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Upgrading firmware for Brocade 200E, 300, 4012, 4016, 4018, 4020, 4024, 4100, 4900, 5000, 5100

, 5300, 7500, and 7600 switches 1. Take the following appropriate action based on what service you are using: • If you are using FTP or SCP, verify that the FTP or SSH server is running on the host server and that you have a valid user ID and password on that server. • If your platform supports a USB memory device, verify that it is connected and running. 2. Get the firmware file from the Brocade Web site via the IBM site and store the file on the FTP or SSH server or the USB memory device3. Unpack the compressed files preserving directory structures. The firmware is in the form of RPM packages with names defined in a .plist file. The .plist file contains specific firmware information and the names of packages of the firmware to be downloaded. 4. Connect to the switch and log in as admin. 5. Issue the firmwareShow command to check the current firmware version on connected switches. Upgrade their firmware if necessary before proceeding with upgrading this switch. . 6. Enter the firmwareDownload command. 7. Respond to the prompts as follows:
Server Name or IP Address Enter the name or IP address of the FTP server, or SSH server for SCP, where the firmware file is stored; for example, IPv6 and DNS are supported by firmwareDownload in v5.3.0 and later. If DNS is enabled and a server name instead of a server IP address is specified in the command line, firmwareDownload determines whether IPv4 or IPv6 should be used. User name Enter the user name of your account on the server; for example, “JaneDoe”. File name v6.0.0 or later: Specify the fully-qualified path name of the firmware directory, for example, /pub/v6.0.0. Absolute path names may be specified using forward slashes (/). Network protocol Specify the file transfer protocol used to download the firmware from the file server. Valid values are FTP and SCP. The Values are not case-sensitive. If “-p” is not specified, firmwareDownload will determine the protocol automatically by checking the parameter on the switch. Password Enter the password for the server. This operand can be omitted if firmware is accessible through a local directory, or if no password is required by the FTP or SCP server. This operand is required when accessing an SSH server.

8. At the “Do you want to continue [y/n]” prompt, enter y. 9. After the HA reboot, connect to the switch and log in again as admin. 10. If you want snapshots of the upgrade progress, use a separate session and enter the firmwareDownloadStatus command to monitor the firmware download. 11. After the firmware commit is completed, which takes several minutes, enter the firmwareShow command to display the firmware level of both partitions. Stealth200E:admin> firmwareDownload Server Name or IP Address: User Name: userfoo File Name: /userfoo/firmware/v6.1.0 Network Protocol(1-auto-select, 2-FTP, 3-SCP) [1]: 2 Password: Checking system settings for firmwareDownload... Trying address-->AF_INET IP:, flags : 2 System settings check passed. You can run firmwaredownloadstatus to get the status of this command.

Do you want to continue [Y]: y Firmware is being downloaded to the switch.This command will cause a warm/non-disruptive boot on the switch. but will require that existing telnet or SSH sessions be restarted. This step may take up to 30 minutes. .