Sweet Pea © 2011 Carla Fiedler

“Sweet Pea”
A smocking design for the Wee Care Grady Gown By Carla Fiedler

Choose one or three colors of floss to use. Use two or three strands of floss for this design. Pleat seven ½-space rows, the first row at ½ space from the folded edge (neckline) of the gown. Rows 1 and 7 are holding rows. Smock: d = down cable or stem stitch u = up cable or outline stitch t = travel or trellis stitch Row 2: Cable. Find the center two pleats and begin with an up cable over them. Continue to edge; flip gown upside down and finish to other edge. Rows 2 to 4: Curved smocking. On Row 4, beginning on the third pleat to the left of the center valley, stitch two up cables then three down cables. Travel up four stitches to Row 2, up cable, travel down to Row 4. Repeat this design to the end of the row. (u u d d d t-4 u t-4, repeat) Rows 3 to 5: Repeat design stitched on Rows 2 to 4. Row 3: In the center of the scallops, stitch a bar over the center two pleats, about 4 satin stitches. Experiment with your floss; use three to four strands to get the look you like. Rows 5 to 6: At the bottom of the scallops, stitch three lazy daisy stitches.

© 2011 Carla Fiedler

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