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AS Media Lessons: wk beg 9/1/12

Your media lessons this week for KKS/ VS/HM:

1. All Preliminary work must be completed to a good standard and uploaded onto your Coursework Blogs. 2. Complete the following questions in detail and upload:

(A) What existing magazines did you look at for inspiration for your magazine? What features/ conventions did you use? (B) What skills have you learnt/ developed during your project? Be specific. (C) What aspects of your Prelim work did you feel were successful? (You could comment on design features, photography, as well as time management etc) (D) What would you improve? Explain in detail.
3. Start Research and Planning tasks for Coursework

Starting your AS Coursework: 50% of final mark

Task: -To complete Research and Planning project on the chosen media area - To construct a front cover, contents page and double page spread of an original music magazine -To complete 7 Evaluation questions

A quick overview of the weeks ahead:

Read and note key dates

Monday 9th Jan-Friday 20th Jan

Carrying out research and planning. To include: Examples of other texts Analysis of magazine covers, contents pages and double page spreads Analysis of colour palettes, fonts, language register Decide on style of music magazine based on research carried out Audience research (e.g. questionnaire) Decide on title of magazine Mood boards Audience profile Analysis of institution that would publish your magazine Preparation of a 25 word pitch

Monday 23rd Jan-Fri 3rd Feb

Lessons to pitch idea to class and receive feedback Evaluate class feedback Test shots of work on magazine elements Complete mock version of cover/ contents page/ double page spread (1 lesson) Write draft article Begin composing cover/contents page/ double page spread (draft version)
Friday 3rd February = Research and Planning FINAL DEADLINE Marks deducted for late submission

Mon 6th Feb-Fri 10th Feb

Finish composing cover/contents page/ double page spread (draft version)

Half term homework Mon 13th Fri 17th Feb

Begin drafting evaluation responses

Monday 20th Feb-Fri 24th Feb

Conduct audience feedback for magazine Peer assessment and evaluate feedback. Update blog with feedback. Update blogs with 1st draft teacher feedback. Make plan of action for necessary improvements

Monday 27th Feb-Fri 9th Mar

Complete cover/contents page/ double page spread Print out as professionally as possible (photographic paper) Cut to size carefully and submit in plastic wallet with name clearly labelled Post onto blog

FINAL DEADLINE FOR COURSEWORK = Friday 9th March 3.10pm English Office All work to be printed out submitted to the English office.

Monday 12th Mar-Friday 30th Mar

Teachers to introduce evaluation questions 6 and 7.
Draft answers to Q6 and Q7 and submit to teachers in final lesson w/e Friday 16th Mar Deadline for ALL Evaluation questions - Friday 30th Mar 3:10pm.

A LOT to cover so lets get started:

Your media lessons this week for KKS/ VS/HM:

3. Complete the following Research and Planning tasks for your coursework: - Analyse the front covers, double page spread and contents pages of 3 different music magazines. - You should aim to research magazines from different genres. - Analyse should use appropriate media terminology (on KKSs blog) and commenting in detail on the intended effects of key features.

Examples of Work:

Examples of AS Work:

Examples of Work:

All work (Preliminary tasks, Prelim Evaluation, Analysis of 3 different magazine covers, contents and double page spreads) to be completed and uploaded by Sunday 15 January.
Students will have all media lessons to complete work but should also use their 4 hours media homework allocation time to complete work. There will be no time next week as we will be moving on to a new set of tasks for Research and Planning.