Black Light Newsletter Special Edition, Vol.

1 Edition 2 August 9th, 2011


Bio of Dr. Malachi Z. York
Magnificent beyond Imagination is but one accolade that does not begin to adequately capture the magnanimity of this amazing anomaly whom we call our Master Teacher, Chief, Doc, Pops, Imaam, Baba, Rabonni, and Atum-Re. Perhaps integrity, loving, forgiving, inspiring, generous, exciting, powerful, thought-provoking, cheerful, gifted, scribe, donned with charisma with a touch of humor and compassion might cover a few, but it would take more space than can be provided here to adequately represent all the attributes and contributions of this powerful visionary. There is so much more to him than his many titles, some of which have been cast upon him by others, and, of course, the facts. He was wired (seeded) to bring nothing but truth, and his influence continues to be felt around the world.

During his youth. Williams. York’s physical journey started on June 26. Together. As a result of the innumerable wives of both Ben and Old York. clairvoyance. a son. South Carolina and Louisiana-Creole) and Bobby Williams. York is a part of what is mentioned in the scientific community as an “alien abduction” as depicted in the highly acclaimed scripture. Malachi Z. successfully gained their independence. She is the daughter of Leila Williams (Maiden name Leila Miller from Charleston. Malachi Z. Catawba. Seminole. Shoshoni. Creek. York. York’s Native American name given to him by his mother. York did not understand what this meant or what his mission would entail. York. literally means “son” and was given to Ben York (1779-1893) by his father.He has embodied a vision for the future. 1924 in Boston. a daughter. The four children of Mary and Jesus were born after Mary and Jesus’s travels led them to Egypt from Israel after the supposed crucifixion of Jesus. preferably called Huda and his name is two-fold. was the sister of David York Sr. The Holy Tablets. he was given a barathary gland. the terms mean. the daughter of Ben York. lived from 1922-1970. Later Sudan was defended from British rule and with the help of the Bija tribe. This clarifies the broad perspective of humanity that Dr. Spiritual lineage Spiritually. Yusef Ben Ali. Dr. These children moved into south Nubia (Sudan) from Egypt and mixed with the people establishing them as the Mahdiyya. Scriptures in the Bible have attempted an explanation. a son. it guided Sudan to triumph against the Anglo Egyptians. Ben. the truth of his task became overstood and much needed. York. was born March 10. Hadendewa and aforementioned Bija tribes and root seed of the Mahdi’s family in Sudan. His birth has been mapped out and the abduction occurred on June 26. Dr. Nez. York has possessed since his youth and which continues to this day. Paternal lineage Sayyid Imaam Al Haadi Al Mahdi. Her maiden name is Mary C. Sayyid Imaam Abdur Rahman Al Mahdi (1885-1959) was also born in Nubia and was the son of Al Mahdi Muhammad Ahmad (18451885) who was born in Dongola in Northern Sudan. Malachi Z. He is a part of three lineages hidden by many 20th and 21st century writers which is detailed from his Great Grandfather Ben York on his maternal side. The surname. York was often found missing from his family for weeks at a time. a daughter. Massachusetts. They became known as the Fuzzy Wuzzies because of their wooly hair. The Mahdi of Sudan on his paternal side. in that. which is known today as Sudan. but now the doorway is open for details to be revealed about who the 3M’s are and Dr. Masons all over the world call this Day. and through the marriage of her cousin David York. 1945. Malachi Z. Black Eagle is Dr. Washita. which means “one” and Hadi/Huda/Yahuda which means “guide”. This gland controls the four higher senses of telepathy. also known as As Sayyid Al Imaam Isa Al Haadi Al Mahdi. “The one who is rightfully guided”. who is none other than Yanaan/Yaanuwn or Tehuti of Ancient Egypt. Mary C. psychometry. their diverse lineage can be traced back to several Native American tribes: Yamassee. John’s Day and the beginning of their new year. Melchizedek/Malachi/Michael (3M’s) has been known throughout the Christian Bible as the one who would awaken the people to know good and evil and be aware of deceptions in humanity. York’s connection to them. His grandfather. York. and his spiritual side of Biblical Melchizedek/Michael/Malachi. and it will be apparent. At birth. Cherokee. came from one of the two well recognized British families: York and Lancaster where the Yorks were the ruling house in England (14611485). St. in Omdurman. Dr. Black Feather of the Arikara tribe. unique spirit. York. He was born in Nubia. York. a Yamassee Native American. Sudan. Dr. and Blackfoot (location of UNC Chapel Hill Tar Heels). Hopi. Predecessors of Al Mahdi can be linked back to the sons and daughters of Mary Magdalene and Yashua/Jesus who was the incarnation of the Deity Haru/Horus. The first born was Iglaal. Maternal lineage Mary C. Her father Bobby’s grandaunt. that his vitality. . Dianna Fletcher. Malachi Z. Perce. here. and wife. the mother of Dr. His name proved to be accurate. Kiowa.” however. 1945. Ma. “Servant of God. the father of Dr. he acquired a little more than what normal children receive for a birthday present. far beyond the status-quo. as a child.. The word. and unparalleled leadership qualities have allowed him to cope and evolve with change for more than thirty-five years. which resembled that of Yashua as well as Dr. In Arabic the “abd” in abduction means “servant” just as Abdullah means. the second was Zubair. and intuition and is similar in size to a minute grain of rice that was placed in him at birth. also called Old York (1756-1861). the third was San’aa (pronounced like Sanaa Latham-the actor). The Mahdi is from the tribe of Judah. and the last was Huday. but as time passed.

at least in the previously mentioned quotes. If Jesus was the one that showed all of these things to John. “When the Comforter is come.” The key word. and shall show it unto you. especially with his appointment of walking various groups such as the Sons of the Green Light. It goes on to mention similar terminology as already described. and Dr. Holy Tabernacle Ministries. even the Spirit of Truth. and II Chronicles 2:5.” The “us” speaks of a group of Lords and Gods who surround the Most High God recorded in Psalms 82:6. Daniel Chapter 12 discloses Michael as the one who will stand up for the children of the Most High God in a time of trouble and that they would be delivered and their names found written in The Book of Life. Chapter 22:6-9 explains that the angel was sent to show the things that must shortly be done. Al Mahdi is known as Dr. speaks of a Scripture of Truth that only Michael has in his possession. Also. The Book of Malachi has created a dilemma for theologians and scholars as to the rightful identity of its author and why it leaves a lasting memory of destruction by the “I” who is ready to wage war against any who oppose the path of the coming of the Messiah. in Hebrew. 5. In the Book of John. York’s. and also Honorable Elijah Muhammad whose name was Robert J. who would open up the way for the real Messiah. a minor prophet of the Bible. “The Revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave unto him to show unto his servants things that must shortly come to pass. This has been a job within a job. Elijah would also turn the hearts of children to respect and thank their elders. In John Chapter 16:13-14. “And there was one like the Son of Man. p. whom I will send unto from the Father. and what the very first chapter and verse of Revelations depicts. Chapters 4. he shall testify of me…” The word “even” distinguishes the Spirit of Truth and Comforter as different entities. Nubian Islaamic Hebrews. . Malachi 1:9 affirms who the Lord of Hosts are. Chapter 2:18. In Chapter 19:10. “Howbeit when he. Poole. The only experience in life that is constant and consistent is change. United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors. being in denial of what Dr. Mark. but only here it is as if his stance was in a dead position. 6. Chapter 7:1-3. however. Genesis 1:26. “Don’t believe me. he sent and signified it by his angel unto his servant John. There is definitely a link between these two. and the Ancient Egiptian Order through the travels of a sum total of experiences back to the home front of Ancient Egypt. Now it continues to say that John kneels down in humbleness just like in Chapter 19:10 to the angel and Chapter 1:17 shows this same stance that John performs to the “One Like Jesus”. the Ansaaru Allah. Furthermore. York. Sayings in Malachi 3:10 such as “Prove me now herewith…” is equivalent to Dr. Known as the Holy Tablets. very humble. which proceedeth from the Father. York has done to place one back in the heart of “The Nile” is a fulfilling moment for opposers who do not clearly see all that he has done to give the world a chance to witness what could be a title for a movie to see and a novel to read. and also in various interviews and speaking engagements during the 1960’s. “I have my own testimony of myself that is the spirit of prophecy”. Jesus says “Son of God”. Genesis 14:18. the Spirit of Truth is come. and not “Like the Son of God”. and the elders their children or else the “I” mentioned earlier would utterly destroy the planet Earth. it would have said in Revelations 19:10. there is a humbleness that John shows to a person that is not Jesus because it shows that this person has the testimony of Jesus in possession and it is the spirit of prophecy also.The Book of Daniel. For a moment. Luke. Chapter 1:13 states.” clarifies the mission of the Spirit of Truth who is involved with the Book of Life and sent to ripen the righteous ones of the planet Earth.” Some Christians (with many mistranslations) and incompetent scholars believe this is referring to Jesus. mentions the name Elijah who would be the preparer for the coming of Malachi. but one of the disciples of Jesus who stood up for the teachings and the character of Jesus throughout his life. but whatsoever he shall hear. Ancient Mystic Order of Melchizedek. as described. let us pause and think about what has been mentioned thus far. Claimed to have been written entirely by Malachi. Malachi Z. Message to the Blackman. “Seeing Is Knowing” and never believing.” Also. In the Gospels. verse one of The Book of Revelations explains the book in its entirety. he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself. this scripture was prophesized by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in his book. Chapter 15:26 and 16:13. Jesus is frequently mentioned as both the Son of God and the Son of Man. who was said to have been Elijah. and John. “like” makes the distinction clear. There can be no other comparison in the 20th century of what theologians have claimed from Biblical prominence of John the Baptist. Malachi. “Beseech (earnestly beg) God to be gracious unto us.” John is not “John the Baptist”. Chapter one. Elijah is known as John the Baptist in the gospels of Matthew. that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come. Melchizedek is the one described as “Like the Son of God. Chapter 10:21.97. Malachi Z. He was given the title Elijah by his family because of the character he possessed and his illustrations and interpretations of the accomplishments of As Sayyid Al Imaan Isa Al Haadi Al Mahdi during the 20th century. check it out. This angel is a part of the revealing of Jesus Christ and possesses similarities to him in stature and description. York has journeyed to show so many races of people how to modify and elevate their lives. Jesus affirms. He will glorify me: for he shall receive of mine. Malachi Z.

Michael and Melchizedek. Officer in the Armed Forces. Michael is the archangel of the angelic army for the Most High God. Malachi Z. This occurred in March of 1970. Although little is known of Melchizedek in the Bible for him to be mentioned without mother or father. Scientists have already begun to acknowledge on their websites a discovered galaxy that has a tri-solar system where the suns are equal or larger than the sun of our galaxy. Completion in one only awaits to move to complete others along the way. Lucifer. there is mentioned of the war in the heavens that was fought by the two enemies. where. thought to be a comet. and why’s of evil. ‘Surely I come quickly’.” and is only the tip of the iceberg that depicts the expertise employed by Dr. What more can be of a comparison of all the names that people have with Malachi in the 20th to 21st century and what these Malachis are doing presently speaking or have done to show this phenomenal character already mentioned throughout the Bible? The word “Testify” is mentioned in the Book of John. and all the miraculous events and tales that this man has given humanity from persons. Michael. Funny how Melchizedek is compared to Jesus and said to be like Jesus. who.000 years to renew and reform Man back to pristine. it became overstood in the latter of the 20th century to now the 21st century. Daughter to her parents. York. Malachi Z. Chapter 22:20 goes on to say. in Genesis 14:18. “I Jesus have sent mine (my) angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. “He will ‘testify’ of me…” Chapter 22:16 says “I Jesus have sent mine (My) angel to ‘testify’ unto you…”. The purpose of this was to combat the religion of Rahowa with the culture of Nuwaubu. and a host of other entitlements she may have. strengthening the most important asset. Sister to her siblings. Melchizedek is the Ruler of Peace/Righteousness/Justice. York. he used a name which was lettered in different ways. “Like the Son of God” (this same phrase is mentioned here too [Daniel 3:25 with the three Hebrew men). there is no place mentioned of a Blessed people possessed by the Lord). Many truths that Dr. which is to say ‘also’ for Jesus to come. scribe of the deities. Malachi. but Jesus is apart of his order and is thus mentioned as similar to Melchizedek in Hebrews 7:15. “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. York has shown were not meant to set a person free but to make you aware and begin the steps necessary to make one free in mind and knowledge to combat the Serpent (Revelations 12:7) that wants to take away the freedoms of Humanity. Chapter 22:16 reiterates the angel. Amen. Yanaan. from all walks of life. Malachi is described perfectly as Jesus’ personal angel that will assist him in the end of times to ripen the chosen ones to the Oneness of the Most High God and to know of what family they are spiritually apart. This is a being that reoccurs every 25. “He which ‘testifieth’ these things saith. but the current wording is AmunNebuReAkhPtah which means. dates back to the ancient Egyptian Deity.” One key word mentioned is “testify” which means ‘bearing witness’ There is a key word aforementioned and that is “even”. in Psalms 110:4. places. The truth of the matter is presented in the stature of both and the likelihood of what is to be enveloped symbolically as the 144. called in religions Melchizedek. York’s life for the past 30-40 years. The three M’s are a wonderful acronym for “Making Minds Magnificent. Matthew 19 and Mark 10 identifies what Humanity must start and to continue to do: Be on a quest for knowledge and as inquisitive as a child.” The word angel means Malachi in all the ancient texts even the original Torah. Girlfriend to her lady friends. over the trajectory of Dr. So. 6:20. Chapter 16:13.000. that he was being strategically guided by Yanaan. all of this is a maze of what is being done spiritually and mentally to deprive the coming of this day and time of Dr. It simply starts by paying attention to fund the mental back to the ways of a youth in its fundamentals. not beliefs. Malachi Z. a lady is called Mommy to her children. and is the Priest of the Most High God. Various names have been attached to the being. Truth can be bitter. Biblically. but only to prove with facts through time can coin the phrase “Making Minds Magnificent”. Only a fool ducks at the Truth. York did not realize. Imaam Isa began the awakening of those spiritually sleep. by saying. is evil and deceives man into an unawareness of the what. but make you free in mind which will govern the physical. Although it was not overstood tremendously in the 60’s by Man.In Chapter 22:6-9 of Revelations. Bennet. For example. York. What comes to mind are the three M’s. thus. At the age of twenty-five. Jesus in Hebrews 5:6. which are Malachi. having no beginning of days or end of life. the reason for the necessity of . Michael and Lucifer. Abraham. and many others in the Bible but hidden in languages. Paul makes reference to Melchizedek as being in like manner to Jesus. was really the energy of a being coming to possess Dr. Doctor to her religious congregation. “Faithful Warner and the Soul of the Phahites” (ancient Egyptians-Isaiah 19:25. Imaam Isa began the awakening of those spiritually sleep to combat the religion of Rahowa with the culture of Nuwaubu and all of the religions of today. many of the known characters of the Bible were said to be apart of his priesthood: David. Even so come Lord Jesus. the Mind. In the book of Hebrews. how. decisively dissecting religious teachings with the intent of restoring people. Wife to her husband. and things. Yanaan is the 76 trillion year old being from the Illyuwn Galaxy that has a planet called Rizq with three suns. when. In the 60’s. Dr. until the age of forty. John 8:32 says. ”It won’t set you free. back to life by showing them only facts. Tehuti. but this only proves that a job may be complete in one arena. Milky Way. Senior Editor to her magazine. but must be fulfilled in another. the old serpent explained in Genesis Chapter 3. Yanaan.

Malachi York. miracles. so he gave facts about teachings of all the religious schools of thought.” What did he give? He was seeded to bring nothing but truth.facebook. he gave and continues to give his love to the Supreme degree! Compiled by Lafeare Ward (Kheti Mery Ib) “I Am A Supreme Being Who Has Come For The Renewal Of Your Forgotten Story. land. he predicted at the end of 1996 that Mother Teresa would die in the year 1997 and he predicted in 2000 that Khalid Muhammed would die in 2001. York’s many titles and as he would say. Comes Every Website: www. he gave music that influenced the industry for the last 40 years. York Image credit “Personality Yaanuun” http://www. And An Illah Mutajassida By Even Others. our own language (He speaks 19) ceremonies. a noted universal scholar who earned degrees from African Universities espoused numerous times. and more than 400 books covering every subject under and over the sun. In addition. Called Neteru By Some. One Of The Ancient Ones. our own flag.000 Years” . “I came giving you what you wanted so that you would learn to want what I have to give.Dr. family and health solutions. answers to unsolved and hidden mysteries of the universe. dress. For example.” Dr. prophesies that have come true.ankhatumre Horemheb Ankh Atum Re - FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: (site is working progress) ( . “A long walk on a short path. but above all and most importantly.annuhassa. Avatar By Others. Malachi Z. origins and attributes of all races. One Like!/AllisIam Nuwaubian Center (The_U_G@yahoo.