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Zaid Hamid
The fate of NATO and US in Afghanistan will be decided by the regional countries Pakistan, Iran and China. The experience of the Soviet war has invaluable lessons for us to understand the dynamics of the present Afghan conflict. US and NATO forces are desperately stuck in the graveyards of empires. Their frustration compounds when just across the border Pakistan army continues to conduct textbook military operations against similar insurgency operations, even creating new military history while the Extra Regional Forces remain hopelessly stuck in theAfghan quicksand. In this brutally honest, incisive and critical presentation on the present Afghan conflict, BrassTacks employs the historical, military and political perspectives to predict the outcome of the present conflict. It has genuine lessons for the Pakistan army and policy makers in the times when the end game is unfolding in Afghanistan. Once the threat assessment is correctly perceived, Pakistan can deploy all resources at hand to shape theAfghan theatre to protect its own strategic interests.