“A Total Afro-Centric Experience”

“An African Village for Boys and Girls 7-14 years old in the Catskill Mountains, NY”
Held in Kerhonkson, NY @ the Old Peg Leg Bates Ranch. 100% Black owned and operated. All funds, Teachers and Assistants are African

The Children's Freedom Retreat was conceived by nationally recognized elders to acquaint children, particularly from urban 'settings, with outdoor experiences in a rustic setting and to make positive and meaningful achievements in a wholesome environment conducive to self-development and self-awareness. The classes and activities are administered by fully qualified and experienced instructors in addition to nurturing counselors trained in the needs of children.

“The Children’s Freedom Retreat for boys and girls was founded by Alton and Leola Maddox. This partially grew out of the Central Park Jogger Case in NYC. Mr. Maddox realized African children lacked the skills needed to avoid the prison system.”
See video clip: http://youtu.be/1UACECJq0n4

Attorney Alton Maddox Jr., teaches law at the retreats

Children's 2011 Freedom Retreat
It's More than Campfires, Stargazing and Nature Walks. 2011 marks the 17th consecutive year of the Children's Freedom Retreat. Boys and girls, ages 7 - 14, spend a full 2-week enjoying the sweet fresh air and rustic counhyside of the Catskill Mountains in Kerhonkson, New- York. Mountain Valley Resort, formerly the historic Peg Leg Bates Country Resort, is nestled in the natural splendor of the mountains with its spacious grounds, is home for the retreat, and is the perfect setting from which children can explore nature's bounties, heighten self-awareness and learn new skills.

Our well-structured recreational and educational programs are administered according to age and interest and are designed to increase self-confidence and add depth to how boys and girls perceive themselves and their community. The growth and development that naturally occur in children seem to take on added velocity when administered in this natural setting.

Video Clips comprising the experience

FREEDOM RETREAT 2009 Alton Maddox Speaks

July - August, 2011 Interviews

Egypt On The Potomac Field Trip: Part 1 - Anthony Browder

Baltimore's National Great Blacks in Wax Museum

African Stilt Walker - Gullah Festival 2011

Reserve the dates fundraising events for Freedom Retreat for Children
January 14, 2012-Fundraiser for 2012 Freedom Retreat for Boys and Girls. This buffet, dinner-dance featuring live musical entertainment will be held at the Cotton Club, 656 West 125th Street in Harlem. 9 p.m.-1 a.m. April 13-15, 2012-"Egypt on the Potomac" field trip W. ANTHONY BROWDER: http://youtu.be/h39qg28Jj6k. Coupled with tours of other venues in the Washington-Baltimore area. This is an overnight bus trip leaving from Slave Theater at 7:00 p.m. on April 13. THE GREAT BLACKS IN WAS MUSEUM IN BALTIMORE: http://youtu.be/LTSbtZTu_eU May 25-28- UAM will sponsor a bus trip to the Gullah Festival in Beaufort, SC to explore and celebrate African Culture, Fine hotel accommodations will provided but bus seating is limited. Beaufort has a rich history of its own especially during Reconstruction. See the history first-hand. http://youtu.be/z5IdUJaiY_I June 16, 2012- Fundraiser for 2012 Freedom Retreat for Boys and Girls. This buffet, dinner-dance featuring live musical entertainment will be held at the Cotton Club, 656 West 125th Street in Harlem. 9p.m.-1a.m.

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Teachers (Program Directors) and Assistants

Director for the boys Mr. Gordon Blake

Director for the girls Mrs. Leola Maddox

Harold Wilbert teaches history for boys session

James Bryson Asst. to boys & girls Security Teams with Keisha Forrester who Asst. in teaching for girls session and Asst. to the Girls Director

Tyrone Curry Asst. during boys and girls sessions

Mrs. Maxine Huff Asst. to Director for boys session (with Keisha)

“A Total Afro-Centric Experience”

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