1. FADE IN EXT. THE HOUSE. DAY. A LARGE HOUSE looks solemn and ominous against the gray, overcast sky. A YOUNG COUPLE, JON and MARCIA, stand outside the large gates. Jon turns to Marcia with concern on his face. JON Ga, gusto samahan kita sa loob? MARCIA Okay lang. Kaya ko ito mag-isa. THE GATES AUTOMATICALLY OPEN and Marcia walks inside. Marcia—–! Marcia turns to look at Jon. Jon tries to smile and holds up his thumb while Marcia returns the gesture confidently. The gates close after her with a CLANG!. Marcia looks to the house as it seems to glare at her. She heads to the front door. She gives THREE STRONG KNOCKS on the hardwood panel. opens to reveal the dim interior. The door JON

Marcia sees A WOMAN sitting in the parlor several feet away from the door. WOMAN Pumasok ka, hija INT. THE HOUSE. DAY. Humbly, Marcia crosses the threshold and makes her way before CONTESSA, AN ELEGANT, DIGNIFIED LADY IN HER EARLY FIFTIES. MARCIA Magandang hapon po CONTESSA Magandang hapon rin, Marcia. Maupo ka hija A CHAIR automatically moves behind the surprised Marcia. Hesitently, She takes her seat. CONTESSA Sinabi sa akin ni Jon ang lahat. Nais daw niya ikaw ang pakasalan.



MARCIA Opo. But it would be best if we ask for your blessing first. CONTESSA How kind of you, hija. Pero alam naman ni Jon na wala akong pakialam kung sino ang maging kabiyak ng buhay niya Contessa looks at Marcia meaningfully. CONTESSA Ang importante lang ang kaligayahan ng anak ko MARCIA Mahalaga rin sa akin iyon! Kaya ayaw ko ako ang maging dahilan ng friksyon sa inyong mag ina. Marcia looks down in her hands MARCIA Ayaw ko rin magkaroon ng friksyon o ‘di pagkauunawa sa atin dalawa The Contessa nods approvingly CONTESSA Na uunawaan kita Marcia -The Contessa looks at Marcia for several moments, making Marcia feel slightly uncomfortable. CONTESSA Noon bata pa si Jon, masakitin siya. Asthma, allergies, lahat pinagdaan niya. The Contessa stands up and Marcia looks up at her. CONTESSA Ginawa ko ang lahat upang panataliin malinis ang kanyang kapaligiran. Tumayo ka hija Marcia stands as she is bidden CONTESSA Ipakita mo sa akin na kaya mong pahalagahaan ang kapakanan at kalusugan ng anak ko. Contessa walks to the door and Marcia follows her. CONTESSA (SOLEMNLY) Cleanliness is next to Godliness and for any family, home must be a heaven.

3. The door automatically opens for Contessa. She steps out, stops. She turns back to Marcia. CONTESSA Linisin mo itong bahay na ito. Meron kang tatlong bras. The door closes with a tremendous shut. THE COUNTDOWN TIMER BEGINS WITH 2:59:59. Marcia looks around her surroundings. All is quiet.

A LA RAMBO, Marcia changes her clothes into WORKING CLOTHES. She dons A UTILITY BELT AND AN APRON. Marcia is ready. CUT TO INT. THE BEDROOMS. Marcia fixes the bedsheets, cleans under the beds. She finds a few SMALL GOLD RINGS, each the diameter of a finger tip. These she carefully deposits in her apron pocket. She closes the door on the bedrooms That was easy – She nods with satisfaction at the now neat room. INT. THE HOUSE. DAY. THE TIMER READS 1:45:00. Marcia cleans the other rooms such as the living room, sweeping and wiping, picking up items such as clips and some TINY GOLD RINGS which she deposits into her apron pocket. Marcia heads into the kitchen which is truly a mess and INCLUDES A TALL PILE OF DIRTY DISHES. Donning her gloves, Marcia starts washing the dishes. BY 0:39:26 AND COUNTING, the kitchen is sparkling clean and Marcia is by the sink looking down at the drainhole. From there, she fishes out some gunk and a COIN. A BEATMARCIA IS SCREAMING(OS). She is standing at the front of THE MOST VILE AND DISGUSTING BATHROOM. It almost resembles a dark and stinky cave where ALIENS fester. CUT TO MARCIA

4. Marcia is forcibly pulled into the dank darkness of the bathroom and the door closes on her. THE TIMER READS 0:35:30 COUNTING DOWN. STRANGE SOUNDS(OS) are heard through the door, THE SOUNDS OF SPLASHING(OS), OF CREATURES HISSING(OS), OF SWORD SWIPES(OS), MORE SCREAMS(OS) AND SWEARS(OS), OF EXPLOSIONS(OS), A TOILET FLUSHING(OS). BY 0:12:55, Marcia emerges from the bathroom which is BRIGHTLY LIT AND IMMACULATELY CLEAN. Marcia strips her work clothes, from head to feet. She deposits these into a white plastic bag with a BIOHAZARD label which she deposits in an airtight container. Marcia, in her regular clothes, returns to the living room. THE TIMER READS 0:00:08. Marcia gives the place a look around. By 0:00:00, she flops down in a chair tired. Simultaneously, the door opens and the Contessa returns with Jon. Marcia quickly stands! CONTESSA Are you done-- ? Marcia nods nervously. snap. Contessa dons a surgical glove with a

CONTESSA Magsimula na tayo sa paglilitis Contessa wipes a finger on one of the furniture. her gloved finger with a critical eye. She inspects

She inspects every corner of each room with THE PRECISION AND TOOLS OF A CSI PERSONNEL. The Contessa finds a piece of stray hair and picks it up with a pair of tweezers. Satisfactorily she holds it up to Jon and Marcia CONTESSA Hmm- Sa iyo, Marcia? Marcia looks down in defeat while Jon stares at her with concern. Contessa deposits the hair in an evidence bag. After Contessa’s THOROUGH INSPECTION, the three gather by the door. Contessa frees herself of the surgical gloves.


Marcia and Jon are downcast. CONTESSA Marcia, May ka bang sasabihin sa akin? MARCIA Wala po – Contessa sighs. She turns around on her heels.

Marcia looks up, eyes wide with remembrance. MARCIA Teka la po Ma’am! Marcia brings out A SMALL PLASTIC BAG OF GOLD RINGS she found while clearning, which she gives to Contessa. Contessa opens the plastic bag and puts the coins in her hands. MARCIA Aalis muna ho ako. Marcia steps away from the mother and son but her hand is grabbed by Contessa CONTESSA Hintay muna hija-Marcia turns to Contessa who smiles at her warmly. Contessa embraces her tightly, much to Marcia’s surprise. Contessa turns to Jon CONTESSA Magaling ka pumili, anak Contessa looks at Marcia. The mother reaches into the plastic bag of rings only to pulls out A GOLD BRACELET/NECKLACE as if by magic. Each ring is actually a link in a chain. CONTESSA Nahanap mo ang lahat ng mga pisa. Magaling ka umusisa, unica hija. Contessa holds up the necklace ceremoniously and bestows it around the girl as reward. Marcia smiles with understanding CONTESSA When cleanliness is next to Godliness MARCIA A home must be the next best place to Heaven-- maraming salamat po Madam. CONTESSA Please, tawagin mo akong Mama

6. MARCIA Mama -Jon approaches Marcia and Contessa backs away. The couple embraces each other happily. A knife slips out of Contessa’s sleeve which she throws into Marcia’s direction. Marcia catches the knife in mid-strike, by the handle. Her eyes alert, ready. Jon turns to his mother in shock, he steps forwardto protect Macia JON Ina! Ano po ang ibig sabihin nito? CONTESSA Ngayon, ipakita mo sa aking ang gilas mo sa kusina-Jon is about protest but Marcia stops him. Marcia steps forward to Contessa, raising the knife diagonally to her own eyes, defiantly. MARCIA Isang oras lang, MAMA. At kakain na tayo-THE TIMER BEGINS AT 0:59:59


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