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The Phoenix Rising

Soaring to the Stars

Principals Message:
Respect, Responsibility, Rising, Scholars
Friends of West Oakland Middle School, Greetings! This letter reaches you in the midst of an ambitious school year for our inspiring middle-school scholars. Our enclosed Phoenix Rising newsletter – the debut edition – highlights 7th-graders’ forward-thinking PowerPoint projects. Not only are they exploring technology – a big piece of our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) focus – but they are using it to deepen their learning in other classes. Through these and other projects, our kids are mastering the tools they will need in high school and beyond. In that spirit, we are helping them navigate the pathway to McClymonds High School, where many of our kids will go after WOMS. Through co-hosted events and visits to their campus, our kids are building a relationship with McClymonds that will ease their transition to high school. Our eye on the future does not end there: Our after-school program has set up several college tours for our __-graders this year, and we have arranged for local colleges to visit WOMS, where they have run college-prep workshops for our students and their families. We are also building partnerships out in the wider Oakland community. Bechtel (STEM support), Oakland Housing Authority, and Lifelong Medical (our health center) are just a few of the partners helping us become a full-service community school. Finally, we are in the process of modernizing our building, which will bring updated technology and facilities to our students and families – also driving our community-school evolution forward. I invite you to visit West Oakland Middle School to see our rising scholars in action! Please call the school at 510-___-_____ to set up a visit. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy our inaugural newsletter edition, and we look forward to bringing you more stories of success in the coming year. Happy New Year, Ron Smith, Principal

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west oakland middle school Newsletter Vol.1.0.0 991 14th St Oakland, CA 94607 (510) 879-2093

org (designating “West Oakland Middle School”) or by mail to: “OSF/WOMS. Box 20238. you never know what RENDERINGS: Duis eget nulla eget arcu congue venenatis augue ac Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. metus semper volutpat vestibulum. science – which makes everything more meaningful. we invite you to join our growing group of partners. aliquam in. “I’m not nervous.” Hearing her express this kind of ambition.” she says with a grin. elit. Donec tortor. egestas id. We thank you for your support! . and Math (STEM) focus at West Oakland Middle School has played out in many forms thus far this year. “We’re working with other programs that are new to them like Photoshop and Sketchbook Pro. semper eu. “and learning to speak in front of a big crowd.” he says. the kids will also add public speaking to the experience when they share their PowerPoints in person. Fusce varius neque.O. CA. If you are interested in volunteering at WOMS. Duis eget nulla eget arcu congue iaculis. English. “I’m good with it. Science. eros. Technology. “Once they get to know this technology and become fluent with it. they’ll be able to use it in high school as well. This fall. ‘I’ve done this before. semper eu. Donec tortor. Etiam ullamcorper. Donec mattis egestas risus. this one connected to Sweetblood. aliquam sed.” explains Lal. Etiam ullamcorper. Cras venenatis lacinia diam. we are also seeking financial contributions. Duis eget nulla eget arcu congue iaculis. Quisque venenatis augue ac nibh tempor iaculis. “I went all out.” PowerPoint is just one of the programs WOMS 7th-graders are mastering this year. Nunc malesuada orci euismod mauris. Aliquam libero felis. job you might get or be qualified for in the future. aliquam in. You never know -. “I might make it into a children’s book. Praesent blandit.” the real world I could have three jobs to take care of what I need to do. So we have technology being used across subjects – math. and Educational Field Trips. metus semper volutpat vestibulum.” says 7th-grader Demonte. I had a lot I wanted to share about my family. Vestibulum sem. and I put it all into that PowerPoint.” From a teacher’s perspective the project has been equally rewarding.” says 7th-grader Taliah. metus semper volutpat vestibulum. consectetuer adipiscing elit. Aliquam libero felis.’ and have that confidence. Phasellus et risus. “When they’re required to talk in front of people in high school and college. We are specifically looking for support in the areas of: Math.” says Lal. many students have used the medium to tell their own personal stories. “The sound over here [on this slide] is the sound of a bomb – because my mom is the bomb!” While the projects are already compelling in their combination of technology and autobiographical writing. In iaculis placerat tortor. Nunc malesuada orci euismod mauris. Curabitur porta scelerisque diam.” The software’s multimedia elements have allowed the kids to bring their stories to vivid life. it’s no surprise to learn that she’s already hard at work on a second PowerPoint. erat sem ultricies pede.On Point: 7th-Graders Master Multimedia Through PowerPoint The Science.” reflects Taliah as she clicks through to a slide celebrating her mother. Nulla quam. Fusce varius neque. I was able to put my own touch on it. “they’ll be able to say. Nunc tincidunt egestas velit.” Support Our Rising Scholars! As we continue building a full-service community school. “Thinking ahead. Donec tortor. “they’ve been able to bring subject matter from others classes into their presentations. Nulla facilisi. Technology-wise. comic book. something like that. imperdiet venenatis.” Taliah reflects. “Using graphics and sounds.” She and her peers recognize the power of branching out and leaving their comfort zone to learn and experience new things. from our new weekly health classes to our 7th grade Manhood project. Phasellus vitae nulla non diam condimentum tincidunt.” Taliah echoes Demonte’s confidence when thinking about presenting before an audience. ultrices scelerisque. Engineering. Technology.” “We’re looking forward to presenting in front of the class. “Especially with PowerPoint. As an under-resourced school in a state that ranks 46th in per-student funding. To support programs like our computer classes – we need more computers and updated software – you can make a tax-deductible donation at www. please call us at 510-274-6788. “So I’m willing to take a chance on anything I can that’s new. “My presentation has 17 slides. at tristique. Oakland. elit.oaklandschoolsfoundation. imperdiet venenatis. Praesent metus enim. Etiam ullamcorper. a novel her English class is studying. we have watched the 7thgraders in Amrit Lal’s computer class learn to use Microsoft PowerPoint as a tool to add multimedia depth to projects across a range of subjects.