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Administering Intradermal Injection
INDICATIONS: 1. Skin testing for medication allergies prior to starting antibiotic therapy 2. Skin testing to assess for the likelihood of previous exposure to tubercule bacilli. - Tuberculin purified protein derivative (5 TU PPD) or Mantoux Test COMMON SITES: Other ID sites: Intradermal layer of the volar surface of the forearm. dorsal forearm upper back upper chest Medication (MAR) Medication Administration Record Sterile syringe and needle ( size depends on medication being administered and patient ) Alcohol swab Dry Sponge Acetone and 2x2 sterile gauze square (optional) Disposable clean gloves


PROCEDURE PREPARATORY PHASE 1. Assemble equipment and check the physician’s order 2. Explain procedure to the patient. 3. Perform hand hygiene. Don disposable gloves. PERFORMANCE PHASE 4. If necessary, withdraw medication from ampule or vial


Not Done


including location. Withdraw needle quickly at the same angle it was inserted. Charting may be documented on the MAR. bevel side up. 16. Assist patient into a position of comfort. Some agencies recommended circling the injection site with black ink. 6. If skin is oily. Encircle the wheal with a black ink. indicate the medication & time it will be read. 8. Select an area on inner aspect of forearm that is not heavily pigmented or covered with hair. withdraw needle slightly. Slowly inject agent while watching for a small wheal or blister to appear. 10.5. Place needle almost flat against the patient’s skin. Remove gloves and dispose of them properly. Cleanse the area with an alcohol swab by wiping with a firm circular motion and moving outward from the injection site. 9. Do not recap the needle. Allow skin to dry. Do not massage the area after removing the needle. clean area with pledget moistened with acetone. Observe the area for signs of reaction at ordered intervals. Remove needle cap with nondominant hand by pulling it straight off. 13. 14. 15. Inform the patient the patient of this inspection. Perform hand hygiene. AFTER CARE 12. • 30 minutes for allergic reaction TOTAL Clinical Instructor:___________________________ (Signature over printed name) . Discard needle and syringe in the appropriate receptacle. Insert needle into the skin so that point of needle can be seen through skin. If none appears. usually at 24-72 hour periods. 17. Use nondominant hand to spread the skin taut over injection site. Insert needle only about 1/2 inch. Chart administration of medication as well as the site of administration. 7. 11.

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