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Abstract: The project for this study aims to identify the sensitive issue of same sex marriage among

European Union countries especially Poland, one of Europe country intemperately against the idea of same-sex marriage. The material used in the report based on the study of Poland Urban Political System, Regions and LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) rights. The data in this report analyze and provide sources of evidences, ideas which show the point of different aspects in Poland on reason why people for and against the idea of same-sex marriage. This report sets out to see whether Poland was committed to democratic values and human rights, and social situation on same sex marriage. Further research focus mainly on againsting(against la gioi tu, nen du`ng object hay la oppose ko thi phai dung la to be against) from government, variety religions whose put( who have made) the influences on citizen, this report also analyzes depth in sight the fact(dai dong ko ro y) of same sex relationship right base on the studies around the European area.

Background city

Poland is always be the main(ko can thiet) a country which is different from other countries in this area. Its the country with no( cai nay la van noi nen du`ng without) natural boundaries except for the existence of Carpathian Mountains in the south and Oder and Neisse river in the west (State Gov., 2011). In 1386, Poland and Lithuania merged together by royal marriage, later in today society, Poland influences a part from Lithuania law( and Lithuania had been influenced by some of Polands law). The Polish government is in exile to be replaced with the Communist dominated Polish Committee of National Liberation. According to Poland global gay, the homosexual sex were officially legalized in the

1932 in Poland (Poland global gay, 2010). In 1969 the homosexual prostitution was legalized. It can be seen that the history of country has a very soon beginning note on same sex issue. In 1991, the homosexuality was completely deleted out of list diseases by Polish people. However, according to The Poll Archive (Pole, 2009) 75% of Polish people appose the legalization of same sex marriage and 87% rejects adopt children toward same sex couple. Furthermore, with the main population follows religions as conservative Catholics, the Catholics totally against the idea of same sex couple; it has been put on a disease, or a shame. Government Poland today is still has its long way to reach the freedom gate for same-sex couple, it is not only a problem in the face but it also appeared for pretty long time. Even though being one of the developed countries in European Unions, Poland leaded by an anti-same-sex-marriage president and government. The process of getting the right for same sex couple actually started in 2004. In that year, the Senate of left-wing government going with an approved for a bill which allow gay and lesbian to register the relationship as a civil union (Lifelikeness, 2004) . Based on the new act in 2004 told by Lifestyles, the Senate mention on seeking to legalize for approve for the registering in the near future but not allow adopting children. However, the bill lapsed in 2005 even though the support comes from Alliance of Democratic Left-Labour Union (SLD) and Social Democracy of Poland, the rest still hold the vote against the marriage, (The Oxford of companion to politics of the world, pg 308-310). The families law and justice, people party and other parties still do not get the pass for the bill, the against(against la gioi tu) lasted until 2007. According to BBC (BBC, 2007) Polish create a proposal bill to completely ban the public discuss on same-sex, it stresses out the main part of citizen that also against it. Base on the data gives out by

pinknews (pinknews, 2009) a legalization of same sex register partnership set a new debate in Poland. The lesbian and gay organization has submitted a petition to The European Parliament Committee on discrimination against LGBT rights (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender). Due to the well-known of refusing the right of same-sex relationship in Poland, the LGBT or same-sex people in general feel there is a necessary to ask for an equal right to enter a same sex union abroad. They are seeking for help outside their country since the issue had been banned from Poland government for most of times. The Polish politicians started to express their changing opinion on some certain issues on same-sex relationship. According to ilga (European Region of the International Lesbian, Gay, Sexual, Trans and Interrex Association) Europes contribution to the Green paper, a new draft law on register partnerships composed. A new bill, which modeled as similar as the going-to-approved bill which submitted to the Senate in 2004, edited and going to be show. However, the bill has a big change of not getting pass through since the Polish Parliament announce that the support probably will not come from them (Guardian UK, 2010). On the positive view, Poland might get the pass on the bill in the nearest future according to pinknews (pinknews, 2011). Polands Minister for Equality, Elzbieta Radziszewska, has announced she is seeking to allow authorities to provide same-sex couples with the means they need to marry abroad. Finally after years debating, the Polish minister of Internal Affairs comes to an improvement Polish same sex couple might soon get married abroad. Some people think that the possibility of allow same sex marriage in Poland increase due to the case if the left-wing Alliance of Democratic join a coalition government in the next parliament, then the gate is not so far from their hand anymore. Finally on November 2011, the first ever in the history, Europe's first transsexual MP takes her seat in Polish parliament (dalimail UK, 2011), Poland finally openly welcome the gay and transgender MP in their parliament. The first

girl(van noi) MP Robert Biedon stated her opinion on the surgery done and share it on radio that: Hundreds of thousands of couples are already living in informal partnerships, and they are waiting for state regulation regarding inheritance and joint taxation (Paul Canning, 2011). Poland now takes one step closer to reach same-sex relationship approved by government. Law Suffer from a long process of getting approved from different aspect from the government, religions and law also. Law of Poland related directly into the government and the view of citizen on sensitive issue of same sex. Even though same sex activities are all legal in Poland, the official marriage and adopt a child is still far reach its satisfactions. Leaded by a non-same-sex-marriage government, Poland has its own trouble on getting the law passed on same sex relationship. Over the time debating on government and changing, samesex still reach a heavy line in term of law and justice. Even in 2007, a firm proposal bill submitted to the Polish law and justice on ban the discussion of homosexuality in Polish schools (BBC, 2007). The Human Rights Watch stated their opinion on the act of Poland education ministry out the bill to ban that: all people, including children, have a right to free speech freedom from discrimination, and to seek, receive and impact information. The origin bill passed to ban discuss on homosexual in school, it raises a climate of intolerance in schools and even violated the freedom of speech in schools. According to Keeps Waldwick on Towards the Recognition of Same Sex Partners in European Union Law, Poland happens to be among countries with far history of full equality in criminal law. In most of cases, countries by that always take one step of legislative recognition of homosexuality was followed years later in same direction, obviously, Poland takes law of same sex with 69 years on discrimination of

homosexuals. In 2009, Poland continue to ban homosexual by follow Lithuanian law, MP Artur Grski, deputy head of the parliamentary commission on Polish-Lithuanian cooperation stated his opinion as he intends to copy the Lithu law , Ban media and school from promoting adverse behavior to the development of young people, including violence, suicide, and homosexuality (Robert Wintenmute, 2011). Base on the Oxford Public Law on same sex marriage and adoption , (Kozak v. Poland, 2010) the equal treatment of same sex couples passed the law which give the fair right of unmarried different couples. The act stated that, the relationship of the applicants, a cohabiting same-sex couple living in a stable de facto partnership, falls within the notion of 'family life', just as the relationship of a different-sex couple in the same situation would." Even though Poland has already allowed getting marriage on a same sex couple, but the access to adoption for same sex couple is still in the debating process. The Law and Justice are still strong against adoption toward same sex couple. There is a statement make by NGOs on same sex couple states that: Legal restriction of recognition to different-sex partners in Poland on restricts the definition of marriage to a different sex-sex institution only (Iga, European green paper).

Religions From the time of Communist domination in 1945 until now, Poland is well known as worlds most strongly Catholic country. The Roman Catholic occupies nearly 90% of the whole population, other 20% including Eastern Orthodox, Protestant and other unspecified groups. As we might know or not know(ko can thiet), Catholic is totally against the same sex marriage, it can be seen as a crime in Bible and worth to be killed. Base on the study of Bible (Bible Verses on No Same Sex Marriage), the Bible stated that:

Leviticus 20:13: If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them. In Bible, same sex marriage is prohibited, Bible strongly indicate that someone has the same sex marriage life should be suppressed. Moreover, due to the act of LGBT organization in Poland, Catholic Poland(???) feels it is a dangerous to their Catholic religions, as Catholic Poland(should be Polish) Resists the Homosexual Movements Offensive Organization put up a serious call to stop same sex act Catholic Poland, 2005). It said that the Catholic publishes almost 10,000 copies of statement that plays as an alert toward dangerous same sex community. They also look for the support from other organizations in the country and even in European Union countries, International organization etc. The Polish Catholic even breaking the law, before the proposal bill on same sex relationship, Polands Catholic puts their hands on, in order to protect the Catholic religions in Poland.
Case Study: Time Line Same Sex Marriage in the World.

Study in the CBC news shows the map of European Unions countries where same sex marriage approved as legalized, the list of countries can be including as: Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Iceland, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal South Africa, Spain and Sweden (CBCnews, 2009). In 1969, a Criminal Law Amendment Act in Canada approved the same sex relationship, before that law acts, in some other countries; homosexuality remains the same as a criminal even disease. In some countries after

1969, important key dates in history of same sex relationship were shown: Oct. 1, 1989

Denmark: the first country to legally recognize the right of same sex partnerships. July 1, 2000

Vermont, U.S: Vermonts evil union law making its first state to prove right to same sex couples. June 10, 2003

Canada: first province to legalize the same sex marriage. Nov. 21 2006

Israel: allow married abroad. June 11, 2008

Norway: Passed a law allowing same sex to marry and adopt a child. Jan. 1, 2009

Norway: a law allows same sex marriage, adopt a child and undergo artificial insemination. Concept development Project: Art exhibition There are a lot of activities trying to raise awareness of LGBT in Warsaw. There are

some sources of intellectual concepts and theories that inspired me to come up with the final exhibition project.

Source of Inspiration: Ars Homo Erotica in Warsaw - 26 September 2011: this exhibition was coupled materials from the National Museums collection which are included painting and photographic works from LGBT issues. In those works, the contents are about the erotica. However, there is also an element of the social and political issues which dominate the LGBT collection in the permanent galleries of the Museum of London. There has been a hiatus in the portrayal of the male nude in Poland. It was restricted and regarded as pornography because naked body was identified with homosexuality in the eyes of censors. The exhibition also took historical and mythical art with lesbian motifs and juxtaposed them with contemporary lesbian photography and video. The exhibition was going beyond the border of genders and exploring androgyny in myth and modern social experience. Those works in this exhibition really did hit a big impact to audiences mind; make them concerned more about the homosexual problem which is happening in their country.

(Smith, K 2011) Process: Exhibition design has evolved as a new discipline, as an apex of all media such as: effective communication language as invisible painting or as sound, picture and symbols (Sharon & Paul 2007). Firstly I decided to make an exhibition Design Guide catalogue for audience to know more about the exhibition. In this catalogue, the content graphic layout link all the area and story in the exhibition. In the Multimedia Exhibition book states that Multimedia exhibition will frequently use technology to deliver both cultural and commercial messages. Choosing the most appropriate media for communication is a priority for the exhibition designer. Audio displays and the use of the projection provide useful and flexible opportunities for storytelling. Audio - visual is often the medial of choice to introductory areas, firmly positioning an audience in the story (Multimedia Exhibition p.94). This book is really inspired me to the buildup the media tools, visualized method using for the final concept of exhibition. The designers need to connect their experiences with the purpose of this project in the personal visualized perception.