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Wednesday, 11th January 2012

Carlos Sousa returns to sixth place overall in the last Chilean stage
Despite a navigation mistake which cost him more than 15 minutes and several forced stops to lower the temperature of his SUV Haval through the long the complex web of sand barriers and dunes of the Atacama a persisting problem due to the deficient engine cooling system , Carlos Sousa managed to climb another position overall in the last Chilean stage, returning to the sixth position, the same he got in the opening stage of the edition and the one in which he finished Dakar 2010

Five days to the arrival to Lima and after tem stages, Carlos Sousa returned to the starting point, taking over the sixth place he got at the beginning of this 33rd edition of the, precisely on the same day the convoy took leave of Chile. In a particularly difficult stage which included a little of everything dirt, stone, sand, dunes, fesh-fesh tracks and a lot of navigation , the Portuguese driver was the eighth fastest driver to finish the 377 km of the special stage from Iquique to Arica, losing almost 44 minutes to the winner of the stage due to the various problems that conditioned his pace: Unlike yesterdays stage, today we had a very hectic day. For starters, he failed the car set-up completely and had some difficulties on the toughest parts of the track. Then we made some navigation mistakes, one from which cost us 15 minutes to find the right track. Coming to the end, passing through the dunes, we had to stop several times to lower the car temperature, which has been a persisting problem due to the deficient engine cooling system, summarized Carlos Sousa when he arrived to Arica. All in one, we lost quite a lot of time today, especially with the many stops we had to make at the end of the stage. With no wind against us, the engine temperature rises above the reasonable limit, so the only solution is to stop the car and wait until everything goes back to normal. It is a little frustrating because we can do nothing

else besides wait and watch the other cars pass us by, complained the Portuguese driver, who despite everything benefitted from the problems with Krysztof Holowczyks MINI and for the second day in a row climbed another position overall. It is a fantastic result and we will do everything to keep it until the end. But there are still five days left and at this point the mechanics problems start to appear and any slight problem can cause a huge delay, warned Carlos Sousa on the day before Peru becomes the 27th country to welcome the Dakar convoy. A final note to the fact that Robby Gordon, currently in the third position overall, is at risk of being excluded from the competition by the College of Commissioners due to technical irregularities detected in his Hummer after yesterdays stage. Tomorrow, the 11th stage of the Dakar will take the drivers from Arica (Chile) to Arequipa (Peru), in a total of 598 km which includes a special stage of 478 km on tracks so far new to this rally. STAGE 10 Cl. Driver/Co-driver 1st Roma/Prin 2nd Peterhansel/Cottret 3rd De Villiers/Von Zitzewitz 4th Gordon/Campbell 5th Ten Brinke/Baumel () 8th SOUSA/GARCIN OVERALL AFTER STAGE 10 Cl. Driver/Co-driver 1st Peterhansel/Cottret 2nd Roma/Prin 3rd Gordon/Campbell 4th De Villiers/Von Zitzewitz 5th Novitskiy/Schulz 6th SOUSA/GARCIN

Car MINI MINI Toyota Hummer Mitsubishi GREAT WALL

Time/Dif. 3h59m37s + 21s + 7m44s + 14m14s + 29m47s + 43m47s


Time/Dif. 28h41m12s + 19m05s + 19m51s + 1h01m33s + 2h00m55s + 2h27m53s