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Mary DelAngel 9/22/11 Federalist point of view on the Constitution 1

Everyone knows that the Constitution of the United States is a very important important document. It has been said to be the supreme law of the land. With such an important document there has

to be different point of views on it. There are two major parties that have argued about the Constitution for a long time. These two parties are the Federalist and AntiFederalist, their main disagreement were that the federalist believed that the

Constitution did a great job in addressing all the short coming of the Articles of Confederation. The AntiFederalist on the other hand believed that they should have not made another new document but instead have just fixed the Articles. In my

opinion I agree with the Federalist party. I believe that we should have a strong central government,and that the Constitution did a good job in fixing the issues that the Articles had. I also agree with their idea of having a strong military.

The Federalist party had many great ideas about the Constitution, one of them was that they believed that we should have a strong central government. They believed that the government should be able to control its people. I

support the federalist point of views because I think having a central government is very important. A central government makes laws for the whole country, making laws are very important because thats what keeps a strong united country. I think

that the government should have control over states to keep them controlled and make sure they are united. An example would be when we were in the civil war if we would have had a strong central government then the southern states would have

not seceded. Some people think that the stated should have more power over the government but what they don't realize is that if power is given to the states they would probably end up using it for their own benefits and not the whole countries. A strong

central government not only keeps us united but it also keeps us protected.

Like the Federalist party I also agree that the constitution did a great job in fixing the weaknesses that the Articles of Confederation had.

Some of those weaknesses were that the government had no power to raise funds for an army, they had no power to regulate the value of currency, but the most important one was that the government had no power to tax people. When the Constitution was made the

writers made sure to fix these issues. One change that the federalist favored was the collection of taxes from the states. This was an important change because that was what made our government's economy stronger. Because the government was able to

tax people they were able to get more money, which allowed the American industry to develop. Although I think the taxes are too high I agree with the federalist's belief because if we the people didn't give money to the government we would have a

weaker economy that would end up hurting us more, because we would have less jobs and money.

One of the federalist ideas that we still use today are that they believed that even though we should have a

strong central government there should be a system where they regulate the governments power. This system is now called checks and balances. This is a great system because it protest us from the government in case they gain too much power.

Checks and balances makes sure that each branch of government does not take too much power.

Who were the people who influenced us with these ideas? There are three main people who influenced us, and

they were John Jay, James Madison and Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton believed in a strong military government. James Madison believed that powers had to be divided to protect our rights from everyone else. And finally John Jay believe in a

federalist government. They wanted their ideas to be heard so they decided to write the federalist papers, which were eighty-five articles made to help ratify the constitution. Without these three important people people wouldn't know about their beliefs and why we

should have a strong central government.

Up to this day many people disagree with the federalist point of view on the constitution, they think that the government should be ruled by its own people, and that we should not follow the ideas of the constitution. Although many people think this way I still think that the constitution is very important and it tells us how our

government is controlled. We should follow the constitution and always have a central government.