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This e-newsletter features the various programs and projects developments of Peoples Partner for Development and
Democracy (PPDD)

Issue Nº2 - November 2008

at the moment. The winning team gets half of the

News Brief This is Eh Kler Gu, a 2 year old patient with se- amount from the fees and second place get a free
vere malaria.  He is pictured with his mother who beer for each team member. We also have an ac-
BEAT Malaria! walked nearly 10 days to get him treatment. She tivity during the quiz, heads and tails, in which
the winner gets a free drink of choice.
was lucky, but many cannot travel because of the
Burma Empowerment Action Team dangers. Our doctors and medics provide care to This has been an incredible and fun way to raise
both stationary clinics and mobile teams, which funds for our school and children.
Malaria kills one person every 30 seconds travel to IDP camps deep inside Burma that may
worldwide. In Burma, malaria kills more people be far from a stable clinic. The teams also docu-
than any other dis- ment human rights abuses and provide other basic
ease, the majority of needs.
whom are children
under five and preg-Already more than half of the world's population
nant women. But it is at risk of acquiring malaria and this percentage
is completely treat-increases each year due to drug resistance and
able and prevent- other issues. Although Africa has the highest bur-
able. BEAT Malaria works to supply local medics den of disease and thus the largest concentration
in Burma with malaria medication, diagnostic of malaria advocacy groups, more than one-third
tests, and mosquito nets. A $12 donation can save of cases occur in Asia. Burma has the highest
the life of one individual and ensure a malaria drug resistance in the world, which means it will
free future for their family. only get worse if we do not address this need on a
large scale. By bringing malaria care to Burma,
Burma's brutal military dictatorship routinely BEAT joins in the global mission to create a ma-
performs mass human rights abuses against its laria free future.
people, forcing thousands to become internally
displaced people (IDPs). These people are forced To get involved, visit our website at
to hide in the jungle and lack access to basic or donate to our cause. $12
needs such as health care and food, and are par- will buy malaria medication and a malaria test for
ticularly vulnerable to insect born diseases like one individual and a mosquito net for their entire
malaria. One young medic described fleeing into family. Any donation made to BEAT is tax de-
the jungle with his family where three of his ductible through our partner organization, Earth
nieces and nephews contracted malaria and died. Mission. Visit our website for information on how
to donate online or donate by mail by sending
This medic is now one of many who has turned checks to:
his experience into a passion for helping others BEAT Malaria! Earth Mission, 608 S. Hico St., -- by Camila Fassarella
and despite the danger, he now returns to deliver Siloam Springs, AR, 72761, U.S.A
basic health care to other IDPs like himself. Local
groups have already developed strong networks to Light School opened the school
deal with Burma's massive human rights abuses, Quiz Night at Thaimes! year 2008-2009 with much enthusi-
but they lack access to basic resources. These asm!
teams are well trained and are effective because Fundraising Activity for Light School – “Alterna-
they share the background, language and under- tive School for Stateless, Displaced and Mar- PPDD and its local staffs at the Thai –Burma
standing of the situation with those they are treat- ginalized Children from Burma at the Thai- border, Maesot, Tak, Thailand held an opening
ing. We can help address these human rights Burma Border”
ceremony last June 15, 2008 to formally welcome
atrocities in Burma by helping them deliver ma-
larial and other basic health care. By strengthen- Every Tuesday night we hold our quiz night to another exciting year for LS as it continuous ful-
ing these networks now, we will be able to create any and everyone who comes to Thaimes bar. Our fill its vision of providing educational opportuni-
a sustainable and lasting system that has the po- team creates a list of various questions from in- ties to stateless, displaced an marginalized kids
tential to bridge political and ethnic divides teresting facts about nature to questions about from Burma. The ceremony went well and it was
history and current affairs, so that we can reach
attended by both local and international staff of
all different cultures that live in the small town of
In fact, BEAT has already raised over $10,000 to Mae Sot. PPDD, partner organizations and individual sup-
stop the spread of malaria. This is enough to buy porters of the school. This school year, LS is ca-
medication for 400 IDPs and for hundreds more For this day only we ask an entry fee from the tering to over 100 kids.
to receive mosquito nets. However, the need is participants. We divide the whole crowd in teams
vastly greater. of 4 or 5, depending on the total amount of people

“voices of peoples and communities” 1


Organizational Development Training issues they may be facing, difficulties within the
PPDD in action... the Light family and general well being.
School and its development This past August we had a training on Organiza-
tional Development Training. The course basi- None of the participants have ever touched base
cally aimed to provide the participants with on the idea of international human rights so it is a
PPDD Training-Workshops Activities knowledge and skills in making an organization slow and carefully approached project with the
dire need for patience and understanding. We are
sustainable and successful in fulfilling its visions,
using as many creative methods of facilitating as
missions and goals. This was a one-week training
possible without straying too far from the base
Participatory Hygiene and Sanitation held last August 11-15, 2008 in Maesot, Tak curriculum.
Transformation (Health and Sanitation Province in Thailand and with the participation of
Training) young activists from Burma coming from differ-
ent local organizations under DAB.
This past July 29th, we conducted a one-day
training for trainers on basic health and sanitation.
There were fours basic steps identified and

The parents seem to be enjoying themselves and

there is a great feeling of warmth and community
spirit in the workshops thus far. Although most of
The main objectives reached through this training the participants live within walking range we do
understand that they also have their private af-
fairs, jobs, family responsibilities etc, taking this
• A look at the different definitions of and ap- under consideration we are happy to report that
proaches to development, emphasizing the we are still have a large number attending.
importance of participation, empowerment and Given the foreign subject matter we are pleased to
• Problem identification (community stories and inclusion. say that we feel the parents are taking the work-
health problem in our community); shops very seriously, and obviously enjoying
• Clarification of the organization’s mission. themselves at the same time.
• Problem analysis (mapping water and sanita-
tion in our community, good and bad hygiene • To examine the factors that influence an or- After the completion of this month’s training we
behaviors, investigating community practices ganization’s success and sustainability. will be organizing follow up workshops for may
and how diseases spread) and commencing training in a variety of other
• To help local organizations achieve the greatest subjects for our light schoolteachers and parents.
• Planning of Solutions (blocking the spread of possible program impact through the best or-
diseases, selecting the barriers and task of men ganizational practice. More...
and women in the community)
• To help the organization outline the basic stan- PPDD in Partnership with Democratic Alli-
• Selecting Options (choosing sanitation im- dards of best practice. ance of Burma conducted a joint training on
Logical Framework Approach (LFA) to capaci-
provement, choosing hygiene improvements
• To educate the participants on the step by step tate the senior staff of DAB for them to be effec-
and final time for questions)
guide to developing an effective and well- tive in their work. The training was held every
managed organization that makes best use of its weekend and it started last September 20-21,
people and financial resources to design, de- 2008. The training-workshop lasted for three (3)
liver and develop its program. successive weekends.


PPDD Executive Director and its Local Staff

Training-Workshop on Social and Family actively participated and was in-charge of the
Development whole program of activities and was the secretar-
iat of the Three Day Training Workshop on
-- by Anna Malindog
Management Planning and School Administra-
On the tenth of March a handful of our PPDD tion and Supervision sponsored by MOE (Min-
staff commenced a social/family development and istry of Education) Tak Education Service
human rights course for the parents of our light Area 2 Migrant Learning Centers Liason Of-
This training helped our community to be aware
school children. Our main aim with this project is fice and Volunteering Service Overseas (VSO).
of basic hygiene issues, how to identify problems
to build a dialogue and a more rounded under- The training aims to strengthen and enhance the
and, most importantly, how to solve them in a administrative and supervisory capacity of the
standing of the concept of dignity and human
simple manner. Many of us are aware of the poor migrant schools at the Thai-Burma border to de-
rights, family development and the need for
condition these families live on, so this training velop and attain the overall mission and vision of
equality among all the worlds’ people.
was of great importance to everyone. migrant education in Thailand.
We figure it to be a subject of the upmost impor-
tance for all participants involved. We hope that
most, if not all attending the workshops can leave
with some tools to help them with any personal

2 “voices of peoples and communities”


Reflections… Staff in Focus Few months after my arrival in the Philippines, I

finally had the opportunity to go to Thailand to
By Misu Na Camila Fassarella - a Brazilian volunteer meet with Anna and other staff members, plus get
in Asia to know the school and see the work up-close.
The experience was amazing beyond words, the
impact of our work and of so many other organi-
I always dreamed of traveling around the world,
zations and volunteers has such a great impact on
without destination or purpose like Sinbad or I'm Camila Fassarella, from Brazil. I was born in
the lives of the refugees. What may seem “little”
Gilbert Grape. This volunteer work was quite 1984 in the state of
for us, can make a big difference for those in
unusual for me because I decided to go to Mae Espírito Santo, but
Sot with the distinct purpose of helping people. I moved to São Paulo
thought focusing on my personal career and prop- when I was still The kids show us so much hope and persever-
erty all the time was useless. I wanted to make little and have been ance, they never give in or give up. Like their
change in this crazy world, and so I came to Mae- living here for most parents, they hope for a better future and see in
sot, which is the headquarters of many CBOs and of my life. When I the school and our work, a way to get there.
NGOs, to learn from these organizations. finished school and
decided to go to It has always been one of my objectives to work
I also came to Mae Sot because of my interest in college, I chose with and help children somehow. This experience
activism for Burma. I worked for a political non International Rela- in both Thailand and the Philippines has fulfilled
profit organization in Korea, and did research on tions because it had that wish. Though I don't consider it "complete",
East-Asia’s political situation and history. This most of the subjects that interest me, such as lan- because it is my plan to still work on this area.
sparked my interested in Burma, so I decided to guages, law, anthropology and political science.
stay in Mae Sot for 10 months. Throughout those four years, the area which got No words can describe how grateful I am to all
most of my attention was human rights and since those involved in my stay in Asia. I am now back
However, the situation in Burma is quite compli- home, in Brazil, but still working for PPDD and
then it has been my main focus for a career path.
cated. There are 6 major ethnic groups in Burma, can’t wait to be able to go back and help a little
and many minor ethnic groups. Thus, I realize In August 2007, I had to opportunity to attend the more in any way possible.
that situation in this country is much more com- International Human Rights Academy in Utrecht,
plicated than Korea. So my previous plan to adapt Netherlands, which is where I got to meet some
Korea’s history to Burma is dissipating, but I am of people that would greatly help me in my career
starting to understand the situation in Burma. - Anna, from PPDD and Rowena Legaspi, from
CLRDC. After the Academy, Anna invited me to
I arrived here just one week ago, but I am starting
be part of the organization, it took me a couple of
to recognize that the situation in Burma is unique.
months to get things together, but I finally had the
It’s really hard to resolve the ethnic tensions and
chance to go on January this year. My mission
it might be impossible to solve the problem, but
was to coordinate the PPDD office in the Philip-
we should face it rather than turn away. Burma’s
situation is desperate and complicated, but if you
try to help, the situation will improve. The people During the one semester I got to spend in the
of Burma are desperate, but we can help. I believe country, Rowena Legaspi and everyone from
we can make the world a better place. Children’s Legal Rights and Development Center
Camila and Rowena Legaspi with children from
(CLRDC) and Children’s Legal Advocacy Net- Barangay Tatalon (Philippines)
work (CLAN) were there to help me out, show
me around and teach new things every day. Be-
sides my work with PPDD, I also had the chance
to see how CLRDC works and also work together
Special thanks!
with them, including field work. We had our ex-
posures in communities around Manila area, vis-
ited dumpsite areas, talked to children who have
Special thanks to Dale Bromley for helping us
to work to sustain their families and, as part of a
so much especially on the Light School and at
CLAN work, we constantly went to the Philip-
Thaimes bar. Thank you for starting the weekly
pines Congress to pass to the Congressmen (and
quiz night at Thaimes, mixing work with fun and
women) a bill on anti-corporal punishment of
which, of course, has helped us greatly.
Our sincere gratitude for being part of our organi-
Concerning my position as PPDD staff member in
zation for all this time and helping us make a
the Philippines, I was in charge of, basically, any-
better future for the Burmese children and the Camila and some of the Light School kids in Mae
thing about the organization in the country - do-
community in general. Sot, Thailand
ing the basic and essential office work, promoting
-- PPDD team us, networking, coordinating meetings, the news-
letter and etc. Plus, of course, the work of PPDD
together with CLAN, since the organization is
part of CLAN’s Campaign/Lobby Committee.

“voices of peoples and communities” 3


Literary Gimmicks • Wendy O’ Brien Art Work of Light School

• Simon
• Saw Win Thun Kids & Burmese Artist Ac-
• Poems Saw Kennedy
• tivists for Auction…
“Light School – A Happy Place for Us” • Saw Ku Seil
• Wanna Zaw
A fundraising Scheme to Support
-- by Su (Grade 2 Student of Light School) • Kyaw Kyaw Hein
• Fred Pascal Light School – “Alternative School
Come… come… near the cow market • Marel for Stateless, Displaced and Mar-
• Jolene ginalized Children from Burma at
Come… come… in the midst of the teak forest • Jack Chance the Thai-Burma Border”
• Susan Russo
In the cornfield, out of nowhere, an oasis of • Sandy Shum
knowledge and happiness • Arnold Leo Peoples Partner for Development and
• Connie Woodberry Democracy – PPDD is launching fund
There our school where we study
• Mike and Tolle Graham-Felson raising scheme for Light School. Basi-
It’s beautiful there • Joie Botkin cally, the fundraising is selling or auc-
• Kathy Leo
tioning art works of Light School kids
The birds are singing, the flowers bloom • Erik Leo
• Margie Levine in the form of greetings cards and paint-
The fields are green and the mountains stand tall • Nancy Guzik ings. Pieces of art work of Burmese
and lovely • Thomas Wikinson artist activists who are working with
• Timothy PPDD school projects are also being
• Shelly Mansfield
auctioned and sold in this fundraising
• Gemma Niebieszczanski
I am studying at Light School endeavor.
• Jenny Clark
I am happy being there…happy… happy… • Kris Wright
• Erin Nicholson This initiative is also one way of raising
The school nears the cow market • Timothy Syrota awareness and campaign on the differ-
The school nears the teak forest, in the middle of And to all people in general who have ent issues that Burma as a country is
nowhere been supportive of the Light School, facing. This fundraising campaign is
thank you so much for all the help and also a product of our regular art work-
Among the corn fields that no may know support. shops to develop the artistic abilities of
Who knows the school where I study? the Light School kids. The greeting
cards are being sold for 5 USD since
this is a fund raising scheme. The paint-
“My Friend…” ings are being sold for 100 – 150 USD
depending on the size of the painting.
By Mahn Robert Ba Zan PPDD as organization is asking the help
Karen Solidarity Organization and support of its friends, supporters
and partner and network organizations
to promote and help make this initiative
This century is of… successful.
The era of national democracy, to stop Please, contact one of our staff mem-
Exploitation man by man, race by race Before the storm bers (emails listed on the last page of
this newsletter) for more information on
Military dictators and fascists this fundraise if you have any further
Opportunities and priviledged questions or to buy our greeting cards/
art work.
As classes are to eliminate

The wheel of history of our revolution Regards,

Is rolling up higher in destination
-- Anna Malindog (PPDD Executive
So nearer is the day of our celebration Director)



Here’s a list of people who donated and After the storm

helped us rebuild one of our Light School
buildings, which was completely de-
stroyed by a storm this past May.
• Tim
• Trudy Juriansz
• Melissa Leo
• Dale Bromley

4 “voices of peoples and communities”


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