Planning A nurse manager planning for: actual versus planned staffing requirements; prod uctivity levels versus established

goals; actual personnel flows (turnover, abse nteeism, promotion, etc.), operational personnel programmes versus planned progr ammes; labour and programme cost versus budgeted amounts; ratios of programme r esults ( benefits) to programme costs. A nurse manager disciplined approach and have a well-planned, comprehensive, computerized information system that require effective monitoring, evaluation and feedback results. The methods and programm ers he designed and implemented as availability of resources permits. This inclu des the valuable knowledge and expertise of the qualified human resource manager . The management of rapid and radical change is a challenge to nurse managers i n the overstressed health services. His strategic planning provides direction fo r the undertakings and promotes understanding of external pressures and opportun ities as well as the resulting conditions within organizations. This permits mor e effective management of personnel caught up in change. His strategic human res ource in planning is activated by the strategic objectives of organization and i s linked to them. The main thrust is development of the human resource. In the c omprehensive concepts of development is advocated not only in the workplace but in the community at large. Strategic human resource planning and management are at the very heart of goal-directed, people-oriented management. The related skil ls are a powerful means for nurse managers to manage change and to promote the d evelopment of people and organizations. The necessary knowledge and expertise ar e available in the qualified and experienced human resource managers whose skill s are needed in the continuing development of the health services. Organizing The nurse manager manage the process involves bringing all of the systemâ s resources -people, capital and equipment into action toward goal accomplishment. The nurse manager desire to include all people and situational elements into the system t hat will be carrying out a particular goal and to organize them so that the grou p is working together toward goal accomplishment. The nurse manager has motivate a large factor in determining the performance level of employees and the qualit y of goal accomplishment and conducted research on motivation and concluded that hourly employees could maintain their jobs by only working to 20 to 30% of thei r capacity. When properly motivated by their leader, however, they could work to 80 to 90% of their ability. â Directing The manager sets those plans into action with the ultimate goal is attainment of organizational goals. Motivation: is a set of forces that energizes, directs an d sustains behavior. In order for the nurse manager to guide and direct staff me mbers, he must first understand the nature of human behavior and he reasons behi nd that behavior. To understand another person, you must know how he feels about himself. Personal self-image will influence behavior. The successful manager le arns the reasons behind the behavior and takes the necessary steps to correct un desirable behavior. The nurse managers identify those agents and strengthen them . All human beings have needs which motivated them. It is the leader who focus o n the needs and wants of individual workers and employs motivational strategies appropriate for each person and situation (psychological, economical, social). H e is also a role model, listener, supporter and encourager for motivated employe es. The nurse manager create a work environment that meets both organizational a nd individual goals/ needs. Evaluating The nurse manager have learned that customers are the most critical stakeholder s and frequently note this fact in their statements are used in successful busin ess and industrial organizations to provide a clearly defined reason for being f ormulated the performance, products, and services. Nurse Manager contains statem ents of ethics, principles and services. He clearly perceives that they are purs uing meaningful and worthwhile goals through their individual efforts are more c ommitted and dedicated than those who do not.

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