Cement bag lifter and mover robot: A review

Proposed Problem Statement: There is a stack of cement with a height of 6 cement bags and width of 3 cement bags (dimensions: 70x35x14 weighting around 30 kg). These are to be lifted and placed on a conveyer belt that is anywhere within a radial distance of 150 cm. Proposed robot to accomplish the task Name Manufacturing company Payload weight Working envelope End Effector Specification: Max. weight per lift Gripper weight Plus Points  The choice of the robot seems to be fairly good as the robots available in the market are extravagant in size and weight. This is expected because the robots for construction purposes are expected to carry huge loads, displace objects by large distances and come in hand for multiple applications. This is possibly an apt robot which even though might be slightly large in dimensions(2033 mm), is the best of what I saw is available in the market. Assuming that the team’s claim that the term “payload weight” doesn’t include the weight of the gripper (60 kg) along with it to be correct, one can safely conclude that the robot satisfies the weight specifications. Since the gripper doesn’t come along with the robot, it had to be separately selected. I owe my appreciation to the team, for it has put in considerable efforts in selecting a gripper that I felt, is the perfect of its kind for carrying cement bags. The gripper has very low chances of damaging the bag because it offers numerous points of contact with the cement bag. Summing up, I agree with the team’s claim that the robot can successfully accomplish the task. : 50 kg : 60 kg : KR 60(60/45/30)-3 HA : KUKA : 60/45/30 kg : 2033/2230/2429 mm

Construction robots are generally magnanimous in their size and have reach capabilities that other general purpose robots do not have. I would insist the team to show more brands of robots that would be capable of doing the same kind of job and then select the apt one. 2. just for the sake of mentioning. For example. I feel that the task chosen by the team slightly overlooked the following perspectives: 1. transport huge construction pillars to almost any corner of the site(orientations to be taken care of) .  The team nowhere discussed about the arrangements for safety. Suggestions  SCARA manipulator would be a better choice since it would come in hand if the height of the cement stack in the problem were to be even 60 instead of 6.  .This is because the stacking is better done by prismatic joints rather than revolute joints. The same robot should be capable of stacking cement bags (up to heights much more than 6 cement bags). My suggestion for a construction robot would be a manipulator that would say.The robot could possibly move along rails. Lastly. what if the robot arm loses control and rams into the conveyor belt? There are no “collision avoidance” systems (even though the aftermath might not be alarmingly disastrous). The task chosen is relatively simple and doesn’t involve the kind of dimensions addressed by the typical construction-purpose robots.Minuses  With reference to the given topic “construction robots”.