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Modern Style Sporran Pattern

a cloth Sporran

Back and top ap pattern Grid squares are 1

Front pattern

Read/look through all of these instructions before you start to see some options you will want to consider.
For Materials info see Old Style Sporran Patterns There are a variety of tools I. Trace pattern you can use to cut leather. onto leather. 2. Cut out front and back. 3. Your two main leather pieces.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

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Modern Style Sporran Pattern

4.The easiest modern style sporran you can make is the one that is stitched together with lace which will be fully explained here. If you decide to do some other options the instructions will not be as detailed. Now on to the instructions for the laced style. Fold the front in half right sides together and tape shut with edges even. Next, use a leather punch to make holes an appropriate size for your lacing, spaced evenly along the sides and bottom. (Lacing can be leather shoe lacing, leather strips you cut yourself, plastic craft lacing, string or cord.)Stop close to the fold so that when you open it up the two last holes are the same distance apart as the holes you have already punched. Spacing depends on size of lacing and personal taste. Wider spacing means fewer holes you have to put the lacing through.

5.Place top over bottom wrong sides together. Use a pen to mark hole placements on bottom that will match up with the top holes. Then punch out the holes in the bottom.

6. For a very simple Sporran simply lace the front and back together. Before you lace these together look at the rest of these instructions. Some things will be easier to do before you lace your pieces together. The next page will show three different ways to lace, Straight, Spiral and Fancy Spiral. Thursday, April 2, 2009 Page 2

Fold line

Modern Style Sporran Pattern



Fancy Spiral

7. Straight lacing- come up thru the start hole down thru the next hole, etc. 8. Spiral lacing- come up thru the start hole, take lacing over to back and up thru the next hole,etc. 9. Fancy Spiral lacing- this is slightly more complicated than Spiral but easy once you have done one or two holes (This looks better if your lacing is atter and more uniform in color. The
example is cut lacing almost square rather than at. The top surface is black the other three sides show up too much for my taste) A. Come up from the bottom leaving a 3 end, loop behind the end

from right to left, bring the lace over the top of lacing then under to the back side and come up thru the next hole. B. Circle around the lacing, pull the lacing to front leaving a loop but dont go to nest hole yet. C. Grab your last loop close to the top hole(X) and pull to tighten the loop of the rst stitch around the end. D. Pull your lacing tight to close your loop. You are now ready for the next stitch. E. Take the lacing to the back side come up thru hole, loop around the lacing right to left. Pull the loop tight. Repeat for following holes.
C. D.
en d


en d
x x E.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

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Modern Style Sporran Pattern

9. There are two ways to start and end the lacing, either tie a knot or lace over the end.

10. Simple Straight Lace Done? or Some options to consider? You may want a way to keep the ap closed, belt loops, and put in a gusset.

A leather strip attached to the underside of the ap slides under a leather strip stitched to the front.This is a simple design but you could be more creative with the idea. underside You can get snaps at fabric stores or Walmart sewing department and install. This sporran was sewn on a machine. I sewed leather on the underside of the ap to mace it look better when opened and so the snap would not show on the outside. Loop and Button or Knot. See Old Style Sporran Pattern for more

Thursday, April 2, 2009

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Modern Style Sporran Pattern


Cut slits big enough for the largest belt you may wear it on.

Stitch on loops to t your sporran belt. These are machine stitched but you can do it by hand. Stitch leather loops to D rings and attach to back. Attach short lengths of small chain to D rings and attach to a small belt of leather. Attach metal clips(Paper Clips will work) to the free end of your chain pieces. Slide the free end of chain through the D rings on your sporran and use the clips to attach back to the chain. This also affords height adjustment.

hand stitched

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Modern Style Sporran Pattern

13. A GUSSET is a strip of soft/exible leather at least 1.5 wide that goes between the back and front of the sporran. The gusset allows more space in your sporran to carry things but means you have to do twice as much stitching. You have to stitch the gusset to the back and then attach the front to the gusset. The Old Style Sporran explains how to attach a gusset.

No Leather? How about a Cloth Sporran?

1. Take a Cereal Box open it at, trace pattern pieces and cut out. Draw a line across the fold line of the top ap. (ignore the dotted lines, I changed plans making them unneeded. )

fol dl ine

2. Cut out two pieces of fabric about 5/8 larger than each of your cardboard pieces. Then on one Back/top ap, trace around the top ap to the fold line. Then draw the fold line on the fabric extending the ends to the edge of the fabric. Also, draw a line across the top of one Front and extend to edges. These will be sewing lines.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

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Modern Style Sporran Pattern

3. Join the two Back/top ap pieces right sides together. Stitch along the top ap line from fold line to fold line. Dont stitch along fold line. Join the two Front pieces right sides together. Stitch along Front top line edge to edge. Trim seam allowance close to stitching as shown.

4. Separate cardboard Top ap from Back by cutting along fold line. Turn fabric Top ap right side out and slide cardboard Top ap in to the fabric Top ap. Draw a line just below the edge of the of the cardboard on the inside and sew along the line( dont catch the cardboard in the stitching).



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Modern Style Sporran Pattern

5. Fold one of the fabric Backs up over the Top ap. Spray the cardboard Back with adhesive on both sides and locate in the correct place up tight to the stitching. Fold the other Back down over the cardboard and smooth fabric on both sides. 6. With right sides of fabric Tops still together, spray the cardboard Top with adhesive on both sides and locate in the correct place along the stitching. Fold the other Top down over the cardboard and smooth fabric on both sides. Mark a stitching line just outside the cardboard that is underneath.

7. Before continuing read: 11. CLOSURES, 12. BELT LOOPS and 13. A GUSSET above page 4 and 5. for options you may consider and plan/do prior to joining the Front to the Back. 8. To continue,placing wrong sides together pin the Front to the Back. Sew just outside your line using a zipper foot. Turn right side out. Please note it is difcult to turn the right side out because the cardboard is not exible. It can be done but it is tough. It also takes the smoothness out of the Cardboard because the cardboard gets mashed. Lets say it gives the nished sporran an antique nish. You could make turning the right side out easier if you installed a gusset. See above.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

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