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Wednesday 11th January, 2012 IMPORTANT INFORMATION To Parents and Students Attending the CAS India Trip Saturday 18 – Monday 27 February 2012

Dear Parents and Participating Students, You are receiving this letter because your son/daughter is participating in the CAS India trip and to keep you informed of planning. TRAVEL Steps have already been taken to purchase the JetAir BRU-BOM return tickets. VISAS & VACCINES As detailed in earlier communications it is parents’ personal responsibility to secure the necessary tourist visa, vaccines or other documentation to allow your son or daughter to travel to India without let or hindrance. This essential documentation cannot be obtained nor medical advice given by the trip organizers on your behalf. It will take some time for the relevant authorities to process applications. Visa and other travel information can be obtained from the Embassy for India in Belgium using the following website Only your huisarts (General Practitioner, family doctor) or the Institute for Tropical Medicine, Antwerp can advise on health issues. As per the email sent on 1 January, in order to apply for the tourist visa it may be necessary to quote the following reference address in India: Dr Penelope J. Law and Mr Michael W. Laird c/o Hotel Regency Nepean Sea Road Malabar Hill Mumbai TOESTEMMING In order to protect minors travelling across international borders without their parents, you need to obtain a paper giving permission for your son or daughter to participate in this trip. ‘Minderjarigen die zonder de ouders of voogd naar het buitenland reizen, moeten een ouderlijke toestemming hebben voor een verblijf in het buitenland, ook als ze vergezeld zijn van andere volwassenen (bijvoorbeeld: jeugdkamp, sportkamp, grootouders). Deze toestemming moet ondertekend worden door één van de ouders, door de ouder die het hoederecht heeft of de voogd. De handtekening van de ouder of voogd dient gewettigd te worden op de dienst bevolking en burgerlijke stand.’
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Even if you have already obtained a ‘toestemming’ for general school purposes, you are strongly advised to obtain another one for this specific trip. Without this paper a minor cannot travel abroad and no exceptions can be made. Kindly make sure that your son or daughter gives this document to me as soon as possible. INSURANCE Please arrange comprehensive travel insurance for your son or daughter so that in the unlikely event of any adverse circumstance or your son or daughter being unable to travel you do not face irrecoverable costs. STUDENT BRIEFING & ACCOMMODATION A meeting has been called for participating students during lunchtime Thursday 12 January (13.15 – 14.00 in R421) to arrange rooming, miscellaneous matters etc. OVERSCHRIVINGEN A factuur (invoice) will be sent home by hand for the sum of EUR 1500, which is the inclusive charge for the trip. The money should be paid into the AIS bank account direct, through the AIS Business Office, by Friday 20th January at the very latest. COMMUNITY SUPPORT For many weeks, key parents and we, the trip organizers, have worked behind the scenes to make this wonderful educational opportunity available to your son or daughter. It is up to each parent and student receiving this letter to ensure that commitment to participate, obtaining the necessary documentation, offers of accommodation and payment deadlines are respected so that the trip runs smoothly. If you would like any further information please do not hesitate to contact me. I can be reached on or GSM 0472 931 491. I shall, of course, be keeping you briefed. Yours sincerely Dr Penelope J. Law
Chartered Geographer, Fellow Royal Geographical Society (UK)

Mr Michael W. Laird
AIS Teacher

CAS India Trip Chief Organizer