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Rural Marketing.

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money effort) onConsumption-related products. power Low awarenessCommunication. consumer goods oninstallment basis Reputed Companies helping in changing lifestyles – LeversBritania . Rural toRural Reasonsfor Going RuralSize of the marketLargely UntappedToo crowded Urban MarketIncome on therise/disposable incomeIncome from other thanagricultureIncome flow from urban/abroadBetter exposure . Primary Education. ITC Reliance etc Move to Rural Market …encouraging DataRural India buysSoft Drinks approx 45% of all soft drinksAlmost 50% motor cyclesApprox 55% of cigarettesHalf the total market for TV. a market research farm thatHas published a Guide to Indian Markets 2006Consumer durables in Indian Villages risen sharplyTV Sales up by 200%Motorcycle by 77%There are 3000 households in rural area that earn > 50 lakhsWe have come some way ahead – but there is a long way to go PROBLEMSINRURALMARKETINGLow per capita incomeLow disposable incomeInadequate fixed income(daily wages)Majority – depends on AgriculturalIncome Acute dependence on monsoon Consumption linked to harvestInfrastructure problemsRoads.blades.Videocon Media creating an impact-creating awareness levels Government Policies – White Revolution – Milk productsYellow Revolution (poultry and edible oils)Blue Revolution – Aqua culture Employment Schemes – JRY(Jawahar Rojgar Yojna. LG.toothpowder Coca Cola is growing over 35% in Rural areas compared toOver 22 % in UrbanAccording to Hasna Research .tea. Could be Urban to Rural: Rural to Urban.Population.salt.V Radio Video FilmsGenerally they have a lot of reservation/inhibitionrigid in their behaviour RURAL CONSUMER CLASS The Affluent Class The Middle Class The Poor RURAL CONSUMER BEHAVIORHow does an individual decide to spread hisAvailable resources (time. Credit card for farmers Waiver of Loans Initiatives by leading organization in spreading awarenessHindustan Levels Shakti.difficult & expensiveToo many languagesGeographic SpreadDigging for Diamond Urban & Rural Markets Per capita Income Disposable Income Literacy levels Infrastructure Communication Geographical Spread Customer has many choicesKey Differences Profile of the Rural Consumer Profile of the Rural Consumer>Low Literacy Level>Low Income Level>Massive Geographic SpreadUrban population concentrated 3200 cities townRural scattered over 630000 villages >Reference GroupHealth WorkersDoctorsTeachersPanchayat MembersRural Bank ManagersDistrict Managers Occupation – Principal FarmingTradingHandicraftsCattle & Poultry Farming>Media Habits Fond of music T.Small Industries Training. fertilizers. Honda. Exchange between rural and Urban is aFactor .mediaGreat success stories HLL 50% Colgate 50% LG 50% Asian Paints 60% Dabur 40% Videocon 40% Cadbury’s 25% Hero Hona 40%Sorce ORG Marg and FransisKanoi Points to Note with Regard to Rural Markets Extremely Diverse MarketVillages – Size.Fans. Spend on Health and Sanitation.IncomeLiteracy levels . Ruiral Electrification.bicyclesWashing soap.Spread.Dabur.PMRY.languages Urban Market – scope and saturation Flow of funds – from Urban National /International Literacy levels on the rise Media Penetration Encouraging Indicators/Initiatives for Rural Market Growth Scientific methods – major impetus to Production of food grains Export on the rise – Increase in agriculture and handicrafts Initiatives taken by banks for more branches and Kisancredit card to buy seeds.What is Rural MarketingDeveloping of the market in the area as defined as RuralHence it could be aptly said that it encompasses theActivities such as developing the process to meet thisObjective – Right product at the right price to the right peopleat the right time.pressure cooker.Medical and Health.That is – what they buywhy they buywhen they buywhere they buy ithow often they buy ithow often they use it Poor AspirantClimbersWell Off Very Rich Simple Model of Rural Consumer Behaviour Need RecognitionPre Purchase .awareness level.

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