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From vision to success Engineers of your textile world

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From Vision to success Success vision Engineers of your Textile Engineers of your textile world
Oerlikon Textile Oerlikon Textile is the world market leader for total solutions in textile machinery and constantly sets new benchmarks for an efficient textile production. Our equipment and services include the entire range of yarn manufacturing (natural and synthetic fibers) and nonwovens production. We offer tailored solutions corresponding to the customer demands for flexibility, productivity, quality demand. Pure innovation power and market presence Out of the 8,000 skilled employees of Oerlikon Textile, 616 are researchers who permanently innovate the textile spinning and nonwoven process. With a budget of 6% of the turnover and 4,370 active patents, we actively create the textile future. With our strong support network with 656 engineers and 808 service engineers and 170 locations worldwide, we consult our customers and ensure their sustainable success. Sustainable engineering by Oerlikon Textile With Oerlikon Barmag, Oerlikon Neumag and Oerlikon Schlafhorst, we transfer our company values of innovation, excellence, teamwork and integrity into the successful engineered projects. We benefit from the overall Oerlikon operating system which is a central platform for global knowledge transfer and optimised company processes. This is the fastest way from greenfield to guaranteed production.

Oerlikon Textile Engineering More than machines

Turnkey solutions for guaranteed end-products Our present engineering competence is based on 50 years of experience in machine and plant construction. In the past few years, the growing demand for engineering especially from customers without their own engineering have urged Oerlikon Textile to further grow the planning and execution of spinning and nonwoven lines. When the whole is more that the sum of its parts Oerlikon Textile offers a broad range of complete systems and solutions form one source. Within this, all components and activities are perfectly tuned to each other, hence achieving the very best product quality, long-term efficiency and fast project execution. Beside the feasibility study, the complete fields of engineering and the project management, it is rounded up by a comprehensive documentation. All necessary project information is available online via the internet.

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When visions become reality

Polymers for diverse applications by Oerlikon Textile polycondensations Highest polymer quality thanks to a low temperature and low residence time process Full waste heat recovery leading to lowest conversion costs Competence and know-how for the entire product chain polycondensation, polymer transfer and spinning Comprehensive BCF product range of Oerlikon Neumag tailored to your demand Flexible and efficient turnkey BCF plants Fully integrated and modular carpet yarn lines from BCF production via cabling/twisting up to heatsetting Complete automation set-up

Always a step ahead with Oerlikon Barmag POY/FDY filament lines Extrusion spinning plants from 4 spinning positions to direct spinning plants with several hundred spinning positions Turnkey plants with lowest conversion costs Special solutions for dyed yarns (cationic dyeable polyesters, liquid colour or masterbatch spun-dyed yarns, textured dye packages)

New dimensions of complete staple fiber lines with Oerlikon Neumag Complete plant set-up for commodity and speciality production Production lines from 20 to 400 tons per day with more efficiency and less energy Special solutions for polyester cotton type, polypropylene hygiene or high tenacity as well as for diverse bicomponent applications

The cutting edge: industrial yarn production with Oerlikon Barmag IDY lines Significant productivity gains thanks to multi-end machine layouts Plants for all needs: PET, PA 6, PA 6.6; SLS, HT/LS, HMLS; heavy and super-heavy denier yarns A variety of total solutions from raw material to the end-product (tire cord, tarpaulin )

One stop shopping for all nonwoven technologies by Oerlikon Neumag Turnkey installations for carding/needlepunching, spunbond and airlaid Spunbond lines with a production width up to 7 meters Integrated staple fiber and nonwoven carding lines (from fiber production to the nonwoven roll goods)

Added value spandex plants by Oerlikon Barmag Integrated dry spinning plants including raw material storage, polymerisation and spinning Extensive process and fabrication know-how thanks to a cooperation with the top-spandex producer Fillattice S.p.A., Italy Latest technology with 32 ends per cell

A guaranteed package for Staple Yarn Lines by Oerlikon Schlafhorst One strong, fast and reliable brand Flexible and individual solutions Proven and successful plant references

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