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ShortBusinessObjects 4.

0 SAP Presentation Title
Speaker’s Name/Department (delete if not needed) Patrick Jacquet Month 00, 2011 / Centre of Expertise Suisse Romande May, 2011


SAP BI 4 Platform introduction
– 1 single BI platform – SAP Landscape integration – Meeting SAP Customer Expectations

New semantic layer
– Mission – What’s new ? – Multi-Source universes – OLAP Business Layer – Web Intelligence and BW sources

SAP BusinessObjects Analysis New Monitoring Tool Upgrade Management Tool

© 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved.


SAP BusinessObjects BI 4 Platform

SAP BusinessObjects BI 4 Web Intelligence Dashboards Analysis Crystal Reports BI Platform Trusted Data Explorer © 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 4 .

support and customization costs SAP Landscape Simplification Tighter integration with the SAP NetWeaver technology platform BI standardization from the board room to the shop floor Increased speed and agility with cost effective in-memory computing 5 .SAP BusinessObjects BI 4 Dashboards Reporting Interactive Analysis OLAP Analysis Data Exploration The Best BI Suite for SAP Innovation without Disruption Leverage all of your investments – BW cubes and BEx query design Transition BEx analyzer users to the next generation of SAP BI Adopt SAP BusinessObjects BI platform at your own pace © 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. Simpler and More Intuitive Increase business user autonomy and self-service usage Boost BI adoption for more informed decision making across the enterprise Minimize user training.

0 Third Party BI 6 .1 OLAP universes) ERP Access ALV (embedded analytics) Solution Manager Platform Integration Change & Transport System + BEx Web template hosting Unified Java stack © 2011 SAP AG. SAP BI 4.SAP Landscape integration Key Touch Points to SAP Landscapes Direct BICS access BW Access SQL (Universe access) MDX (XI 3. All rights reserved.

7 . All rights reserved.Meeting SAP Customer Expectations Low TCO High Performance Fully Dimensional © 2011 SAP AG.

New Semantic Layer .

All rights reserved. and share information using familiar business terms Make business users autonomous Enable single user experience over all data Provide trust and consistency Enable consumption by all applications and BI tools Allow IT to keep control and ensure security of information Query and Analysis Dashboards and Visualizations Reporting Data Sources Semantic Layer © 2011 SAP AG. enrich. FullFull-Spectrum Business Intelligence 9 .New semantic layer Mission Enable the business users to freely and securely access. analyze.

10 . All rights reserved.x Still shipped in this version in order to enable the smoothest possible transition NEW – Query server Data federation engine This is the component that enables MSU (Multi-Source Universe) functionality UPDATED – Connection server Connectivity This is the component that establishes the connectivity to data sources © 2011 SAP AG.New semantic layer What’s new ? Products NEW – Information Design Tool New generation design tool All new projects should use this tool Most existing universes can be opened and converted to the new format by this tool Components NEW – Information engine Query and computation Behind the scenes. this is the component that enables querying and computational capabilities to BI clients during report consumption UPDATED – Universe design tool Universe design as XI3.

flat files Lower TCO for integration projects (no complex ETL to put in place) May. in some cases. 11 . suspend the need for a consolidated DWH Multi-tier deployment with load balancing Federation within the information design tool o o o Create a data foundation and a business layer based on multiple connections Create multi-source joins and derived tables Source independence through SQL 92 and DF functions.New semantic layer Multi-Source universes Benefits o o o o Federate different database vendors. while keeping the ability to use native SQL when necessary © 2011 SAP AG. SAP BW. All rights reserved. SAS. OLTP and DWH.

filters) Properties of OLAP metadata in the cube © 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 12 . dimensions. measures. attributes.New semantic layer OLAP Business Layer Object editor: displays properties of selected object or current Business Layer OLAP metadata pane: Actual content of the cube Business Layer structure (Analysis dimensions.

0 Universes Web Intelligence client Direct Connectivity to BW MSAS Pre-existing Bex Queries • No need for universe setup • Protection for BEx query investment • Rapid prototyping and proof of concept building • Stop-gap solution until investment in new flexible universes SAP BW © 2011 SAP AG.New semantic layer Web Intelligence and BW sources Web Services Relational Sources Pre-4. All rights reserved. 13 .0 Legacy Universes Excel SAP BW Relational Sources New 4.

SAP BusinessObjects Analysis .

15 . for MS Office The future of BI is now © 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. Ed.SAP BusinessObjects Analysis.

for MS Office Key Capabilities Run with all existing BW cubes and BEx queries – No need to change any Light footprint.SAP BusinessObjects Analysis. 16 . Ed. All rights reserved. can run without the BI platform – No disruption to IT operations Drag-and-drop analysis of BW across multiple dimensions and hierarchies Modern and familiar user experience with MS Office-like ribbon menus Immediate response time with direct integration with SAP HANA © 2011 SAP AG.

SAP BusinessObjects Analysis. 17 . Ed. for OLAP Uncover Deep Business Insights with Self-Service © 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved.

All rights reserved.Monitoring Features CMC Visualization Probes Instrumentation & 3rd Party Integration © 2011 SAP AG. 18 .

19 . All rights reserved.Monitoring CMC Visualization KPIs Watches Monitored data Alerts © 2011 SAP AG.

© 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. Probes can be run from command line Results can be stored and displayed.Monitoring Probes SDK-based programs designed to test and report the health of the system Replaces the out-of-the-box Diagnostic Tools Provide the ability to monitor an SAP Business Objects system by using simulated application probes. Additional custom probes can be added. 20 . Probes could be run ‘on demand’ or as part of overall monitoring framework (scheduled).

Any other error would indicate a problem and unhealthy CMS. refreshes it. optionally exports it to the PDF format and then closes it. hence a failure is likely to indicate a connection problem between the CMS and the database. it is expected that the CMS retrieves it from the cache. It successively opens a Web Intelligence document. optionally exports it to the PDF format and then closes it. The CMS retrieves it from the database. © 2011 SAP AG. 21 . Web Intelligence Service This probe tests the availability of the Web Intelligence service through Web Intelligence Report Servers. Using the Page and Cache servers. it successively opens a Crystal report. optionally exports it to the XLS and PDF format and then closes it. CMS cache This probe tests the availability and health of the Info store cache. CMS database connection This probe tests the availability of the repository database by executing a query to return the system Info Object representing the cluster name. Crystal Reports Service through Page and Cache Server This probe tests the availability of the Crystal Report service through Page and Cache servers. If this query fails. it successively opens a Crystal report. After a warm-up period. it is likely that the cache is not properly functioning or the cluster definition is incorrect. All rights reserved. Crystal Reports Service through Report Application Server This probe tests the availability of the Crystal Report service through Report Application servers. hence the query shall not hit the repository database.Monitoring Default Probes CMS Logon Logoff This probe tests the availability of the CMS and ability for users to log on to the BOE system through any client application. and logs the user off. Using the Report Application servers. It should complete very quickly as the query parsing is part of the CMS core. CMS ping This probe sends an empty query to the CMS and succeeds if the CMS returns a parse failure error. refreshes it. tests the session validity. It successively logs one user on.

All rights reserved. Integration with SAP Solution Manager. © 2011 SAP AG.Monitoring 3rd Party Integration Integration with IBM Tivoli via Tivoli Enterprise monitoring Agent. Open JMX framework allows simple integration with Other ESM vendor tools. 22 .

All rights reserved. 23 .Monitoring Summary Improved Supportability Integrate with SAP SM and IBM Tivoli CMC Visualization Dashboard Lower TCO Open Solution (JMX) Health Monitoring Probes © 2011 SAP AG.

Upgrade Management Tool .

x. 25 . XI R2 Confusion about which tool to use: Central Configuration Manager Import Wizard – used for both upgrade and LCM BI 4.0 •Single integrated upgrade management tool •Simplified Intuitive UI •Clear workflow •Lifecycle management has its own separate tool •Multi-threaded •Does not need to load entire repository in memory •Reduces execution time •Componentized plug-ins isolate problem areas •Patches can be released for specific areas Scalability Single-threaded Can be problematic and time consuming for large repositories Troubleshooting Hard to isolate problem areas Requires full regression test when new patching is required © 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved.Upgrade Management Tool What’s New ? Challenges Multiple Tools XI 3.

0 CMS. • The only way for a user to work with Desktop Intelligence content in 4.x Report conversion tool to convert Desktop Intelligence reports to Web Intelligence reports on the same stack 1 CMS XI 3 Deski report CMS XI 3 Webi report 2. All rights reserved.0 system 1 b) Use the 4.0 is to follow one of the following procedures: • 1 a) Use the XI 3.0 Webi report © 2011 SAP AG. Use the 4.Upgrade Management Tool Desktop Intelligence reports migration Desktop Intelligence documents are not available in 4.0 Report conversion tool to convert Desktop Intelligence reports to Webi reports and publish them to a BI 4.0 Upgrade management tool to promote the content 2 CMS 4. 26 .

jacquet@sap.Suisse Romande Business Objects / Business Intelligence SAP (Suisse) SA patrick.Thank You! Contact information: Patrick Jacquet Senior Business Solutions Architect .com M +41 79 473 45 44 .

SQL Anywhere. System z. POWER6+. POWER5+. World Wide Web Consortium. System p. and MultiWin are trademarks or registered trademarks of Citrix Systems. OpenPower. MetaFrame. ICA. SAP NetWeaver. POWER. National product specifications may vary. OS/2. z10. z9. R/3. PowerPC. Tivoli and Informix are trademarks or registered trademarks of IBM Corporation. Web Intelligence. The information in this document is proprietary to SAP. BatchPipes. All rights reserved. X/Open. VideoFrame. SAP BusinessObjects Explorer. and other Sybase products and services mentioned herein as well as their respective logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sybase. Sybase 365. ByDesign. eServer. System z9. XML. and Reader are either trademarks or registered trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries. DB2 Universal Database. Redbooks. and other Business Objects products and services mentioned herein as well as their respective logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Business Objects Software Ltd. Linux is the registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in the U. pSeries. or transmitted in any form or for any purpose without the express prior written permission of SAP AG. Adobe. zSeries. Program Neighborhood. and Motif are registered trademarks of the Open Group. Sybase is an SAP company. Duet. AS/400. Citrix. Business Objects is an SAP company. The information contained herein may be changed without prior notice. Inc. RACF. OSF/1. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or for any purpose without the express permission of SAP AG. DB2. PartnerEdge. S/390 Parallel Enterprise Server. DB2 Connect. and other SAP products and services mentioned herein as well as their respective logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP AG in Germany and other countries. System Storage. Netfinity. i5/OS. POWER5. Windows. POWER6. System i5.S. Excel. HTML. StreamWork. iAnywhere. and PowerPoint are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Massachusetts Institute of Technology. IBM. the Adobe logo. xSeries. copied. OS/400. Acrobat. System z10. XHTML and W3C are trademarks or registered trademarks of W3C®. WinFrame. No part of this document may be reproduced. Sybase and Adaptive Server. Xcelsius. GPFS. iSeries.© 2011 SAP AG. BusinessObjects. Crystal Reports. z/VM. z/OS. UNIX. HACMP. WebSphere. 28 . © 2011 SAP AG. PowerVM. AIX. Oracle and Java are registered trademarks of Oracle and/or its affiliates. Outlook. Microsoft. Crystal Decisions. Power Architecture. Inc. System i. OS/390. BladeCenter. S/390. Data contained in this document serves informational purposes only. MVS/ESA. All rights reserved. Some software products marketed by SAP AG and its distributors contain proprietary software components of other software vendors. and other countries. System x. Parallel Sysplex. SAP. System p5. Business Objects and the Business Objects logo. Intelligent Miner. All other product and service names mentioned are the trademarks of their respective companies. RETAIN. PostScript.

Web Intelligence and SAP NetWeaver BW Meeting Customer Expectations Low TCO High Performance Fully Dimensional © 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 29 .

Dimensional Query Panel provides a flexible. simple way to select hierarchical data Integration of hierarchical concepts into query panel user experience Dimensions presented as native hierarchies from dimensional sources More control and visibility for precise data selection during Query Definition Member selection for selecting hierarchical values © 2011 SAP AG. 30 . All rights reserved.

more intuitive. All rights reserved.Start With SAP BusinessObjects BI Now For Benefits Today and Tomorrow BEx Queries • Analysis for Office • Dashboards • Explorer Web Intelligence • Analysis for with the OLAP full BI suite • Crystal Reports LOB Benefits Solid and safe foundation Innovation with no disruption • Simpler. all data. on one platform IT Benefits © 2011 SAP AG. Increasing user satisfaction and adoption. powerful • Better monitoring of the business Best-of-breed BI expansion • Google-like • Self-service • Pixel-perfect Trusted insights for all users. and more user self-service 31 .