“…nuclear warfare is not necessary to cause a breakdown of our society. You take a large city like Los Angeles, New York, Chicago – their water supply comes from hundreds of miles away and any interruption of that, or food, or power for any period of time you’re going to have riots in the streets. Our society is so fragile, so dependent on the interworking of things to provide us with goods and services, that you don’t need nuclear warfare to fragment us anymore than the Romans needed it to cause their eventual downfall.”

Gene Roddenberry, “Star Trek” originator

Section Headings
1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) 13) 14) 15) 16) 17) 18) What To Do BeFORE The Feces Strike The Rotating Blades The Long Emergency The First 24 Hours Shelter Food Water Defense / Safety Hardware Personnel Waste Disposal and Sanitation Energy Communication First Aid But What About Local Government; Police, Fire/Rescue and National Guard? Miscellany Resources Some Food Storage and Other Plans A Beginner's Preparedness List and

19)The big list of things for Barter and Trade

1 What To Do BeFORE The Feces Strike The Rotating Blades
Have a plan, and some idea what you're planning for. When I was in the Army, stationed in southern Germany (1980-1983), I was assigned to a small medical unit whose standing orders were: If the Russian Army came storming through Fulda Gap, we were to pack up and GO there. We were tasked with the job of cleaning up after any kind of NBC (Nuclear, Biological or Chemical) attack. We used to train for this by working one day a week in MOPP gear (“nuclear suits” with or without gloves, masks). Occasionally we'd get called out to wait for the the Army Field Artillery units from Schwabisch Gemund and Neu Ulm to move the Pershing nuclear-tipped missiles – just in case there was a chemical spill (hydrazine, I think, but we weren't supposed to know). I was tasked with maintaining and organizing our unit's NBC equipment even though I hadn't gone through the Army's formal course. I was the de facto “NBC NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer).” I'm a quick learner, hands-on type. “See one, do one, teach one.” As if that weren't life-changing enough, while in civil service at Ft. Meade, MD (2001-2006), based on my background and interests, I was asked to be on the “CBRNE” (Chemical-Biological-Radiological-Nuclear (and) Explosives) response team. In less than 20 years, terrorist threats had increased from “NBC” to CBRNE. I attended noon briefings, ran a few classes myself, organized the emergency response equipment (clinical support; medication, IV fluids, airway management, splinting, etc.) and learned how to run the decontamination showers, participating in several exercises, one during the first week of December when it was about 25 degrees outside. Really! Who knows when and what time of year the US might be attacked again? I attended several out-of-town conferences on “Community Response to Catastrophic Events” and “Psychosocial Aspects of Catastrophic Events” and Medical Planning for same, etc. The most interesting was just months after the attacks on September 11, 2001, run by the Bay Pines VA Medical Center in St. Petersburg, Florida. Listening to specialists studying real-world open-sourced (not compartmentalized, or “secret”) information on the Sarin gas attacks in the Tokyo subway, food poisoning attacks by the Sree Rajneesh cult in Oregon, the ongoing events in the Middle East brought to us by members of the “Religion of Peace” (Islam actually means “submission” . . . think about that), survivors of the 9-11 attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Centers, surgeons from Israel and people actually working with biological agents, my eyes were opened. I wish they had stayed closed and it was always September 10, 2001. But, it isn't, and real people with real plans to use real weapons of mass destruction (or pipe bombs or homebrewed bacterial toxins or stolen tanker trucks) are out there, looking for a time and place to attack. There are many other events which might call for the kind of preparations you'll read more about here. I admit this plan may seem a little extreme, but, instead of scaring myself, developing it (and it is far from finished) has been an exercise in anxiety-reduction. Plan for the worst, anything less won't surprise you. “The power of accurate observation is often called cynicism by those who haven't got it.” - G. B. Shaw I had started stockpiling food and survival gear well before 1999, long before the “Y2K” (Year 2,000) hysteria. Y2K was a dress-rehearsal, practice, a warning for what's coming. Growing up between Florida and California, I had learned to prepare for hurricanes, fires, floods, earthquakes and their sequels. And there was always the unintended consequences of Democrat Policies to deal with “urban unrest” (riots) brought about by well-meaning and/or devious dependency-economics planning or community reactions to, um, overzealous police. I remember standing on St. Petersburg's north shore watching Tampa burn across the bay around 1968. My Mom kept food stored during the Cuban missile crisis and I always had an “earthquake box” when I lived in California. Three to seven days of food in a Xerox copy paper box.

meteor strike. Petersburg. skip all my pontificating and revisionist historical and political crap and go to “The First 24 Hours” . I was in St. food stamps. WIC coupons). Or. FL. When the storm came in we watched cars floating down the street pushed along by 100plus mile-per-hour winds while water lapped against the six feet above sea level front door. flooding. famine. blizzards. consider how you would be affected by: fires. riots. government stopping the printing presses (dollars. then ordering residents to leave for higher ground. My brothers and I refused to evacuate. human-made or natural (as if there is a distinction. Ask yourself: Are you prepared? Do you want to be? Read on. or not making its “cheese” deliveries or by any number of events. Iran nuking Saudi oil fields or Tel Aviv (or even New York).When hurricane Elena came roaring up Florida's gulf coast in 1985. social security checks. The next day we patrolled the neighborhood with rifles and shotguns and “dissuaded” looters from visiting homes and local stores to do their Christmas shopping. The Message: Whatever the event or anticipated duration. which is a philosophical argument you can entertain yourself and others with while hunkering down during a storm). The police didn't come back until the day after that. ducking down to avoid being spotted by police who were urging.

will YOU get in line for government cheese? Become “worm food” when the zombies come storming out of section 8 housing complexes and urban centers looking for food. and to prepare for.. with the idea of radiation resurrecting the dead at a time when nuclear weapons were proliferating. these also reflect fears and paranoia about practically any hostile takeover or collapse scenario you could imagine: urban sprawl. have this farcical idea of “zombie outbreaks” as an explanation of all those news reports of “urban unrest” you never really hear the details of. friends. any number of potentially catastrophic events. you and your descendants. natural). invasion by foreign nation(s). Use your imagination. etc. According to many. If/when any of these events happen. as I have developed this plan to allay MY fears of. Clarke Whatever. Psychoanalysis of Hollweirdos and their boogeyman fantasies won't be productive here. sex? Get on the trains for the camps when the government tells you to? Or will you work with your family. community and church to ensure the survival of the most people for the most good for the longest time possible? You still have time. super-volcanoes). crashing financial markets.. it got me thinking: Maybe these flicks are reflections or representations of Hollywood's and popular culture's fears of TEOTWAKI1 and RAFOTRE2 apocalyptic events. 2008 "I call heaven and earth to witness against you today. “ Deuteronomy 30:19 NASB 1 2 TEOTWAKI: The End Of The World As We Know It RAFOTRE: Rise And Fall Of The Roman Empire (Armageddon) . CBRNE events like plagues (man-made vs. guns. Maybe (to paraphrase Sigmund Freud). . State of dhimmitude. post-game riots in college towns. “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” Arthur C. plagues. etc. these are really “zombie” -level attacks. anarchist riots at the world bank meetings. which I think expresses the artistic mind's ignorance and primitive cultural fears of corporate/government and military responsibility in creating agents of mass destruction by genetic modifications (technology beyond the understanding of the writers). George Romero started it all. nuclear holocaust. Norm Balog.. Add to this as you feel necessary. “A movie is just a movie”. Maybe it was Boris Karloff in “White Zombie. etc. that I have set before you life and death. maybe it's just the Hollyweirdos out to make a buck off of our primal fear of real-world or imagined events. . socialist occupied Maryland. As metaphor. gas. illegal aliens. So choose life in order that you may live. Brooks. environmental upheavals (such as sudden polar shift and subsequent new ice age. Muslim terrorist bombings of infrastructure. the blessing and the curse. meteorite impact. and others. asteroids. Make your choice now. then losing control of them. Such as: “Race” wars. Or.” More recent zombie movies use the theme of bio-engineered viruses creating zombies.2 The Long Emergency (Stolen from another book title) Zombies? What in the hell do Zombies have to do with a survival guide? I read Max Brooks' brilliant satire of survivalist manuals (“The ZOMBIE Survival Guide”) written in a zombie movie milieu and between episodes of out-loud laughing. financial market collapse.

TEOTWAKI or RAFOTRE event? Group decision time. • Have fire extinguishers handy. Telcon/Internet will not be secure. loaded. Are sources reliable? • Establish SITREP requirements • Confirm report(s).3 The First 24 Hours Receive/react/contact • Be prepared for home invasions. • Does a central authority still exist? Authority. preferably suppressed. • Carrying primary weapon and backup while outside is mandatory. • Objectively evaluate the situation. Use home meeting(s). This CAN NOT be ignored or underemphasized. Expect them. deploy single guards with as wide a view as is possible Rotate watches on 2-4 hour intervals to prevent fatigue and maintain alert status Equip with radios and defensive/offensive weapons. police. Initiate multiple roving night guards if possible. FEMA) and/or PEOPLE IN OTHER CITIES as able/possible. Coordinate/connect/ PLAN (council/elders meeting): • Alert network at the first sign of collapse • Rally. separated by some distance. national guard. flashlights available. . candles. Gather and discuss INTEL: • Event(s). (Legitimate authority. • Exercise light discipline. generators connected. AT ALL TIMES. • Close as many curtains as possible. Contact local authority (local government. • Having a backup person (behind a corner) at the ready while someone else answers the door is best. • CARRY your personal firearm. It's NOT paranoia. It's survival. • ALL capable/trained individuals in the household WILL carry loaded pistols when answering the door or EVEN when looking out side windows to see who's there.) • Who stays OUT of the shelter? Take positive and decisive action: • • • • • Establish neighborhood watch. NOT tyranny. Otherwise.

stop answering rescue calls to 911. Other emergencies as you see fit. food. etc.Action Plan Initiation Time? When is it really time to activate your plan? a) b) c) d) e) When the President declares a national emergency. When you see that big flash in the sky. and he and the Congress go to shelter. says good night. When police. . When police begin going house to house confiscating firearms. fire.

{Remember. Where are you going to go? Do you have a plan? Do you have a fully stocked. Public institutional buildings. . Large open fields. or defend at a bigger place? Bug out? Won't work. Reference Sarajevo in the 1990s and Beirut in the 1980s. National Guard Armory. robbery and fire. Public shelters? How much stuff you want to give up again? How your Pets? Guns? Your food stores? Public shelters essentially represent a little security for liberty. Advantages: Central locations. defensible. Apartments and other high-density buildings are the worst possible location for survival.e. and defense thereof. clear fields of fire with line-of sight to boundaries. or can leave behind knowing you'll probably never see any of it again? Do you think you’ll just shoot people for their food? Shoot them and take over their homes? Where will you do that? “Out of the city somewhere?” Will local/state/federal/military allow vehicular (or even foot) travel? Locals will have guns and will blow bridges if necessary to stop the waves of urban zombies. Little to no medical care. eating MREs. . dependent upon community resources and mutual cooperation. Do you bug out. Public Schools.a designated rally point for larger events) Single-family homes can only be temporary. burglary. prone to looting.4 Shelter Shelter. . close-in to work (if work exists at all). defend in place. easily reached retreat? One that the locals don't know about and haven't taken over or looted yet? Can you defend it? Can you even reach it safely? Do you have a full fuel tank in a vehicle large enough to pack you and your family and food and stuff? Have you figured out yet what you want/need. . living on cots (if you're lucky).} A bigger place? Probably the most sensible option. are too easy to set afire and aren't likely to have running water for long. Resources are easily depleted. THE first priority. is arguably. I chose Public Schools. comfortable. Location and size must be: proportional to the event. Easily defensible: many are windowless with elevated parapets on the roofs. soup and gruel. or worse. Somewhere to root right in. near fields/farms and centralized to your family/friends/support personnel/evacuees (i. for a variety of reasons. You and your family will become the aggressors and will likely wind up as hog food . requiring MINIMAL personnel to defend. or maybe not available for long. For me. they're hard to defend for very long. Defend in place? Probably won’t work either. this guide is intended for use during MAJOR catastrophic events. Your plan may differ. Prisons. Brick/stone construction. Consider natural choke points with flank security. Not pretty.

hundred?) abandoned homes outside of a maintained perimeter (how large an AO can you maintain with current personnel?) can further isolate your location/neighborhood. supplies and portable equipment (move your entire home into one classroom if necessary for protection/storage).. kitchens. Such choke points need to be watched at regular intervals. clothes. car generators/alternators (wind/water power). concealment: Use the firewood storage to perform double duty. MOST people are going to be leaving for shelters/camps) well outside your perimeter. etc. and several around it. elevation (think medievally: height is power). . Burn out several blocks of homes (remember. UN Forces returning home. A moat can be dug around the building (with heavy equipment (see later chapter). Plan ways to get out. cover. gymnasiums/exercise facilities. Can be ISOLATED. With proper planning. Fuel: Trees. building materials. household chemicals. but might entice interlopers into a false sense of security. staple supply systems. sidewalks. blankets. Camouflage. use Google Maps or other online maps to locate the place you'd go. Bathrooms. Consider local neighborhoods as a potential sources of: Food. etc. Some homes closer in can be brought down and broken up for firewood and metals. tennis/basketball courts and running tracks can be torn up (with heavy equipment) and used to barricade building doors and first floor windows. build small animal cages (for pets or long term food source). torch it. apartments (high-density high-crime areas). Asphalt and paving materials from parking lots. water. HAVE vehicles capable of bypassing those routes. survey lines and drainage right of ways all offer potential routes. Deer and game trails. businesses. cleaners.kill zones). etc. Clear/fell them by the hundreds while gasoline is still available. will seriously impede vehicle traffic into your AO (Area of Operations). stack it inside fenced-in tennis courts for drying and theft prevention by locals not involved in group efforts. Normalcy defined as restoration of regular electrical power. by placing wood to provide barriers and cover in strategic locations and configurations.). or used to construct ambush kill zones. get around and behind or to flank looters/gangs. fields. Areas difficult to monitor or defend can be lined with small dry branches to create a noise “mine field” that will alert sentries or dogs. Fences (from periphery. berms can be built up farther out with removed material. survival rations. Bad guys are more likely to move on if it appears that there is nothing to gain. Spacious. Block ingress-egress streets with disabled/torched cars. Find bodies and put them into cars. surrounding homes.They will have sources of water and backup energy (generators) on site. wood. While you have the time and the luxury of the internet. tennis courts. medicines. thus creating surprise vulnerability (i. . local resources (water. Split wood. Smaller limbs can be used to fashion early warning systems and fence-type barriers. fencing can be used to minimize entry points and/or funnel interlopers into these zones. consider escape/evasion routes. fuel oil/propane/gasoline. and lots of them. There will be ample room for food. location. grocery/hardware stores). Have alternate routes planned.. many rooms for many families. Consider size. Facilities. many with readily available civil defense shelters and provisions (beds. Make this another high priority item. heaps of dead liberals whose policies brought our civilization down. Flipping large (multi-ton) chunks of road vertically and/or digging deep/wide trenches can help accomplish this.e. AFTER “resourcing” a home. baseball fields) can be cannibalized to cover windows. making the drop into the “moat” more precipitous. remembering that woodpiles do not provide solid cover. Judicious use of heavy equipment on roads/small bridges. school buses (overturned). Burning out several (dozen. until “normalcy” is reestablished. mail delivery. Torch the cars. methods and ways to cover your exit.

Discourage trespassers and eliminate sources of curiosity: PUT LOOTERS' HEADS ON PIKES far away. biohazard/radiation zone. whatever. Disadvantages: Mainly that locals will flock to them. Paint vague “gang signs” outside the perimeter. improvised collector/precipitator stacks/scrubbers (charcoal filter final stages) at least in the short run while the zombies are running free. as will Red Cross and local agencies (if they are still functioning). Disabled cars as barriers. close to areas where such affronts may lead to actions against locals THERE. HEADS ON PIKES. Larger school kitchens have most these in place. Smoke and cooking smells can be limited by judicious use of kitchen fume/fire hoods. bamboo to allow clear lines to perimeter. uninhabitable. Paint official-looking notices in “government-ese” language stating area is evacuated. . not direct activity towards YOU. Some efforts should be made to rearrange trees/shrubs.Use storm drains for underground movement for observation and fire (review WW2 underground resistance fighters).

doe births 6-10 babies. Adolescents will just have to get used to it. grains: lentils. one rests 2 months. hay. beer and wine should also be obtained in large quantities (sterilization. ALSO fruit in JARS (fermentation will make alcohol. One breeds. Good protein. whole). and looters will show up in large numbers. This is not negotiable. Tuna. SALTed and/or hung up to dry like biltong. Families bringing too little food/resources (or NOT having put any aside that won’t be retrievable in short order) and too much mouth to fill will become refugees or victims/compost. SALT. weeds. band-aids. rabbit feed is 18% protein. Seeds/beans yes. CHOCOLATE. Taking out deer at/after dusk with suppressed guns is preferable. and any canned goods.gotta get used to the idea – trapping LIVE for breeding. Soon. Motrin. Think SURVIVAL. The store may stop selling.not much. rice. abandoned homes and Norway rats). stool softener (colace). Flour. Figure on buying about $1000 in two to three carts. detergent. powdered milk. Keys (yes. Even IF you have already put away 6 to 12 months of foodstuffs for you and your family. not yet. in the FIRST few hours after an established “long emergency”. Cheap Vodka. Squirrels – mostly for dog food. but no cannibalism. honey. Jellies. Jams. Three does. CHOCOLATE. Use. Let’s figure out what to eat before either of these become dietary mainstays. other whole grains and NON-perishable foods (again. one breast-feeds. lots of it. further preserving it). Think comfort food. Or. soap. again. Rabbits are 90 days from mating to freezer. some seeds/beans . Mate one doe w/buck. ALL AVAILABLE GAME should be taken as soon as possible. DISCIPLINE: Keep kitchen guarded and LOCKED. Liquor. It'll be worth its weight in gold soon. Grain alcohol. “STAPLES” means: what’s necessary to sustain life when supplemented by other things. Caloric restriction should be started from day one. Grab EVERY freaking thing you can imagine AFTER staples. but what do they eat wild in YOUR neighborhood? Properly kept rabbits can provide one to two meat meals a week for a family of four once a colony is established. One month later. Every family involved in planning must be urged to put aside one to two YEARS of staples for their own family and to contribute to central planning/cooking. then awarded for body counts. Tylenol. Sprouting will substitute for fresh greens and essential vitamins until gardens are established. Cheap whisky. Peanut Butter. for dogs too. then whatever you can fill your cart(s) with AFTER the staples. Maybe government cheese. deck or rooftop for drying racks depending on season. UNLESS you can dry them. trade. salted. BUT NO FRESH FOODS (except potatoes – can be cellared). sugar. Droppings can be recycled back into garden or used for methane generation (see long term energy planning). plural) kept by two people between meal times. Have armed backup in the car. Or Hasenpfeffer. shampoo. SPICES. corn (ground. at least have backup just in case. Now breed another doe. And don't forget. chicken. buy every bottle of “Beano” you can find. yet. beans. basement. Kids can be tasked with harvesting (or killing and cleaning) food as well as the inevitable vermin (think bodies. taking by force (but PAYING) if necessary. popcorn even). chickpeas. And have time to do it. table scraps. . occasionally blowing off steam). Two or more animals can be taken in rapid succession this way.5 FOOD No “Soylent Green”. one buck. Think about cowboys and beans. oven. you should GET OUT and buy staples at local grocers with emergency cash funds. VITAMINS. frozen or dried and stored. Fed grass clippings. pain management. Rabbit . NOW: CHOCOLATE.

lead. Public bathing? Nudity? Get over it. Water conservation. is poured through screens into the top drum. Long-term: Neighborhood pools (radioactive fallout sinks). activated carbon (crushed charcoal limited to about 300-mesh). May work for a while as long as filters/chlorine method is available to purify the bathwater. Potential water sources (pools. zinc) as well as pesticides/herbicides. Romans simply used to drain and fill as more water came through aqueducts. occasionally adding some chlorine and/or muriatic acid shock treatment. Sponge baths for everyone. Community baths. Local ponds (maybe). “Long” long-term: Purification is an ancient and simple art. water towers. .6 WATER Short-term: What’s on hand. You may not have the luxury of that advantage. Purification can be done by keeping pool covers in place. (See section on supplies and raiding local stores). eventually making its way through the charcoal filter. Assume street runoff has high levels of toxic metals (cadmium. Chlorine is added at this stage at about 2 to 4 parts per billion. Water. water towers) should be scouted out and marked on Zombie Action Plan maps. arsenic. Liquid bleach degrades and has a shelf-life. sand. bottled. water heaters. 55 gallon drums set high to low with progressive layers of rocks. rain barrels and diverted roof run-off. Make finding chlorine pool shock packets a priority early on. Go Roman. Or wear underwear. gravel. Long-settled water can be carefully reclaimed later. no matter how foul. toilet tanks.

Kids (older than ten. If you aren’t up to the task.22 cal for food (squirrels. ammonium nitrate and/or Tannerite to stores. razor wire. The bad guys (uniformed or not) will have them. “Every man. and carry. EVERYONE involved in this plan must have (OWN and BRING) a gun. any weapon – rifle.56 NATO rifles/carbines. permanent defense (sniper) and . Constitutional and human right to obtain. any place. without asking anyone’s permission.” L. personal. Have common calibers. woman. facility. machinegun. Training too. vermin) Supplies and devices include trip wire. . Neil Smith. thirteen?) must learn to shoot and carry also. For defense. grounds/compound. and family leaders enough guns and ammunition for their family.380 ACP or 9 mm pistols.000 (one thousand) rounds per gun. Dogs: a good investment. civil. from “The Atlanta Declaration. Defensive weapons can be broken down into general categories. own. rabbit. openly or concealed. 9 mm or . A minimum of 1. fougasse and remotely-detonated mines (hard wired). and responsible child has an unalienable individual. shotgun. anything – any time. perimeter. both personal and group. Add black powder. handgun.223/5.7 Defense/Safety Have enough defensive weapons for everyone to provide security. or without someone who has and is proficient with one. You’re expected to take steps to ensure your/our survival. group. .45 acp or other calibers like . you will be directed to the nearest refugee camp. 308 NATO rifles.22 Long Rifle. like .357 Magnum.38 Special or . Have enough offensive weapons for key people to provide effective preemptive or retaliatory action as required. . 1987 NO ONE leaves the building without one. 20 and 12 gauge shotguns.

But give it a little time. It's also the easiest (maybe not the best) way to procure those weapons. 1999 . those national guard (or UN Kazakh) troops are going to want to get back home to “anytown USA” with their loved ones and may trade – happily.those weapons for a hot meal and civilian clothing to blend in while they make their way.” Norm Balog. “One Shot.Class III (machine guns) can be gotten from police/national guard if necessary but one well-placed round from a distance can replace hundreds of scattered rounds and add some terrorizing effect into the defense equation.” US Army Sniper motto “Guns Will Get You Through Times of No Money Better Than Money Will Get You Through Times of No Guns . One Kill.

Iraq 2008 .For Your Safety: HAVE A PLAN TO KILL EVERYONE YOU MEET Complacency Kills Sign on the Door of the Marine Corps India Company’s Combat Operations Center Fallujah.

Remember. OR those to be burned out along the control zone perimeter as decoy homes. tractors. Get in the habit of noticing location. cooking and common areas to lessen chances of insect invasions. but if it's all gone. whatever you can get whether you need it or not (get what you put on a list. Home Depot. pay cash when you can. These should be “corralled” and retrieved ASAP. RFN. tear down/remove buildings and trees. And eye protection. caulk. Leave a note with instructions on leaving a signal somewhere not too far away from where you took things so your patrols can get back in touch with the owners of the equipment you have borrowed. Assign personnel to do this in teams. looting WILL happen. . chains. Get it . Looters don't do that. parts/nuts/bolts/screws/nails. Heavy Machinery: To build fortifications. Driver and Cover (yes. especially gases and protective gear. all of it. NOW. Local machine and auto shops should be considered for sources of welding equipment. ALSO scour neighborhoods for these items. Lowes. I won't say it again). target and every other possible source of tools and hardware should be exploited. .8 HARDWARE ACE. keeping kids entertained. get the other stuff. Again. Do NOT loot. Get scrap metal. Duct tape. extra oxygen and acetylene tanks. These points are redundant. chicken wire (for future building projects AND trade). plugs. spares). One wing of the school can be taken over as machine/work shop. Buy shovels. not holed up in in a cellar. Two per machine. . armed. type and numbers of graders. Anything which will lessen the attractiveness of YOUR zone will reduce your ammunition use and redirect energies to constructive projects. Negotiate. Grab EVERY pair of gloves you can off the shelves. one room for storing firewood (far away from living quarters. loaders. but realize that as time goes by without a central authority or command and control. 2-stroke oil. the stuff that people may want to trade for down the road). chainsaws (chain/bar oil. backhoes. your new home for what may be several years/decades has MANY rooms. till soil for farming. have CASH on hand. and ‘dozers and keep them in the back of your mind. especially before scrapping or burning nearby homes which interfere w/ line-of-sight defense or acreage for gardening. build up moat/berm/building defense walls (with concrete/old cars/asphalt). finding food.

or even a way of manufacturing or repairing it. until you have an idea if the person is open to this level of planning and thinking. physically? Can they shoot? Hunt? Sew? Cook? Weld? Do plumbing or electric? While computer programmers are valuable today. etc.9 PERSONNEL THIS is probably the hardest thing to decide and plan on. present-day and anticipated catastrophic events. tools. ******** . but should be able to do SOMEthing.. It will definitely take many people out of their comfort zones (also known as complacency or “mediainduced comas”) Will they do the work? Are they already working on a plan? Have they put aside food. something. Christians? Not necessarily. clothes. Some roles in command/control should probably be decided upon with alternates. Their fall was even farther than Rome's. after a catastrophic event humans may not have a need for high-tech services. Islamic nations and most of India is outside of a few large urban centers. Know your community. other supplies? Are they prepared emotionally. ********** This section is also a work in progress. falls of civilizations past. hunters. Plant some “seeds” well ahead of time. Not everyone can be expected to do physical labor. Discuss ideas of end times. This means that we don’t leave elders out for the coyotes. Arab/Islamic nations were once touted as having “invented” optics. spiritually. or grinding grain/making break. Think how low-tech China. If their far-vision works well. Pass the plan around in small bites. guns. put 'em to work as spotters. for several generations.

shaving cream. ALSO. newspapers. expiration dates noted and rotate it into your household stock or church donations. gum. Quick question time: A jet liner crashes on the Canadian-US border early in this crisis. These are morale boosters. bars of soap. witch hazel. STOCK UP ON: toothpaste. razor blades. The things that tell you you're a part of polite. dental floss. and ANYTHING else you use on a day to day basis without which you would stink. . wet wipes. No TP? Use phone books. conditioner. equatorial third world country. just practical and true. The sunscreen and mouthwash were life savers. toiletries. Books? Hey. detergent.10 WASTE DISPOSAL AND SANITATION Contain Compost/recycle Burn Bury Another advantage of a LARGE school: lots of property. soap. and a towel to the toilet with you. mouthwash. the property is sufficiently above the sewer lines that gravity/water should carry everything downhill for a time.. deodorant. Where do they bury the survivors? They don't. society and not some backwards. etc. think about the things you use every day. if it was good enough for the Arabs who torched the library at Alexandria. “CLEANLINESS IS NEXT TO GODLINESS”. backwoods. civil. sunscreen shampoo. hand lotion. for your dog: tick/flea spray and those three month topical packets (one or two year's supply at a time). corn husker's lotion. and fire ALWAYS works. shampoo. I'd start with high school history books. tampons/pads. just write the bought and expiration dates on a conspicuous area on the box and rotate stock.. and while we're on the subject of cleanliness. note pads. toilet paper.. Carry a small jar of water. I spent months in the field in Cambodia years ago and the one thing everyone appreciated was the 3 x 3 x 3 foot boxes of tissue. While you're shopping for foodstuffs. be dirty or otherwise unattractive. Inventoried. This isn't hard or time consuming. magazines.. KEEP SOME OF THIS STUFF SEPARATE from just about everything else you have on hand. they're all liberal lies anyway. FIFO (First In First Out – new stuff goes in the BACK). Control of garbage/insects/vermin. I always liked the way some North American Plains Indians dealt with their dead: put them out for scavengers to return to the earth. Oh. until pump stations can be reestablished by local authority. Sewage disposal facilities can be established (dug out). Keep in mind these products DO degrade under heat/light/time and what is a fine – and very expensive – hair conditioner today is a settled/layered smelly/gooey mess tomorrow (or in five years). or in the case of certain schools. hemorrhoid cream (not to confuse the two – you shouldn't either). hair coloring. Not scriptural. hand washing and waste disposal can go a lot farther toward ensuring health and safety than bullets or antibiotics. Don't prepare food or eat with your left hand. provided by command. the survivors dig graves for the victims.

whether the entire unit. Local tools. Fuel stabilizer can be stockpiled and added to incoming gasoline as it is acquired. marked on maps for later recovery. Use great caution scavenging permanently installed generators. camping stoves. candles. oil. What you use today may not be available tomorrow. It’s midnight and you’re up reading by candlelight? Lights out. losing octane/other light volatiles and it’s capacity to do work. Car batteries. parts or fuel. propane/LPG. . This can also be the night sentry. Someone should be clever enough to know how to build a governor for a windmill to spool up a car alternator. Those last two candles or matches or whatever may be the last you'll see in several decades until industrial processes come back on line. Home fuel oil tanks should be located. trees. fuel oil/diesel – check buildings before hand to see if there is an emergency power generator and plan accordingly). ticket dispensers. both for instant power availability and for periodic self checks.11 ENERGY Temporary/Short-term: Gas. cameras. ALL available cars should have tanks drained as soon as possible for use by select cars/trucks. Get as many as you can. and fuels stocks maintained with consideration of aging. These should be scavenged ASAP and used at the compound. Gasoline deteriorates relatively rapidly. The more wood put away now means the less you’ll need to get later. Take from abandoned cars. get with the program. lanterns. SOLAR panels are conveniently placed by the county/department of transportation for powering traffic lights. This also gives the kids something to do (finding deadfall and stacking the split wood). Roving “fireguard” should be assigned to enforce light/energy discipline. Dry batteries (just add acid). Trak auto. In either case. Many will have auto-start capability. firewood. Electrical generators (gas. Electrolyte (__% sulphuric acid solution) can be stockpiled. wood splitting teams early on (season-dependent). DISCIPLINE is vitally important here. Get as much STA-BIL (brand of fuel stabilizer) as you can as soon as you can to treat stored fuel. Any light sources after lights out should be investigated. and may start unexpectedly. Long-term: Wind and water power.

go ahead and burn it. Look up “EMP – Electro Magnetic Pulse“ on wikipedia. Can be bought pretty cheaply these days.e. grounded).12 COMMUNICATION Buy hand held radios. Mark these on maps and contact the owners after an event. Sentries/guards should learn these and others should have some basic knowledge. Remains of the cruiser can be left burnt out somewhere outside community perimeter or left as is as a deterrent (once it's vandalized. five watt units that can transmit five to ten miles or more can be had for well under $100. Lithium batteries have 10 year shelf life. Might also consider “resourcing” (stripping) a police cruiser. Find military band radios if/when necessary (National Guard Armory vehicles) Hand signals (get a copy of an Army Ranger training manual). EMP-resistant) radios and a global NONgovernment based communications system will allay many fears by providing non-progandized information. ALL the sensitive electronics should be packaged in EMP-proofed containers (metal shielding. MANY ham radio operators keep older vacuum tube-based (i.org for a good explanation. Locate and make note of ham radio towers/antennas. Police radios (scanners) are a good idea to have. Buy earpiece/throat mikes. both AM/FM and transceivers. . have devices that can use these batteries and stockpile/rotate stock. It'll make anyone who is still occupying that area out to be more “badass” than anticipated).

One member should have medical supplies to deal with combat/meatball surgery. such as Police. Search nearby abandoned homes for all useful medicines: antibiotics. clinics WILL be overwhelmed in short order.13 FIRST AID AND MEDICAL CARE Every member/family should have basic medical supplies in their homes. Do not overlook farms for veterinary supplies that will often be present Also take canned goods and dog food and whatever else can be brought in and stored. tranquilizers) take priority. CBRNE catastrophic events invariably lead to staggering numbers of ill. Read about the Tokyo Aum Shin Rykyo sarin attacks and the numbers local hospitals dealt with. . They simply closed their doors in response. Expect that hospitals. it is fair game. or already looted. Where will YOU go for help? Expect outside assistance. stimulants. narcotics (opiates. Search in radio equipped teams while being monitored by armed detail. Fire/Rescue? Forget it. worried well and malingerers. General rule of thumb: if a home has been vacated for over 72 hours. Any searches must be carried out with great caution and with due regard for security.

. like pigs in slop.14 But What About Local Government. A murderer is less to fear . “First Oration Against Catiline: November 8. For the traitor appears not a traitor: he speaks in accents familiar to his victims. make you pay them in food. Cambodia. An enemy at the gates is less formidable. UN troops are infamous for abusing their “wards.” Some dead white guy from the floor of parliament – England – circa 1770. They (cops and the tinhorn local government dictators they may or may not represent) are used to having power and making people do what they want when they want them to. heard in the very halls of government itself.” Think they’ll be any different after an “event” in THIS century? In THIS country? You think that you can make friends with them because they're your friends. Kosovo. There is no coincidence that Stalin used Kazakh (Cossack) troops to apply his iron hand to Ukraine and that the US actively recruits foreign-born immigrants (legal and otherwise) to join its military forces." Roman Statesman. .suppress riots). he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. Marcus Tullius Cicero. National guard? What about them? “Power corrupts. expecting the governor to call up the “State” National Guard. Read a little history. shelter. There is no love lost between cultures when orders are given. They stayed home. and he wears their face and their arguments. his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys. Cops in Mexico.e. It’ll be up to us to stop them. The simplest time-tested solutions are to co-opt or eliminate them. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely. 63 B. he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. They’ll be living the high life. Cops were brought in from OUTSIDE the state and proceeded to terrorize the locals into submission. "A nation can survive its fools. Germany and elsewhere have all turned tyrant/bully/rapist/gang member and murderer after social upheaval or catastrophic events in the past hundred (and more) years. those who aren't deployed to maintain social order (i. either individually or in groups. Police. Co-option only works with retreat members who are already police/government gang members and who will apply their skills and knowledge to the group survival effort. absolute power corrupts absolutely. Read about how a small group of determined individuals survived the Warsaw ghetto in the early 1940s. expect the National Guard to do so also. he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city. and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. In a larger-scale event. neighbors or even members of your church? Think that they’ll protect you and not rat you out to their buddies. for he is known and carries his banner openly.C. He rots the soul of a nation. Russia. Do NOT consider police your friends. sex? Look up the video of the California cops beating up the little old lady in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Rwanda. They can be a serious impediment to real progress and survival. Expect them to be. And remember what the police did immediately after the onset of the “Rodney King Riots” in LA in 1993.

Do you leave your beautiful wife and two young children home alone for what may be a regular work day or weeks (months) until you can get back to them during which time you'll be out of touch? They have no power. In their spare time they (the “artistes”) can work on plays. projects. Will there be some resistance to local civilians taking over a school or two? Sure. Fire. There is no electricity. reconstruction and return to normalcy. farmers. actors. MREs and water run out. how do you think our governments will respond? How. Rescue. worth 50% of your final grade” DC has been nuked. even years later. preachers as well as cooks. Each natural disaster has led to longer periods of time for community organization. When the government cheese. What now? Where does YOUR planning start? . Will your family still be home after you return from your mandated duties? In refugee camps? How will you find them? Believe that a majority of Police. then go to the nearest FEMA site and get in line. There are already plans for those camps in the US. Everyone crosstrains like Naval submariners. like-minded individuals far from the murder-mayhem in the urban centers? If you're ready to give up your homes. Individual and group-oriented. plain and simple. Long term survival planning requires considering a place for artists. where every Marine is a rifleman. on patrol. and/or run into larger internment camps by government forces. It's 24 hours later and your job as a federal worker or healthcare provider involves being a part of a response team. spiritually-guided. clothes. Think laterally. Division of Labor. Some thoughts on “Civil defense” versus the needs of actual surviving pockets of pioneers: Won't schools and community centers be used for civil defense and/or red cross shelters? Not if we get there first. Read your history. past present and future. cobbling together clothes from rags and sheets and such depending on how long and how dire the emergency. and most all of local government weasels will call out sick that year. and for how long will “social order” be maintained? Will government “leaders” law enforcement efforts be effective. and other belongings. musicians. filled with refugees unable and/or unwilling to help themselves or in a free community of stable. or (LA “Rodney King” riots in 1993) will they show up at all? Test question. Everyone should have a primary and a backup function. water or food and there is a BIG population of folks living in high-density housing just a few miles away. many actors know how to make costumes. abandoned. Large areas of the gulf coasts in America still look like war zones. repair. how well. We will survive. butchers. The artists can always work in the garden. hard-core survivalists. But we'll hit back hard. police/fire/rescue are staying home with “colds” today. refugees and residents inside civil defense shelters will be relocated. grocery stores and gas stations are closed. expect FEMA 's resources to be overwhelmed within days.15 Miscellany Entertainment: Have decks of cards and board games on hand. growth-oriented. no telephone service and no word from county or state authorities has been released. After several more large-scale catastrophic events (the worst of which would be plague. The fundamental question is: How badly do you want to live while society recreates itself from the ground up? And then: How and where? In a government-run camp. You're outside the fallout zone. Like the Marines. guns. They can become group seamstresses/tailors. FEMA. principled. After a catastrophic event (which this guide is designed to address). pets (read about evacuations during Hurricanes Katrina and Ivan). or do other things as needed. nuclear attack or “race wars”). children (you may well be separated). Schools.

(Arabic: No surrender) .

fema. one of the fathers of psychology. Hoag. Paladin Press. Book of Daniel and several other old testament prophets Some other things to consider: FM 90-10-1: An Infantryman's Guide to Combat in Built-Up Areas SH 21-76: United States Army Ranger Handbook. 2001 Revised Edition” Phillip L. Clayton. LA.Jack Spigarelli 2d Ed. Rawles. etc. Lafayette. Surviving the Coming Collapse”. James Wesley. Bruce D. Yellowstone River Publishing. UT 1984. Leroy Thompson. © 2002 “Life After Doomsday”... famously remarked that "people cannot stand too much reality. Plan for the worst. meat processing from “the hoof” to the table. MT © 1996/2001 “Patriots. Storage. Cross-Country Publishing. Huntington House Publishers. © 1999 (Fiction.com/self/index. Stackpole Books. Complete Protection from the Living Dead”. April 2000 “The Counter-Insurgency Manual”. CO © 1980 “No Such Thing as Doomsday. animal husbandry. A comprehensive Guide to Home Storage and Physical Survival” .. PhD. Boulder.” Relevant reading: “Crisis Preparedness Handbook”. improvised devices. The extent to which you collect books and pamphlets is up to you. Alpine. can be stored in one or two drawer file cabinet to provide a great amount of “wisdom” for those without first hand experience in the multiple skills that may be needed all of a sudden. (Hardcover) by James Howard Kunstler "Carl Jung."© 2000 Atlantic Monthly Press “Ragnar's Urban Survival”. including FEMA) http://waltonfeed. it's cheap insurance. Start here: http://waltonfeed. many many links to storage. planning (menu. © 2003 “The Long Emergency: Surviving the Converging Catastrophes of the Twenty-First Century”. and Arlene R. Greenhill Books. wiring generators. but arguably one of the better “how to's” or “how we did it” stories). canning. feed. Boulder. © 2000 More than just food. Paladin Press.html . London. Ragnar Benson. CO © 2000 “Revelation” – John ©. It's also a great anxiety reducer if you can change your thinking from “Oh my God THIS can happen!” to “If THIS happens I can do THIS. water.. Max Brooks. Emigrant.com/ http://www. growing and preserving foods. survival) and more. New York.16 Resources Develop a small library now of “how to” info to use later. PA. Having enough info on first aid. “The ZOMBIE Survival Guide. Three Rivers Press.gov/ (go here for fairly comprehensive links.

cgi Ready Reserve.geoduck.millennium-ark.html Long-term flood storage menu including food storage calculator: http://www.readyreservefoodsinc. Storey's Country Wisdom Bulletins contain practical. Arks.com/index. our commitment to preserving the arts. more http://www. and their remarkable popularity reflects the common desire of country and city dwellers alike to cultivate personal independence in everyday life. source for hybrid seed. signs and wonders. . “ If this really floats your boat. and more.food.php Storey Country Wisdom Bulletin series. books.com/epicenter/order. We now have more than 200 titles in this series of 32-page publications. chickens.mv?Screen=SFNT&Store_Code=mcs1 Meals. Storey's Bulletins provide a foundation of earth-friendly information for the way you want to live today. From traditional skills to the newest techniques. crafts. threat watch. look into the "Firefox" series from the early 70's.equipped.Kits.millennium-ark.html Epicenter: food/general survival goods http://www. Bite-sized (32 page) guides to things like growing berries.nitro-pak.store.ki4u. & More! Omniglow Cyalume® Lightsticks * * Inova LED Lights * * Millennium Ark: news.com/self/upack/index. making a root-cellar. and skills of country life has never wavered.htm Packing/canning/drying your own food: http://waltonfeed. hands-on instructions designed to help you master dozens of country living skills quickly and easily.com/products1.html Nitro-Pak: little of everything http://www. http://www.com/~mcs-i/Merchant2/merchant.Some other links that may be helpful: http://www. "Since the 1973 publication of Storey's first Country Wisdom Bulletin.addr.com/ Meyers Custom Supply http://www19. Ready to Eat HeatMax Hand/Pocket/Body Warmers AlpineAire Foods Books & Manuals Mainstay Food Bars Survivor Industries .net/News_Files/menu.net/index1.org/ Chem/Bio/Nuke response site: http://www.

Muffin. Pancake. Drug stores are often person a good source. Sunscreen. Steri-strips. Razors. Ipecac. Counts for part of grain requirement. Calamine Lotion. etc.5 kg) per person 12 lbs ( 5. Shaving Cream Dispose of all outdated medications -----Avoid watered products. etc Purchase or make your own. -- 2 Detergents. Canned Meats: Tuna. Dry roasted keep best. etc. Kaopectate. Cough Syrup. Fill your water jugs Peanut Butter Solid Vegetable Shortening Juices Toothpaste. Antibiotic Ointment. Dried Beef First Aid Supplies: Band-Aids. Pepto Bismol. embellish. Laundry soap 20 lbs (9 kg) per person.1 gal (4L) per person. -- 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ---10 lbs (4. Floss. Bleaches.5 kg) per person --You need an annual total of 300 lbs (136 kg) of grain products per person. Repeat.17 Emergency Food Lists Mormon 52 Week List Week 1 Item to Buy Nuts Amount Comments Buy them on sale after 2 lbs (1 kg) per Christmas. Spam. . Freeze bagged ones. Get 100% juice. Ace Bandages. Tylenol. 11 Mixes: Cake. Cleansers -- 3 Medicine Chest: Feminine Products. Bleach .

. Start now. packed in nitrogen None Keep sugar dry More is needed for preserving These four will NOT make a good diet nor a very interesting one. nuts and bolts basic survival menu: MORMON TABLE OF FOUR – FOOD FOR ONE PERSON FOR ONE YEAR FOOD Wheat Powdered Milk Sugar or honey Salt MIN/MAX IN POUNDS 200-365 60-100 35-100 1-12 MIN/MAX IN KILOS 91-166 27-45 16-45 . The Mormon 4 was created to provide one year of food at low cost with a very long shelf life. Indefinite Indefinite COMMENTS Hard Red. Start yesterday.4 SHELF LIFE Indefinite 1-5 yrs. vitamins and mineral supplements as well as a source of fat and oil should be added. One or two canned goods. Find a place to store it. Every time you shop buy an extra can of soup. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (“Mormon”) doctrine stipulates that all families store at least one year's food supply.VERY BASIC. bag of beans/lentils/peas. but it will keep you alive. At a minimum.5-5. pound of salt.

vienna sausages oFruit cocktail oPeanut butter oPowdered milk oInfant care: canned milk & bottles oCanned juices oDried fruit (caution: drink plenty of water): raisins. sardines. Other families may be able to use just the plastic bucket from the sanitation kit for this storage. floods. Some families may need a large container (32 gallon garbage can) to hold all the items. Include any special medications required by family members. spam. Remember Pets (food. They make it easier to take the items with you. Pack hobby and entertainment items that appeal to your family. Food oMeats: tuna. You may choose to use backpacks. medications) This 72 hour kit should meet the needs of your family. fruit leather oCrackers (drink plenty of water) Stress (Comfort) Foods oSugar cookies oSweetened cereals oHard candy Standard First Aid Kit oFirst aid manual oAromatic spirits of ammonia oWater purification tablets oTable salt oBaking soda oEye drops oSafety pins oMatches oAdhesive or paper tape oBandages oTelfa pads 4" x 4" oTriangle bandage oTelfa pads 37" x 37" x 52" oRoll of gauze oCoban elastic bandage oSplints oPopsicle sticks . blizzards. prunes. power-outages) Immediately Available oBattery powered radio oFlashlight and extra batteries Emergency Needs oInstruction manuals on emergency preparedness oWater storage oSleeping bags & blankets Sanitation Kit oPlastic bucket with tightly fitted lid oPlastic bags and ties oToilet paper oDisinfectant oImprovised toilet seat oFeminine hygiene needs oPaper towels oSoap oPaper cups oPaper plates oPlastic utensils oCan opener oUtility knife oNail File oDuct tape Stress Factors • Children oColoring book oCrayons • Adults oBooks oNeedlework A Class ABC fire extinguisher is recommended for each home. Use foods that your family will eat.18 A Beginner's Preparedness List (short-term: for hurricanes.

“Survival of the fittest isn't for the faint of heart. 2008 . you may only have one chance to make the right choice.one for each responsible trained family member) and ammu This information is provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.oShingles or thin board o40 page newspaper oHeavy string Car oStandard First Aid Kit oBlanket oFlashlight and Batteries oReflectors oChange of clothes oExtra shoes oFood oWater oKnife oFirearm(s . the American Red Cross and the NRA So ask yourself right now.” Norm. are you going to bug out or root right in? Plan accordingly.

Coleman Fuel 36.Spices 56.Coffee .Peroxide 18.Baby Wipes .Socks 24.Boyscout Manual 31.Hard candy 6.Toilet paper 14. 1.Old phone books (for toilet paper) 64.Hand Tools 30.LR ammunition 32.Cigarettes 12.Canning Jars and Lids 71.Liquor 23.Aluminum Foil 47.First Aid Kits 54.Air Pump (don’t trade the pump trade air) 78.Vegetable Oil (for cooking) 39.Solar Calculators 57.Strike anywhere Kitchen Matches 8.Diapers 42.Vitamins 44.Water Filters 34.Playing Cards 80.Lighter Fluid 40.Tampons 45.Wooden matches 28.Sewing Supplies 69.Duct tape 11.Fish Hooks 53.Candles 68.12-gauge shot shells 33.Clothes Pins 51.Pool Shock (makes bleach) 70.Batteries (Lithium) 55.Duct Tape 66.Fishing Line 52.Dental Floss 62.Reading glasses 22.Tooth paste 15.Lightsticks 60.Firewood 35.Pepper 5.freeze-dried 2.Needles and sewing items 9.Nylon cord 10.Condoms 27.Flashlights 59.Tools for gardening 26.Soap 16.Bicycle Tire Tubes 74.Aspirin 19.Knives 72.Thermal Underwear 46.Knives 37.Rubbing alcohol 17.Paper Towels 49.Paperback Bibles 7.Garbage Cans 61.Manual Can Openers 38.Rope 67.tooth brushes 21.Mosquito Repellent 65.19 The Barter and Trade List.Charcoal 41.Board Games 79.Baking soda 20.Washboard 43.Sugar 3.Belts 58.Skills 29.22.Pencils.Garbage Bags 48. paper.Tarps 25.Sharpening Stones 73.Mousetraps 81. note pads 13.Bicycle Chains 75.Garden Seeds (Non-Hybrid) 50.Clothesline 63.Salt 4.

Broad Brim Hats 90.Gloves 85.Axes 96.Tang/Kool-aid 84.Razors 83.Over The Counter Medications 102.Underwear 86.Pad-Locks 92.Binoculars 98.Files 91.Disposable Lighters 99. Suncreen 103. Sunglasses 104.Tea 95.Glue 89.Kerosene 94. Powdered chocolate 105.82. SPICE seeds (heritage. nonhybrid) 106.Magnesium fire starters 100. ad libidum .Plastic sheeting “visqueen” 101.Laundry Detergent 93.Slingshots and steel shot 97.

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