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Crystal Remedies

(I didn t write what book I got these from, but here they are anyway.)

Crystal remedies are made from water infused with crystal energy and charged by the sun or moon. Hey help restore physical and emotional health and to promote spiritual growth. Crystal gem remedies can also treat ongoing conditions over a period of time. They can be taken in a variety of ways, including 1) ;lace a few drops in a glass of water to be taken twice daily; 2) a couple of drops applied undiluted, directly under the tongue; 3) applied to pulse points; or 4) several drops added to bath water. To make a crystal remedy you will need: *a small bowl *desired cleansed crystal *water (dew, distilled or mineral) *Brandy (optional) * a dark glass jar

1.) Pick a light source remedies using sunlight will need a bare minimum of 3 hours to infuse, while moonlight remedies should be made between the new and full moon. 2.) Charge the crystal position the crystal in the bowl of water so that it catches the Sun or Moon s rays. Leave until sunrise if using moonlight, or for at least 3 hours in Sun. 3.) Bottle the remedy decant the water into a glass jar until half full and top up with brandy (if using.) Place the crystal in the jar to make the remedy stronger and more potent. 4.) Label and store label your remedy noting when you made it, the light source used, and the crystal used. Include what it is for and store in a cool, dark place. It can keep for 3 years.

Crystal Recipes
For physical conditions, the remedy should be made in sunlight, while spiritual, emotional, and mental remedies require moonlight. Agate this stone is thought to help maintain general health and can be used in a remedy to treat insomnia. Amber this beautiful orange-gold colored gem can ease muscular strain and help if you have memory problems. Amethyst can be used to treat alcoholism, and to boost the body s immune system.

Adventurine use this stone to treat skin conditions such as eczema or sunburn. It can also help to counterattack negative emotions such as excessive pride or rigidity. Beryl for those who suffer from low self-esteem, use to help build up self-confidence. Bloodstone can help with circulatory problems. It is also a good remedy for insecurity and attention-seeking. Malachite can help relieve the uncomfortable symptoms of menstrual problems. Onyx if you have weak bones, this can be used as a remedy and can help soothe an impatient nature. Quartz use this if you feel in need of protection from negative influences. It can also provide a valuable boost to general health and feeling of well-being. Tiger s Eye can be used in remedies to heal eye problems. It is also an excellent treatment to combat fear of success.

Agate great for divination hold an agate pendulum over your palm and ask it questions that require yes or no answer. For digestive difficulties hold a piece of agate to your stomach if you are suffering with pains or nausea, and allow the calming energy of the stone to suffuse your Sacral Chakra with its healing energy. Agate helps induce a peaceful and calming atmosphere. A smooth piece of agate, such as in the shape of an egg or a sphere, can be used in a massage session. The stones should be gently rolled over areas of muscular tension to help the person relax and to ease tension. It is also good for relieving tension or stiffness in the shoulder and lower back muscles. This has the added benefit of helping the recipient to ground themselves and feel more connected to their body. It is also good for calming the Brow Chakra. Moss agate has been used as a talisman to help crops grow and to protect them from adverse weather conditions. Place a piece of moss agate discreetly in your flower or vegetable garden and enhance its beneficial effects with a simple blessing ritual. Amethyst the perfect all-purpose crystal. You can use it during meditation, to protect your home, or even carry it with you during a night on the town. To prevent drunkenness, and from falling victim to addiction, carry your amethyst in your pocket during a night on the town to

protect you from drinking too much! You ll have to carry it with you for two weeks beforehand, to attune it to your personal energies. Like all purple stones, amethyst is linked to your body s energy centers at the pituitary and pineal glands, located in the center of your forehead. This is the area that controls your higher intuition and spiritual awareness. Place the amethyst on your brow to stimulate your pineal gland. Some traditions hold that this gland is the place where the soul enters and leaves the body. Stimulating it enables you to see through such lies and illusions as nightmares, groundless depression, and the false happiness of addiction. Amethyst promotes spiritual development and aids divine connections and mental clarity. It encourages bravery and wisdom, and helps to initiate astral travel. Hold your amethyst loosely during meditation to improve divine connections. Wear amethyst in a pendant on a short chain to benefit from its stimulating effects all day long. Amethyst is good for easing problems in the head area, such as migraines and depression. Ametrine, a natural mix of amethyst and the gold stone, citrine, will help with stomach problems. Amethyst is a good all-purpose healing stone, especially useful when you aren t sure of the cause of the problem. You can enhance your crystal s healing properties by rubbing it with lavender oil, which also stimulates the Third-Eye Chakra. On your bedside table or under your pillow, amethyst s soothing qualities will ease your worries and help you sleep. Gently rub your forehead with an amethyst to banish tension headaches. Start with the small circular movements in the center of the temple and gradually work your way outward.

Carnelian has long been seen as a symbol of joy and peace, used for promoting good cheer and banishing sorrow. It has been used to help people travel astrally. The technique takes a lot of practice before you succeed, but perseverance is the key when trying to astrally project. 1.) Hold a fairly translucent, flat piece of carnelian in front of a candle. Do this in a darkened room with no other light source. 2.) Gaze into the candle flame through the crystal, and try to move your awareness through the carnelian as if it were a door to the flame on the other side. Carnelian has been used to treat a number of organs in the body and is especially associated with the sacral Chakra when treating digestive problems. Holding the stone against your back can also ease back pain. Wearing carnelian jewelry on an ongoing basis may help digestion. It is

an energizing stone carry a piece of it in your pocket and rub it regularly when you feel good. This will help build up a positive charge on whose energy you can draw when you need to focus. A smooth piece of carnelian may be used to gently massage the base Chakra at the base of the spine. Slow, clockwise circular strokes with the carnelian at the base of the spine help release blockages that can cause sexual problems. It is said to encourage the Kundalini (sexual energy) to be more active so it can be considered an aphrodisiac.

Citrine Quartz a beautiful, golden yellow stone that takes its name from the old French word citrin , meaning lemon . Scottish Citrine Blessing let me dip these in the water, Thou yellow beautiful, gem of power! In water of purest wave, Which pure was kept by Bridget. In the name of the apostles twelve, In the name of Mary, virgin of virtues, And in the name of the high trinity And all the shining angels. A blessing on the gem, A blessing on the water, And a healing of all bodily ailments, To each suffering creature. Citrine is particularly efficient at bringing relief to health disorders concerning the gallbladder, heart, kidneys, liver, colon, and digestive organs. It is a good stone to keep around you if you wish to develop your psychic abilities, especially if you have problems trusting and acting on your instincts. Hold a piece of citrine in your hand when you are doing any psychic work, such as scrying or psychometry. Keep citrine on your desk at work to enhance reasoning and inspiration. If you are on a diet or art detoxing after unhealthy binges, regular excessive drinking, and/or smoking, citrine can help to eliminate these harmful toxins from your body. Place a piece of citrine in your drinking water for a few minutes, then take it out and return it to your pocket. Sip the water through the day. Citrine is a stone of abundance and plenty, in the healthiest sense. If you are dieting, its golden color can help to promote relaxation and balance your appetite, boosting your willpower.

Clear Quartz acts as an amplifier of energy, and is good for healing and communication. It can be used to wash away negative energies from your body and environment. It can amplify your psychic abilities. To activate your crystal you will need to carry it in your pocket for a week. This attunes the crystal to your body s energy. When you meditate, try lying down with your piece

of quartz at the crown of your head your crown chakra . As you do this, concentrate on your quartz crystal against your third eye the center of your forehead can give you inspiration and insight. Holding your crystal in your hand before you sleep can help you to remember your dreams. Quartz can also help you to focus your dreams. Before you sleep, hold your quartz in your hand and think about any problems you have. Place quartz under your pillow while you sleep to help your mind work through the issues. Quartz can also deflect energy away from you. Your crystal can purify your environment by dispelling negative energies from the air. It is piezoelectric. That means it produces an electric charge when compressed, allowing it to disperse negative energy from around. Keeping quartz close to your body will help to protect you from day-to-day stress. Quartz is a strong healing crystal; it can help focus and channel healthy energy, directing it to the point of sickness. It is the crystal most often used to make healing wands, although you can also use smaller stones. Rub the affected area gently with your crystal and visualize golden light passing from the Earth, up along your spine, through your heart, out along your arms and through the crystal. The crystal will amplify the healing energy as it passes into the affected area. Passing a quartz crystal over each of your body s energy centers in turn will clear any blockages and help energy to wash through you.

Diamonds Water in which diamonds have been soaked is reputed to have healing properties, and the gems ability to protect the bearer from evil has led to their use as eternity and engagement rings. Dreaming of diamonds is said to indicate future success. It is believed to amplify any energy with which it comes into contact. For this reason, it should only be used for positive spells and magic. To make the most of its amplifying effect, hold a gem over each Chakra in turn from the base to the crown, visualizing a gold light flowing up from the earth through your energy centers. Use a diamond ring to focus energies to your hands and then send them into another person s body, as in Reiki healing. If you suffer from frequent headaches or debilitating migraines, try meditating with a diamond placed on your crown Chakra. Visualize the energy of the heavens as silvery light that is being drawn down through the diamond into your head, purifying your aura and removing the tension and stress that can cause headaches. Spend a few minutes each day practicing this technique, until your frequent headaches become a thing of the past. Wearing a diamond will attune it to your personal energies. When you re in a good mood, rub your diamond and visualize your positive energy flowing into the crystal as golden energy, building up the charge. When you need to use energy for healing, you can release the energy you have stored in the diamond to help you focus and amplify your spell. Wear jewelry inset with a diamond at night to aid your sleep and dreams. When you dream, try to remember to look for the diamond in you dream, this can make you aware you are dreaming, allowing you to be lucid and direct your dream as you wish. Diamond s powerful amplifying energy encourages lucid dreaming.

The diamond is an excellent stone to use to balance your energies, be they emotional, mental or physical. With its cleansing properties, diamond is a particularly appropriate stone to wear during purifying, fasting, bathing, or meditating.

Jasper carried or worn to protect the bearer from misfortune. Green jasper has been traditionally associated with luck. In ancient and primitive cultures, Jasper was known as the rain bringer . (The God s propitious hearken to his prayers, Whoever the polished grass-green Jasper wears; His parched glibe they ll satiate with rain, And send for showers to soak the thirty plain. 4th Century poem Lithica) Grounding use jasper when you feel a need to connect with the Earth again. 1.) Lie down, hold jasper over your solar plexus and turn your thoughts to the Earth. 2.) Feel a connection with the Earth and keep your thoughts on its solidity and form. If your mind wanders, gently bring it back to your focal point. 3.) When you feel grounded put the stone away and continue with whatever you were doing. Confidence 1.) If you feel anxious, carry a piece of green jasper with you. 2.) At moments of insecurity, take the jasper in your left hand and rub it gently with clockwise circling motions. 3.) Feel the calming influence of the stone soothing you, and picture the green energy surrounding you and transforming the stress into calm. Protection Wear jasper in jewelry or carry it with you to make you less susceptible to negative influences. Carry it with you if you are the subject of gossip, to protect you from slander. For Dry Skin You will need: 2 drops chamomile essential oil 2 drops lavender essential oil 1 TBSP carrier oil Jasper Anoint the Jasper with lavender or chamomile oil. Use the stone to apply the oil to the skin, avoiding sensitive areas around the eyes. This can be done several times a day. For Digestion with a smooth piece of red jasper, gently rub your stomach area in soft clockwise strokes. Use movements that travel from the solar plexus around the side of the body, down to the pelvis and back around the side up to the solar plexus again. This helps to remove any food blockages.

Moonstone is thought to protect those traveling by moonlight, was used to treat consumption, for divination, and to reconcile lovers. Also believed to have the power to bestow love, wealth, and wisdom. In the Mouth rinse the stone and place it on your tongue then think about your affairs. The stone will fix important issues in your mind and let more trivial problems slip away. Oral Divination placing a moonstone in your mouth during a full moon may help lovers divine their future together. Also, if you are unsure about a matter, hold a stone in your mouth and concentrate on this matter. If done during a waning Moon, a solution will come to you. Moon raking- (preparing water for scrying or spells.) During a full moon, fill a silver or crystal bowl half way with dew or spring water. Place a moonstone in the water. Using hand gestures, imagine you are raking the rays of the Moon into the water in the bowl. Visualize silvery light filling and charging the water. The moonwater may then be used for scrying, cleansing crystals, or casting lunar spells. Psychic Work use moonstone to help develop your psychic abilities. During meditation or attempts to astral project, place a moonstone over your third-eye Chakra. This will enhance the energies of your mind and sharpen your focus. It is best to practice this exercise with the Moon s rays shining on you. Lunar Lens imagine the moonstone acts as a lens, focusing the Moon s rays into your mind to enhance your intuition and psychic abilities. Gardening Spells to boost plants and trees that refuse to grow, place a moonstone at the base of a stem or hang it from the branches. The crystal will draw the energy of the Moon to encourage growth. You can also water plants with moon raked water to promote growth. Easing Water Retention carry a moonstone in your hip pocket, or attach it to a hip chain. This will allow the crystals lunar influence to easily reach the stomach area and help encourage the body to release excessive water stored there. During the waning phase of the Moon, take a moonstone and place it on a windowsill. The Moon s rays will recharge the moonstone and attune its energies to the receding tides. Feldspar Family aluminum silicates which are given their distinctive colors through the addition of other metals and minerals. Examples are amazonite, labradorite, moonstone, and sunstone. They are softer than quartz and can chip easily.

Obsidian a hard volcanic glass whose most common form is black, but includes varieties such as rainbow obsidian which has a golden or colored sheen, and mahogany obsidian which features brown streaks. It is also quite common to find this stone with gray or white spots, which are called Apache Tears. Obsidian Deities the Aztec goddess of souls, Itzpapalotl,

whose name means obsidian butterfly. The Mayan Tezcatlipoca, the god of magicians, his name means the mirror that smokes , referring to the use of obsidian to make magic mirrors. Scrying Tool to start scrying, practice for 10 to 15 minutes daily in a quiet, dark room or outside in your garden in the evening, by candlelight. As you begin, focus your mind and concentrate on the obsidian sphere or mirror. When you see clouding in the object, you are progressing. After a while, the clouds may disperse and images will start to form, make a record of these so you can later interpret them. The Warrior Stone used in making weapons in the past, it also works well on healing and on the stomach and Minor Solar Plexus Chakras, proving benefits for people who have problems with asserting themselves. Carrying a piece of obsidian, especially an arrowhead, can help balance these Chakra points and will also strengthen your gut feelings, encouraging you to be more assertive and heard. It will bring out the inner warrior in you. An Antipollutant carry a piece of obsidian with you to aid as a protective and healing amulet against modern day pollutants and their side effects. Once you have chosen a piece of obsidian to carry or wear, charge it with lunar energies. Go outside on the night of the dark moon and hold the mineral to the sky, saying, May the cleansing fire that made you burn away all the effects of the pollution that I suffer. Wash the stone in pure water to charge it, and then carry it around with you. Repeat the ritual on every dark Moon phase. Protection Crystal obsidian helps block out negativity by absorbing this energy and earthing it like a lightning rod. Any totally round piece of obsidian will do due to the belief that corners give negative energies a place to manifest. Purify the stone of any negative energies it has absorbed and may store by cleansing it once a month under the dark Moon, using salt water not pure, which is used for charging.

Black Onyx a very earthy stone ruled by Saturn. This planet governs discipline, order, and structure. Onyx has a grounding nature that makes it very good for solving matters that require solidity and determination. It has a long history of use in protective charms, but do not wear it during sleep as it is believed to produce bad dreams. If you dream of onyx, though, it is said to indicate a happy and prosperous marriage. Sardonyx (red onyx) is said to neutralize any bad dreams brought about by onyx and is thought to dispel melancholy, dreaming of this stone indicates the love of friends. Overcome Apathy use onyx for those times when you find it difficult to motivate yourself when necessary. Hold a piece of onyx in front of your base Chakra and imagine its earthy energy spreading into this point, encouraging and motivating you both physically and emotionally. Visualize red energy from the stone spreading from the base Chakra and filling your aura to charge you into action.

Dispel Melancholy place an onyx in red wine for a week. When the onyx is removed, a glass should be drunk from the bottle each night until the melancholy is gone. It was thought that gazing at the onyx while drinking the wine would pour all your troubles into the stone. At the end of the spell, the onyx is buried so that its energies can be recharged by the earth. Repel Negativity if you are entering a situation that you know will involve meeting people who give out negative energies, try wearing a piece of onyx or carrying it with you. When your surrounding atmosphere feels frosty or unpleasant, touch or hold your onyx, and imagine all the negativity being absorbed into the stone. Onyx can also promote a positive atmosphere in a room as it helps to drain away negativity. You should always cleanse the stone after using it, to keep it from holding the negative energy it has absorbed. Soothing Meditation if you are feeling at a loss as a result of a lot of stress or activity in your life, onyx is the best stone to use to ground yourself. Hold a piece of onyx in your hands while meditating to anchor you to the solidity of the earth. To further enhance this effect, try doing this while in the garden with your bare feet on the earth if it s not too cold. You may also wish to carry a piece of onyx during stressful times, but remember to remove it when you go to sleep.

Rose Quartz the color of rose quartz is the same shade of pink aura given off by the heart Chakra, it is sometimes called the love stone. This crystal is associated with unconditional love, beauty, serenity and tranquility. Rose quartz varies in color from very pink to almost white beads of one type of crystal should always show irregularity. If you buy jewelry and all the rose quartz beads are the same shade, they have probably been dyed to give uniformity. If you are very lucky, you may come across a star rose quartz. This formation of rose quartz contains needles of rutile. When out, star rose quartz shows a white star effect in natural light that is both beautiful and powerful, strengthening the crystal s healing effects. Aid Sweet Dreams rose quartz can help to ensure your sleep is deep and restful. Place a piece under your pillow to receive its beneficial effects during the night. It can help you overcome insomnia by ensuring that you relax deeply into sleep. If you suffer from bad dreams and wake anxious, place a rose quartz crystal under your pillow to deflect the negative emotions that cause nightmares. Utilize its healing properties at night to help you release emotional pain from your past through your dreams. Cleanse your rose quartz regularly if you use it for healing. This will remove the negative energy it has absorbed. Clean it once a week by holding it under fresh, running water then leave it to dry in the sun. Boost Confidence rose quartz is good to use for boosting low self-esteem or self-confidence. Carry a piece of it in your pocket, or wear some in jewelry for a heart-warming effect. For an extra power boost to your ego, affirm the crystal s positive energy as you pick it up each morning by stating, I am strong and confident and as worthy as any person. I will perform my work well and not be influenced by negativity from any of the people around me.

Heal a Broken Heart as the stone of love, rose quartz can work to release the pain of a broken heart and bring new love and friendship into your life. In a time of emotional trauma, wear or carry rose quartz, or keep it in the rooms in your house. By keeping the love energy of rose quartz around you at all times, you can begin the process of emotional healing while letting friends support you. Remember to share the positive energies radiated by this stone by lending a piece of rose quartz to a friend when they are in need of comfort. Strengthen Resolve rose quartz is also believed to be a purifying stone. It is good to carry or wear when you are thinking of detoxing and toning up. The presence of rose quartz in your home can strengthen your will power, which will help you stick to a new routing. It has a positive, balancing effect on the emotions and will help you keep from feeling guilty, an emotion that can prevent you from sticking to your guns. It encourages relaxation and is wellknown for its calming effect. Its reassuring energy will help to take the edge off your feelings of stress about achieving your goals. Keep chunks of unpolished rose quartz in the kitchen and dining room to benefit from its cleansing energy.

Ruby the stone of love, bringing protection and good fortune, it was believed to attract favors from those in authority and to dream of a ruby indicated imminent financial success. The darkening of a ruby was widely believed to indicate forthcoming misfortune. For Protection the ruby, preferably set in gold, should be touched to the earth at the four boundaries of the grounds of the house. 1.) Start by using a compass to find the northern corner, and then move around in a clockwise manner. 2.) Touch the ruby to the ground, in a focused manner, at each of the four corners of the house. 3.) As this is done, visualize a rich red barrier at the boundaries of the grounds and the house, protecting your property from such perils as lightning, theft, and poor crops in the vegetable garden. For Nightmares placing a ruby under the pillow will help ward off nightmares for adults. For a child, place it under the mattress where it cannot be found, to prevent the risk of the jewel being swallowed. As you place the ruby, visualize the room surrounded by a red sphere of protective fiery energy and say, Ruby stone of strength and power, guard { name}, sleep from this hour. If you are on vacation or staying with friends or family, the same method can be used to protect from nightmares. However, remember to collect the ruby again afterwards. Pieces of uncut ruby found in a zoisite matrix (a mass of zoisite minerals) are especially good for use in unfamiliar surroundings. For Success having a ruby close to your heart, in a pocket or necklace, helps stimulate the heart Chakra, your center of balance. In this manner ruby can help you be more focused. Ruby is associated with success in business, as it helps to protect from misfortune. Touch the ruby several times during the day to remind yourself that you are balanced and moving forward, charged with the power of the ruby and focused on achieving the success you deserve. As your positivity increases, so too will the success you attract to yourself.

For Sexual Problems Ruby works very strongly on the base Chakra and has a long history of use with sexual problems. If the problem is a medical condition, professional advice should be sought, but carrying a ruby in a trouser pocket, so it is close to the base Chakra, can help by stimulating the unbalanced energy of the Chakra with its powerful energy. To dispel anger and frustration that may build up at such times, hold the ruby and focus your gaze on it until you feel calmer. Sapphire The Ten Commandments were said to be written on sapphire tablets, and King Solomon was reported to have used one to commune with God. In Buddhism, sapphire is known as the stone of stones , thought to promote devotion, tranquility, and spiritual enlightenment. The six-rayed star seen in certain sapphires is caused by the presence of a radiating pattern of needlelike formations. In Asia, the star in star sapphire was believed to be created by three benign spirits whose names translate as destiny, faith, and hope. These spirits were imprisoned for an unknown misdemeanor. As atonement , they were charged to bring good fortune to bearers of this magical stone. Star sapphires were also thought to protect from harm and witchcraft. Carrying this precious stone was said to ensure victory in battle, and hence they were known as the victory stone in Germany. For Panic Attacks carry sapphire if you suffer from panic attacks or anxiety, as it has a highly soothing and balancing effect. If you feel yourself becoming anxious, hold the sapphire to your heart and visualize a beautiful, calm, blue sky filling you and your aura, dispersing the stress and anxiety and leaving you calm again. If this doesn t suffice, try chanting Om for several minutes and feel the sapphire s calming effect amplified by this universal mantra. For Psychic Work star sapphires are especially good stones for working with to improve your psychic abilities and attempts at astral projection, but all sapphires will work. Lying on your back, place a sapphire, or a piece of jewelry, over your Third Eye Chakra to help you to receive psychic impressions. You can also wear or carry a sapphire to enable its subtle influences to stimulate the pineal gland, thus promoting your psychic abilities. For Self-Discipline sapphire is particularly effective for stimulating the Third Eye Chakra and the Crown Chakra. For this reason, the closer it can be worn to the head the better, so treat yourself to sapphire earrings or a short necklace. Aid concentration - (star sapphires are especially good for improving mental focus.) 1.) If you feel vague, look at the star in the stone and focus your gaze on where the three lines meet. 2.) Think of the three lines as symbolizing your spirit, mind, and emotions, and see the three converging to the central point of harmony. 3.) Relax and allow the calm of the stone to fill you, and then return to whatever you were doing with a more focused and disciplined outlook. For Eye Strain we often strain our eyes through spending too much time in front of a computer monitor or television set. Use your sapphire to gently rub away aches and restore vitality. A piece of polished but unfaceted sapphire is a good stone to rub gently over the eyelids to ease away feelings of eye strain. This is also true for the Third Eye, and the stone

may be rubbed in gentle, clockwise circles in the middle of the brow, just above the bridge of the nose, to ease blockages to the Third Eye or Brow Chakra. Turquoise the ancient Egyptians named turquoise meffat which means joy or delight , and symbolized fertility and resurrection. Also known as the Horseman s Stone it was believed to protect riders from falls. It was then attributed to the Zodiac sign of Sagittarius (the Centaur). In many cultures it is believed to have powers of protection, against evil spells, against snake and scorpion poisons. This protective stone was also said to fade when its wearer is threatened by danger or illness. Turquoise is one of the few precious stones that can be easily found in America, and is heavily featured in the Amerindian myths. Navajos believed that throwing a piece of turquoise into a river while praying to the Rain God would ensure the arrival of much needed rain. Some tribes also believed that turquoise would be found in the damp ground at the end of a rainbow, and these stones were thought to be thunder stones, which could control the weather. The dress of Apache medicine men included a turquoise talisman or turquoise used as a badge of rank and respect. It was also thought to guide the hunter s arrows and spears to fly true. Try wearing turquoise to gain respect and help you target your goals. To Improve Your Luck this spell needs to be performed in the light of a new moon place a turquoise close to a window and gaze steadily on the stone as it is bathed in the moonlight. Concentrate on your desire to improve your fortunes, and then recite a simple statement of your wish to the stone, repeating it four times. Coping with Stress Turquoise can alert you to the effects of stress on your life. During persistent periods of high stress, the body s copper levels rise, causing the turquoise you wear to change color. If you are living, working, or studying in a stressful environment, it is a good idea to wear a turquoise close to your skin such as a pendant or bracelet. The stone will change color and act as a warning signal that you need to deal with the surrounding stress before your health suffers. Sooth Sore Throats turquoise has long been used to treat throat problems. If you suffer from frequent throat irritations, try spending a few minutes each night for one week, lying down with a piece of turquoise on your throat. Try doing this on the waning Moon, the declining lunar energy is better suited for getting rid of things. Each night after using your turquoise, place it in a bowl of salt to remove any negativity the stone has attracted, then leave it in fresh, still mineral water. This way the stone is cleansed each day and remains ready to absorb more negative energy in the evening. A Gift for Your Partner in many cultures, turquoise has been a traditional gift between lovers. An Oriental proverb says of turquoise, Given by a loving hand, it brings with it happiness and good fortune . On a Thursday, at midnight, on the night of a waxing Moon, give your loved one a piece of turquoise jewelry. At this time, the gift is especially meaningful because you are between the fortune and benevolence of Jupiter (who rules Thursday) and the love and

affection of Venus (who rules Friday). Turquoise was also said to turn black to indicate infidelity. It was given to lovers in the past to ensure faithfulness. Pink Crystals Pink Moonstone meditate with this to help develop your psychic abilities and improve your powers of visualization. Also for work on intuition, discrimination, and clarity of thought. (Also known as Scapolite.) Rhodonite an energizing stone that can power mediations and is especially good for closing your Chakras down quickly after a healing session. Morganite also known as pink beryl, this is a good stone to wear or carry if you wish to open yourself up to love or would like to attract love into your life. Rhodocrosite this stone can help when you are trying to bring different aspects of your life together, particularly if you are feeling fragmented after traumas. It is a good crystal to use to strengthen and repair a drained aura. Rubellite the pink variety of the stone tourmaline (which also comes in green or mixed varieties) is an excellent dream stone. Place a piece under your pillow if you suffer from nightmares, to help dispel the negativity causing the turbulence in your sleep.