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IBM solutions for space-efficient power distribution

IBM DPI Ultra Density Enterprise C19/C13 Power Distribution Unit

More power and performance, smaller package and price Todays new generation of highpowered servers has created significant challenges for IT managers. The ability to find efficient power distribution and power delivery solutions that can help reduce downtime and increase server reliability has never been more critical.
The IBM Ultra Density Enterprise C19/C13 family of PDUs makes it quick and simple to deploy, protect and manage high availability IBM System x and BladeCenter rack environments.
The new IBM DPI Ultra Density

Enterprise PDU not only enhances

Provides 50 percent more high-power outlets with nine C19 outlets, plus three C13 outlets, for increased power capabilities Ultra high-density PDU can be side-mounted (zero U) or rackmounted (1U) for ultimate flexibility and space savings PDU+ models offer enhanced monitoring capabilities by capturing and recording data at the load group, as well as at the overall PDU level Remote access to monitoring data allows users to stay informed at any location Integrates with IBM Active Energy Manager for consolidated rack monitoring (Ultra Density Enterprise PDU+ models) SNMP writeable capability speeds deployment for redundant PDU configurations by enabling one data set for primary and secondary PDUs Provides extensive and highly accurate statistical records for a wide range of measurements, including output volts, output frequency, Watt hours, power factor, temperature and humidity

system and data availability, but does so in a cost-effective, modular and space-efficient package. With more powerful receptacles to meet the needs of higher current draw in servers, plus enhanced monitoring capabilities, the new Ultra Density Enterprise PDU+ models offer an advanced power management solution for IBM customers seeking efficient power distribution within a rack environment. Ideal for supporting power-demanding servers such as IBM System x and BladeCenter systems, the IBM DPI Ultra Density PDU family offers a variety of benefits for rack-based environments, including: Increased power and energy efficiency

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Enhanced availability and system protection Flexible configuration and ease of installation Modular approach to meet changing system requirements Cost savings Improved cable management More powerful receptacles The IBM DPI Ultra Density Enterprise PDU helps customers overcome the challenge of combined power-line requirements of devices in the rack, which can easily exceed the capacity of existing wall outlets. With 50 percent more high-power outlets (nine C19 outlets and three C13 outlets), the PDU helps customers more efficiently use their available power and outlets.

maximum statistical records for a wide array of measurements, including:

Output Volts Output Current Watt Hours PDU Ambient Temperature Total VA Temperature Output Frequency Power Factor Total Power Cumulative Kilowatt Hours Total Current Humidity

IBM DPI Ultra Density Enterprise PDU+ models work with Active Energy Management for increased green benefits Using IBM Active Energy Manager over an attached customer-provided LAN, the Ultra Density Enterprise PDU+ models are designed to collect energy usage information on attached rack-mount products, providing users with a more complete view of energy used within the datacenter. An extension to IBM Director, Active Energy Manager is designed to provide simplified management of power consumption across multiple IBM systems. With a version available for IBM System x and BladeCenter systems, the Active Energy Manager offering has both free monitoring functions and optional fee-based management functions. Active Energy Manager V3.1 monitoring functions, which are available at no charge, include power trending, thermal trending and Ultra Density Enterprise PDU+ support. Fee-based functions include power capping and power savings mode. Active Energy Manager measures and monitors the energy management components built into IBM systems, while enabling a cross-platform management solution with a source of energy data that can be exploited by Tivoli enterprise solutions such as IBM Tivoli Monitoring and IBM Tivoli Usage and Accounting Manager. A key component of the IBM Cool Blue portfolio within Project Big Green, IBM Active Energy Manager is also part of the IT Optimization strategy and is delivered as part of the IBM Systems Director family.

With current and voltage measured by true RMS calculations, the accuracy of measurements has never been higher in a PDU solution. Exceptional scalability and flexibility The modular design of the IBM DPI Ultra Density Enterprise PDU allows users to mix and match components and line cords to accommodate growing or changing power distribution needs. Furthermore,

(9) C19 receptacles

(9) C19 receptacles

multiple PDUs can be combined for redundancy or to support powerhungry configurations. Cord consolidation and cable management By connecting multiple rack devices to a single PDU using short, easy-tomanage cables, users can significantly reduce the number of power cords extending from the rack to the wall, alleviating clutter and simplifying power distribution. Ease of use and installation Designed with input cable connection, C19 outlets and breakers on one face, IBM DPI Ultra Density Enterprise PDUs eliminate terminal blocks and ease installation requirements. To further simplify installation, PDUs come standard with mounting brackets and hardware.

Attached 14-foot (4.3 meter) line cord Ethernet (LAN) port Serial (console) port

Input power (UTG type) connector

The IBM DPI Ultra Density Enterprise PDU is designed with input cable connection, C19 outlets and breakers on one face to improve usability and cable management.

Increased density With the ability to be mounted in the sidewall compartment (zero U) or rack-mounted (occupying just 1U), the IBM DPI Ultra Density Enterprise PDU preserves valuable space in rack environments for other equipment. Highly accurate monitoring The new IBM DPI Ultra Density Enterprise PDU+ offers enhanced monitoring capabilities, capturing and recording data at the load group and the overall PDU levels. The monitored PDU also maintains the minimum and

IBM Ultra Density Enterprise PDU at a glance

IBM MTM Model 71762MX Ultra Density Enterprise C19-13 PDU+ Module Description Product Image (3) C13 & (9) C19 Wye monitored PDU 71762NX Ultra Density Enterprise C19-13 PDU Module (3) C13 & (9) C19 Wye non-monitored PDU 71763MU Ultra Density Enterprise C19-13 PDU+ 60A / 208V 3-phase (3) C13 & (9) C19 Delta 60 Amp monitored PDU 71763NU Ultra Density Enterprise C19-13 PDU 60A / 208V 3-phase (3) C13 & (9) C19 Delta 60 Amp non-monitored PDU

71762MX is a monitored PDU with detachable cord. 71762NX (shown) is a non-monitored PDU with detachable cord.

71763MU (shown) is a monitored PDU with an attached 60A line cord. 71763NU is a non-monitored PDU with an attached 60A line cord.

Front panel

Rear panel Input rating Voltage (50/60 Hz) 380-415/220-240V, 3-phase Wye 380-415/220-240V, 3-phase Wye 220-240V, single-phase 220-240V, single-phase 220-240V, single-phase 220-240V, single-phase AC input 3-phase, 380-415/ 220-240V Single-phase, 220-240V Single-phase, 200-208V AC output Input configuration Input connector 200-240V, 50/60 Hz 3-phase WYE or single-phase Burndy (detachable cord) Refer to DPI line cord options table for list of input connectors Mounting option Hardware included for both EIA mounting and side pocket mounting; both installations are approved for reconfigured shipment in an IBM rack 3-phase Delta Attached 14-foot (4.3 meter) line cord with IEC-309 60A, 3P4W plug (Type 460P6W) Current (Amps) 32 16 32 63 24 48 3-phase, 200-208V Voltage (50/60 Hz) 200-208V, 3-phase Delta Current (Amps) 48

Operating temperature Operating humidity Shipping and storage temperature Shipping and storage relative humidity Altitude Cooling Acoustics Mechanical Form factor Physical dimensions HxWxD Unit Weight (PDU only) Packaged weight Protection Warranty Units are 1U high, full-rack width and can be mounted in EIA space of side panel 1.654 x 13.77 x 17.59 in. 42.5 x 350 x 447 mm 13.7 lb 6.2 kg 21.4 lb / 9.7 kg 25.1 lb 11.4 kg 34.4 lb / 15.6 kg 12.8 lb 5.8 kg 20.5 lb / 9.3 kg 24.3 lb 11 kg 33.5 lb / 15.2 kg 0 to 2134 meters above sea level Convection only. PDU does not contain a fan The PDU does not produce audible noise 10C to 65C 50F to 149F 8 - 80%, non-condensing -40C to 60C -40F to 140F 5% to 100%, including condensation

20 amp push button circuit breaker Three-year limited onsite warranty when installed in an IBM Rack

EMC FCC 47 CFR Part 15, Subpart B, ANSI C63.4 (2003) ICES-003, Issue-004, CAN/CSA-CEI/ IEC CISPR 22:02 ANSI C63.4 (2003) EN 55022 (1998) + A1:2000 + A2:2003 CISPR-22 (1997) CNS 13438:2006 AS/NZS CISPR 22:2004 VCCI April 2006 GB 9254-1998 EN 61000-3-12 (2000) GB17625.1-1998, (IEC 61000-3-2:1995) EN 61000-3-11 (1995) + A1:2001, GB 17625.2:1999, (IEC 61000-3-11:1994) Immunity Accessory Kit EN 55024:1998+A1:2001+A2:2003 (2) vertical mounting brackets (for all rack cabinets) (2) vertical mounting brackets (for IBM Enterprise rack cabinets only) (1) cable-management bracket (for vertical installations) (1) 1U blank filler panel Miscellaneous hardware kit (for attaching the mounting brackets to the PDU and installing a rack cabinet) Cable straps Included with PDU+ models: (1) Environmental Monitoring Probe (1) Category 5 Ethernet cable, 6ft/1.8m (1) DB9 to RJ-45 cable
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DPI Line Cord Options for 7176-2MX and 7176-2NX Option Part Number 40K9611 40K9612 40K9613 40K9614 40K9615 40K9617 40K9618 Option Description IBM DPI 32A cord (IEC 309 3P+N+G) IBM DPI 32A cord (IEC 309 P+N+G) IBM DPI 63A cord (IEC 309 P+N+G) IBM DPI 30A cord (NEMA L6-30P) IBM DPI 60A cord (IEC 309 2P+G) IBM DPI PDU Australian/NZ cord IBM DPI PDU Korean cord

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