Explain the difference between estimating activity durations and estimating the effort required to perform an activity

Estimating activity durations means estimating the actual amount of time required to work on the activity plus elapsed time such as dependent on the availability of resources, number of resources available, skill level of the resources, while estimating the effort means estimating the number of man-hours or man-da ys required to work on the activity

2. Why is it difficult to use project management software well? Project management software is very advance, complicated and hard to understand. It also assumes that the user understand and knows how to create a good work breakdown structure, enter task durations and dependencies, and have the basic understanding concept of project management. 3. How does activity resource estimating affect estimating activity durations?

The duration of activities will differentiate on the resources assigned to them, such as an expert at an activity consumes less time to finish than an amateur. Estimated duration is dependent on the number of resources assigned to an activity.

4. List some of the reports you can generate with Project 2007 to assist in project time management. 


Critical path analysis Gantt Chart Critical chain scheduling PERT analysis

You cannot determine the hard way for a project unless you sequence activities. 7. It is difficult to find good meeting times for all project stakeholders. you only need to take one path. In those diagrams. How can you minimize or control changes to project schedules? By developing schedules which will effectively meet the project deadlines and by disciplining staff who involved in the project schedule to complete it successfully. and critical chain scheduling. In transportation modelling. critical path method.5. all activities must be completed in order to complete the project 6. for example. so we need to perform activity definition first. Critical chain scheduling accounts for resource constraints and suggests that you limit multitasking of resources in creating project schedules and include project and feeding buffers to protect the project completion date. Several different diagrams are same to project network diagrams. Describe their similarities and differences. 8. In a project network diagram. PERT is a network analysis technique where you apply a weighted average to determine the duration estimate for tasks. Explain the following schedule development tools and concepts: Gantt charts. The critical path for a project confirms the earliest completion time for a project. 9. and personal structured meetings are still important in various aspects of . A Gantt chart shows a project schedule/duration in a calendar format. PERT. you try to find the shortest way between two points. Why is defining activities the first process involved in project time management? We can¶t determine activity sequencing or develop good activity duration estimates unless we have a good understanding of each activity. however. Why is it important to determine activity sequencing on projects? Discuss diagrams you have seen that are similar to network diagrams. Why do you think schedule issues often cause the most conflicts on projects? Different people are balances many different tasks. which is related to their jobs and their personal lives.

projects. People do not like wasting time. and poor time management often wastes time. Many people also underestimate how long things will take and the degree to which certain tasks depend on other tasks being completed. .

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