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Patri ke Io ke Agio Pnevmati

Glory to the Father, and to the

Son, and to the Holy Spirit

Eleventh Eothinon Doxastikon


Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria & All Africa


eafton tis Mathites Sou, Sotir, meta tin Anastasin, Simoni Dedokas tin ton Provaton Nomin, is Agapis antektisin tin tou Pimenin frontida Afton. Dio ke elege: I Filis Me, Petre Pimene ta Arnia Mou! Pimene ta Provata Mou! O de Evtheos endeiknimenos to filostorgon, peri tou allou Mathitou epinthaneto. On tes Presvies, Hriste, ton Pimnin Sou diafilatte ek likon limenomenon aftin.

When Thou showed Thyself to the

Disciples after Thy Resurrection, O Saviour, Thou appointed Simon to Shepherd the Sheep, for the Renewal of Love, asking him to tend Thy Flock. And Thou said to him: If you Love Me, O Peter, Feed My Lambs! Feed My Sheep! But he at once enquired concerning the other Disciple, showing his exceeding Love. Wherefore, by the Intercession of both, O Christ, keep Thy Flock from corrupting wolves. ages.

S u n d a y M a tt ii n s H y m n s Sunday Ma ns Hymns 29 J a n u a r y 2 0 1 2 29 J a n u a r y 2 0 1 2
3 3 rrrddd S u n d a y A fftte r P e n tte cco s tt 33 Sunday A er Pen e os -

S u n d a y o ff tth e C a n a a n iitte Sunday o he Canaan e Woman Woman

Feast of St Ignatios Theophoros - the God-Bearer- of Antioch (Translation of Relics) Feast of St Laurence the Recluse of Kiev Caves St Gerasimos, St Pitirim & St Jonah of Perm St Romanos, St James, St Philotheos, St Hyperichios, St Habib, St Julian & St Parigoreas of Samosata St Silvanos of Emesa St Luke the Deacon of Emesa (Homs) Syria St Mokios the Reader of Emesa St Ashot Curapalati, King of Artanuji, Georgia St Ignatios, Wonderworker of Smolensk St Aphraates of Persia St Sarbelos & his sister, St Bebaia of Edessa St Demetrios the New Martyr St Akespsimas

Ke nin ke Ai ke is tous eonas ton Now and ever, and to the Ages of



Theotokion, Great Doxology & Resurrection Apolytikion is followed by the Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom

T o n e ( 8 ) P ll a g a ll 4 Tone (8) P aga 4

Resurrection Gospel 11 John 21 : 14 - 25
Our Lord Jesus Restores & Commissions St Peter

By the Grace of God

Compiled, Adapted, Edited & Printed By Marguerite Paizis Archondissa & Teacher by Divine Grace Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria & All Africa Po Box 28348 Sunridge Park 6008 Republic of South Africa Telephone/Fax: +27 041 360 3854

Eothinon 11 Katavasias of the Presentation of Christ

Our Eternal Gratitude to God for the Original Text & Translation by Father Seraphim Dedes the Holy Monastery of St Gregory Palamas - Archdiocese Of America

(To Be Used In Conjunction With The Matins Service Book)

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Published - 12 January 2012


16 TONE (8) PLAGAL 4 Canaanite Woman St Ignatios 29 January 2012


afton en kimvalis evihis. Enite afton en kimvalis alalagmou. Pasa pnoi inesato ton Kyrion.

Praise Him with tuneful cymbals;

praise Him with loud cymbals. Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.


apedothi Sou, ti Si poli ta lipsana, Theofore Pnasofe di athliseos, Agiasthenta lamproteron, ke Hariti Stilvonta. Tin epanodon imin, panigireos proxenon, apiegasatos, eufrosinis plirounta Theopnevstou, Thimidias empiplonta, tous evsevos Se gererontas.


Thy City with Sacred Pomp were Thy Holy Relics returned, O All Wise Ignatios, Holy GodBearer. They were, through Martyrdom, Sanctified, and shone brightly with Grace. Their return has granted us the occasion to celebrate these Festivities, filling us with God Inspired Gladness, and with Spiritual Pleasure, as we all piously honour Thee. Righteous shall flourish like a palm tree; he shall be multiplied like the Cedar in Lebanon. sun with Rays of the Spirits Grace, Thou brought Light and Joy to the corners of the earth, and with the glow of Thy Martyrdom,. Thou zealously led the Church and Thou wrote the Saving Truth of the Doctrines of Piety. Therefore Thou became even Food for the Master Who nourishes all, O Blessed St Ignatios, with His infinite Benevolence.


os finix anthisi, ke osi kedros i en to Livano plithinthisete. os ilios, tes aktisi tou Pnevmatos, ta tou kosmou perata katefedrinas, tes lampidosi ton athlon Sou, thermos proistamenos, ke singrafon alithos, evsevias didagmata. Othen gengonas, ke trofi to Dspoti to ta panta, diatrefonti Pammakar, adialepto hristotiti.



When Thou shone brightly like the

Tis Ex

Agiis tis en ti gi Aftou ethavmastosen O Kyrios.


the Saints on His earth, in them the Lord magnified all His Will. the East Thou had risen once, also in the West Thou shone most brilliantly. But in the final Return of Thy Holy Relics Thou spread the bright shining Rays of Joy from the West over all the earth. Therefore, Intercede so that we may be delivered from corruption and from perils for Commemorating Thy timehonoured Memorial.

Eoas men proteron, Eosforos Ignatie, en Dismes diigasas fainotatos. Nin de ton Thion lipsanon Sou, en ti epanodo fedras, tas aktinas epi gis, af esperas efiplosas. Dio presveve, ek fthoras ke kindinon litrothine, tous en Pisti ektelountas, tin aisevaston mnimin Sou.

O Ignatios the Morning Star, from

2 TONE (8) PLAGAL 4 Canaanite Woman St Ignatios 29 January 2012

TONE (8) PLAGAL 4 Canaanite Woman St Ignatios 29 January 2012



i ke os nekron en mnimio, Ioudei Se katethento, all os Vasilea ipnounta, stratiote Se efilatton, ke os Zois thisavron, sfragidi esfragisanto: Alla Anestis ke pareshes, aftharsian tes psihes imon. Afton epi tes Dinasties Afton. Enite Afton kata to plithos tis Megalosinis Aftou.

Lord, although Jews had laid Thee

as a Corpse in a Tomb, yet soldiers were guarding Thee as a sleeping King, and they sealed Thee with a seal as Treasure-house of Life, but Thou Arose and granted Incorruption to our souls.

Psalm 117 /118 -


Praise To God For His Everlasting Mercy


Kyrios ke epefanen imin. Evlogimenos O ergomenos en Onomati Kyriou!


Lord is God, and has appeared to us. Blessed is He Who comes in the Name of the Lord!




Him for His Mighty Acts; praise Him according to the greatness of His Majesty.

Exomologisthe to Kyrio, oti agathos, oti is ton eona to Eleos Aftou!


Give thanks to the Lord, for He is Good; His Mercy endures forever!


Kyrie, oplon kata tou diavolou, ton Lord,

Stavron Sou imin dedokas: fritti gar ke tremi, mi feron kathoran aftou tin dinamin: oti nekrous anista, ke thanaton katirgise: dia touto proskinoumen, tin Tafin Sou ke tin Egersin.

Thou hast given us Thy Cross as a Weapon against the devil; for he quails and trembles, unable to contemplate Thy Power; for Thou Raised the dead and made Death of no effect: therefore, we worship Thy Burial and Thy Rising. trumpet; praise Him with lute and harp.

Kyrios ke epefanen imin. Evlogimenos O ergomenos en Onomati Kyriou!


Lord is God, and has appeared to us. Blessed is He Who comes in the Name of the Lord!


Panta ta ethni ekiklosan me, ke to Onomati Kyriou iminamin aftous.


All the nations surrounded me, but in the Name of the Lord drove them back.


Kyrios ke epefanen imin. Evlogimenos O ergomenos en Onomati Kyriou!


Enite O

Afton en iho salpingos. Enite Afton en psaltirio ke kithara. Angelos Sou Kyrie, O tin Anastasin kirixas, tous men filakas efovise, ta de Ginea efonise, legon: Ti zitite ton zonta meta ton nekron? Anesti Theos on, ke ti ikoumeni Zoin edorisato..

Praise Him with the sound of the Thine Angel, O Lord,

proclaiming Thy Resurrection, filled the guards with fear, but he cried to the Women and said: Who do you seek the Living with the dead? Being God, He has Risen and given Life to the whole world!

Lord is God, and has appeared to us. Blessed is He Who comes in the Name of the Lord!


Para Kyriou egeneto afti, ke esti thavmasti en ofthalmis imon.


This is the Lords doing, and it is marvellous in our eyes.


Kyrios ke epefanen imin. Evlogimenos O ergomenos en Onomati Kyriou!


Lord is God, and has appeared to us. Blessed is He Who comes in the Name of the Lord!

Ap o l y t i k i o n o f t h e R e s u r r e c t i o n
tafin katedexo triimeron, ina imas elevtherosis ton pathon. I zoi ke i Anastasis imon, Kyrie, Doxa Si!

Ex ipsous katilthes O evsplaghnos, Thou descended from

Festal Idiomela St Ignatios of Antioch



Afton en timpano ke horo. Enite Afton en hordes ke organo. akrotitos, hrimatisas diadohos, tis ekinon ihnesin ikolouthisas, Anatolis exormomenos, ke Disi fenomenos, ke fotizon astrapes, tou entheou kirigmatos. Entha Pansofe, ek tou kosmou men edis, is Theon de, exanetilas to Fengi, katestemmenos tis Haritos.

Praise The

Him with timbrel and dance; praise Him with strings and flute. successor of excellent Theologians were Thou, O Saint, for Thou faithfully followed in their Holy Footsteps. Having set out from the East Thou appeared in the West as well, Illuminating with the Rays of Thy Divinely Inspired Preaching. Therein, All Wise One, Thou sank from the world just like the sun sets, but to God Thou has Risen, Crowned with the Halo of Divine Grace.

on High, O Tender-hearted One; Thou endured the three-days burial, so that Thou might free us from our passions, O our Life and Resurrection: Glory to Thee! Son, and to the Holy Spirit


Doxa Ke

Patri, ke Io, ke Agio Pnevmati tropon metohos, ke thronon diadoxos, ton Apostolon genomenos, tin praxin evres Thepnefste, is Theorias epivasin. Dia touto ton Logon tis Alithias orthotomon, ke ti Pisti enithlisas mehris aimatos, Iermartis Ignatie. Presveve Hristo to Theo, sothine tas psihas imon.

Glory to the Father, and to the Becoming

a partner with the Apostles in a Way of Life and Successor to their Thrones, O God Inspired Saint, in the active life Thou found an Entrance to Contemplation. Hence Thou rightly expounded the Word of Truth, and Thou shed Thy blood in Struggling for the Faith, O Hieromartyr

F e s t a l Ap o l y t i k i o n S t I g n a t i o s o f A n t i o c h

14 TONE (8) PLAGAL 4 Canaanite Woman St Ignatios 29 January 2012

TONE (8) PLAGAL 4 Canaanite Woman St Ignatios 29 January 2012

Ignatios. Intercede with Christ our God, Entreating Him to Save our souls.

Festal Exaposteilarion St Ignatios


Ke nin ke Ai ke is tous eonas ton Now


and ever, and to the Ages of ages.


agnoston Mystirion dia Sou Theotoke tis epi gis pefanerote, Theos en Asighito enosi sarkoumenos, ke Stavron ekousios iper imon katadexamenos. Di ou anastisas ton protoplaston, esosen ek Thanatou tas psihas imon. Small Litany

Theotokos, through Thee became manifest to us on earth the Mystery, which was hidden from Eternity and which the Angels themselves knew not: God Uniting Natures without confusion, became Man and voluntarily accepted Crucifixion for our Salvation, by virtue of which, resurrecting Mankind whom He had first created, He Saved our souls from Death.

To ap eonos apokrifon, ke Angelis O

potho eortazontas, tin Sin fedran epanodon, Ignatie Theofore, Ieromartis pammakar, litrose pasis thlipseos, ke vlavis tou alastoros, didous ptesmaton afesin, os ilifos exousian, para Hristou tou Sotiros.

Save those who longingly observe

the Joyous Feast of Thy Return, O God-Bearer, St Ignatios, and All Blessed Hieromartyr, from every tribulation and injury from the evil one; and since from Christ Thou received Authority to forgive sins, forgive us all our offences.



dio tes thelisesi, ke fisesi Panamome, mia de ti ipostasi, tiktis Theon aporritos, ton di imas ptohevsanta, mehri Stavrou Thelimati, ke imin harisamenon, ton tis Theotitos plouton, Theokiitor Parthene.


Blameless One, Thou indeed gave Birth to God with two Wills and two Natures, but in a singly Hypostasis. And for our sake He willingly was poor and even Crucified. He generously granted us the riches of the Godhead, O Virgin Theotokos.
All Creation

First Kathisma of the Resurrection

Lauds: The Praises to God - Psalm 148

Praises To The Lord From


ek nekron, i Zoi ton apanton, ke Angelos Fotos, tes Ginexin evoa: Pafsasthe ton dakrion, tis Apostolis Evangelisasthe: Kraxate animnouse: Oti Anesti Hristos O Kyrios, O evdokisas Sose os Theos, to genos ton anthropon.

Thou Rose from the dead, the Life

of all, and an Angel of Light cried out to the Women: Cease your tears! Give the Good Tidings to the Apostles! Cry aloud in Hymns that Christ the Lord has Risen, Who as God was well-pleased to Save the human race.


pnoi enesato ton Kyrion. Enite ton Kyrion ek ton Ouranon. Enite Afton en tis Ipsistis. Si prepi imnos to Theo. Afton, pantes i Angelli Aftou. Enite Afton, pase e Dinamis Aftou. Si prepi imnos to Theo.


everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord from the Heavens; praise Him in the Highest. To Thee praise is due, O God.


Praise Him, all His Angels; praise

Him, all His Powers. To Thee praise is due, O God.

Doxa Anastas

Patri, ke Io, ke Agio Pnevmati ek tou Tafou os Alithos, tes osies prosetaxas Ginexi, kirixe tin egersin Apostolis os gegrapte: ke dromeos O Petros, epesti to Mnimati, ke to Fos en to Tafo, Oron kateplitteto: Othen ke katide, ta Othonia Mona, horis tou Thiou Somatos, en afto katakimena: ke Pistefsas evoise: Doxa Si Hriste O Theos oti Sosozis apantas Sotir imon: tou Patros gar iparhis apavgasma.

Glory to the Father, and to the

Son, and to the Holy Spirit

Of the Resurrection - Psalm 150 -

When Thou had Truly Risen from

the Tomb, Thou ordered the Holy Women to proclaim the Resurrection to the Apostles, as it is written; and Peter, coming at full speed, stood by the Tomb and seeing the Light in the Tomb, was struck with amazement. And so he both saw the grave clothes lying there alone, without the Divine Body, and he believed and cried out: Glory to Thee, O Christ God, because Thou Savest us all, our Saviour: for Thou art the Brightness of the Father!

Let All Things Praise The Lord!


piise en aftis frima engrapton. Doxa afti este pasi tis Osiis Aftou. i ke kritirio parestis, ipo Pilatou krnomenos, all ouk apelifthis tou thronou, to Patri sigkathezomenos: ke anastas ek nekron, ton kosmon ileftherosas, ek tis doulias tou allotriou, os iktirmon ke Filanthropos.



execute upon them the Judgement that is decreed; such Glory will be for all His Holy Ones. Judgement Seat being judged by Pilate, yet Seated with the Father, Thou were not absent from Thy Throne; and Risen from the dead, Thou freed the world from the slavery of the stranger, as Thou art full of pity and Love for mankind.

Lord, although Thou stood at the


ton Theon en tis Agiis Afton. Enite Afton en stereomati tis Dinameos Aftou.

Praise God in His Saints;

praise Him in the firmament of His Power.

4 TONE (8) PLAGAL 4 Canaanite Woman St Ignatios 29 January 2012

TONE (8) PLAGAL 4 Canaanite Woman St Ignatios 29 January 2012


melodountes. Evlogitos O Theos, O ton Pateron imon.

and who hast taken up Thy dwelling in the Pure Virgin: Thee do we praise as with piety we sing: O God of our Fathers, Blessed art Thou!

Ke nin ke Ai ke is tous eonas ton Now and ever, and to the ages of
eonon. ages.




Enoumen, Astekto

Evlogoumen Proskinoumen ton Kyrion



Praise, we Bless and we Worship the Lord!

piri enothentes, i theosevias proestotes Neanei. Ti flogi de mi lovithentes, thion imnon emelpon. Evlogiete panta ta Erga ton Kyrion, ke iperipsoute is pantas tous eonas!



together in the unbearable fire yet not harmed by the flame, the Children, Champions of Godliness, sang a Divine Hymn: O All you Works of the Lord: Bless the Lord and exalt Him above all forever! Virgin Theotokos, Thou Hope of all Christians, Protect, Watch over and Guard all those who put their Hope in Thee. the Shadow and the letter of the Law, let us, the Faithful, discern a figure: every male child who opens the womb shall be Sanctified to God. Therefore, we Magnify the First Born Word and Son of the Father Without Beginning, the First Born Child of a Mother who had not known man.

di imas gennithis ek Parthenou ke stavrosin ipominas agathe, o thanato to Thanaton skilefsas ke egersin dixas os Theos, mi paridis ous eplasas ti hiri sou. Dixon tin filanthropian sou slimon, dexe tin tekousan se Theotokon, presvevousan iper imon ke soson Sotir imon, laon apegnosmenon. (Small Litany )

Thou Who for our sake was born

of a Virgin, and suffered crucifixion, O Good One, and despoiled Death through Death, and as God, revealed Resurrection: despise not Thy Love for mankind, O Merciful One; accept the Birth-giver of God Who bore Thee, and Who entreats Thee for us: and Save Thy despairing people, O our Saviour!

Katavasia of the 9th Ode of the Presentation

Second Kathisma of the Resurrection


i Elpis panton ton Hristianon, Skepe, Frouri, Filatte tous Elpizontas is Se



Nomo Skia ke grammati, tipon katidomen i Pisti. Pan arsen, to tin mitran dianigon, Agion Theo. Dio Prototokon Logon Patros Anarhou Iion, Prototokoumenon Mitri, epirandro, Megalinomen


to Mnima Sou, Sotir esfragisanto, Angelos ton lithon, ek tis thiras apekilise: Ginekes etheasanto, egigermenon ek nekron, ke afte evingelisanto tis Mathites Sou en Sion: Oti enestis i Zoi ton apanton, ke dielithi ta desma tou Thanatou: Kyrie, Doxa Si! Patri, ke Io, ke Agio Pnevmati


sealed Thy Tomb, O Saviour; an Angel rolled the stone from the door; Women saw Thee Resurrected from the dead, and it was they who gave the Good Tidings to Thy Disicples in Zion: The Life of all has Risen and the Bonds of earth are loosed: Lord, Glory to Thee! Son, and to the Holy Spirit


Glory to the Father, and to the

Women who brought spices for the Burial heard from the Tomb an Angels voice: Cease your tears! And bring Joy instead of sorrow! Cry aloud in Hymns that Christ the Lord has Risen, Who, as God, was well-pleased to Save the human race. ages.

Small Litany & Praises To God


Eleventh Exaposteilarion of the Resurrection


tin Thian Egersin, tris to Petro: Filis Me? pithomenos O Kyrios, ton idion Provato, provallete Pimenarhin. Os idon on igapa, O Iisous epomenon, ireto ton Despotin. Outos de ti? Ean thelo: efise, menin touton, eos ke palin erhome, ti pros se, File Petre?


the Lord, after His Resurrection, asked Peter thrice: Do you love Me? He set him for a Shepherd over His Sheep. And when Peter saw the Disciple whom Jesus Loved following Him, he asked the Lord: And what is this? And the Lord said: If I Will that he remain until I come again, what is that to thee, O Peter My Beloved?

Mira tis tafis, e Ginekes komisase, fonis Angelikis, ek tou Tafou ikouon: Pafsasthe ton dakrion, ke anti lipis Haran komisasthe: kraxate animnouse, oti Anesti Hristos O Kyrios, O evdokisas Sose os Theos, to genos ton anthropon. eonon.

Ke nin ke Ai ke is tous eonas ton Now and ever, and to the ages of Amin Epi
Si Heri, Keharitomeni, pasa i ktisis, Angelon to sistima, ke anthropon to genos, igiasmene nae, ke Paradise logike, parthenikon kavhima: ex is Theos esarkothi, ke pedion gegonen, O pro eonon iparhon

Theotokion of the Resurrection


of Thee, O Full of Grace, all Creation rejoices: the Ranks of Angels and the human race; Hallowed Temple and Spiritual Paradise, Pride of Virgins: from Thee God was Incarnate and He Who is our

12 TONE (8) PLAGAL 4 Canaanite Woman St Ignatios 29 January 2012

TONE (8) PLAGAL 4 Canaanite Woman St Ignatios 29 January 2012

Theos imon. Tin gar sin mitran, thronon epiise, ke tin sin gastera, Platiteran Ouranon Apirgasato. Epi Si Hieri Kharitomeni, pasa i ktisis: Doxa Si! Resurrection Evlogitaria, Trisagion Hymn, Theotokion & Small Litany

God before the Ages became a little Child. For He made Thy Womb a Throne and caused it to become broader than the Heavens. Because of Thee, O Full of Grace, all Creation rejoice: Glory to Thee!

Katavasia of the Meeting/Presentation



15 January Until The Apodosis/Leave-taking


Iperkoi of the Resurrection

avissotokon, pedon ilios, epepolefse pote. Osi tihos gar epagi, ekaterothen idor, lao pezopontoporounti, ke thearestos melponti. Asomen to Kyrou. Endoxos gar dedoxaste.


Mirofori tou Zoodotou, epistase ton mnimati, ton Despotin ezitoun, en nekris ton athanaton: ke Haras evangelia, ek tou Angelou dexamene, tis Apostolis eminion: Oti Anesti O Kyrios parehon to kosmo to Mega Eleos.


Myrrh-bearing Women standing at the Tomb of the Giver of Life, were seeking the Immortal Master among the dead: and when they received the Good Tidings of Joy from the Angel, they revealed to the Apostles that Christ had Risen, granting the world His Great Mercy.



sun once shone with its rays upon dry land in the midst of the deep. For the water on both sides became firm as a wall while the people crossed the sea on foot, offering this song acceptable to God: Let us sing to the Lord, for He has been greatly glorified!


stereoma, ton epi si pepithoton, stereoson Kyrie tin Ekklisian, in ektiso, to timio sou Emati.






Lord, the firm foundation of those who put their trust in Thee, do Thou confirm the Church, which Thou hast purchased with Thy Precious Blood. Virtue, O Christ, has covered the Heavens, for proceeding forth from the Ark of Thy Sanctification, from Thine undefiled Mother, Thou hast appeared in the Temple of Thy Glory as an Infant in arms, and the whole world has been filled with Thy praise.



neotitos mou O ehthros me pirazi, tes idones flegi me. Ego de pepithos en si, Kyrie, tropoume touton.


my youth, the enemy has beguiled me with temptations of pleasure. But I, trusting in the Lord, have put him to shame.

misountes Sion, genithitosan di, prin ekspasthine os hortos. Sigkopi gar Hristos avhenas afton tomi vasanon. Patri ke Io ke Agio Pnemati. Ke nin ke ai ke is tous eonas ton eonon.


those who hate Zion truly become as grass, before it is uprooted, for the Lord shall behead them with the cutting sword of Torment. to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, now and ever and to the Ages of Ages.

Ouranous, i Areti Sou Hriste. Tis kivotou gar Proelthon, tou Agiasmatos Sou, tis afthorou Mitros, en to Nao tis Doxis Sou, ofthis os vrefos agkaloforoumenos, ke eplirothi ta panta, tis Sis Eneseos.




Os iden Isaes simvolikos, en Throno In

epirmeno Theon, ip Angelon Doxis Doriforoumenon, O talas! Evoa, ego! Pro gar idon Somatoumenon Theon. Fotos anesperou, ke Irinis Desponzonta

Doxa Amin Agio



Pnevmati to zin ta panta, fos ek Fotos Theos Mega. Sin Patri imnoumen afto ke to Logo

Amen Life is

in the Holy Spirit for all. He is Light of Light, a Great God. Let us praise Him with the Father and the Logos.

a figure Isaiah saw God upon a Throne, lifted up on high and borne in triumph by Angels of Glory; and he cried: Woe is me! For I have seen beforehand God made Flesh, Lord of the Light that knows no evening and King of Peace. Elder, having seen with his eyes the Salvation that has come to the people, cried aloud to Thee: O Christ Who comes from God: Thou art my God.




I kardia mou to fovo sou skepestho, Let my heart, encompassed by Thy

tapinofrovousa, mi ipsothisa apopesi ek sou paniktirmnon. fear, be humbled, O Most Compassionate, lest it rise and fall from Thee.

Si, idon O Presvis, tis ofthalmis to Sotirion, O lais epesti. Ek Theou Hriste:, Si Theos mou.





to Kyrion O eshikos elpida, ou disi tote ote Piri ta panta krini ke kolasi.


who trusts in the Lord shall not be afraid when Fire shall Judge, and Punish all.


ton en piri drosisanta, Pedas theologisants, ke parthenon akirato enikisanta, Theon Logon imnoumen, efsevos

Word of God Who in the midst of the Fire hast dropped Dew upon the Children as they discoursed on things Divine,

6 TONE (8) PLAGAL 4 Canaanite Woman St Ignatios 29 January 2012

TONE (8) PLAGAL 4 Canaanite Woman St Ignatios 29 January 2012




the world keep festival at Thy Rising from the dead, O Most Merciful.


Ikos of the Resurrection

Patri ke Io ke Agio Pnevmati. Ke nin ke ai ke is tous eonas ton eonon.



tou Adou skilevsas vasilia, ke nekrous anastisas makrothime, ginexi Miroforis sinintisas, anti lipis Haran komisamenos: ke Apostolis Sou eminisas ta tis nikis simvola, Sotir mou zoodota, ke tin ktisin efotisas Filanthrope: dia touto ke kosmos sigheri, TI EK


Thou had ransacked the Palaces of Hades and raised the dead, O Longsuffering, Thou met the Myrrh-bearing Women, bringing them Joy instead of sorrow; and to Thine Apostles Thou revealed the Symbols of Thy Victory, my Saviour: Giver of Life: and Thou Enlightened Creation, Lover of Mankind! Therefore, too, the world rejoices AT THY RISING FROM

Amin Amen Agio Pnevmati pas tis thios vlepi Every

ke prolegi, teratourgi ipsista, en trisin ena Theou melpon. I gar ke trilampi, monarhi to Thion.

to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. Now and ever, and to the Ages of Ages. Godly person sees, foretells, and works Supreme Wonders by the Holy Spirit. He sings to One God in Three Persons. Although manifested as Three, the Godhead reigns as One.




Synaxarion of 29 January

si, Kyrie, proshes klinon mi to ous sou voonti, ke katharon prin aris me apo ton enthevde.

have cried to Thee: O Lord, incline Thine Ear to my voice and cleanse me before Thou take me from all that is here. shall again return to Mother Earth and at once be dissolved, to receive Prize or Punishment in accordance with their life. Son, and to the Holy Spirit. Now and ever, and to the Ages of Ages


K tou aftou minos, i Anakomidi ton Lipsanon tou Agiou Ieromartiros Ignatiou tou Theoforou. afti imera, Mnimi ton Agion Epta Martiron, ton en Samosatis teliothenton, Filotheou, Iperehiou, Avivvou, Ioulianou, Romanou, Iakovou ke Parigoriou. afti imera, Mnimi ton Agion Martyron Silouanou Episkopou, Louka Diakonou, ke Mokiou Anagnostou. afti imera, Mnimi ton Agion Martyron Sarvilou ke Veveas tis adelphis aftou, ton en Edessi pathonton. afti imera, Mnimi tou Agiou Ieromartyros Barsimeou, Episkopou Edessis. afti imera, Mnimi tou Osiou Patros imon Afraatou. afton Agiis presvies, O Theos, eleison imas.

On the 29

day of this month we Commemorate the Recovery of the Sacred Relics of the Holy Hieromartyr, St Ignatios the God-bearer.

Epi tin mitera aftou gin dinon pas Everyone

avthis analisi, tou lavin vasanous i gera to veriomenon.


On this day we Commemorate the

Holy Seven Martyrs who were Perfected in Samosata: St Philotheos, St Hyperchios, St Habib, St Julian, St Romanos, St James, and St Paregorios.

Doxa Amin Agio

Patri ke Io ke Agio Pnevmati. Ke nin ke ai ke is tous eonas ton eonon.

Glory to the Father, and to the Amen By the Holy Spirit was bestowed


On this day we Commemorate the

Holy Martyrs St Silvan, Bishop of Emesa, St Luke the Deacon, and St Mokios the Reader.


On this day we Commemorate the

Holy Martyrs, St Sarbelos and St Babea, his sister, who suffered in Edessa; and

Pnevmati Theologia Monas Trisagia. O Patir gar anarhos, ex ou efi O Ios ahronos, ke to Pnevma simmorfon, sinthronon, ek Patros sineklampsan.



Theology: the One Thrice-Holy Godhead: The Father Unoriginate, Who timelessly Begot the Eternal Son and from Whom proceeded the Spirit sharing Form, Throne and Splendour with the Father. how good and beautiful it is for Brethren to dwell together. For in this, the Lord promised Eternal Life.


On this day we Commemorate the

Holy Confessor, St Barsimaeos, Bishop of Edessa, by whom they were converted.

Idou di ti kalon i ti terpnon, all i to Behold

katikin adelfous ama? En touto gar Kyrios epingilato Zoin Eonian.


On this day we Commemorate our

Righteous Father, St Aphrahat of Persia.


endimatos aftou O ta krina tou agrou kosmon kelevi, mi din frontizin. Patri ke Io ke Agio Pnevmati. Ke nin ke ai ke is tous eonas ton eonon.



By their Holy Intercessions, O God,

have mercy on us.

One Who adorns the lilies of the field commands that no one be concerned about their clothing.





to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. Now and ever, and to the Ages of Ages.

10 TONE (8) PLAGAL 4 Canaanite Woman St Ignatios 29 January 2012

TONE (8) PLAGAL 4 Canaanite Woman St Ignatios 29 January 2012

Amin Amen Agio Pnevmati enoidi etia, panta Contained within the Holy Spirit
ehete irinovravevtos. Thos touto gar esti, Patri te ke Io Omoousion Kyrios


is the Cause of all, in Perfect Peace. For He is God of one Essence with the Father and the Son.

amin, lego si: ote is neoteros ezonies ke periepatis opou itheles; otan the girasis, ektenis tas hiras sou, ke alos se zosi, ke isi opou ou thelis.

Prokeimenon of the Resurrection


Kyrios is ton eona, O Theos Sou, Sion, is genean ke genean.(2)


Truly, truly, I say to you: when you were younger, you girded yourself and walked where you wished; but when you are old, you will stretch out your hands, and another will gird you and carry you where you do not wish to go.

Lord shall reign forever: Thy God, O Zion, from generation to generation. (2)


de ipe simenon thanatodoxasi ton Theon.


This He spoke, signifying by what

death he would glorify God. said to him: Follow Me!

Eni, i psihi mou, ton Kyrion VERSE Praise the Lord, O my soul Vasilefsi Kyrios is ton eona, O The Lord shall reign forever:
Theos Sou, Sion, is genean ke genean. Small Litany & Praises To God Thy God, O Zion, from generation to generation.

Ke touto ipon legi Afto: Akolouthi And when He had spoken this, He


Gospel 11: John 21:14 - 25

Our Lord Jesus Restores And Commissions St Peter

Touto ide triton efanerothi O Iisous The

tis Mathites Aftou egerthis ek nekron, ote oun iristisan legi to Simoni Petro O IIisous:Simon Iona Agapas Me plion touto?

de O Petros vlepi ton Mathitin on Igapa O IIisous akolouthounta, ( os ke anepesen en to dipno epi to Stithos Aftou ke ipe: Kyrie, tis estin O paradidous Se?) Iisou: Kyrie, outos de ti?


Peter, turning around, saw the Disciple whom Jesus Loved following, (who also had leaned on His Breast at the Supper and asked: Lord, who is the one who betrays Thee?)

third time our Lord Jesus showed Himself to His Disciples after He was Risen from the dead, when they had eaten breakfast, Jesus said to Simon Peter: Simon, son of Jonah, do you Love Me more than these? to Him: Yes, Lord, Thou know that I love Thee.

Touton idon O Petros legi to


him, Peter said to Jesus: Lord, what about this man? said to him: If I Will that he remain until I come, what is that to you? You follow Me!

Legi afto O IIisous: Ean afto thelo Jesus

menin eos erhome, ti pros se? Si akolouthi Mi!

Exilthen Ke

Legi afto: Ne, Kyrie, Si idas oti filo


He said

oun O logos outos is tous Adelfous oti O Mathitis ekinos ouk apothniski. ouk ipen afto O Iisous oti ouk apothniski, al ean afton: Thelo minin eos erhome, ti pros se?

Then this saying went out among

the Brethren that this Disciple would not die.

Legi Afto: Voske ta Arnia Mou. He said to him: Feed My Lambs. Legi Afto palin defteron: Simon He said to him again a second
Iona, Agapas Me?

Yet Jesus did not say to him that

he would not die, but: If I Will that he remain until I come, what is that to you? is the Disciple who testifies to these things, and wrote these things; and we know that his Testimony is True. there are also many other things that Jesus did, which if they were written one by one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that would be written.

Legi afto:

time: Simon, son of Jonah, do you Love Me?

Ne Kyrie, Si idas oti filo


Legi Legi

said to Him:, Yes Lord; Thou know that I love Thee.

Outos estin O Mathitis O martiron This

peri touton ke grapsas tafta; ke idamen oti Alithis estin i Martiria aftou. Iisous, atina ean grafite kath en, oude afton ime ton kosmon horise ta grafomena vivlia.

afto: Pimene ta Provata Mou. afto to triton: Simon Iona, filis Me? O Petros oti ipen Afto to triton: Filis Me?

He said to him: Tend My sheep. He

said to him the third time: Simon, son of Jonah, do you love Me? was grieved because He asked him a third time: Do you love Me? he said to Him, Lord, Thou know all things; Thou know that I love Thee. said to him:, Feed My sheep.

Esti de ke alla polla osa epiisen O And



Amin Exanastas
tou Mnimatos, tous tethneotas igiras, ke ton Adam Anestisas: ke i Eva horevi en ti Si Anastasi, ke kosmou ta

Amen On
Rising from the grave Thou roused the dead and Raised up Adam. Eve dances at Thy Resurrection, and the ends of

Ke ipen Afto: Kyrie, Si panta idas And

Si ginoskis oti filo Se.

Kontakion of the Resurrection


afto O Isous: Provata Mou.




8 TONE (8) PLAGAL 4 Canaanite Woman St Ignatios 29 January 2012

TONE (8) PLAGAL 4 Canaanite Woman St Ignatios 29 January 2012