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Healing the Energy Body

By Len Kasten

The Cayce Appliances Rediscovered
The Medicine of the 21st Century Now, with the 21st Century almost upon us, it is becoming increasingly clear to many of those in the alternative health movement, both practitioners and patients, that good health is not obtained by simply treating physical cells and organs. More and more, as they observe the startling results of certain holistic practices, they are coming to the inescapable conclusion that freedom from disease, and vibrant good health has more to do with that aspect of the body that is apparently bio-electric and invisible, which is to say - non-physical. More recently it has been referred to as the "bioplasmic," or "energy" body. Alternative healing techniques such as acupuncture, yoga, polarity therapy, hypnotherapy, psychic healing, and other modalities, manipulate the energy flow in this body, which appears to improve physical health dramatically. It has also been noticed that positive mental states (Bernie Siegal, Depak Chopra, Bill Moyers, et al), even humor (Norman Cousins) have a beneficial effect on health. The "mind," in this context, is clearly not the physical brain, but rather something that uses the brain. This suggests that it would probably be the bio-electric counterpart of the brain. Furthermore, thanks to Kirlian photography, this bio-electric body can actually be seen, and relative health can be diagnosed by the colors and vibrancy showing up on the Kirlian photograph. So, they have come to conclude, therefore, that the medicine of the 21st Century will expand and improve on these techniques, and will focus primarily on the bioplasmic body and on mind-body reciprocal influences. The Electrical Body Freud was the first to propose the existence of something called "psychic energy," which he named the "libido," a concept that the hard-headed scientific physicians of his time found to be laughable. Then, the Theosophists spoke of the "seven bodies of Man." But it was Edgar Cayce who took the matter out of the realm of psychological and metaphysical speculation, and brought it right down to practical application. Cayce was full of surprises. In the voluminous pages of health-related Cayce readings at the A.R.E are many strange remedies, most of which were never heard of before he spoke of them, e.g. animated ash, and atomic iodine. But

having its. and encasing the apparatus in a carbon block. The . that portion becomes deficient . He claims that the physical body is suffused with electricity.When any force in any organ. wires from each pole with nickel plates on the ends are placed on the body. when the temperature has cooled sufficiently.. the life force departs. that particular organism. change it... Conversely. "the human body (is) made up of electronic vibration.. From other Eastern sources we learn that it is highly differentiated and has seven major energy centers called the chakras. The Radial Active Appliance From the teachings of acupuncture practitioners.unit of vibration necessary for the sustenance of." To translate loosely and taking some liberties." This is basically heresy as far as the medical model is concerned. and then feed it back. and supplying it to a deficient part. taking it from a part of the body where there is a surplus. "the lowest form of electrical forces that move as energies from the etheronic forces. he is saying here that the bioelectric body gives life by acting as the intermediary between the life force and the physical body... and gives very specific instructions for constructing two different models. we learn that the bioplasmic body is a highly complex etheric organism. They appear to be some sort of batteries capable of accumulating and/or boosting an extremely low electrictical charge. laced with hundreds of meridians and dotted with 700 energy focal points." He says.." and "all energy is electrical in its activity in a manifested form.physical existence. He is taking the position that what we refer to as physical energy does not come from the consumption and oxidation of food.000 of the health readings. This device is constructed by attaching two 5 inch rods. and equilibrium in.through (in) electronic energy. He mentions these devices in over 1.. both of high-carbon steel. to an insulated plate with 2 pieces of glass between them. he recommended the Radial Active Appliance. Cayce puts it this way. he says. Consequently each part of the physical body has a different electrical vibratory rate based on its bioplasmic counterpart.strangest of all are the "Rube Goldberg" appliances that he recommended for a wide array of ailments from mild arthritis all the way up to neurological disease. and even cancer.. The entire unit is then sealed into a copper container.. which he claims to be identical with the "life force. but rather from an external source. The body's electrical pulsations are.. and.. and that is what we call death.e.or the electrical creative forces. with each atom and element of the body.. "the lowest form of electrical vibration is the basis of life.becomes deficient in its ability to reproduce that (electrical) equilibrium necessary for the sustenance of. after about 30 minutes. It is then immersed in ice water contained in a non-metallic bucket. i.. The structure and organization of the physical body corresponds to the differentiation of the bioplasmic body. Cayce says that these devices tap the body's inherent electrical energy." To redistribute the "electronic" energy. each organ and organism of same.. we can reasonably conclude that when it departs.

( It should be noted that these are acupuncture points). Thus.. and narcotics for rest. the blood pressure decreases." The device directly affects the nervous system. keenness of hearing . "It will be found to aid the body in every direction." His claims for this appliance sometimes border on the extravagent .the Wet Cell Appliance. he says.many .for even those of the sensory system in eyes..S.many .placement was carefully spelled out by Cayce. and could even boomerang and damage the nervous system (3618). of "making a better coordination between all. but uses different materials. and the thoughts are negative. He says.".10 inches. the circulation and the endocrine system. Then they are rotated to the four different wrist-ankle combinations from day to day. The plate on the wire from the positive copper pole is first placed on the spine at various points in the dorsal (now thoracic) region. The pole length is still a subject of controversy. ".. Cayce suggested this device as a sort of general tonic. be used also for prayer and meditation.. expressing good expectations. it also improves those systems most affected by the may keep its body in almost perfect accord for many . but by balancing and rejuvenating the neurological network.. i. of the mind-body influences.a type of appliance for bringing rest to the weary. Cayce rolled out the heavy artillery . it was to use two poles..mental and spiritual and physical forces..many many days. In one reading ( 161-5) he specifies 16 inches. and in another (4355-1) he says 8 .e. The Wet Cell While the Radial-Active Appliance is effective for general health improvement. 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick. if the attitude is impatient. This device is similar. One lead goes on the pulse point of the right wrist. and willow charcoal in specified amounts. to those who have been under great periods of stress and strain. The poles were to be immersed in a solution of distilled water. granular zinc. sulfuric acid. 1/2 inch wide. According to his instructions. and inner reverance and sincerity. primarily in reading 1800-25." thus increasing the efficacy of the session. one of copper. he says. The wire from the negative nickel pole is passed via a metal loop through another solution .will respond to these. about an hour each day. and doesn't require immersion in ice water. and the other on the left ankle.. keenness of taste. It also sharpens all the senses." And in another reading. the other of lead or nickel. rest to those who have been inclined to depend on sedatives. for those with serious problems.. it could have no effect. and especially for those that tire or need an equlibrizing of the circulation." and "The Radial-Active Appliance is good for anyone." Perhaps the most interesting advice given by Cayce in conjunction with this appliance is the recommendation that the time of its use. He says. This will have the effect. Conversely... copper sulphate. As the circulation becomes more normalized. ". Cayce emerges as one of the earliest advocates in the U.

may create for a body almost a new brain.osteopathically.. Sometimes. In one of the most interesting readings about the Wet Cell (466-1). are added to the boosted electrical charge being fed back into the body via the negative pole. Cayce recommended that the gold and silver solutions be used on alternate days... for thyroid-related problems. vertigo. primarily massage or osteopathic . such as Cerebral Palsey. Cayce recommended the Wet Cell for some serious ailments. or neuropathically. but both impact the nervous system. The Spirits of Camphor. aided the digestive and lymphatic systems. the Wet Cell does produce a minute voltage. and even kidney stones! But nervous disorders. without a mental-spiritual transformation. et al are prime candidates for Wet Cell treatments. Just as with the Radial device. Apparently it restores the proper vibratory pattern for nerve cell reproduction. MS. with age. each solution type affecting the body differently. this device rejuvenates the nervous system at a cellular level. Unlike the Radial-Active device. depending on the person and the specific ailment. tuberculosis. he urged a spiritual reverance. which somehow shut off "the healer within. venereal disease. The Gold Chloride primarily affects the circulation.. ". capable of returning the entire body to a young. This solution normally is gold chloride ( 1-2 grains to one ounce of distilled water). and made some spectacular claims for its may be given. He also recommended some associated therapies. rheumatism. diabetes.with the proper manipulations to produce coordination. Deterioration of the bioplasmic body evidently can result from a variety of mental-spiritual pathologies. the effects of which cascade throughout the system.before being placed on the body. he recommended a solution of his electrically charged iodine. This plate is placed on the solar plexus. could only be a temporary palliative. the electrical vibrations of whatever substance is used. whereas the Silver Nitrate works on the endocrine system. Parkinson's Disease. anemia. called Atomodine. such as both hypotension and hypertension. but not necessarily. The Wet Cell is a sort of a fountain of youth.. Cayce always stressed the fact that the device alone. just above the navel. The list of conditions that he maintained would be helped by the Wet Cell is very long and allencompassing."! (exclamation point is the author's). It includes many debilities that would appear to have no connection with the nervous system... He said that it was much more powerful than the Radial-Active device. which sometimes deteriorates. he claimed. Apparently. frequently. Cayce claimed that this device can actually reverse senility! He says. it achieves the most obvious results in all cases of degenerative disease. and a positive mental attitude while using the appliance. at the solar plexus." For this reason. epilepsy.. but could also be Spirits of Camphor or Nitrate of Silver. regardless of age. In other words. Consequently. flexible condition by repairing lapses in the nerve complexes.

and they were then brought to Egypt with the "exodus" and were used there as well. and was something of an eccentric. and insists that the Baar products adhere to the precise Cayce specifications.baar. and his language is sometimes hard to decipher. At that point. and had restored his health by extracting advice from the readings." found in the desert in Iraq. who has become well known on the holistic circuit. and his company. Baar has since expanded his operation. Baar. He told us that he had been rather sickly as a child. New York. by a man named Gray Salter. inherited the mantle and was endorsed by the A. Baar's major competitor is Phil Thomas from Ithaca. who had worked for Johnson & Johnson for many years. Since Cayce was so knowledgeable about the science on Atlantis and in Egypt. in the mid Fifties. and then Marston Godfrey.. selected Bruce Baar to take over production. who also lived in Virginia Baar Products Inc. offering many of the other Cayce remedies as well as adjunctive health products.E. the A. The problem here may be that Cayce was not entirely consistent from reading to reading.R. comprising a complete recovery program. But the devices are also being built by several others.R. and was basically the sole supplier until his death in 1982.E. is now international.R. while he was alive. But Baar refutes that. Babcoke was an electrical engineer. and dietary improvement. The Baar appliances are sold in the A. bought up all of Babcoke's materials and apparatus. now living in Virginia Beach. and can also be purchased through his company website (www. He believes that his devices are the most faithful reproductions of the original Cayce designs as obtained from a careful study of the readings. which appears to have been designed for electrical purposes. He built thousands of the Radial-Active devices and the Wet Cells in his garage for over 25 years. Thomas worked with Babcoke for several months just prior to his death. but was apparently deeply into metaphysics and the Cayce readings. claiming that even Babcoke's models had flaws. after Cayce and Godfrey had passed away.manipulation. and a lifelong devotee of the Cayce readings.E. Lester Babcoke. Thomas is convinced that these pseudo-electrical devices originated on Atlantis where the priest-physicians understood the electrical nature of the body. and claims to be a direct disciple. The only piece of evidence that such a device may have been used in ancient times is the famous ancient "Bhagdad Battery. Testimonials . Atlantean Medicine The original devices were built for Edgar Cayce. bookstore. this conclusion seems reasonable. Then. a Pennsylvanian.

blurred vision. As if that were not enough. and inevitably the patient dies within a short period of time when the involuntary motor functions cease. Clearly. and he read the only reading on ALS. he has cheated death. muscle weakness and spasms. and he followed the Cayce recipe for ALS recovery to the letter. Atkinson was introduced to the A. and paralysis. she eliminated her drugs and antibiotics. David Atkinson.While the A.E.R. arranged to get daily massages. does not publish results or statistics of successes or failures of these devices. North Carolina. a former athlete. and began to use the Thomas device with solutions of gold.E.R. She has no doubt that the Wet Cell was the key to her recovery. silver and camphor. much stronger. was diagnosed with the MNO (Motor Neurone Disease) variation of ALS in the Spring of 1991 at the age of 55. through his daughter. He also changed his diet. Then she discovered the Cayce Wet Cell through Phil Thomas. and he also displayed the tremors symptomatic of Parkinson's disease. loss of balance. She experienced improvement almost immediately. Atkinson. step by step. starting with flower essences and gem elixirs which treat the vibrational aspect of the body. There are several "flagship" cases that have become notorious in recent years. from Salisbury. "I saw the vibrations of the Wet Cell concentrating on the parts of my body that needed . She says. I grew more excited about the sense of well-being I was experiencing. and realizing that the doctors could not help her. this syndrome relentlessly destroys the nervous system. Once contracted. Eventually brain functioning. the organ damage reversed itself. 5019-1. and in four months was virtually back to normal. motor skills and organ functions deteriorate and become permanently damaged. her pains went away. and took the recommended gold sodium and bromide of soda solutions. but none quite as dramatic as Atkinson's Maybritt Hansen developed Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 37. MS slowly destroys the myelin sheath around the nerves which impairs nerve impulse transmission. he immediately embarked on a spiritual renewal program of prayer and bible reading. and the Cayce readings. slurred speech. Then. and physically active. and thereby got visual proof of its efficacy. and an early death. the manufacturers can and do publish testimonials. After several bouts of remission and exacerbation of her symptoms. resulting in eventual paralysis of the motor system. The prognosis was continued deterioration. she took matters into her own hands. She turned to natural healing. Atkinson is now. her immune system also deteriorated leaving her open to chronic infections. She says. severe pain. He traveled to Virginia Beach. just as David Atkinson did. Her symptoms included numbness. seven years later. "With each use of the appliance. and used it every day. bladder and colon dysfunction. Bruce Baar has several pages of other testimonials for both devices. She knows because she developed the ability to see her own aura. is probably the most striking case of apparent remission from the dread Lou Gehrig's Disease. Having been more or less atheistic. He acquired a Baar Wet Cell. or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)." She began daily walks and doing housework again.

in turn will lead inevitably to a spiritual renaissance for the entire human race. VA 23451. thanks to Edgar Cayce. Box 1379. PA. as we learn more about the bio-electric body. Ph: 757-422-8513 ### .O. Ph: 800-269-2502. and the future possibilities are spectacular. the age of "energy medicine" has arrived. we will eventually be able to re-grow amputated limbs. and that. That's how I knew it was working. P. . For more information about the Cayce appliances contact: Baar Products. Downington. we will begin to really understand the nature of life and death. But even more exciting. Virginia Beach. or Phil Thomas. P.O.them the the most. Box 60. and just like the salamander. Clearly." Phil Thomas also has an impressive list of testimonials for both devices. Many researchers believe that nerve regeneration will become commonplace.