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Name of Drug Generic name: Aspirin Brand name: Aspirin Dosage: 80mg 1tab OD Route: Per orem

Classification Analgesia/Antiinflammatory

Mechanism of Action Antiinflammatory and analgesic activity; effects are attributable to aspirin¶s ability to inhibit the synthesis of prostaglandins.

Indication - Mild to moderate pain -Inflammatory conditons - Reduction of risk of recurrent TIA or stroke in males w/ history of TIA due to fibrin platelet emboli

Contraindication Contraindicated with allergy to NSAIDs, allergy to tartrazine. Hemophilia, bleeding ulcers. Hemorrhagic states, blood coagulation defects

Adverse Reaction Dizziness, tinnitus, difficulty hearing, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, mental confusion,lassitude

Nursing Responsibilities >Know the 10 Rights in drug administration > Give drug with food or after meals if GI upset occurs > Don¶t crush, and ensure that patient does not chew SR preparations

. do not expel air bubbles from the syringe Generic Anticoagulant name: Fondaparinux Brand name: Arixtra Dosage: 2.Q. pain. headache. Nursing Responsibilities > Know the 10 Rights in drug administration > Monitor any signs of bleeding and hemorrhage. Withhold medication and notify physician if noted > Administer by SC injection only. dizziness. Severe renal impairment Adverse Reaction Fever. confusion.Name of Drug Classification Mechanism of Action A synthetic activated factor X inhibitor that binds to antithrombin Indication Prevention of thromboembolic phenomena including DVT and pulmonary embolism Contraindication Hypersensitivity. insomnia. Patient with active major bleeding. > To avoid loss of drug. Don¶t mix with other injections or infusions.5cc OD Route: S.

Nursing Responsibilities > Know the 10 Rights in drug administration > Assess BP and apical/radial pulse. and postural disorders.Name of Drug Generic name: Metoprolol Classification Beta Blocker Mechanism of Action Exerts mainly beta 1 adrenergic blocking activity but also block beta 2 receptors at high doses. cardiogenic shock Adverse Reaction Fatigue. bradycardia. reduce dosage in renal dysfunction Brand name: Cardiosel Dosage: 50mg 1tab BID Route: Per orem . give with food to prevent GI upset. Indication Moderate to severe Congestive heart failure. dizziness. > Give before or after meal: tablet may be crushed or swallowed whole. myocardial infarction Contraindication Bradycardia. sick sinus syndrome. headache.

fall in BP. dizziness and weakness. broken. Nursing Responsibilities > Know the 10 Rights in drug administration > Monitor BP. very low BP. anemias. head trauma Adverse Reaction Headache. preventive and long term treatment of angina pectoris and post MI.Name of Drug Generic name: Isosorbide Dinitrate Brand name: Isordil Dosage: 5mg 1tab TID Route: Per orem Classification Vasodilator Mechanism of Action Increase supply of oxygen to the heart by dilating both the arteries and veins which supply the heart itself Indication Treatment of severe Congestive heart failure. circulatory collapse. reflux rise in pulse rate. Contraindication Acute MI. or crushed . pulse at baseline and during treatment > Give 1hr before or 2hrs after meals w/ 8oz of water > Sustained release tablet should not be chewed. shock.