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1935 AIrIIne DrIve, SuIte 200 8ossIer CIty, LA 71112 ! TEL: 318]226.1404 ! FAX: 318]222.6869 ! E-MAL: sgbsgba.



BOSSIER PARISH SCHOOL BOARD, Planning & Development Committee
CPM Presentation/Overview of Facility Assessment
November 1, 2011
revised November 17, 2011 (revisions italicized)
OPTIONS BY ATTENDANCE ZONES based on $25-30 MM/year using existing millage
PHASE 1 by attendance zone
o Benton - $21 MM (corrected)
New elementary to give relief to Legacy and Apollo, core for 1000, classrooms for 700.
Build out remaining classrooms for 300 students as needed.- $19.5 MM
Ring road around north and east sides of BHS and BMS - $1.5 MM
o Haughton - $45 MM
New 1500 student middle school - $36 MM
Convert middle school to elementary, fix grading, paving and traffic issues, add gym
canopy $2 MM
Haughton High 24 room wing, canopies, drainage and walks - $7 MM
o Bossier - $27 MM
Renovate Bossier High and consolidate Rusheon Middle at BHS, - $9 MM
Renovate Rusheon Middle to house all of non-STEM Bossier Tech programs - $9MM
House Bossier Tech STEM program at Cyber Innovation Center in 47,000 SF leased
space. 10 years lease payments - $7 MM
Move Bossier Learning to empty E Wing (6,200 SF) at Butler and renovate - $0.5 MM.
Consider donating buildings and land to public body for other uses, i.e. Bossier Sheriff
Relocate Charlotte Mitchell to old BPCC South Campus and make interior improvements,
new to accommodate program and new west faade - $1.5 MM. Consider donating
buildings and land to public body for community and recreational use, i.e. City or Housing
o Parkway - $1 MM
Remove T-buildings and expand playground at Sun City Elementary and build 2
classrooms for science and art then realign attendance zone to compensate for T-
building removal
o Airline - $29.7 MM
Renovate Airline High and add 24 room wing, expand cafeteria - $21.3 MM
Airline faade - porte cochere, circular drive, landscaping, lighting, faade treatment -
Rear drive way at Legacy to relieve traffic on Swan Lake Rd - $0.7 MM
Add 5 SPED classrooms at Legacy (inside commons) to address growth - $0.2MM
Add 12 room wing at Green Acres Middle and plan for 12 more in future - $2.2 MM
Add 12 room wing at Cope Middle School and plan for 12 more in future - $2.2 MM
Add 3 4-room wings at WT Lewis - $2.1 MM
o Land for 2 elementary (30 acres)and 1 high school (75 acres) at $20K to $25K/acre - $2.5 MM
o Road improvements for new schools - $8 MM (corrected)
o Miscellaneous paving projects at various schools - $0.8 MM

PHASE 2 by attendance zone
o Plain Dealing - $9 MM
Consolidate Carrie Martin on New Tech campus and renovate HS & MS wings
o Benton - $49 MM
Build new 1500 student high school
Move Benton Middle to existing Benton High
Add 12 classrooms at existing Benton Middle and move Benton Elementary to BMS
o Haughton - $9.5 MM
New 24 room wing at Haughton High (to replace old wings) with new media center,
expand cafeteria
Relocate baseball fields and associated structures
o Parkway - $6 MM
New 24 room wing
o Airline - $34 MM
Build new elementary school
Add 12 room wings at Green Acres and Cope Middle Schools
TOTAL PHASE 2 - $107.5 MM

PHASE 3 TBD based on demographics, funding and need

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