements of jazz but with a twist os sour to it. Overall this is a song that I would put on my phone to hear again.

October 7th, 2011 Listing journal #4 Piece: Amasango Artist: Insingizi Genre: forengin

The beging is very odd, it satarts off with vocal precsuhion, but the noises are clucking, pushing out air and scretching. Then a group of male bass lines begin and a solo tenor male starts. The harmony is 3 part harmony and it is in 2/4 time. The song is in another langue, and it sounds like an african poiece. They are very bright and the dynamics do not change that much mostly from mezzoforte to forte . The song goes back to the purchshion for 3 bars and begins the same. The timber is very bright/vivo and calming. The song beggins to do a call and responcce and then it starts to fade out and it comes to an end. There was no auto tunre used and it was very fresh and natural sounding. The balance and blend could have been better. The male solosit was a llittle to over powering from the rest of the group. The songwas counteroint and in the call and reponce it was pollyfonic.

This song maks me feel very calm but yet I have a urge to sway with them. Its very enjoyable to hear and it would be so nice to wake up in the morning to this because it is relaxing but it gives you the energy to wake up. I really enjoyed how reaxed the singer sounded and how they just went with the flow, and had fun. I have never heared of thiese men so that does not affect my opion of this song. the musical accompimnet was very well done, it was odd. With vocals purchsions you hear clapping, oh and ahs but with these

men it was more freeing and orginal. I would not change anything to this song they way they did it was just perfect.

November 11th 2011 Listing log #9 Piece: pretty young thing Artist: mike tompkins Genre: pop

The song beggins with vocal beats and a male solo narator. The beats increase and the male solo starts to sing. The song is allegro, and the timber is very vivo and bright, also it is in a majoy key. The song has a call and response part. The song has a male alto,tennor, and saprano. The gnere of this piece is pop. The dynamics are not very good, it is all mostly forte. The songs moves from the call and response back to verse and then back to call and response. The malso soist goes back to narrator and the beats have a solo type part. Then the song goes to an entire call and response between the male vocalist and background singer then goes back to the cours. The song is 4/4 time and because all the voices had to be ditaly altered for him to maek all the instrumetns autotune coulde be used the harmonies where also 3 part harmony. The song then fades out and ends. This song is counter point and it is smooth but very kaotic because there are so many things happening.

I really enjoyed this song, it was fun and outgoing. The artist did empact the song both artist. Because it was a michael jasckson piece that I had heard

befor I would most likey enjoy ti and I have head mike tompkins befor and I really enjoy his musis, so for both to collide it would be a song I would really enjoy. Some things that I would change to the song would have to be dyanmics and to tone down all the kaoticness of this song. there was too much going, and there wer not a lot of dynamics, iw ould hav added more but not make then very big of dynaimcs. I really enjoyt his style of musoc by creating all the instruments and effects with your voice. I would conisder this pioece to be popular based on all the view he gets on youtube. Overall I really enjoyed this song. November 21st, 2011

November 21st 2011 Listing journal #10 Poiece: seasons of love Artist: rent Genre: musical theater

The song beggins with a piano intro, in a modeato tempoin 4/4 time. . the 3 part harmony opeans up and are mezzo piano. The choir grows to fore and there are no others big dynamcs. There are saprano,alto and tennor. The song is polyfonic but it is counterpoint at chours. The song breaks out to a femal saorano and ten a male tennor slolists. While they are singing the choir are doing vocal ohs. The song balance and blend is very good, no one is over powering anyone. The instruments are piano, drum kit, clapping and vocal. The song is very bright and sad. It has a message about never forgetting but it is sad that we are forgetting people. The song is very smooth and easy to fallow. The song ends with a high saprano adlibbing and slurring while the rest of the choir decresdnos.

I did enjoy this song very much. It has a powerfull message that we should all listen to. I would not change anything about ths son because I felt that it was done very well. I did enjoy the instruments used in this song because they were simple but added a lot to the songr meaning for me. I like that this was a musical theater song, because I really enjoy heaing and seeing actor/songer with their work. When you see and hear emotions in songs like you can in musical theater, it gives musci a strong. Pverall the song was one I would listen to over and over again.

November 23rd,2011 Listing journal #11 Piece: rolling in the deep/ someone like you/ turning tables Artist: alex goot/ michael henry/ justin Genre: jazz/blues

The song begins with instrumental piano and accustic gutire. The main vocals is sing the begging to rolling in the deep at a soft piano form. The two other men join but are more soft. The song goes silent and jumps to the chorus of rolling in the deep in a fast allgro, forte form. More instruments join in, a eletric gutire and drums. The songs transistion to someoen like you very easly. When someone like you starts a new male vocalst come in and the other two are in the background singing. The song stays forte. So there are not much dynamics. The song then has an istrumental part that leads into turning tables with a new male vocalst. The song is very vivo

and bright, and it is polyfonic throught out. The song now classes all the song together but the balance and blend are off and you can hear the chour of rolling in the deep more then the others. Then song slows down and ends with the ending to turng tables the song is in 4/4 time are they are all mael tennors.

This song makes me feel empowering. These are all sad songs but in every sad song you have empowering moments, and this song lets it all come out. the artst does impact my song becsue it is by adel and I love all of these songs so more or less I would like the covers. The muscal accompinemt was very nicea and simple but it added a lot of charchter and power to the music. I really did enjoy this song, I likt the transistions to the other songs ver well. It was as if all three of these songs are interlocked and this was how you where suppost to put it together. I would improve this song by adding more dynamics and maby more people. Also the part where all songs mash up together, I would have changed the balance and blend because they were all to over powering. Overall I really did enjoy this song very much.

December 2nd, 2011 Listing journal #12 Piece: Alicia Keys Medley Artist: Delilah Genre: pop/jazz

The song beggings with a solo femal accapella, with a big slur from a high regester to very low. An other femals comes in with beatboxing and then other femal singgers. The entire choir is all femals. The song has many slurs and runs. The song transistions beautufully into another song with a different solo femal vocalist. The timber is very bright and vivo. The song changes

from4/4 time to 6/8 time for the different songs, and it is in 2 part harmony. The song moves into another and the last song with a different voaclist. The balance and blend was extremly well for a live preformance, no one was over powering and everything was equal. The drynamics where very well done it was counterpoint but the chours was a liitle ppollyfonic. The song was smooth exprecially with its transistions. The song ends with all the women singing and background ohs.

This song was very dramtic, and I say this because of all the different songs in the medley, some where ment to impact you on a stronger level and others where ment to party. This song was pieced together very well, the transistions from each song was smooth and persice. The acpanment for this song was very interesting. I have never head a felaml beat boxer and she ws very good at it, I would have not changed the accopmnyment it was a perfect fit. I would have changed the way the beatbox sounded during the second song, it felt unconferting and unselttling. It was if it would not end on the tonic and would just repeat. The artsts were very well done, I have not seen the show this was on but these women should win the show this was filmed on.

December 9th 2011 Listing Journal #13 Piece: you rock my world (Michael Jackson cover) Artist: jean craipeau Genre: pop

The song begging with vocals beats, then duh,and ohs are added in and it is in 4/4time. They are all male , it is done my one male voice who can do tennor,alto,bass,and saprano. Because this is all one person it could of have been mixed and autotune could have been used. A male vocalist comes in with the beat boxing. This song is all accapella, and the piece is very bright and vivo. The song does not have a lot of dynamics but the balance and blend is very good no part is ever over powering. When he is singing he is doing a very good job at inpersonating michael jacksons voical techniques. The song contiunes all the same and when it comes to an end the backgrounf voces stop the beat boxing and complet the song with full lyrics. The song throughout is counperpoint and it is in 4 part harmon. This song is a little choopy in the scence that a lot is happening but it is easy to fallow the melodie of this piece.

This song makes me feel very bright and happy, the vocalist does a verygood job at impersonating the vocal techniques of michael jackson. The musical accompiant was very good I always enjoy pieces that have the same peosn doing different beats and parts of the harmony. I was not fully impressed with this song, it was good but it could have been better. The dyanmics were not very creative, it could have had a larger range on tonality and pitches. This artist is someone im not familler with so they have not impact with the song but the person who first did this song (michael jackson) I do enjoy every much so I have a little more liking to it because it is a micharl jasckson piece. Overall it could have had been better if dyanmcs where worked on.

December 9th 2011 Listing Journal #14 Piece: redemption song Artist: Bob marly

Genre: soul

The song starts with vocal instruments of ohs and ahs. The male solo comes in and beat boxing starts. This piece is very bright and calming. The song has lots of different dynamica and it is in 4/4 time. The song continues the same and then dies out. The instruments used are eletical gutire and vocal instruments, the male voices are alto and tennor. The song is a majoy key and the balance and blend was amazing. The genre of this song is soul because of the message it has. The message of this song is redemtion and trying to heal the world. There was no auto tune used. This song was also counterpoint and it was adagio.

I felt at peace when hearing this I felt glad that at least one person cares about the world and mabey he can make a diffrence. This artist did empact the song, I love bob marly and all of his pieces but surpisingly I have never heard this song, but of course I enjoyed it very much. The accopanyment was good I enjoyed the background vocal instruments. I would have changed nothing to this song bbut a liitle but my dyanmics they were very good but I would have added more of them. I do enjoy this style of music, it has a message and the song really prtrays that message instead of getting lost. I do believe that this music would of have been considered popular and is still popular.

December 9th 2011

Listing Journal #15 Piece: soon all will be done Artist: committed Genre: gospel

The song beggins with vocal dums, and ohs. The tempo is allergo. Then a male vocalist joins in and the ohs stop but the beats contiune, the background voices reenter with ohs, and bops. There are lots of slurs done by all of the singers. The song is in 4 part harmony and it is in 4/4 time. The song has a call response section and then the male solo voices dies out and it is just the background voices with lyrics. The dyanmics are amazing, they have an encrdiable range. The song goes beack to how it was in the begging. The song is in amjoy key and it very vivo, and bright. The song then beging to fade oput and it comes to an end. This song was done by 6 male voices who cover the saprano,alto.tennor and bass line. This song would be more golpel then pop because of one majoy factor its lyrics are all about god. This piece was also recored so autotune could have been used. This song was very smooth and nice to fallow. The song was also conterpoint throught, and it was accapella.

This song made me fell happy but not as if I was partying, it was more happy in the name of God. This song was very relgoius but it was not boring. It had a fire or flame to it to keep it moving. The genre did change my felling toward the piece, I always love gospel music and so I would most likely enjoy this gosple piece. I really enjoyed the musicall accopianment it was very creative in the scence that it was not just ohs, it was bops and beats, it had an arry of vocal instruments. I did enjoyt his song very much, it was fun, insperational with ideas of dynamics, and was very creative. I would prsonly do nothing to this song toimprove it, it was done very well, no complaints. I do not know the atrist so it had no affect in how I felt about the song.