Tuesday, 4 November 2008, 8:02:50 AM This injured back is painful enough to slow down my morning walks from “home” to the

“office”. 16 minutes this morning. Makes me appreciate those normal times when I am fit and healthy. The amputee on “Enough Rope” last night was similarly inspiring. Everything is connected. Walking down the steep part of Edward Street from the Leichardt Street this morning I saw a man with a wild look about him sweeping the street occassionally and looking right and behind him as if he had reason to expect aggression. I was able to see the painful experiences in some far off time that are made perceptible by the hallucinatory behaviour. I then perceived the connectedness of all perception for all sentient beings—I saw that we are actually present everywhere in time even if doesn’t seem to be so. Now I can see that this integral awareness is the true reality of aletheia (not hidden). It was just yesterday that I saw that the duality which is present in me when I read Parmenides poem is not an ordinary duality bu a dyadic unity. A dyadic monad and the mondal is the missing subject—missing is the poetic device used by the artist to awaken the audience awareness to the subject. Getting on with the revolution that has begun to arrive is getting on with the “cognitive revolution”. What sort of Revolution is this anyway. Peacenik Wars is the essay title Jeanmarie has suggested already. Very poetic. How can peaceniks be at war? The thing about the information revolution is that it is an ongoing life style revolution. The next information revolution was in the future in 1998. This is an integral information revolution. Peter Drucker’s next information revolution was less integral than this revolution. What Sort of Revolution is this Really. Who are we really. The integral revolution is a neotic revolution in the sense that noesis is perceiving. The information revolution is one particular type of cognitive revolution—it involves both the information revolution that has occurred since the invention of the vaccuum tube about a hundred years ago. Edison again. The diode is a modified glass bulb incandescent light device to convert electricity into light. The diode/triode device was capable of converting light into sound. Prior to the appearance of the first vacuum tubes for converting electricity into light (thermo-kinetic energy of electron motion converted into pure motion) the “information (re)volution” was passing through various stages of evolution of consciousness—cognitive evolution—the evolution of cognition—noetic evolution—liberation from limiting boundaries—delusions—belief—what is belief really? Thales messed around with amber and called it electron. Etymology From Ancient Greek ἤλεκτρον (elektron), “‘amber’”) from έλ- (el-), “‘sun, bright, shiny’”). See also electric + -on. http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/electron How amazing. Him again. The noetic revolution goes all the way back to Thales. Getting on with the revolution is not regressive but transcendant. Break on through to the other side. What is “the revolution really”? The revolution is really about self-liberation. It’s about cognitive self liberation. It’s about education. Self education. It’s about life time learning—a knowledge society—a planetary scale learning orgabnization—globalization of self-educative liberation— globalization of noetic transcendance. Change Is Coming. Like it Or Not. The planetary noetic polity has arrived and is coming (expanding). What is globalization really. Is it global scale unfolding of noetic transcendance? Liberty. Peacenik Wars is a sign of counter-revolutionary reaction. Equilibrated systems are self compensating. I still like the idea of building a network.

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