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Environment and Culture Essay

Cheyanne Warren Block C Decemeber 14/2011

Have you always thought and wondered to yourself on what it would it be like to live in the Arctic? Ever wondered what your lifestyle would be like in the cold? What you would wear to keep warm? How would you get food and how to store it and most importantly what would you eat? Well they use things like blubber and animal skin to keep warm. And they would freeze there food and store it. As you can see, the environment had a strong influence on the first nations culture, and affected everything from their diet to their shelter and clothing. There shelter was built based on there lifestyle. It all depended on there climate and area. For example, south indians have log houses, the atlantic have igloos and the woodland have longhouses. They all had diffrent designs to fit there climate. Tribes had ways of protecting themselves and there people. Over all there shelters fit there climate and lifestyle. when it comes to indians and there culter, they have certen ways to grow and get there crops. it mostly depends on there climate and there land. crops were grown depending on weather, climate, whare they lived, what they hunted and what they grew, and how they stored it. the plains hunted mostly buffiilo . the south west hunted deer and rabbit, the northwest hunted moose and deer and the south east hunted fish. the plateus also hunted mostly fish. they had certian ways of storing there meat, some stored it in meat houses, and some just stored it out side in the snow, also smoked there fish and stored it in a salmon locker. they grew there crops depending on what part of the season and use them my . there life style had also somtehing to do with the way they dressed, it depended on there culture, environment and religen. most of there clouthes were made of a certian animal skin like bufflio, rabbit, even wale skin and blubber. what they

wore to an imprtance of there reiliagen. An example would be that the arctic would make clouthes out of caribou skin to atract heat and keep them warm. The conclusion of my essay is that how they lived was depending on there lifestyle, when it comes to food, clothing and shelter, it all has to fit to there environment. if you ever wanted to live in the atlantic, make sure you have warm clothes, preferably animal skin and fur, and when it comes to keeping warm in your shelter environment is the light from the lamps that contract heat but yet doesnt melt the igloo. bake goods, and would sell them to there towns people. so how they maneged there crops and food was all depending on there weather climate, kind of season, and ware they stored it